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from BC: $350 Over 2 hours drive

Destination sessions are based on travel costs, including airfare, transportation, and hotel for 1 - 2 nights. Some popular locations are show below (subject to change depending on current rates), or ask about a custom quote. New York: $600, Cancun: $500, Puerto Vallarta: $600, Australia, Sydney: $1600

All orders are conducted via our online shopping cart system, I accept pamyment through PayPal. All images remain the property of Edward Lai Photography. Prices and policies are subject to change. Email for additional details.

LINEN ALBUMS : $ 750 Wedding album designed-in house Manufacture by Kiss Albums Lay-flat binding True, Photographic printings

SIZE: 8x8 (included), 10x10 (+ $150), 12x12 (+ $250)

SPREADS: 15 Spreads (30 pages): Additional spreads:

included + $30

LEATHER COVER: +$150 My leather albums are the higest quality and most impressive album I offer. They have a hard substrate between each page and are substantially heavier and resistant to damage.

4” X 4” MINI LINEN ALBUM: $150 (SET OF 2). Exact same layout and design of larger album Great for gifts and easy to carry around

Engagment Reception Guest Book: $250 Beautiful moments from your engagement shoot bound in a book with generous negative space for friends and family to express well-wishes.

FINE ART CANVAS With the Fine Art Canvas Prints, we print directly onto canvas using Epson archival large-format inkjet printers.

REFUNDABLE ADDITIONAL HOURS: $ 200 Refundable additional hours service is only available by Edward Lai. A lot can change on the day of your wedding. For when the unexpected happens - an event is delayed, the party runs long, etc. - you have the option to have me stay longer at a discounted rate. If everything goes smoothly and you don't need the extra time, that's no problem; the unused hours will be refunded in full. Included in the package an additional two hours that are fully refundable. In case your wedding day gets delayed, we offer two hours of photography for the price of one.

ENGAGEMENT SESSION This is a great way for us to get to know each other. My goal is to have a fun time while creating the most incredible images I can for you. Sessions are 2 hours and can be booked on weekdays.

SECOND SHOOTER Second photographers offer a different visual perspective to tell the story of your day. It also helps when you need coverage in two places at the same time. I work with other established professional photographers whose work I’ve approved.

We have learned from experience that important moments can happen throughout the entire day, and i want to be available to you whenever you need.

Keep your photographs safe and sound with a professional-grade USB key of all your high resolution JPEG images. All images are nonwatermarked and printable from any location that accepts standard JPEG formats.

A quick and easy way to not only download your images in full resolution, but share them with anyone you like. Your online gallery will be the first place you receive your final images. The easy-to-navigate interface will allow you to relive your memories as often as you want and conveniently share them with those important to you. Your online gallery will be hosted a minimum of two years.


Edward Lai Wedding Photography Price List - 2014  
Edward Lai Wedding Photography Price List - 2014