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The Movement thrives even to this day. Consider the television programs that revolve around one’s ability to communicate with the other side including, Medium, In Search of...., Most Haunted and Celebrity Ghost Stories, to name just a few. And what about major motion pictures The Sixth Sense, The Others, and Ghost Busters which was based on the diaries of Samuel Augustus Aykroyd, DDS., Great Grandfather of Dan Aykroyd. The ghost story genre, that was made so very popular with this movement, is also alive and well. There are a plethora of ghost stories available. New authors are always being introduced to this genre, but H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, both born in the 19th Century are still widely read today. The interest in ghosts doesn’t end with film and literature. Most major cities provide “Ghost Tours” for visitors. We just can’t seem to get enough of the spooks. The Fox mystery doesn’t end here. There is a final chapter to their story. In 1904, more than a decade after the Fox sisters’ deaths, the skeletal remains of a man were found in the cellar of the old farm house where the rappings first took place in 1848. This gruesome discovery begs the question, can the living truly communicate with the dead? You decide. Erin Jensen is an outspoken educator and writer. Eleven years ago, she, along with her husband of 36 years, left the city to move to the rural town of Marysvale, Utah. Living in this small community helps her remain grounded in the essentials of life–relationships and nature. Currently, she teaches at Snow College in Richfield.

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