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Spanning over 900 miles, the Paiute ATV Trail is the largest in the nation with the number one loop totaling 278 miles.

1 Legendary boyhood home of Butch Cassidy.


2 Piute County Courthouse

If you are interested in the old west history, the first stop would be the town of Circleville. Of all Western outlaws, none are more fondly remembered than the “Robin Hood of the West,” Butch Cassidy - the alias of Robert LeRoy Parker. Parker was born April 15, 1866 in Beaver, Utah, and was raised by Mormon pioneer parents on a ranch just south of Circleville. Founded in 1864, it is here in Circleville that the legendary outlaw’s boyhood home remains. The humble log cabin is located south of the township. While the Butch Cassidy Hotel and Restaurant serve up rooms and a meal, and the Butch Cassidy Museum and Antique Store offers a rather predictable palette, the town these days is perhaps better known as the main staging point for the Paiute Trail. (


The historic Piute County Courthouse, located in the town of Junction, is the most significant historic building in Piute County. Built in 1903 from bricks manufactured on the site, this wonderful building housed county offices until 1997 when it was sold by the county to a private party. The courthouse was once a stop for traveling judges who heard fervent appeals from small town attorneys and housed the occasional bad guy. Today this historical building is available for private rental and plays host to family reunions and corporate retreats. (


Piute Reservoir:

For the avid fisherman and water enthusiast, the Piute Reservoir is the place to be. Just north of Junction, you can enjoy a fresh trout dinner from your morning catch. Boating and jet-skiing are just the ticket for cooling off during the warm summer months. (

Old Rock Schoolhouse


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Ride On! PHOTOS BY Mary Cowlishaw

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. A nd then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman


Along the way, the ladies visited the historic Goodsprings, Nevada. here is a sense of freedom as the wind blows through the hair… the warmth of the sun is felt on the face…and the rumble of Goodsprings was a settlement in the hills seven miles west of Jean. Goodsprings remains the home of the Pioneer Saloon, considered the engine sounds as soothing as a lullaby. Like a scene from to be the oldest saloon in Nevada. It was here that the actress the movie, On Any Sunday, you can almost hear Steve McQueen’s Carole Lombard’s plane crashed into narration in the background as three nearby Potosi Mountain on January riders on Harley-Davidson motorcycles 16, 1942. The saloon was the center of approach the I-15 on-ramp in St. George, operations for the search which resulted Utah on a sun filled Saturday morning. ife is meant to be an in the death of the actress. Meet Carol Jensen, Renee Andersen and adventure f your life is Outside of Pahrump, Nevada, the Mary Cowlishaw, three girlfriends from anything less than vibrant color of wild flowers became southern Utah, who decided that riding evident. On the back of a Harley, the on the back of a motorcycle doesn’t interesting and inspiring to view is spectacular. At the end of the provide near the view as does being in day, the ladies covered 400 miles the driver’s seat. Each of the women is other people maybe you re through Death Valley and ended at the the proud owner of their own HarleyLongstreet Hotel in the Amargosa Valley Davidson. Together they embarked on doing something wrong to which they recapped their adventure their first solo riding outing – destination: over margaritas, chips and salsa. Death Valley. Unlike the Great Race, the friends lingered along the highway, Life is meant to be an adventure. If your life is anything less than stopping to smell the proverbial roses. Although the trip had been interesting and inspiring to other people, maybe you’re doing mapped out with an itinerary of sites to see, the priority was to something wrong. The range of possible thrills at your disposal is simply enjoy the ride.




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J U LY t h r u A U G U S T 2 0 1 0

limited only by your imagination. You are not too old. You are not too young. You don’t need more savings. You don’t need to wait for a better time. Right now is the moment you have. Want to capture the moment like Carol, Renee, and Mary? What can you do right now, this afternoon or tonight, to increase your adventure quotient? Here is a practical idea to get you started that requires no money, little time, and no planning…throw yourself into the world! Life in the southwest provides a variety of social experiences to choose from. No need to make plans. Just engage. Take in an art show, concert, museum, bicycle ride, or simply take in the sunset at a nearby state or national park. You will discover the thrill of stepping out of the norm. In the case of Carol, Renee and Mary, by holding onto the handlebars of life they experience the joy of being with friends and excitement of trying something new. Ride on girls!



JunCtion: Piute reservoir: CirCleville: For the avid fisherman and water enthusiast, the Piute Reservoir is the place to be. Just north of J...