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Élan Woman honors the value of relationships with our fellow men. Some of our most creative projects derive from working with each other in co-operative effort. We celebrate our male counterparts for their courage to witness their purpose, pursue solutions rather than endorse problems, and to provide a masculine sense of beauty to our world. Élan Woman proudly acknowledges our uniqueness to recognize these fine fellows yearly in our annual Tribute To Men issue.

The heart of Élan Woman has always been her contributors. Writers, photographers, designers and artists alike have given her form. We may be polished and poised on the printed page, but behind the scenes we can let our hair down. We can laugh at the mishaps and greet even the biggest challenges with a smile.






Élan Woman and Jones Waldo Proudly Present

The Grand Finale PHOTOS BY Amy Hansen


elieving in supporting entrepreneurialism and providing mentorship, the Launch Your World Series is pleased to share with you the ‘Fabulous Five’ - five women who engaged in the possibilities of moving their lives in a new direction. Through commitment and dedication to the process, it came down to these courageous women who developed brilliant business concepts and went all the way in competing for the professional prize package. Meet the Launch Your World Five Finalists, their business proposals, and their thoughts on what lies ahead for each of them.

The Launch Your World Five Finalists with the program creators, Darci Hansen and Marianne Sorenson. Darci Hansen, Ellen Treanor, Signe Adams, Marianne Sorenson, Toni Baldwin, Tamra Carter, and Katie Moore. OUR 5th ANNIVERSARY 2011

TOP ENTREPRENEUR Tamra Carter - Washington, Utah

Finalist Award Sponsor: Sherry McGhee – State Farm Insurance Business Name: Heart Path Solutions, Inc. Mission Statement: Much like the hub of a wheel, Heart Path Solutions, Inc. is poised to be at the center of the women’s empowerment movement. We corral women business owners and outreach organizations together in one convenient area where women in need of resources and community will benefit the most. What were your expectations going in to event 1 of Launch Your World? My expectations for going into Launch Your World were really more about what I was expecting from myself rather than the event itself. My normal routine for any kind of seminar was to hide in the back of the room and put on my cloak of invisibility and do my best to not get noticed. However, this time I made a promise to myself that I would not do that. This time I would take the step forward and a leap of faith to show myself and be vulnerable to the possibility of not being liked. What was the defining moment during Launch Your World that prompted you to go for the prize? From the very beginning I had planned on going for the prize. I was determined to stop the old selfdefeating and self-sabotaging habits and I knew this was a big enough challenge to really bring that lesson home for me. This had all of the makings of an old fashion limiting belief playground: the “Look at all these amazing women, you’ll never add up.” So with all of those feelings and old thoughts in tow, I set out to prove myself wrong. Now that the competition is over, what is next for your business? This is where the real fun begins. In the next few months the website will be up and running with amazing women business owners and outreach organizations becoming members of the community as valuable resources for women in transition or life-changing events. We have a full schedule of seminars and classes each month on subjects such as business, self-esteem, safety, health and wellness, education, personal development and more being added to our Calendar of Events. We will be volunteering our time to the DOVE Center and the Erin Kimball Foundation in order to help serve women in crisis moving towards empowerment.

FIRST RUNNER UP Toni Baldwin - Washington, Utah

Finalist Award Sponsor: Richens Eye Center Business Name: MajestiCare Personal Care Service Mission Statement: Preserve Dignity, Provide Individuals with a Beautiful Quality of Life, and Prevent Inappropriate Institutionalization. What were your expectations going in to event 1 of Launch Your World? I only had one expectation in the Launch Your World events, and that was to become a better me! I wanted to learn more about the concepts that drive my passion and what I could do to walk away from there with a little more inspiration and confidence. What was the defining moment during Launch Your World that prompted you to go for the prize? For me there really was no defining moment that prompted me to go for the prize. When I was introduced to the Launch Your World competition by Mary Ronnow, I really wasn’t looking at it as a competition. It was more of a self-challenge to get my business started. I think I’m still on cloud nine just for being picked as one of the original 10 entries. Even then, I still wanted to prove to myself that I had what it takes to start a business. And when they announced the Fabulous Five, I felt like we were all winners equally. Now that the competition is over, what is next for your business? The next step for me and my business is to just keep moving forward. I didn’t come all this way to win a prize and let it go. I am currently taking the appropriate steps to make MajestiCare Personal Care Service a reality. I have had nothing but positive feedback and feel that everything is just falling into place. I did the right thing by entering the Launch Your World experience. Everyone involved from top to bottom played a very important role in making this possible. It is now my duty to prove that it worked! I look forward to upcoming events and hope that next time I will be in the audience cheering for, supporting, and even mentoring women with great ideas.



