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Diryges logo, business card, leaflet and website/ 2012

Sonora naming, stationery, large format and website design/ 2012

Ana & David wine bottle, wedding invitation 2012

Pauta project handmade book, print book and website/ 2012

Vogรถt logo and sandwich packaging 2012

Intercoelho large format design for Cogal 2011

Taberna Zaux logo proposals 2011

Posters various poster for print shop 2011

epica naming & logo for music association 2011

San Juan poster for Piedade 2012 Comission 2011

Tropa de Asalto รก Barra t-shirt design 2011



Bauhaus retrospectiva poster & invitation for exhibition /final examination 2011

Angrois dese単o logo, stationery & merchandising /final examination 2011

Growings cereal packaging /final examination 2011

CB topografĂ­a logo 2010

Jorge Rey business card 2010

Pub Galicia cocktail+music logo & menu 2010

Ouro verde tourism guide book 2010

Posters various poster for print shop 2010

Bule! typography 2010

V Rali de Carretillas poster 2010



Bimba & Lola chocolates packaging of chocolates present 2010

PampĂ­n MartĂ­nez logo 2009

Blankie art toy contest 2009

selected for production

handmade art toy

Casa de Abaixo logo 2008

Xacarandaina t-shirts 2008

Portfolio english  

César Gómez Blanco graphic design portfolio. English.

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