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I want to tell u my reason 4 starting this mag. 1st I like the world of Ph@$ion a lot. I see everyday an expression of many personalities. I am glad that we can all express ourselves freely. Each of us is unique. It is amazing to me that with each article of clothing worn, every hair style, beard style, mustache style, shoe style, accessories, coats, scarves, cell phones & accessories, cars, hats, socks, contacts, eye wear (glasses), eyelashes, fingernail and toenail designs, social media profile pages, to the wall paper chosen and displayed on our cell phones and computers, even our style of writing and texting—to me itz all Ph@$ion (an expression of one’s personality) and I want to capture it and talk about it with the world. I want to hear the thoughts of others and continue this neva boring, alwayz exciting conversation. In this mag I will be hitting on Ph@$ion in world of sports, hair, music, movies, the club scenes, the workplace, different neighborhoods, in different cultures, countries, and more. So stay tuned, and KEEP COMING BACK!


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