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Builder’s Equipment And Machines Specialized in processing mortars

ELBO Mortar Machine For a dosed application of mortar for the bonding of calcium silicate bricks, aerated concrete, concrete blocks and fired- and facing bricks.

The ELBO Mortar Mixer/Stock Silo MS 55ts Thanks to the electronical mixing programme of the ELBO Mortar Mixer/Stock Silo MS 55 ts you are guaranteed to get an excellent consistency of mortar*. When the MS 55ts has gone through the total programme he will automatically switch over to the stationary mode. This will lead to preservation of the right consistency even when you do not use the mortar for a while. The mixing reservoir as well fulfils the function of stock silo after the mixing process has taken place. Thanks to the useful valve it’s possible to disconnect the pump from the mixer without any loss of mortar, even when the stock silo is full. The ts-series is provided with a renewed telescopic sliding pillar with which the silo can be adjusted to the right height for a precise connection with the Mortar Pump MP40e. It is also possible to put the mixer in the so called transportation mode; this makes transportation effortless. It has never been easier to produce mortar in such a professional way.

Mortar Pump MP40e Due to the application of special driving electronics and a durable motor in combination with the Mortar Gun LP19 you are guaranteed to get a controlled and consistent supply of mortar. The system knows three stream volumes, which optimize the process of applying mortar in almost every situation. The pumping part, which is manufactured in stainless steel, can be removed easily. This makes it almost effortless to do the essential cleaning. Because of the advanced design of the coupling part the connection with the Mortar Mixer MS 55t is balanced perfectly. The solid and durable coupling with the material hose guarantees a safe supply of mortar. For the bonding of facing bricks with a joint thickness of 4-8 mm it’s recommended to use GM mortar. For joints with a thickness of 3-6 mm it’s recommended to use TS mortar. It’s also recommended to use mortars conform to the NEN EN 998-2 and KOMO BRL 1905 standards.

Maintenance Box The ELBO Mortar Machine will be completed by a solid Maintenance Box which consist of indispensable tools for a professional, for example a bottle of ELBO tool oil (mist spray), a coupling for connecting the ELBO Material Hose, a water flush hose with GEKA coupling, two connection cables, two different size Mortar Distributors, a measuring cup etc. For an overview of the complete list of ELBO accessories please take a look at the backside of this brochure.

* With mortar in this broshure we mean mortar with a joint thickness of 3-8 mm.

Brick Frame The ELBO Brick Frame is an indispensable accessory for the bonding of facing bricks. The specially designed frame makes it possible to place the mortar directly on the top side of the bricks. An extra facility is the top side supporter, which will make sure that the top side of half a brick will be equal with the top side of one whole brick. Because the whole and the half bricks stand on the frame at equal height the application of adhesive mortar on the top sides of the bricks goes quickly and easily. The frame its measurements and the presence of an overturn protection will contribute to higher working comfort.

Mortar Distributor At the far end of the Mortar Gun LP19 the Mortar Distributor will be coupled, which is Top side supporter

also easily to change for another type, depending on the size of the bricks. There are three Mortar Distributors available, namely those from 30, 50 and 70 mm. Standard there will be delivered two at choice.

Mortar GunLP19 The ELBO Mortar Gun LP19 is a good example of excellent ergonomic design. With support of TNO Human Factors in developing the gun and with use of ELBO’s know-how concerning the application of mortar you are guaranteed to get a reliable, durable and user-friendly gun. Due to the easily changeable Mortar Distributor and its adjustable moving space of 180 degrees maximum the LP19 can be applied in every possible situation. In combination with the Mortar Pump MP40e the mortar can easily be applied in three different stream volumes.

Material Hose The mortar will be transported safely by use of the ELBO Material Hose. The control cable connection as well as the Material Hose are covered by a coat and can easily be connected to the Mortar Gun LP19 and the Adhesive Mortar Pump MP40e.

Due to its modular construction, the ELBO Mortar Machine can be transported easily and will offer high flexibility in maintenance and cleaning of the different modules.

Connection voltage 230 AC-50 Hz Powerful noiseless motor 180 V DC-1000 W 5,56 A Four mode regulation One : 10 rpm Two : 35 rpm 4 min. Three : 70 rpm 4 min. Four : 105 rpm  4 min. Measurements Total height, incl. motor: 130 cm Height in transportation mode: 98 cm Width: 70 cm Weight Total, incl. motor: 67 kg Motorunit: 25 kg Mixing capacity 1,5 tot 50 kg (ca. 35 litre)

ELBO MP 40e Mortar Pump

Three mode regulation Driving by LP 19

Connection Voltage Measurements 230 V AC-50 Hz Lenght : 59 cm Width : 37 cm Motor Height : 18 cm 180 V DC-1000 W Weight Max. current 32 kg 5,56 A Conform to the CE-standards

Conform to the CE-standards

ELBO LP 19 Mortar Gun

ELBO Material Hose

Regulation Three mode switch (solely in combination with the MP 40e)

Measurements Length : 8 metres or 16 metres at special request

Measurements Lenght : 45 cm

Simple and perfect connection to the MP40e and the LP 19. The control cable as well as the Material Hose are covered by a coat.

Weight 1,8 kg

Water Flush Hose For a quick cleaning of the Material Hose.

ELBO Brick Frame

Measurements Length : 70 cm Width : 18 cm Height : 20 cm Weigth 3000 g

ELBO Maintenance Box

Inc. an extra facility, the Brick Frame, for applying the mortar on the top sides of half bricks.

© Copyright ELBO - october 2002. All rights reserved. Through publication of this brochure, all previous ones will be expired automatically.

ELBO MS 55ts Mortar Mixer/ Stock Silo

Due to the adjustable height of the Brick Frame you are able to work quickly and efficiently

ELBO Tool oil 0,5 liter flacon with mist spray Measuring Cup

Scrapers For preservation of consilidation of mortar on the sidewall of the Stock Silo MS 55ts

Cleaning Brush 1

GEKA Coupling For connecting the Material Hose with a water tap.

Mortar Distributors For the LP 19, standard there will be delivered two at choice together with the ELBO Mortar Machine

Connection Cable 1 MP 40e to MS 55ts

Cleaning Brush 2

Connection Cable 2 Mains current (220-230 V) to MP 40e.

Sponge balls For an optimized cleaning of the Material Hose.

Builder’s Equipment And Machines Specialized in processing mortars

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Builder’s Equipment And Machines For a dosed application of mortar for the bonding of calcium silicate bricks, aerated concrete, concrete bl...

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