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Adventure In The Atacama Desert The Atacama Desert is really a remarkable spot to visit. It's located in north Chile, and the fringes from the desert overlap into Peru and Bolivia. This level covers more than 40,600 square miles and is known as the driest desert in the world. If you want to visit this particular desert throughout a Chile holiday you will probably go to the town of San Pedro p Atacama, which is located heavy in the desert but has all the lodging necessary to assistance tourism as well as excursions additional into the desert. You can get to the Atacama Desert region by coach or plane. The closest major town is Calama Airport. After that you would need to take a coach about 60 miles to San pedro de Atacama. LAN is one airline which operates flights there from other main cities. If you have visiting the Atacama Desert about a Peru holiday , the easiest thing to do would be to travel from Lima to Calama. Alternatively, if you're searching to save some cash , you can have a flight to Tacna, mix the Peru-Chilean border to the nearby city of Arica, and then take a long-distance bus to San pedro de Atacama. A trip from Lima to Tacna will cost around $150 us dollars roundtrip. To get to Tacna to Arica will cost around $15 usd roundtrip. After that , you can have a 12-hour coach ride from Arica to San pedro de Atacama. This will cost you between $18-30 USD roundtrip. You will probably have 5 stops on the way. Although the coach ride is long, many of them leave past due in the evening as well as arrive in the morning, which means you don't have to be worried about paying for lodging for the night (you'll sleep on the coach ). Once you've arrived at San Pedro p Atacama there are lots of things to do. You will need to hire a tour guide or even go with a business to many from the locations. A good way to spend your first day is on a Valle p Luna tour. This area is about seven.5 miles from San Pedro and it is full of lunar-like landscapes developed by the wind eroding the salt mountains. Other activities include visiting the Tatio Geyser, located at fourteen ,760 feet above sea level. You also shouldn't skip a tour from the Toconao village , which seems to cling to survival despite its desolate surroundings, and the Atacama salt flats. To determine everything correctly , you should plan a few days. Panama vacations

Adventure In The Atacama Desert  

Although the coach ride is long, many of them leave past due in the evening as well as arrive in