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MARKETING CAMPAIGN ETHICS by Elaine Puma Dear Do-Right Dental Co. Based on my research for the SmileRight toothpaste campaign, I have taken the liberty of writing a brief disclosure letter to address some of the potential ethical, moral and/or cultural issues that could impact the efficacy of the campaign along with a recommendation to avoiding such issues. Potential threat 1 What is the threat: Animal welfare and environmental biodiversity are particularly important issues in the realm of ethical personal care have shown important in consumption to this demographic. Potential danger/why should we care: This particular demographic has shown signs of growing concerned with ethical and moral issues surrounding animal welfare and environmental biodiversity, they are particularly important issues in the realm of personal care consumption (datamonitor). They value luxury, style, culture and feature-driven incentives in their willingness to pay. They recognize high profile organizations, affiliations, and causes. Resolution/what can we do to avoid it: Clear packaging advertising of “cruelty-free” or “not tested on animals”, highlight product and advertising mission with reassurance of commitment to ethical and environmental causes; engaging in profit-donations to global animal rights causes, and similar organizations. In addition, pay close attention to packaging and maintain branding messages consistent with “green”, organic, natural, safe, ethically conscious and effective. Potential threat 2 What is the threat: Marketing to the female and male Hispanic market, US Latinos, poses a cultural need to integrate with building relationships, family, culture, style flair for effective weaving of something necessary and for their overall wellbeing. Potential danger/why should we care: This group is seen as one of the fastest growing demographics, first and foremost, it is a younger group to begin with, they live in trendsetting markets such as New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago and LA. While there’s been triple-digit growth in non-traditional Hispanic DMAs, meaning smaller cities, and some states that you would not expect, it’s still pretty much an urban phenomenon (Ramos). They have tremendous cross-over appeal over their families and peers with a perceived value in their daily lives. They stay connected with multi-generations of consumers and they are looked upon as being in the forefront of technology and product consumption.

Resolution/what can we do to avoid it? Think versatility in approaching this demographic. Enforce the channels of engagement through special event placement, or holiday significance in the proposed campaigns; entice this group with a special perceived value benefitting from the brand. Target specialized health and beauty concerns as a forefront benefit. I suggest enlist a well known celebrity to help kick off the campaign, like Sophia Vergara, for example. Someone to mirror a perception of beauty and culture. Potential threat 3 What is the threat: Truth in advertising, intrusive mobile messages; FTC monitored with mobile advertising. What is the threat: According to the BigResearch Study, most shoppers 67% don’t like text ads, 60% don’t like voicemail ads, and 60% don’t like video ads ( Mobile marketing is not just an alternative to TV, Internet, radio, and outdoor advertising. This is a cognitive part of the overall marketing plan, look at the entire marketing campaign and use mobile technologies to unite all parts of it. Potential danger/why should we care: Mobile marketing could be seen as pushy, intrusive and “junk-mail”. If our mobile messages are not seen as an immediate value, they will be tossed aside as frivolous and will be soon forgotten. We want our messages to cause excitement and immediate action, with a social engagement from other friends, family and users. Resolution/what can we do to avoid it: Because this demographic is technically savvy and always on the forefront for new ways to communication with peers, I suggest including a QR (QuickResponse) code on all of the packaging, so that when a buyer takes the product home, they can quickly scan the barcode which will take them to our Facebook fan page, then, they can become a fan, and there, they will have access to digital coupons for 10% off of future purchases, they can also have access to the blog, pictures, customer stories and contests. The customers are now engaged. This develops base for further interactive marketing without legal issues, as they have initiated contact first. Integration with media. Mobile advertising is no more feeling lonely. It’s now an integral part of the marketing campaign.

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Campaign Ethics - by Elaine Puma  

Campaign Ethics outlining details for a target marketing business plan

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