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“I never decided at all to be an artist; being an artist seems to have happened to me.” – Anne Truitt

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Studio Space - Before

Desert Renaissance Four Progressive Projects in the Arts WRITTEN BY June Pace

One of the benefits of growth in a community is the inspired ideas that evolve in the process. Southern Utah is an area that is experiencing significant changes in its cultural arts scene. With the development of new artist based concepts flourishing, city and county officials as well as residents are taking a strong look at what is being cultivated in the area. A few of these projects - a progressive theater, a new gallery with nationally recognized talent, an art space developing in a low rent industrial district, and progressive regional art exhibits in a contemporary environment - give us a unique outlook on what southern Utahans believe art and culture have to offer. These creators invite one to think outside out of the box - and even outside of a proverbial comfort zone. It’s not art or business as usual for these innovators who are a part of the current creative movement.


Studio Space - Before


13TH & PARK ART SPACE Brief History & Description of Project:

Nick and Signe Adams were looking for a more useful and usable studio space for their photography business. They had been in a storefront for almost 8 years, but the layout and square footage forced too many compromises in their work. When they saw this space it was a grimy industrial place, but they fell in love with the possibilities. A few weeks later, Nick Adams Photography and Gina Jrel Fine Art and Design relocated their studios to the property at 459 North 1300 East. Élan Woman magazine shortly followed. The response from patrons and other local artists was so positive that it spurred the idea of creating an artist community in the old industrial area of St George; the idea of the 13th and Park Art Space was born.

What Makes it Unique for this Region:

Signe Adams left and below: Nick Adams Photography Studio Space - After

“13th and Park Art Space is the only grassroots, urban industrial art space in the Southern Utah area. At this time there is no other location in the city offering artists this kind of affordable and flexible work space. Because of the industrial nature of the complex, there are few limitations on the type of work artists can create. We are also trying to emphasize and encourage diversity in art and artists. We recognize that for many artists, inspiration comes from the beautiful landscapes and heritage of Southern Utah; for some, the industrial setting of 13th and Park Art Space may also provide an atmosphere conducive for the exploration and creation of alternative, nonmainstream art.”

The Public Response:

“Adaptive use and reuse of space is happening all over the country and people have seen it online, in magazines, in newspapers and on television. The public is ready for this kind of thing to happen in St George; in fact they are more than ready, they are starving for it. During the recent “Arts to Zion Studio Tour,” we had visitors from larger cities like Boston, New York, and San Francisco where industrial art spaces have long been established. Their response was overwhelmingly positive and validated our efforts with comments like “this reminds me of something you would see in New York City.” On a recent visit to 13th and Park Art Space, Mayor Dan McArthur mentioned that he had visited a similar industrial art space while on a mayors’ tour of Philadelphia.”

Your Hopes and Dreams for the Project’s Future:

“As older tenants move out we plan to fill all 18 spaces on the property with a diverse community of working artists. Our plans include providing a community space that can be used for art education, art shows, literary readings, and other art-related events. We would also like to have open-studio evenings where the community can visit artists’ studios and peruse and purchase art. 13th and Park can be a unique destination and inspiration in the palette of great art communities in Southern Utah.”

13th and Park Art Space 435-668-1316



LAFAVE GALLERY Brief History & Description of Project:

Kathy LaFave, together with her partner and husband Dave Karaszewski, opened LaFave Gallery in Springdale, Utah, at the entrance to Zion National Park in March this year. Kathy drew on her experience managing Worthington Gallery in Springdale for more than seven years, during which time she worked with many artists, including renowned painter Jim Jones. When Kathy left to open Springdale Candy Company, Jim told her that some people were meant to be artists, but Kathy was meant to sell art. Well, she couldn’t stay away. She missed being around the art and artists so she opened a gallery.

What Makes it Unique for this Region:

“The Gallery was carefully designed by Stephen Roth to compliment Zion Canyon. The building itself looks like a sculpture against the cliffs of the canyon. Stephen spent countless hours visiting the site of the future gallery, watching how the lighting would change at different times of the day. The gallery was placed on the site carefully with clear story windows that make you feel as if you are standing in the canyon. The outside is clad in native stone, rusted steel, wood, and small amounts of stucco in order to compliment the walls of Zion Canyon. The grounds include beautiful sculpture gardens, pathways, and seating areas for people to enjoy. All lighting used both inside and outside of the gallery was designed to protect the night sky.”

The Public Response:

“I want everyone to feel at home when visiting the gallery. There will be something for everyone. LaFave Gallery will have both functional and decorative pottery, blown glass, wood turnings, jewelry, paintings, photography, hand-built furniture, and sculptures. The gallery will feature world-class local and regional artists including Master Potter Tom Coleman and his wife Elaine, local photographer David Pettit, painters Kate Starling and Fredrick Stephens, wind sculpture artist Lyman Whitaker, local jeweler Karla Player and many more. In total LaFave Gallery will have more than 25 artists. There is already an excitement building around the opening of the gallery. I talk to people every day who express their support for the project and what it will add to Springdale.”