SECOND RUNNER UP Katie Moore - Marysvale, Utah

Finalist Award Sponsor: Wells Fargo Business Name: Cent By An Angel Mission Statement: To provide hope, comfort, encouragement and inspiration to each and every person by sharing the story of Cent By An Angel and the “Pennies from Heaven” phenomenon. What were your expectations going in to event 1 of Launch Your World? My expectations going into the Launch Your World were to network and glean from the presenters and attendees as much information as I possibly could. I wanted answers and solutions on how to start my new business, Cent By An Angel. What was the defining moment during Launch Your World that prompted you to go for the prize? The defining moment was the night they announced the Launch Your World competition at the fourth anniversary party of Élan Woman Magazine. I felt that every message was directed right to me. Sounds crazy but it is true. I had put Cent By An Angel on hold after several disappointments in trying to get the business launched. Launch Your World enabled me to find a Utah company called As You Wish Products to manufacture my product offshore. At one event I learned how to run my business through E-Commerce. The song Cent By An Angel became a reality the final week of the competition thanks to a recommendation to hire artist/songwriter Lyndsi Housekeeper, who did a magnificent job. All of it was meant to be and I am thrilled to see what is coming next. Now that the competition is over, what is next for your business? I got to view the first prototype of the angel and make a couple of changes. They should have the next prototype ready for review in the next two weeks. My website is under construction and will be ready to launch the minute we have the angel bank for sale. I’m moving forward without any doubt or hesitation. I’m thrilled to have a product that will provide hope, comfort and encouragement to all who learn of the penny phenomenon and my Cent By An Angel bank will provide a constant reminder that you are never alone. The song is amazing and will be for sale on the website, too. The book, journal and other products are in the development stage.

FINALIST Ellen Treanor - Cedar City, Utah

Finalist Award Sponsor: Hansen’s Landscape Services, Inc. Business Name: Youth Enjoy Success – YES Mission Statement: The purpose of YOUTH ENJOY SUCCESS is to transform society one teen at a time. YES is an extracurricular academic enrichment series offered to students in grades 10, 11 and 12, structured as a “boot camp for adulthood.” What were your expectations going in to event 1 of Launch Your World? The last several weeks of my life were especially hectic and living in Cedar City I did not really have time to go to the event much less plan a 2 hours commute. But there was something so powerful in the message of LYW. My expectation of the event was actually very low, but I knew in my heart that there was some manifestation of me that needed assistance in being realized. It may sound metaphysical, but there was a tremendous pull to me. The future was calling in a profound and meaningful way. What was the defining moment during Launch Your World that prompted you to go for the prize? The idea of winning the competition was not a consideration for me. I needed a vehicle in which to explore my true passion. It is not that I was going along for the ride, but I was using the time at the events to break out of my life rut and explore what was possible. It was the most motivating several months of my life. Packing up and staying the night away from the very busy activities of my life made me really focus on the project. I would never have done it on my own. Now that the competition is over, what is next for your business? I won another business competition that had a nice cash prize and I have further developed my project. We have a call with the judges so they can help us improve that I am really looking forward to. I have been invited to a meeting in Dallas at the end of April by the Heritage Foundation and I will be able to find non-profit support. The grants department at SUU is committed to finding funding, the Provost wants to offer my pilot program to the students at Success Academy, a charter school in Cedar. I continue to improve the project scope and expand certain areas and limit others.



FINALIST Signe Adams - St. George, Utah

Finalist Award Sponsor: Business and Professional Women and JK Jewelers Business Name: French Raven Mission Statement: To transport our customers to France with the click of a mouse, creating an opportunity to shop, learn, share and discover French style from a unique point of view. What were your expectations going in to event 1 of Launch Your World? I went to the first Launch Your World event because I thought it would be fun and I wanted to support Élan Magazine and Darci in her spectacular efforts to encourage, inspire, and empower women. I was completely surprised by the powerful experience I had during the event. What was the defining moment during Launch Your World that prompted you to go for the prize? The defining moment in the Launch Your World Event happened to me at the first event and it wasn’t really about going for the prize. Some of the speakers asked us to think about the things that inspired us most in our life, what was it that made us feel the most alive, happy and fulfilled, and what were our goals, dreams, and aspirations. The answer to many of those questions brought me ultimately to love, gratitude, and rewarding relationships with family and friends, but sometimes I think there’s a need something outside those relationships, something completely personal. I knew the answer to the question, and knew I had to create something around my passion. Now that the competition is over, what is next for your business? After the competition, French Raven was immediately presented with an opportunity in cooperation with Fair Winds Trading (Willa Shalit, CEO), to create a product for a large international corporation. I’ll have to keep you updated on that project as it unfolds. The positive feed-back from the panel of judges at the Launch Your World competition has encouraged me to take the strong foundation of the French Raven brand, and re-focus on a larger scale. What does that mean for me? It is time to educate myself on a completely new area of business. I’m grateful for the advice, and some of the judges have made a generous offer to help me move forward in this new direction.

Launch Your World Grand Finale photos by Nissa Wells of Hot Shot Images on page 64.


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