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the bed spread a spread on a bed

LETTER OF THE MONTH Dear EXIT, I discovered the most amazing thing today whilst reading your magazine. You must try this:

Dear EXIT, I was reading your last issue at the gym last night and I was so overjoyed when I read your “Fat is Fun” article that I fell off the treadmill! I am writing this from hospital where I am awaiting 7 stitches on my ass. Totally worth it! FAT&SORE

While sitting at your desk, raise your right foot off the floor and begin to make clockwise circles. Now while doing this, draw the number 6 in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change directions and there is nothing you can do about it!! GENIUS

Dear FAT&SORE, We hope you are feeling better. We are glad you enjoyed our article regarding the joys of being fat. We truly hope you have learnt your lesson and will never go back to the gym ever again. EXIT

Dear GENIUS, You.Are.A.Genius. But we have one question…why on earth were you trying to draw a number six in the air whilst making clockwise circles with your foot whilst reading our magazine? EXIT

Dear EXIT, Have you seen my keys? I seem to have misplaced them…. SENILE Dear SENILE, Sorry, no. Have you asked your Mum? EXIT

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L a N o o k V i n t a g e B o u t i q u e T o r r e n t d e L’o l l a , 108 B a r c e l o n a M o n – S u n 10am - 5pm

03 artist profile

kat macleod

If you live in Australia, specifically Melbourne, then chances are we can’t tell you anything new about illustrator and artist Kat Macleod. That’s because this exceptionally talented lady is well and truly flavour of the month in Australia right now – if somewhat reluctantly so. What you mightn’t know about Ms Macleod is that she is truly the most lovely, friendly, modest and unassuming girl you could ever hope to meet, despite her incredible body of work and all the recent accolades. In person, Kat is thoughtful and just a little bit shy, though still very warm and easy to talk to. At just 31, her work is well known and in high demand both here and overseas – she’s been instrumental in the popularity of the cult Michi Girl fashion and weather forecasting website, and her stunning work has helped propel the second and most recent Michi Girl book What On Earth Are You Wearing, a very clever and very funny fashion encyclopedia, into instant best-seller status, following it’s predeccesor, Like I Give A Frock. EXIT had the pleasure of catching up with very talented artist.

Tell us a little about your background – what did you study and what led you to what you’re doing now? I studied a Graphic Design Degree at Swinburne University, I finished back in 2001. In the third year of the course I did an Industry Based Learning year at 3 Deep Design. Among the many interesting projects I worked on, I was given a studio-based project to illustrate a collection of drawings which would later be published in 2002 as my first illustrated book, Bird.


The book was a limited edition release with a hardcover and slip case, different paper stocks and also some real embroidery throughout. It was a really special project and the beginning of my illustration career. After graduating from uni I worked at Fabio Ongarato Design for two years. I worked on lots of great projects there, including some international accounts. After FOD I worked as a freelance illustrator and designer for two years for many great clients including Collette Dinnigan, The Australian Ballet (for 3 Deep) and Big by Fiona Scanlan. In 2006, I started Ortolan with my two good friends Chloe Quigley and Simone Elder. We met while working at FOD, we always really admired one another and already knew we loved working together, so it was a smooth step when we decided to start up our dream company.


You’ve worked for some great clients and have illustrated some extremely popular books – what have been some of your favourite projects/clients? I loved illustrating the Michi girl newsletters and the new Michi book. The book was a great project where Sim, Chloe and I could all bring our skills to the table, with Daniel Pollock (Michi co-writer) too of course. I’ve also really loved working with Clare Bowditch on her album artwork, she is a very inspiring and charismatic artist. It’s been great working with Natalie Bloom on her new skincare and tanning ranges, she is a wonderful, beautiful woman too. Other favourite clients are Third Drawer Down, Real Simple Magazine (US) and Vogue Entertaining + Travel. Which designers, artists or creative people are you inspired by? Illustrators throughout history – Aubrey Beardsley, Arthur Rackham, Rene Gruau, Quentin Blake, Julie Verhoeven, Tina Berning. These are just a few, I have many many favourites. Where else do you find inspiration – ie books, magazines, your environment, travel, your family and friends? Looking through books in our Ortolan library, or a big university library, or a great bookstore. Of course travel is really inspiring too, something I hope to do more of soon. I have visited the big galleries in New York, London, Paris and Barcelona, it’s amazing to see the original works of famous artists, and also to wander around the cities and become immersed in the fashions, styles and art in the other worlds out there. It’s inspiring to be outside your neighbourhood and comfort zone. But not for long, I get homesick. How would you describe your artistic style? Messy, girly, layered and watercoloury. What are you most proud of in your professionally? Co-running Ortolan with my wonderful business partners. And also my first solo exhibition. What would be your dream project? Most of the projects I work on are dream jobs, so I just hope I can continue to work on really great jobs with more lovely clients!


07 the soul of the street









How do you spell education? I dunno... just google it.