Your Hopes and Dreams for the Project’s Future: “My dream is to create a gallery that will be enjoyed by generations to come. I can’t think of a better way to spend my days than surrounded by the beauty of art and Zion Canyon. I feel at home surrounded by beautiful artwork. It gives me a sense of calm. I look forward to sharing that with others. I also want to further the dreams of the artists. Zion National Park welcomes over 2.5 million visitors annually. The world visits our Canyon, and I look forward to sharing our art with the world. Cultures and generations are defined by the artwork they leave behind.”

Kathy LaFave

LaFave Gallery 435-668-5771


We would like to invite all of you to come celebrate the opening of LaFave Gallery. We will start with a soft opening around March 22nd, followed by a grand opening celebration on Saturday, April 14, 2012, starting at 6:00 p.m. THE ARTS’ ISSUE 2012

DSC Photos by Tim Cummings.

Kathy Cieslewicz


Brief History & Description of Project:

The Robert N. and Peggy Sears Art Museum Gallery is the culmination of over twenty years of work to provide Dixie State College students and the community a contemporary space to appreciate visual arts. The Sears Museum Gallery features five major exhibits each year and many changing exhibits in the Grand Foyer, offering a variety of art styles from traditional to contemporary. In addition, the Kathryn Lloyd Richards Sculpture Garden is located outside and just north of the gallery and features a variety of traditional and contemporary sculpture pieces.

What Makes it Unique for this Region:

“Since the Sears Museum Gallery opened, many exhibits have cultivated community partnerships and collaborations to ensure that the visual arts will reach a broad public. For instance, every year, the Sears Museum Gallery hosts the Sears Dixie Invitational Art Show with approximately 150 invited artists and 300 works of art. The art is for sale to help administer the gallery events. The Sears Gallery hosted one of the first “performance art” displays in Southern Utah and continues to explore all aspects of the visual arts. The College also owns an impressive permanent collection that includes many historical pieces of art. This permanent collection is in the process of being documented in digital format, and endeavor to photograph and record details, biographies, and condition of each piece of art.”

The Public Response:

“Bringing together these artists is gratifying. One collaboration with the St. George Art Museum came together with an exciting exertion of design, creativity, and dynamic content of nonrepresentational art by 10 Southern Utah artists. The artist woman

panel of those participating artists at the Sears Gallery and the St. George Contemporary Dancers required us to bring in every single chair we could find in the building to accommodate the patrons. The comments revealed that patrons who came to see the dancers went away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the visual art and vice versa. When we review the rich content, variety of art and artists, the successful openings, art talks, and events, I feel like we are opening the minds and hearts of the people we serve.”

Your Hopes and Dreams for the Project’s Future:

“To see our art community coming together is thrilling. Working in the community to help St. George to become an art buyers’ destination is a driving force for me. To mentor, to support, to help bring into life the art walks and studio tour, to daily encourage up-and-coming artists makes the work worthwhile. Other projects are always ongoing and my big ideas are my big dreams. The Business of Art is a dream come true and benefits a large number of artists in the state.”

The DSC Sears Art Museum Gallery in the Eccles Fine Arts Center 435-652-7905


TSB’s production of Waiting for Godot. Photo by Alberto Kniepkamp.

THE SPACE BETWEEN THEATER COMPANY Brief History & Description of Project:

In late 2005, John and Judith Parkinson, Varlo and Andrea Davenport and Douglas Caputo began talking about forming a new theater company. This company would offer the Southern Utah audience material that had not been available before. The Space Between Theatre Company, with it’s mission “... we will create fearless theater and explore the connections that make us human” was born. Since that time, TSB has presented over two dozen offerings, ranging from full productions of “Marvin’s Room” and “Waiting for Godot” to staged readings of “The Santaland Diaries” and “The Vagina Monologues”. TSB is committed to presenting an alternative cultural voice in Southern Utah and providing the vast local talent an inclusive and accepting platform on which to express their creativity and talent.

What Makes it Unique for this Region:

“Our inclusive, open and accepting philosophy. We are a community theater company and rely on the efforts of a very dedicated group of volunteers who share in the belief that each individual should have an opportunity to explore and express their unique voice. At TSB, we believe that there is a “space” for everyone at The Space Between.”


Douglas Caputo Photo by John Yohman. THE ARTS ISSUE 2012

The Public Response:

“Response to our productions has been inspiring. Of course, the more well-known productions are always a hit. We also present lesser-known and educational material with the hope of encouraging dialogue and expanding understanding. The Space Between has no permanent home, but through the graces of Kayenta Desert Community, Green Valley Spa and others TSB has had venue and performance space. But it is always a challenge to find adequate rehearsal and performance space at a reasonable cost in Washington County.”

Your Hopes and Dreams for the Project’s Future:

“We would love a dedicated performing arts complex in Washington County, a venue to house and serve as a foundation for not only TSB but the hundreds of other diverse artists and organizations who make up this beautiful region.”

The Space Between Theater Company 435-216-5523

TSB’s Cowgirls Cast - Photo by Kevin Hulett.


“I never decided at all to be an artist; being an artist seems to have happened to me.” Desert Renaissance 32 | Chalk It Up - Taking Art to...


“I never decided at all to be an artist; being an artist seems to have happened to me.” Desert Renaissance 32 | Chalk It Up - Taking Art to...