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El Alsson School Issue 10 December 2013

Alssonian EL ALSSON moves to NEWGIZA in 2016 It is with great pleasure that we wish to formally announce that in September, El Alsson School and NEWGIZA signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the relocation of El Alsson to their prestigious site. As we are sure you know, NEWGIZA occupies the prime position on top of the plateau overlooking 6th October City. We are privileged and pleased to be moving to NEWGIZA. It has been a long and bumpy journey over the last 3 years navigating our way through the difficulties and problems in the country. However, we are delighted that we can now put those times aside and focus our attention with our new partners on establishing a state of the art campus in what must surely be the best location in Egypt. We are hoping to be on the new site within 2½ years. During the planning and building phases we will be updating you regularly on our progress and development.

Mark Your Calendars January 5-9: EY Barnaby Bear Week January 9: EY Dress Up Day January 7: Coptic Christmas Day January 12: Open Day January 13: Prophet‟s Birthday January19: Coptic Epiphany January 25: 25th January Holiday January 27: Monday Fun Club 2 Starts January 28: After School Activities 2 Start January 29-30: FS1 Concert February 2: EY Class Photos February 3: Open Day February 4: American Elementary Class Photos February 5: KS2 Class Photos February 11-13: Y5 Luxor Trip February 13: G3 Concerts February 17: Library Quiz (Senior School) / Open Day February 18-20: Y1 Concerts February 18-20: Y6 Desert Trip / G5 Luxor Trip February 23-27: Half Term March 2-6: Book Week

March 4-6: G4 Alex. Trip March 10: Open Day March 9-13: Science / Environmental / Maths Week March 10: Open Day / Senior School Parents Day March 13: Y3 Concerts March 20: Y4 Concerts / Senior School Sports Day March 20-22: BSME Games March 20: Senior Sports Day / Y4 Concerts March 25-27 : American Science Fair (Senior School) March 27: G4 Concert March 29: El Alsson Annual Carnival March 30-April 3: Book Fair March 31: Open Day April 3: Primary School Parents Day April 7-8: Lower School Primary Production April 8-9: Senior School Arabic Fair April 10th Senior Charity Day April 13-24: Easter Break April 28: Open Day April 28-30: Y4 Alex. Trip

Congratulations to our newly appointed Senior School Principal, Mr. Jamie Gurr and a warm welcome to all our new members of staff - Welcome to El Alsson Community!

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El Alsson School‟s Summer Renovations Lap-top deployment in Classes: (Primary/Elementary) For the last 2 years now El Alsson has been focusing and investing in new ICT initiatives both in and out of class to enhance teaching and learning for our students in order for them to acquire the necessary ICT and research skills for the 21st century. By deploying 4 laptops to each class an ICT corner has been created to allow better cross curricular links. Students can be assigned to work on a one-to -one or group basis; each student has their personal folder on the network for saving work or emailing work to themselves so they can access it at home. This development is an initiative which enables all subjects to use ICT and research in class as well as in the lab sessions. Challenges: We created storage boxes for each class where each laptop is stowed away on a shelf by the students and are recharged overnight. To enable the use of 160 laptops, further investment was made to increase WIFI access points and Internet bandwidth. A specialist team from CISCO administered our WIFI implementation, which now covers the whole school site meaning log-in is possible anywhere, even in the villages next door! We were working on a bandwidth of 10MB so we doubled it to a 20MB microwave line with Etisalat on a one -to-one basis. We also hired a dedicated IT specialist to better support the teaching staff and administrating operation of the IT hardware in this part of the school. Science laboratories: In the summer the school often becomes a construction site, racing against time to construct, renovate and remodel teaching areas and resources. This summer we completely renovated 4 labs for the Middle and High Schools. New floors, walls, furniture, and equipment were all designed and constructed on site. American Art studio With the increasing demand and interest for Senior Art,

