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Health Information

HealthInformation O A lot of time we have the misconception that

money will bring us the comforts of life. That is the reason why many of us are running after money without giving any consideration to health and wellness. O The world is moving fast, so people are changing

to keep a track with the global change. Even the eating and drinking habits have undergone drastic changes without givingÂ

Health Information HealthInformation O consideration to the nutrition value of the food

stuff. At this crucial scenario, it is very important to discuss the needs of health and wellness, as it is given least consideration now. O Wealth is not at all an assessing factor to

judge our level of health and wellness. Wealth will lose its value if you neglect your health and wellness.

HealthInformation h Information O In this era of globalization and

privatization, the concept of health and wellness has undergone a huge change. The urban lifestyle with lot of pollution, junk food habit, indoor entertainment and lot more factors tumbles the balance of our life Those who are professionally successful are giving less importance to their health and wellness.

Health Information HealthInformation O The increasing rate of multi-specialty hospitals in

the urban areas and surgeries have become a normal thing and this is a clear indication to the fact that people are ignoring their health in the normal routine. O Special care should have to be taken to maintain

health and wellness that allow you to stay active throughout the course of your life. Health in general is classified into two-they are physical health and mental health. Both of them deserve equal importance to lead a balanced lifestyle.

Health Information HealthInformation O Health care includes early identification and

treatment of any ailment by identifying it at the early stage to avoid the adverse effect of it at a later stage. Without public health one cannot think about his or private health. Therefore, public health is the other deciding factor of our health and wellness. O Giving a special consideration to our health

and wellness will allow us to travel the road ahead in our life smoothly without any breakdown or disappointment.