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“Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told, “I’m with you kid. Let’s go.”

– Maya Angelou

A Fishy Fetish

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A Fishy Fetish WRITTEN BY Darci Hansen | PHOTOS BY Amy Hansen

Summertime means school is out and it’s time for fun! Whether the grandkids are coming to visit or the neighborhood wants to gather in your backyard, make a splash with the children and celebrate the sunshine with fresh ideas for a cool party!


ur Fishy Fetish party theme is directed toward the toddlers although tweens will also delight in the creative food and favor ideas. If you’re gathering around the pool you could offer floaties, water wings, or even life jackets to assist in keeping kids safe. With all of the outdoor activity, having fun finger foods ready will surely please your little school of fish.

Some Fishy Ideas for Your Gathering Table

Vinyl table cloths with a seashell or beach theme add bright color to your table and make clean-up easy.

Party Snacks

Sushi: ours is made with candy-type treats. Cupcakes: muffins or cookies will also work. Pearls: oversized marshmallows are available during the summer; fresh fruit is also a great substitute. Shoreline on a Saucer: this design can be used to serve sandwiches too! Punch: blue colored, refreshing as the sea.


Fish bowls: plastic fish bowls filled with treats. Fishy in a bag: cellophane bags with a toy fish look like the real thing, but require no-maintenance.



Fish Food

-Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers -assorted colored chocolate coated treats -plastic fish toy -fish bowl Our fish bowl not only makes a great snack, but also offers a pool playmate! Our bowl contains light blue colored M&M’s®, dark blue chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® snacks. Our little plastic fish toy makes a fun party favor.


-crispy rice treats -fruit roll-up snacks in red and green colors -Swedish fish gummy candy -vine type candy -dried fruit or other gummy candy The kids will think they are so chic when they dine on their sweet sushi. Toasted rice crispy treats are cut into round and oblong shapes. Angel food cake is also an option. Fruit roll-up type candy is then cut and wrapped around each piece. We used grapevine candy cut into small pieces to pop out of the top, wrapped up a gummy fish, and cut tiny chunks of different colored gummy candies to top off our sushi. Dried fruit is a wonderful option for toppings too. Keep covered as the crispy treats do dry out.




The sea’s the limit with these individual treats. We used muffins at our party. Either way, top off with blue frosting (comes in frosting cans for convenience).

Shoreline on a Saucer

The options are endless for what you may choose to serve. Our saucer is lined with crushed graham cracker crumbs. Light blue cotton candy makes waves around our fish dish. Fill the dish with candy, or crackers. For heartier appetites, finger sandwiches or fish sticks make for a filling lunch.


Whatever you do, make it blue! Crushed ice makes our blue raspberry punch look refreshing. A fun sippy straw is another option for a party favor.




A Fishy Fetish 28 | Rooted in History 33 | Fire It Up! 35 “Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told, “I’m with you kid. Let’s go.” – May...