Laptop deployment

upper art studios were remodeled and adapted into two inter-connecting units to better accommodate more students, offer a wider range of activities and provide better storage facilities for their equipment and the fantastic work that so many of the students produce! Seniors‟ Centre: The former British Sixth Form Centre has now been expanded to include students from the American School which means that our seniors are now all back together at last. In the Senior Centre they have their own areas of study and a relaxation lounge. They also now have their own open-air roof terrace equipped with a senior café serving breakfast, lunch, meals and snacks. Students have the pleasure to sit back, study or socialize as well as host university meeting presentations, the leadership programs and charity events. Accounts office: As in all places of work offices need renovating and modernizing over the years and last summer it was the turn of the main accounts office which is occupied by 16 people. All the furniture was refurbished and the floors replaced; cabling, server access and networking was sorted out and each accountant now has a new padded cubicle area, which inhibits sound and gives privacy. New electric entry door systems, new storage for files and archives and a modernized cashiering section was added.

IT Specialist & the Etisalat Dish

Accounts Department

El Alsson‟s Mobile Application: Stay Connected... As part of our 30th anniversary celebration last year, we launched our own El Alsson Mobile App., which can be installed and used on almost any smart phone; so if you do not have a smart phone yet, now is a good time to grab one! El Alsson mobile app. is accessible to all parents and staff of El Alsson School. The app. is currently linked to the website and is synchronized with all its announcements, news and articles, letters and calendar items. It features a push notification function by which additions to the before-mentioned areas will be instantly pushed to your mobile phone so you are alerted when this happens. Model types and numbers are disclosed in details on the users‟ manual on the website. The app. has 3 areas; Feeds, Remind, and School. „Feeds‟ is mainly related to school announcements, letters, and news. „Remind‟ is linked to our calendar items on the website. Finally „School‟ is a static section, which only includes the school address & phone numbers as well as the website. In the „Feeds‟ section: There are icons representing each area; be it an announcement, a letter or a piece of news. Announcement


News and Articles


How to get the app? Please email with your name, your child‟s name and your phone number. We will send you the download URL as well as an activation code and then you are onboard!

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Early Years Eid Galabeya Party

Year 2 Concert Year 2 concert, “The Great Kapok Tree" was based on a book by the same name, which Year 2 have been reading in class. It was an environmental exploration of the rainforest and the animals and trees that live there. The concert included acting, singing, dancing with ICT integrated to show the students during their study of the rainforest. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the preparation of the concert. Special thanks to the wonderful students for their lovely performance. Well Done!

American Elementary Celebrates Peace Day Peace Day - On September 22, the Elementary School celebrated Peace Day. They read the story of Sadako, who was a Japanese girl who wanted Peace for the World and vowed to make 1,000 paper cranes before she died of cancer. Elementary students across the school made symbols of peace and paper cranes in honor of Peace Day.

MangaHigh / Reading Counts Celebration! Over the summer, Mrs. Newsome issued a challenge for the Elementary Students in an effort to help them to keep up and review their reading and math skills over the summer. Over 65 students from the Elementary School met the challenge of either reviewing their math or reading over the summer and they were invited to a special celebration. We are looking forward to having more Elementary students participating next year.

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Gruffalo Play & Workshop – Sitara Theatre First Graders enjoyed a trip to the Sitara Theatre where they were able to watch the famous children's book, „The Gruffalo‟. In „The Gruffalo‟, a mouse comes close to being eaten by an owl, snake, and fox, but is able to trick them into thinking there was an animal called a gruffalo. The mouse runs into a real gruffalo who wants to eat her, but she convinces him to follow behind her to see that the mouse should be feared. The mouse runs into the snake, tiger, and owl and they all run away fearing the gruffalo behind the mouse. Although the gruffalo does not know they are really afraid of it. The gruffalo runs away from the mouse. Clever mouse! The students were able to make masks that corresponded with different animal characters from the story. They got to act in character on the stage as well. The Gruffalo is set in rhyme and the students were taught how to identify rhyme. The theatre workers also talked with the students about story features: such as author, illustrator, problem and solution.

