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Selecting hair extensions to suit your facial features Hair extensions have become increasingly popular hair treatments for adding length and volume to the existing hair. They have come as a boon to those whose dream of having lustrous and long locks could not be fulfilled previously, but now anyone can have the hair they want without having to struggle with oils, shampoos and other medications to make their hair grow thick and long. How to get the hair extensions that suit you best? First conduct a small survey and do some research on the various types of hair extensions available and the different methods of attaching them. Basic methods are glue-in, clampin, sew-in, wafts and the protein bond, you should select the hair extensions depending on the method you are going to adopt. Keep in mind your facial features, the color and the texture of your hair and select something that complements them the end result should accentuate your physical features and if you have doubts you can consult your stylist. Make sure you purchase your hair extensions from a reputed dealer who stocks on good stuff. Next choose a stylist who is specialized in the method you have selected for your hair extension and have a consultation to discuss all the details and have your doubts on this clarified. Tips on how to prepare your hair before you schedule a visit to the salon for hair extensions The first thing to do is color your hair to match the hair extensions that you have selected and this should be done a day before the appointment. The next thing to do is to get yourself a good clarifying shampoo and clean your hair thoroughly on the day of the appointment with the stylist. After shampooing and rinsing repeat the process. Remember not to add conditioner to the hair. Dry your hair with a towel and brush it with a comb. No need to style your hair with any of the styling products. And one more thing to do is to remove all knots before shampooing if you have hair that tangles easily. Presence of knots makes hair extension process a bit more cumbersome. If absolutely necessary blow-dry on a low setting; try to keep your hair in a natural condition as this helps the individual extensions to adhere better. And one last thing to remember is not to perm or cut your hair before the extensions appointment.

A few more tips on choosing the right hair extensions If you have a full and round face you should try straight styles; curls might not suit you. If you have a narrow face you could try wearing curls to make it look fuller. Large eyes filled with a surprised look can try wearing the hair on to the face. People with small or narrow eyes should have a style where the hair is pulled away from the face to make the eyes look larger. Short, medium or long hair can be worn by any one but it is the way the hair is styled that matters. Finally a word of advice, be cautious about the number of times you have hair extensions done, try to keep it to a minimum.

Selecting hair extensions to suit your facial features  

Basic methods are glue-in, clamp-in, sew-in, wafts and the protein bond, you should select the hair extensions depending on the method you a...

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