18 opinion piece

Is it’s just me or are most people in my generation a bit lazy and dumb? Give us 10 minutes with a new technological gadget and we’ll no doubt be able to master it but what about the good old skills and knowledge that have been lost in this new technological savvy world. Who chooses the library, full of books with a wealth of knowledge, when we can find anything and everything at home on the Internet? It would be a gross generalization to say that young people these days don’t read books or newspapers or go to the library to study, but for the sake of this argument, let’s assume that the people that do are in a very small minority. For me, surrounded by 20 something students everyday, I find myself amazed at the lack of care or even thought that goes into some of the work they produce. It is too easy to copy and paste from Wikipedia, without even reading, analyzing or understanding what they are claiming to have written. A few minutes online can equal a 6-page report! The way these young people approach a project, report or paper is to do it as quick as possible, with as much information as they can find online, hardly even bothering to check the sources. Of course this isn’t happening in all schools. Most higher education institutes employ a very serious set of rules when it comes to plagiarism. Yet so often do I see people spending more time and effort covering up their plagiarism or cheating in a test instead of taking the time to actually study, research and learn. A university degree used to be the height of accomplishment; one would work endlessly to achieve the grades in high school to be able to go, not to mention the money involved. These days it seems like everyone can be accepted into University. Is it because of the great development of our educational system, creating smarter and harder working students? Or is it the combination of grade inflation during high school, the lowered entrance scores needed, and the money hungry universities that are allowing this? I see so many students getting into university who are completely incapable of the level of work. Many of them drop out but some carry on with average marks, scraping through when teachers should be failing them and eventually acquiring a degree. Are these people really qualified to be the future professionals and leaders of our world?


In rebuttal one could tell me to get off my high horse; who am I to pass such harsh judgment upon a generation that I am well and truly part of? But this is exactly why I am on the high horse. Being part of this generation I was exactly the profile of student I’m describing, let into university with average grades only because the university had dropped their entrance score by 10 points. My first year saw me turning in work that I had mainly taken straight from the Internet, working for hours changing it to be undetectable from the harsh plagiarism software the university employs. But after a year of getting nowhere, complaining about all the work, learning nothing and feeling like university was a joke, I came to a realization that it wasn’t just the institution that was failing me, it was myself. I was the joke. I succumbed to he cliché and become the worst part of myself, the lazy, and self righteous, good for nothing, bad work ethic, instant gratification loving, teenage slacker that my parents and most of the other baby boomer generation were scared we were becoming.

“Is it just me or are most people in my generation a bit lazy and dumb?” But what makes the whole situation worse was the fact that now I am working my ass off to learn and turn in work that I can be proud of, I’m faced with the rest of my generation, still cheating, still plagiarizing, still slaking off, still searching for the easiest and quickest way out. How is it fair that some of us do the work, do the readings and research, study for exams yet achieve the same good grades as people who cheat, lie and steal? This is where the education institutes and teachers need to step up and set higher standards. They are designed to teach us, inspire us and mold us into the future leaders of this world yet too often they find it easier to allow these things to go on. Schools need money and high achievement to stay open therefore the influx of more paying students is desirable. By lowering entrance scores they open their classrooms up to the masses.

The teachers’ role in this conspiracy has been to concentrate their teaching on helping the students pass the test. Therefore, the emphasis of what goes on in the classroom has changed. It has become less about education but more about exam grades. By passing more students, it means more money and more jobs despite compromising the standard of quality. There are many articles and papers written on this subject by students, teacher and others working in the education field with many believing a student who received D’s in the late 1970’s would in fact be receiving B’s in our current educational systems. I recently did a group assignment with 4 other students and instead of researching the topic; I found my group researching already written assignments and reports that had been made about it. To my disgust, nearly the whole report was copied straight from the report that had been posted online. Did I put my foot down and stop it? No. Why not? Because knowing very well that the teacher had no problem with a ‘copy and paste’ report, I felt no inspiration to work hard and produce original work if the rest of the class wasn’t. I know it was wrong and seriously goes against my values and principles but I almost did it to highlight the stupidity of it all; the fact that all of the group were well aware that they did no original work apart from the tedious task of reading out the material and writing it into our own report, the fact that the teacher would most likely be aware that we hadn’t done the work and would give us a nice grade of say, 7 or 8, and the fact that none of this mattered! If the context of this story were a group of 10 year olds doing a project on honeybees, maybe it is forgivable. But we’re mature 20 something adults, attending a private school and all paying a small fortune in tuition fees.

If they can pass through school, getting good grades for mediocre work, why would they ever strive to accomplish more? You need to motivate them and strive to unlock their potential, not quash them with encouraging words and grades that do not reflect their work. You should be mentors and inspire these people to want to learn, to want to try and to want to succeed.

“At the end of the day you are the only person to blame for your lack of knowledge or skill.” In conclusion I can offer no inspirational words or radical action on educational reform. Many wiser people before me have written more compelling and well-researched articles. Don’t blame me for my lack of depth or research. I’m from Generation Z; we weren’t taught how to express our opinions or research properly. In fact, I copied this whole article from the Internet. But I doubt my teacher will care.

To the students: Why are you paying for an education that you’re not even getting? Why are you wasting your time and money if you’re not going to be bothered to learn and study? If you don’t want to learn and do the assignments properly then why are you choosing to be here? It’s your choice; no one is forcing you to study, no one can make you learn or achieve anything. At the end of the day you are the only person to blame for your lack of knowledge or skill. To the teachers: What kind of work ethic do you think these future professionals are going to have if you do not enforce them to reference their work?


21 the bed spread photographer: LinLin Kearney model: Isabella Gysing






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