Friendship and Anti-Bullying Weeks In Early Years, a "Friendship Tree” was created. Teachers and pupils nominated children from the class who were super kind during friendship week. Leaves were made with photos and they added their leaf to the tree. The Kindness Tree was full of leaves by the end of the week! The Learning Support staff created a friendship banner with the handprints of all of the children in Early Years and we hung it in the garden for all to see. In FS2 we read the story „The Rainbow Fish‟, the students made a Rainbow Fish with just one shiny scale, because he had shared all his other shiny scales with the fish. We also read the story „The Bear Who Wouldn‟t Share‟. After the story we made a cake. All students took part in the preparation of it and later on we shared the cake. We learned some Friendship songs and during Maths lessons we learned how to equally share a number of toys with our friends/classmates. In Year 1 they made certificates for their friends and wrote why they are such good friends to us. They also read 'friendship' related books. They also created 'Friendship Webs' that linked each one of us together within the class and showed how we are all friends. In circle time, they discussed emotions and what is right and wrong in our treatment of others. In addition, they discussed what the matrons do for them and, made cards to say thank you.

In Year 2; Y2A did role play/ improvisation about being a good friend, Y2C made thank you cards for the matrons and Y2E made garlands of friends holding hands. In the Elementary School students participated in their first assembly where students volunteered to share poems they had written about being friends and they performed skits. Across the Elementary School classes watched videos and discussed the different types of bullying: physical, emotional and cyber bullying. In addition students researched different types of bullying and shared these with their classmates. Students in First Grade chose a friend to write a special friendship message. Students were also busily planning for the Elementary Anti-Bullying Poster Competition. It was very hard to choose the winners. Congratulations to our winners Laila Bahgat (G1R), Malak Ali (G3R), Hagar Bedewi (G4B) and Mohamed El Leithy (G4R) KS2 students had their Anti-Bullying Week a few weeks later to coincide with the Anti-Bullying unit from their PSHE studies; again looking at all forms of bullying and culminating in a poster competition.

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Y5 and Y6 Trips: From the perspective of a Parent Volunteer For people who know me, they know the last thing I would do is volunteer to accompany a school trip. Well I did...actually 2 1 week....I must've been in one of my rare "accepting without thinking" modes. So I stocked up on headache medicine & water and off I went..... On the 1st trip, I accompanied the Y6 classes to Omm Kolthoum Museum and Nileometer. When we arrived I found the museum located in one of the most beautiful areas in Manial (and yes, like 80% of people, I too thought the museum would be in Zamalek. Wrong, that was her house, which shows I was listening to the speedy Arabic guide who was explaining, whilst in between counting students!). The museum has some wonderful artifacts from a bygone era. I don't think the students could completely comprehend and appreciate the magnitude of her iconic status. The Nileometer, a small building situated a stones-throw away from the museum, I felt had a greater impact as it was enhanced by an English speaking guide to explain its significance. The following trip was with the Y5's to Amr Ibn El Aas Mosque & Coptic Cairo. It was longer in duration with a lot more to cover. Many parents were quite worried about the security of this trip since just days before there was a terrorist incident outside a church in another area of Cairo. They needn't have been, the area was very secure and safe. The Mosque and the various Churches (even a Synagogue) were wonderful pieces of architecture and each had individual stories attached to them seeped in historical relevance. It was rounded off with a visit to the Coptic Museum. I honestly was in awe after the two trips but I was also disappointed, we have a wealth of historical sites in our lovely country that are not up-kept the way they should be and are not promoted enough. The students absorbed the wealth of information through resources they had available to them at school and on site, though I think English speaking guides at each and every place of interest would have helped tremendously in completing and complementing their experience. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to be exposed to 2 main things; being given the insight into what goes into the carrying out of a school trip, ranging from transporting and routes, to staff, to the tremendous job of the teachers AND the opportunity to visit places I honestly would've never even thought of or knew existed. Thank you to the all the Staff and Students for making me feel welcome and in particular to Mrs Amin for initiating this experience for me. Written By: Soha El Ohail (Parent of 3 Alssonians and PSA KS2 Rep.)

Year 1 Seaside Trip We went to the seaside on Thursday the 21st of November by coach. We arrived at 10am and got changed into our beach clothes. We then explored the beach looking for shells, corals, sea life and any other interesting things we could find. The children used cameras to take photographs of what they discovered. We discussed our senses and what we could see, hear, smell, taste and touch at the beach and used this to write a 'Seaside Senses Poem'. We built sandcastles, made footprints and wrote our names in the sand. We played in the play area then ate our lunch whilst discussing our favourite parts of the day. The trip was a huge success and we got a lot of positive feedback from the children and parents.

