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Company Profile Name Of Company: MONTGOMERY INTERNATIONAL FZE.

Contact Names: Mr. Dennis Montgomery – CEO / Managing Director Mr. Paolo Piccotti - Contracts Manager Address: Ras Al Khaimah Business Centre 1, P.O. Box 16111, Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone. Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. UAE Tel. No:

Afghanistan Tel. No:

+971 50940 2903

+9378 226 0235

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Introduction History Established in June 2011 as a Free Zone Entity Company in United Arab Emirates Company Number. 5006491, Registered Office; Ras Al Khaimah Business Centre 1, Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone, P.O. Box 16111, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Dennis Montgomery is the founder and CEO of the company, originally from Scotland and with a huge wealth of Management and Business Development behind him, working with some of the largest companies in the world such as, Volkswagen Group (UK), Ford Motor Company (UK) and the prestigious Glen Henderson Ltd. (STUTTGART). Dennis has a keen eye for detail and customer service, this is part of the family owned business which has grown successively since 2011. MONTGOMERY INTERNATIONAL FZE means: •

Honesty and integrity in all our relationships.

Pride and caring in all we do.

Constantly exceeding expectations.

Innovation and outstanding teamwork.

Reliability, dedication and loyalty.

The company has a development program and has opened a branch office in Kabul, Afghanistan and will continue to grow over the coming years. Our Company Motto: We never let you Down!


Skills & Services MONTGOMERY INTERNATIONAL FZE, prides itself in developing both it’s direct employees & Sub-Contractors. We specialize not only in providing Consultancy advice, we also provide the widest range of technological products for the following sectors: • Automotive

- TYRESAFE®, ARMOURED VEHICLES, LIGHTS • Border Security Training • Civil

Defense • Construction • Medical • Military • Police

• Prison

Services • RPG – NETTING & Protection Systems • Specialized Military & SWAT Team Training • VIP

Close Protection

We also work closely with our Partners in the MENA Regions, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Italy, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Switzerland to further develop our business interests.

Our main focus is supplying unique and worthwhile products to our extensive list of clients within the Military, Police and Civil Defense sectors. We always ensure that our products not only meet the clients requirements, they exceed them.


Company Structure Dennis Montgomery CEO / Managing Director Helena Montgomery Director Paolo Piccotti Contracts Manager

Jerry Raji Associate

Ric Cattell Military Trainer

Associate Companies Nedshield Key Stone View Blaising Corp.

Sub – Contracting Site Agents


Jens Schlegel Military Adviser

Site Employees

Sub Contractors


Victor Paredez Accounts Manager

Products & Services Housing Units Australia & Scotland Using the very latest technology and products our associates built the world’s first 9.8 Energy Star Rated Home. Every part of the property was constructed using Magnesium Oxide from our own factories which has the highest level of quality and durability. Our Scottish company, H & M Builders also specialize in many areas of design and build.

Specialized Military & Police Training Our associates have trained the DEA in America, provided Close Protection Services for 5 Presidents and worked with ARAMCO, Bahrain Government, Spanish Government and many other governments and private companies across the world. Protection is available in any area such as AIR – LAND – SEA and our services within these areas is unsurpassed. Full details are only available to Government Departments.

RPG - NET SAVING LIVES - WORLDWIDE Our ‘net’ is a unique and highly technical design which allows a ‘live’ RPG round to pass through the ‘net’ before it strikes its target – the ‘net’ basically disarms the RPG and when it does strike the target, it does not explode! The ‘net’ can be placed over any type of structure such as; buildings, cars, armoured vehicles, guard posts, ships, embassies etc.



Our associates from London have provided an exclusive service across the world, from the USA, Spain, Middle East, Greece and Italy – they have protected 5 presidents, worked exclusively for many Billionaire families and assisted many government agencies. Highly Specialized Training Services are also offered for:


TYRESAFE ® Is our own Trade Mark Registered product which we have now introduced into the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan, it Is designed to work in any tyre, Tubed or Tubeless and is installed only once, no maintenance or topping up is needed. It helps to prevent Punctures & Blow Outs from happening and when something penetrates the tyre tread, TYRESAFE® instantly SEALS the damaged area, all of our seals are permanent and for the life of your tyre, no need to have a repair done – any tyre, any size, any vehicle or motorcycle.

Mechanical Engineering Concrete Plants – Stainless Steel Manufacturing Our associates are highly skilled engineers with a wealth of experience in various sectors. Having worked with some of the largest companies in the world such as SALINI s.r.l. in Dubai, our engineers have also designed, installed and commissioned concrete plants and stainless steel manufacturing plants across the world. No job is too large or too small for our teams, contact us today with your requirements.


