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CROSSWORD Preguntas en Ingles, respuestas en Español (Questions in English, answers in Spanish)


1. (William…) Protag. Of Jurassic Park III 5. I say the opposite of what is 9. Mana singer 11. (……..Schindler) Austrian artist 12. Suspicious injury 13. That has been the subject of use 15. (….Bush)brother of past president G. Bush 16. Crucifera biennial plant 18. International phonetic association (acronym, English) 19. Button to record audio equipment 20. Skin of the human face 21. Pleased himself 25. Ornament 26. Television and Radio Company of the United Kingdom (Acronym) 28. Suf. that shows inchoate action verbs 29. Oriental Republic of Uruguay (acronym) 30. It is said about the highest and more preeminent thing 35. 13th letter 36. Rewards given in raffles 37. Metal Sym.: Y. 39. Gesture 40. Jerusalem Hill 41. Introduce something elsewhere 42. Sear


2. Gas or liquid leak 3.Large and extended beach 4.Listen 5.(Rip…) Coprotag. Of the Film “Men in Black” 6.(Jai….) Basque sport 7.Take the last meal of the day 8.Formerly used anesthetic 9.Fixed maximum or minimum price for a commodity 11. Clay pot for water with bulging belly 12. Process as a means of pressure to get something 13. Move frequently and violently from side to side 17. Air passage through a body 22. (Chuck….) American karate professional 23. Paid manual worker (pl.). 24. Water similar nature 27. Probe, rope with a weight at the end 30. Massive advertising dispatch by e-mail 31. Machine that has something cautiously 32. (Amanda…..) coprotag. Actress from “Syriana” 33. (…..Goldman) Russian-born American anarchist 34. Express joy through laughter 38. Sister of the mother or father


Encuentra la palabra escondida en cada rosca.

Find the word Hidden in each ring




Rings: 1. Brush 2. Twentieth



SEVEN Differences

Rules: Complete the board (divided into nine big squares) filling the boxes with a number from 1 to 9 without repeating any row (horizontal) or column (vertical), or in each of the nine big squares.

Consigna: Complete el tablero (dividido en 9 cuadros mayores) llenando los casilleros con un número del 1 al 9 sin repetir ninguna fila (horizontal) ó columna vertical, ni en cada uno de los cuadros mayores.

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