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Halloween Celebration - Amazing Costumes :)

Elementary/KS2 Sports Week: Congratulations THEBES! El Alssonâ€&#x;s Sports Week took place from the 24th to the 27th of November on the Senior School Field. We were lucky enough to have sunny warm weather (sometimes a bit too sunny though!) during that week. The Sports Week ended with overall victory going to the Red House; THEBES. Special thanks go to the students who did their best during their practices and on their respective Sports Day. Many thanks to the P.E. Department for their organization of the entire event as well as the staff and to our parents for supporting the event.

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Parent School Association: Thank You :) We would like to thank all the members of the PSA for all their work during their “term in office”. Please keep checking our website starting January for details of the next elections in the new year.

El Alsson on Social Media: Stay Connected El Alsson School is on different Social Media Platforms. Please take the time to „like‟ El Alsson School - Official Page on Facebook if you are a Facebook user and don‟t forget to follow El Alsson School (@elalsson) on Twitter if you are a tweep. This is to ensure you are always updated of our news and announcements. El Alsson also has an account on LinkedIn, flickr as well as a You Tube Channel.

El Alsson Art Exhibition November 2013 On Saturday 2nd of November, the opening of the El Alsson student art exhibition at the Cairo Opera House proved a great success. This was a celebration of artwork and design from all parts of the school. The retrospect of work from the young artists was well received by the general public, students, parents, artists and staff alike. On display was a wide variety of work from our 3-18 year olds. Primary/Elementary school displays dazzled the public with texture, colour and creative projects such as Keith Haring inspired sgraffito, British tie dye T-shirts, Inca masks and African drums. The American Senior School showcased some outstanding computer based graphics inspired by contemporary film characters, some beautiful digital photography as well as an array of portraiture pieces, ceramics, glass and batik works. The British School senior students‟ work evidenced a broad range of personal outcomes and developed pieces by our 2011-13 GCSE & A Level students. Equally there was hugely exciting and

challenging work from Key Stage 3. Fear inspired portraiture, Cairo skylines and stencils, three dimensional paper sculptures , digital photography are all examples . The breadth and range of work by all senior students reflected huge technical competence, personal and thought provoking outcomes. Our sincere thanks to all students, staff and support teams for their hard work, effort, and help with the work and display of the exhibition. If it was not for all involved we would not have had such a dynamic and professional exhibition. We feel very proud of all the hard efforts and endeavours of all involved and our thanks extend to the visitors for their kind support and positive comments about the show. We hope you enjoyed the work and look forward to seeing you again in 2014. Written by: Miss Jenny Barrett (British Senior School Head of Art)

“The look on my parents face when they saw my work inspired me to work even harder in order to accomplish more. The exhibition was a great honor” (Yr. 12 British: Hana Abdalla) “ I liked watching how people interpreted my work” ( Yr 12 British: Leila Amin)

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Class of 2013 Graduation Ceremony: Finally in June Finally, a year where graduation did take place in June as it should. The lucky Class of 2013 managed to have their Graduation Ceremony last June, 2013 at the MUST University Theatre in 6th of October. It was an event enjoyed by all. The Choir entertained everyone with their lovely performance and Yehya Shaalan; one of the graduates, sang and played a song he had written for El Alsson named “Alssonian & Proud”. It was a very touching event and all of the graduates of Class of 2013 are going to be much missed at the school.