Products & Services Cont…… Border / Prison / Embassy Security MicroSearch® Approved Distributors / Trainers Our systems are so unique that they can detect the human heartbeat. You can hide many things inside a vehicle or container, but you can never hide your heartbeat! Simple to use and designed to create the minimum of fuss and delays, we ensure that the highest level of security is provided to any area of high risk at all times. Can be operated by one person if required, full training and support is provided by MONTGOMERY INTERNATIONAL FZE Call us for more details now +971 50940 2903.

BASE CAMP SECURITY Our Swiss partners, NEDSHIELD have designed what will quickly become the ‘standard’ for military bases world-wide. Utilizing advanced technologies, they have developed the new INFRA2BASE security systems.

Cheaper than conventional methods, safer, stronger and viable.

CAR BOMB / IED DETECTION Our systems operate ‘unseen’ and can detect if a device has been placed onto the chassis of your vehicle. Many assassins or terrorists wait until the ‘target’ approaches their vehicle and will then detonate the explosive. Our system is so advanced, that when something is placed or attached – it will send a message to up to 3 mobile numbers of your choice, this means that you are warned in advance and are kept safe. © Copyright – MONTGOMERY INTERNATIONAL FZE 2014

Products & Services Cont…… Fire Suppressant Smothers Flames & Cools Everything Instantly Our product is mainly plant based extracts which are diluted with water. The properties are very similar to water, but the fire suppressant creates a unique Thermal Barrier, this instantly smothers flames and removes the harmful smoke and cools everything down almost instantly – this means that if someone was trapped in a vehicle, you can spray their entire body and give them a real chance of rescue as it will create a thermal barrier.

Bomb Protect – Bomb Containment Systems The only one of its kind in the world, these are designed to be used when a suspect package has been found – they are placed over the package and are designed to allow the Bomb Squads to still operate and check the suspect packages. The real benefit is that if the device was to ‘explode’ the blast is contained within the Bomb Protect cover – thereby preventing any major damage to property and life. Call us now for more information +971 50940 2903

Bomb Jammers Designed mainly to be used where vehicles are being used by Diplomats or Government Officials and Royalty etc. These systems can be vehicle mounted, placed in an attaché case or used as mobile scanners – each system is designed to ‘jam’ or ‘scramble’ the signal to detonate any explosive device. Over 1,000 units are used world-wide.


Products & Services Cont…… Armored Vehicles We work exclusively with various Armoured Vehicle Manufacturers in the Middle East. Various vehicle options will ensure that you receive the highest level of safety and security for all occupants. All armoring is of the highest standards and are certified to international standards.

Weapons Security Storage – No Human Error Using the very latest technology, we offer you the Ultimate in weapons storage and security. Our system is designed with the ‘smallest footprint’ but has the very highest level of security – no weapon can be removed without being automatically logged on the system computer. The system records, user, date, time and can also record any ammunition etc., which is issued.

Pillow Lift A unique compact and amazingly strong system designed for the 4 x 4 Outdoor Enthusiast. These amazing devices are stored rolled flat inside your vehicle they can handle Mud, Sand, Rock and are so versatile that you can double them up to give you added height if you need it.

So strong that they can take a 4 Ton load without any damage. Inflated by mouth, compressor or exhaust and ideal as a seat or pillow when camping.


Products & Services Cont…… RFID - SKIMMING This is the latest way for a THEIF to steal your Credit card details. No need to even touch the card, they simply use a device called an RFID Skimmer. This steals all of your data, even your PIN number. Our RFID – Wallets ensure that you are protected From this as they prevent the device from stealing Your personal details.

World’s Most Powerful – Rechargeable Torches Using the very latest technology, we offer you the Ultimate in Hand Held Torches that are also Re-Chargeable.

GENERATORS – MULTI-FUEL A unique compact and amazingly Powerful Generator that will run on just about anything! Now available with remote start as well.

TACTICAL EQUIPMENT Designed for the most ELITE forces in the world, our wide range of systems can be designed and incorporated into any existing SWAT of TACTICAL TEAMS that you may have.

We have the widest possible range of ELITE TACTICAL EQUIPMENT – contact us with your specific needs.


Products & Services Cont…… POWERFLARE Exclusive to Montgomery International, we are proud to introduce these remarkably strong and bright ‘flares’, which use the latest electronic technology.

Rechargeable and Battery Powered options are available highest level of safety and can withstand a 40 ton vehicle Driving over them. Various colours and also various cycles for the lights to go through, magnetic, waterproof, shatter-proof.

FLAMEPROOF MATERIALS A truly remarkable new material, which not only withstands a flame-thrower as shown in these images, but it prevents any heat transfer and smoke. We are testing this for uniforms and coveralls at the moment and we have received full FAA Approval, indeed we are using this to line aircraft at the moment. We have also tested this in vehicles and as a ‘pouch’ for the Lithium Battery with 100% success.

AIRCRAFT PAINT STRIPPING Quite simply, there is nothing like our product! Prep the aircraft, spray one coat and then after 3 hours apply the second coat. The next morning, simply power wash off with Cold Water. NO SANDING – and completed ready to paint in only 48 hours – AMAZING! Fully FAA Approved and now being introduced by us to our client base worldwide.


