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Renga My weekend was fun I woke up at eight thirty I took a shower I ate some yummy food Then went out to the valley We drove around town The sky was beautiful The sun out to shine The waves at the beach so nice All the surfers hanging lose The bells at church loud the light shining threw windows babies crying threw songs and baby Sammi laughing with her pink flowery hat long car ride with songs happy feet at the griddle sweet yummy pancakes i see a castle right there lots of flags for all to see the happiest place on earth mickey and his friends smiling small houses at sight Roger Rabbit in toon town Sleeping beauty's castle lots of fun and big rides fun spinning tea cups to try big thunder mountain Snow White and her seven dwarfs you can fly high with dumbo pictures to take with fairies now waiting for the fireworks the night will end soon

lights and sounds at night so bright the bubbly feeling inside Matterhorn is fun and space mountain super fast haunted mansion so dark jungle cruse lots of fun stuff its a small world after all legs hurt from the day birthday cake is on its way sing happy birthday grandpa is smiling the birds are chirping along next day should be fun MJ party lets go fancy outfits that are worn singing along to songs lots of glitter on my eyes

renga poem  
renga poem  

For one of our units we had to do a renga poem.