Hats Off to Hussein Al Chokdar I wanted to share with you a great achievement one of my Year 10 English students had accomplished recently; Hussein Al-Chokhdar (10b) hosted a „Rowling Day 2013‟ on July 31st in honour of his favourite author, JK Rowling. He created this idea himself and took to social networking sites amazingly he gathered support from 4000 people worldwide. To take part in the event, people had to write a message of thanks, or a happy birthday message, to the famous author. Hussein was inundated with messages, so he decided to compile a book with all of these messages to the famous author. Hussein found a publisher here in Egypt and the book was released, electronically and in hard back, on this special „Rowling Day‟ – free of charge for Potter fans. Since the release date the book has had 890,000 reads on iBooks, Amazon & Issue. Hussein is also now followed on Twitter by the certified account of JK Rowling (which for him is the ultimate response). As well as this, Hussein has just received a letter of overwhelming thanks and recognition for his dedication and achievements by the author herself! As his English teacher I want to express my pride that a student took a love for reading, pushed with his ideas and shared with others. A super achievement!

Sixth Form Trip to Sukhna Madam Saida and her Sixth Form team organised one of the most successful trips in Alsson history. The trip included various educational workshops, but most importantly, it helped to create a bond between the members of the Sixth Form. The trip was definitely beneficial to us as students, especially in the aspect of discovering things we didn‟t know about ourselves. One of the workshops, the Paragon Learning Style activity, included filling in a survey based on our perspective of real-life situations, and whether we enjoy visual, auditory or kinesthetic learning. We each had a different outcome of what type of person we were, whether we were sensate or intuitive learners, some of us were perceived as introverts, others extroverts. A key workshop that we all needed and most definitely gained from was the 7-Step Anti-Procrastination Plan. Although the workshops were educational, lots of activities were action-packed and upbeat and got the whole group working together. We had a task whereby we got in roles, each as a different type of leader, and had to work as a team and cooperate, given our differences. We used our location to our advantage and had several workshops and activities by the beach, which made the workshops more exciting. We had a team-building parachute activity, where we worked systematically to try and get the ball to form Mr. Robbie‟s „Mexican wave‟. Generally the trip was extremely successful and exceeded most of our expectations. When we were asked „what went well?‟, frankly, almost everything did. The trip definitely paved our way to a brighter future. We look forward to an incredible year! Thank you Mr Robby Williams, Mr Aiyaz Patel, Ms Abigail Pepperall, Ms Sade Singh, Ms Laura Cook, and Saida Hasni Written by Leila Amin

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G12 Sharm El Naga Trip When we first learned about the trip to Sharm El Naga, we were so excited. As friends, our instant response was that we are definitely going and we counted down the days till we would go. We learned a lot about giving back to our community during this time. We all took part in a beach clean -up day, organized by HEPCA. While we cleared the bays of plastic garbage, divers also worked on cleaning up the reefs around the area. During the trip we were also given information about our college requirements to start us on the process of applying and getting ready for university. As a group, each and every moment we spent together was very special. Although they were just a few days we had the time of our lives and I would do it all over again!

KS3 Merit Winners Served with Style... Merits are awarded for outstanding work or effort in lessons. In the week before Eid sixteen students from KS3 earned a very special award for achieving the highest number of merits. Mr Jamie and Miss Grace dressed as waiters and served a meal in the senior common room cafeteria. Dinner was served on plates with proper cutlery and students were seated at a long table. Several students were dissatisfied with what can only be described as appalling service from the waiting staff. Mr Jamie was very rude to the customers and Miss Grace was clumsy. Both were fired by students at the end of the lunch and made to return to their day jobs.

A Nice Way to Spend a Lunchtime: „Cuddling Puppies‟ What nicer way to spend a lunchtime than cuddling puppies in a warm sugar cane field? That is what the twenty students involved in our dog care programme do every Tuesday and Thursday lunch. The bus leaves school at the start of lunch to take us to the field next to the Cataract Hotel. When we get out of the bus we run down the track calling the dog‟s names. They come running to us and are very excited to see us. We make sure they have food, water and shade from the sun. We also check them for ticks, hydration and any other basic medical problems. Last year we got them vaccinated against rabies and distemper and this year we intend to

get the new dogs vaccinated, especially the litter of puppies that Opi has given birth to! The farmer helps us care for the dogs too and gives them chicken every evening at sunset. He loves them and is very happy that we come to help him look after them. We have named all of the dogs and the farmer said we can take any home if we want to. It certainly is a lovely way to spend a lunchtime.