Products & Services Cont…… Video Badge – Personal Protection Designed to assist Police, Security and Lone Workers who may be or find themselves in a threatening situation. Built with an ‘on-board’ HD Camera and Microphone, the Video Badge allows the user to record any incident that can be used as evidence at a later date if required. Safe and secure the video uses 128 bit encryption and can be stored on a central computer as ‘evidence’ should any accusation be made.

Driver Vehicle Licensing Centers This system is specifically for testing the eyesight of any driver and is available as a completely portable device allowing you to carry out driver eye tests at the persons own home or office. Also perfect for haulage organizations who may wish to do an in-house check of their drivers. MONTGOMERY INTERNATIONAL FZE are the sole distributors and maintenance company for these unique devices. Tel: +971 50940 2903


We have developed a wide range of FRV – Fast Response Vehicles for various governments and specialist departments.

When an incident happens, the last thing you need is to be held up in a traffic jam, by using specially converted high speed motorcycles – it means that your response time is so much quicker, this of course can be the difference between life and death. As well as giving you a quicker response time, the FRV’s also can save on manpower as when they reach the area they can quickly ascertain if any further assistance is required. All in all, the FRV’s quickly pay for themselves and are a highly visible way to reach any incident very quickly.


Products & Services Cont…… AUTOMATED DRIVER LICENCE & ID CARD KIOSKS Available in many designs and completely suitable for any country. Fully security screened and able to reduce the initial waiting time and applications at any Official Centre. These systems can be placed in shopping malls, government buildings and anywhere that you wish.

DRIVER AWARENESS & TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEMS The 2 second rule is a well defined system and is used by all advanced drivers, we specialize in providing many different traffic management systems that can increase traffic flow, whilst providing a secure way that speed can be monitored and managed. Our systems are used in many areas where accidents were on the increase – they have proven that we can reduce accidents by as much as 70 – 85%.

AUTOMATED DRIVING – DRIVERLESS VEHICLES With our partners they have developed a unique system which unlike the ‘conventional driverless’ or ‘automated vehicles’ that are currently available. This system is designed to ‘retro-fit’ almost any normal vehicle which places it miles ahead of anything on the market. We are happy to provide you with more details, our system has been track tested as well as used on the main highways.

DRIVING SIMULATORS – CAR – TRUCK – BUS - MOTORCYCLE Utilizing the very latest technology, we offer a wide range of simulators to vehicle centers across the world. We can even incorporate ‘real-time driving’ where we use the Google Earth system and generate the actual roads in your own area.


Products & Services Cont…… Afghanistan – new developments Our new offices in Kabul, Afghanistan have now opened ready for business. We will introduce our entire range of products from here and seek to develop our business interests further. Our Kabul number is:

+9378 226 0235

Vice – Specialist Italian Food A completely ‘new concept’ in Italian Fast Food, nothing like this is available anywhere in the Middle East – only from MONTGOMERY INTERNATIONAL FZE. We are currently seeking to appoint new restaurants throughout the world, and if you are interested in finding out more about these exciting opportunities, then please email us on:


Our associates specialize not only in the luxury property markets – they have a wide range of exclusive clients who wish to either sell or buy unique properties across the world. Whether it is a Studio, Apartment, Penthouse, Villa or even an Island – they can provide a wide range of options specifically tailored to your own needs.


Products & Services Cont…… Automotive Specialist Teams

Having worked for various manufacturers and also assisted the dealer networks in setting up the following:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dealer Fleet Management Centres Dealer Leasing & Hire Drive Centres Product Launches Measurable KPI’s Strategic Studies of the full business process Charting individual performances and reviews Workshop set-up and developments Logistics and Insurance Health & Safety in and out of the workplace Management Development Sales Staff education modules Increase efficiency across all business sectors Develop cost-effective methods to deliver best possible services Control budgets and revenues effectively Whole life costs and assessments on vehicles and stocks Implement internal database and marketing methods Marketing and Advertising ideas External Product launches

We are happy to have provided our services to many establishments in the UK, UAE, KSA, Egypt and many more. No project is too large or too small for our teams to handle, with a combined experience of over 5 decades, you are assured of the finest level of service available in the market today.

Give us a call on +971 50940 2903



We hope that you have enjoyed this small example of our current product range and services.

Please also remember that we are continuously locating new and exciting products – many which we do not advertise on our website as they may be specific to the Military, Police or Government Departments. If you are looking for a particular product or indeed a service, please ask as we may well be able to assist or offer you an alternative. We also have a specialized marketing company which assists many new and well established companies to enter into the Middle East market without the need to establish an office or staffing levels. For more details on this range of services, please email: Our company works very hard to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service and our company motto is something that we stand by:




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