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ElCore Agency- Stay updated with all the best fall trends!

About Us-

A locally owned agency decided to get even more out there! Starting from facebook three years ago, under a different name, ElCore slowly took it's step in becoming what it is today. HCCSM (The old facebook site) Transformed into our professional agency. At first we continued to act on facebook for our out of state and out of country models. Then we opened up our website and left facebook behind. Our move was big and a long process but we are more then happy we chose to become bigger. Our site allows you to be that model you've always wanted to be, and guess what? It's not some other peoples image of what they want you to be, but here you can fully be who you are. Being able to express yourself is huge to us! Without all of your own ideas, styles, opinions, and dreams we'd be no where. It's all about you. The creator of ElCore spent many years becoming a model and knows how difficult and frustrating it is to find the real deal. So we opened an agency for you! Please feel welcome and speak your mind. ElCore consist to bring you important fashion, trends, and all the must haves! Our models are allowed to model other products and peoples photography. This is a agency to get YOUR name and others out there. We are the top fashion hub. Models will be sent products or offers. Please understand our agency is under construction right now, due to changing in the agency. Check out our store, blog and website! Want to sign up? Don't know how? Email us that your interested and we will help you out! IMPORTANT: Rules and Regulations1- Behavior is important. We do not want to offend others, and we do not want you to do that either. 2- High quality pictures are necessary, no self taken ones either. 3- Models do not get paid. We provide you with being published on our website, getting offers, free products, and discounts. 4- DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS DO TO STYLE. 5- Must be okay with receiving mail, text, calling. It's most important for us to be able to send you offers/products, business cards, update you fast, or text for other info. 6- Must be 15, or suggested by friends or one of the workers at ElCore. 7- Pictures that could be classified as "nude" are not accepted under the age limit of 18. We do not accept nudes anyways, but this still goes for lingerie/undies. Because we sell those we will have pictures, but no nudes. It is important that you understand this rule clearly because under 18 would be considered child porn. Thank you. 8- If we do not accept you, please do not threaten us. By law it is against it.. 9- Act professional if you are representing us! This is important because our models are our focus point. Respect and professionalism is best in a work place and this is a job so treat it that way. 10- Do not send us fake pictures and expect us to accept you, we know what we are doing and we know who's real. We will ask you for proof. Thank you!

Location- USA

Gorgeous retouch and background edits

$ 0.15 USD

Get your pictures edited with a retouch and/or background edit

Send us your photos before buying and we will edit them and send them to you with a watermark, if you like the edit, buy at the "Buy Now" button above, and we will send you the photo WITHOUT the watermark. Let us know what design you'd like and theme! Donations and investments are much appreciated! It'll help with starting our products


Become one of us today! Our Agency-

Our Agency is a treasure box full of fashion inspiration, accessory ideas, and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you to complete your dream of being a mode!

Model ReviewsI believe ElCore, is an amazing site. Their models are top Elite, and they are really professional, the models are really friendly, and you just feel welcomed. there is no rudeness or back talking. But a nice friendly convo. The owners are nice,friendly,caring people. and they are someone you can always talk to. in other words El Core is a wonderful site. (Carlita Mestes) Its amazing and i love it, I can't believe i got in it! (- Chey Smith)

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