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New El Alsson Buddy System Starting senior school can be a daunting sometimes frightening experience. New classrooms, new teachers, new timetable, new routines – the list goes on and on. To try to make the transition easier for Year 7 students we have introduced a Buddy system. Every student in Year 7 has been given a buddy from Year 12. They meet formally every two weeks and informally whenever is needed. The role of the buddy is to listen to any concerns the year 7 students may have and try to support them in dealing with these issues. Worries range from finding classrooms and buying lunch to completing homework and bullying. The personal experience of the older buddy enables them to guide and help the younger students through their first year at Secondary school. Although all conversations between buddies are confidential, students are advised to use their judgement and refer any serious concerns to the Assistant Principal. Being a buddy is a worthwhile experience and a wonderful opportunity for both the year 7 and year 12 students. It develops skills in leadership and communication as well as forging friendships across the school. The photos show one of our regular Wednesday morning meetings in the Senior Cafeteria.

Teaching English to Children from the Village This term we have successfully continued with our English lessons to local children. Both El Alsson students and the local children love the experience and gain a lot from it. Here is an account of one El Alsson student: My name is Yehia Shamseldin and I am in Year 10. I teach a group of four students – Mohamed, Mahmoud, Abdelrahman and Abdel Kader. Mohamed is a great student. I would define him as the „brainy joker‟, because he always laughs and tells jokes in class while actually doing the work he is supposed to do. Mohamed is 14 years old and he lives in Harraniya near our school. His hopes and aspirations are that he finishes school with honors and successfully opens his own business. Mahmoud is an amazing student. I would define him as everyone‟s best friend; he is very kind to anyone and everyone as well as being an attentive student. Mahmoud is 15 years old, he also lives in Harraniya near our school. His hopes and aspirations are that he finishes school and to have a large restaurant chain in Egypt and possibly in other countries. Abdelrahman is an enthusiastic student. I can tell that he likes to learn English; I would define him as the most enthusiastic person of all. He is a great listener and he is ahead of everyone in his learning. Abdelrahman is 14 years old and he wants to study law to become a lawyer. Abdel Kader is my newest student and I can tell that he really enjoys our weekly lessons. I would define him as the kindest person in my class. He loves to be involved in class discussions. Abdel Kader is 11 years old, he is originally born in Syria but is now living in Harraniya, away from all the problems that are happening in Syria right now. In the future, he hopes to get a job that will help his country.

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Progress on Rokaya - Our World Care Patient El Alsson School – October 2013. Rokaya, El Alsson‟s World Care Patient, paid a visit to the senior students early in October so that they could see how she has progressed following her operations. What a difference their efforts, commitment, compassion and donations have made to this beautiful little girl. Three years ago a senior student, named Arzoo, saw Rokaya in the hands of her crying mother in one of Operation Smile‟s missions. She approached the mother and learned that Rokaya was born with two mouths; she would eventually die if nothing is done about it. She also learned that Rokaya qualifies as a world care patient because she cannot be helped in Egypt. She needs to travel to the United States to undergo several operations. El Alsson school students decided to adopt Rokaya‟s case and to help her all the way. Alssonians raised enough funds over the past three years to send Rokaya to the USA to have her first operation. Rokaya is still in need of more operations however she has travelled a long road already with the support, and help, of El Alsson students. Tamer, Rokaya‟s father, said that when he went to the USA, the Doctors asked him how they managed to get there. He told them that there is this school in Egypt named El Alsson, with Egyptian students with kind hearts who helped her, supported them and did their best to get them to that point.

also went to the school canteen to buy her juices, chocolates and candy. During Tamer‟s speech, he talked about how Rokaya feels at home when she is at El Alsson and how all Alssonians are brothers and sisters of baby Rokaya. He also added that El Alsson students are very understanding of her case and never make her feel abnormal. He also explained that there was a school concert at Rokaya‟s elder brother‟s school and that the students there were not as understanding, nor as culturally aware, as Alssonians. They pointed at Rokaya when they saw her and made Abdel Rahman, her big brother, and the whole family very uncomfortable. The school cannot be more proud of our responsible young adults who gave up a lot to help Rokaya.

