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Elaine Zhang Individual Portfolio Text, photographs and design by Elaine Zhang

2014 Portfolio Web / Graphic / Advertisment Package / CIS Design

INTRODUCTION My name’s Zhun-Zhen Zhang and my nickname is Elaine. I’m originally from Taichung and I was born in Dajia. My background is commerce student but I love the design so I'm very interested in design. For anything with the most serious attitude to complete. I believe practice makes perfect.

About Zhun-Zhen Zhang Pisces 1992.03.14 Born in my aunt's wedding Tel +886-93-0795363 E-mail

Education National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Commercial Design Chih Yung Senior High School Department of Data Processing



Computer Software Application B Computer Software Application C Technician for accounting C Web Design C

Practice makes perfect Diligence makes up for deficiency Although I don't superior, but everything I do my best to complete.

Design works

Web Design School project Personal photography website, you can find own style and character. When you press the camera button your life becomes colorful.

Can check photos there will be a detailed explanation

Web Design Sharing my collection of images I usually like to collect all kinds of pictures, build a website to place and share the images.

Graphic Design Advertising Design (Corana beer)

C 50 M 15 Y 10 C 30 M 5 C5

M 15 Y 65

C 40 M 10 Y 80

Advertisement goals For Mexicans, the beer culture equivalent of living culture, Life can not get rid of beer accompanied with the beach, the local Young People mainly concentrated in the beach, in addition to a CORONA beer with lemon tradition, the pursuit of enthusiasm and vitality. Advertisement object This age group 18-26 years old Mexicans

Graphic Design Advertising Design (Tiger balm)

C 40 M 50 Y 55 C 15 M 20 Y 20 C 70 M 10 Y 5 C 20 M 50 Y 90

The new demand 1.Antipyretic 2.Universal Tongqiao Advertisement goals The brand has a long history so I select Sun Yat-sen echoed this drug as a hundred years of history. I use illustrator for all treatments presented in the face. Advertisement object Over 18 years old target group

Graphic Design Visual Communication Design (Magazine cover)

C 75 M 60 Y 55 C 75 M 90 Y 5 C 30 M 40 Y 80

MRU campus Clothing magazine Introduced this year Dongkuan clothing Spokesperson for foreign fashion model Target market Modern women aged 20-30

Graphic Design Tamsui, Taipei color poster

C 10 M 10 Y 55 C 15 M 30 Y 45

Tamsui Romance of the coast Whether in love or just friend this is a relaxing trip tracal

Project CIS (Pelican Express) About PELICAN

Visual Identity

a a 9a


1.5a 3.5a 0.5a

9a 14a

a a 9a 3a 8a

a 3.5a 3. 5a a 0.5a 0

9a 14a

Visual Identity (The standard word layout)


Visual Identity (Main color and Secondary colors)

C 65 Y 10

R 63 G 189 B 224

Pantone 311C

C 55 Y 65

R 123 G 194 B 120

Pantone 346C

M 50 Y 90

R 243 G 152 B 28

Pantone 144C

Visual Identity (Main color and Secondary colors)

Application (Delivery vehicles)

Application (Uniform)

Application (Rubberized fabric)

Application (Document and Staationery)

Application (Business card)

Package Design Creation from the hand

Concept Use o f clothes o riginal element, join hands temper_ atures to transformed them. So that they become a uni_ que and creative with a new continuation memories. Carefully, Attentive, Patien_ tly, made ​​in line with their tasteful new thing, the life is everywhere beauty.

Creation of the hand

Products 1Backpack 2Shoulder Bag 3Handbag

Packaging filled with illustrator

Packing box entity

Clearly visible what was inside.

Package Design Advertising Design (PEA CRACKERS MINI) The box developed view

Display product packaging

Related Visual Design

Graduation Production Where are you going (A car is like a home)

Concept The street Vendors car accompanies us growing up, and is close to every phase of our life. For the normal, the car is merely an ordinary one as it is in their sight, but Vendors car truly make our life distinct and valuable. Every vendor cars represented a link between individual and family, so we set out for a journey to explore the story. Through this journey around the island, we realize more and are touched by meeting various vendors. We did experience a lot, and are going to spread the feelings to everyone.

Around the island to interview The fate let us meet with them, traveled in various regions of Taiwan, with one hundred fifty vendors car story collection ninety-five story.

Where are you going Series of books known as "Where are you going", the name derived from the process of finding vendors car whenever eyes flashed vendors car, raised questions in our hearts that you (vendors car) where to go. Perhaps vendors car is we do not pay attention things, but it has glow in every corner of Taiwan.

Books clothing

Books cover

Project introduction The trip originated in our growth story, "home" is written our with vendors cars links. The journey originated in our growth story, the first book "home" record our with vendors cars links, telling each other stories and people saw the vendors car behind and moving side. The fourteen series of books, collecting various regions of Taiwan vendors car story, the book content experiences to share, plus the emotional and material illustrations, make people more close to them.

Books cover detail

Books clothing detail

Series of books back

1 2 3

4 5 6

1 Contents Page 2 Illustration page 3 Text pages 4 Material page 5 Separator page 6 Special background page

Author Elaine Zhang Editor Elaine Zhang Design Elaine Zhang Photography Elaine Zhang Translation Elaine Zhang E-mail Mobile +886-93-079363

2014 Zhun Zhen Zhang Portfolio  
2014 Zhun Zhen Zhang Portfolio