The visit was so emotional. Students were very excited to finally see Rokaya again and they were fantastic! After Tamer‟s speech to the students, they all came by to greet Rokaya, giving her hugs, kisses and handshakes. Some

7th Grade Visit the Pyramids The American section 7th graders visited the ancient sites of Giza and Saqqara on Monday, November 18th. We had the awesome tour guide, Ibrahim Morgan, guiding us through history at the ancient Giza and Saqqara sites. Students learned so much about their own ancient Egyptian heritage. I was very impressed to see how much the 7th graders already knew about ancient Egypt. They learned a great deal more. We started at Giza with a lecture in front of the giant pyramid. Students learned the history of Upper and Lower Egypt, as well as, the importance of the Papyrus, Lotus, Cobra, Vulture, Red, White and Double Crown to ancient Egyptian history. After the lecture students had a chance to climb the pyramid and take photos. We then visited the Solar boat; a boat built to take the deceased King into the afterlife. The boat is 4560 years old and put together without nails! This was amazing! Then we rode horses behind the Giza pyramids. What an exciting thing this was to do. Lastly, we went to the Saqqara Pyramids and learned about the first pyramid ever built, the Step Pyramid, which is 4761 years old. We had a short lecture at Saqqara then walked around viewing the awesome sites. Just as we were heading to the bus, the most exciting thing happened…it started to rain. How thrilled the students were to finally see rain! How happy the teachers and tour guide were to have the rain at the end of the trip. The students will be doing lessons in their Art and History classes to enhance their experience of the pyramid trip. Mr Knutson will have his students create a video to share with a class in the United States and in Art the students will design a self-portrait making them into an ancient God or wearing one of the ancient crowns. The students and staff would like to personally thank the administration and owners of El Alsson for providing them with the opportunity to go on such an exciting trip. Written by, Lisa Zupon - America Instructor for 7th Grade

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So, What about AP‟s? (A look at Advanced Placements) El Alsson‟s American High School offers students the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses in a number of subject areas. Advanced Placement is a registered trademark of the CollegeBoard and AP courses are college level courses, assessed by internationally recognized exams whish are taken by students within a High School setting in Grade 11 or 12. Currently we have 40 students in G11 and G12 taking AP courses in one, or more, of 5 subject areas. We will increase offerings, annually, so that students have a wide range of AP subjects to choose from. The CollegeBoard offers AP courses in a variety of subject areas including Math, English, Foreign Languages, Sciences, Social Sciences, Art and Technology. Advanced Placement courses are more rigorous than standard High School courses. They offer capable students the opportunity to strengthen their college applications at the same time as earning college credit in select colleges in 60 countries, including AUC. Advanced Placement courses also provide students with the opportunity to rise to personal and academic challenges and to better prepare themselves for college-level learning, while still benefitting from the comfort and support of a High School setting. Taking on the additional challenge of an AP course requires students to further develop and demonstrate important personal qualities of maturity, commitment, time-management, responsibility, perseverance and problem-solving, all of which are valued highly at El Alsson. The AP program is very flexible, allowing students to take one or several AP courses during Grade 11 or Grade 12 depending on their interests, academic strengths and plans for future study.

Congratulations to our Girls Varsity Football Team! On Friday 1st of November our girls‟ Varsity football team showed an amazing performance during the CISSA tournament matches in Choueifat. We are proud to say that, out of the 6 schools participating, we managed to get 1st place! Every single member of the team displayed outstanding skills, talent and sportsmanship. The first match was a slow one that ended with a 0-0 draw with AIS, however we were more active in the second match against Choueifat 6th October where we beat them 20. The third game, the semi-finals against MES, was a challenging one so we put 110% effort and concentration into the game. Although MES managed to score a goal in the first half, we made an incredible come back with 2 fantastic goals. The team was pumped up to have reached the finals and were excited that we will be playing AIS again knowing that this time we will be able to beat them. In fact, we played an incredible game that ended with a 2-0 victory, leaving us as undefeatable champions. Most importantly, we couldn‟t have done this without our 2 amazing coaches, Ms.Laura and Mr.Lal who were there to cheer us on throughout the tournament. We can‟t thank them enough for their time and effort.

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