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Elaine Jordan Currently Studying Environmental Biosciences and Geology

Elaine Jordan: Independent Research Elaine Jordan is currently studying Environmental Biosciences and Geology at the University of Iowa. She has reached the point in her education where she is able to conduct experiments independently, as a complement to her studies. Elaine Jordan is involved in extracurricular activities at the university, including mentoring programs, working as a resident assistant, and serving as the President of the Waterski & Wakeboard Club.

A Natural Leader Elaine Jordan is a natural leader, and throughout her high school and college careers, has led many activities, programs, and volunteer events. At the University of Iowa, where she majors in Environmental Biosciences and Geology, Elaine Jordan leads a peer mentoring organization, works as a resident assistant, and participates in Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).

Book Lover Elaine Jordan is an avid reader. She is especially fond of non-fiction and poetry. Elaine Jordan loves to surround herself with art in all of its forms: dance, literature, music, painting and drawings, and sculptures. Elaine Jordan is especially fond of surrealism. When she isn’t studying, Elaine Jordan loves being outdoors and appreciating nature. She loves outdoor activities like hiking, water skiing, camping, canoeing, and snow skiing.

A Caring Person Elaine Jordan has always cared about the wellbeing of others. As a caring person, she is dedicated to community service. Elaine Jordan has volunteered her time to many worth causes, including book and food drives, fundraising efforts, grounds cleaning for a local elementary school, and working at a cancer in-patient unit. Elaine Jordan understands the importance of giving back to her community, and believes that everyone needs a little help at some point.

Avid Reader Elaine Jordan enjoys nothing better than losing herself in a good book. Elaine Jordan loves many different kinds of literature, but is especially fond of nonfiction and poetry. She finds that reading is a calming experience, which helps to relieve stress. Elaine Jordan always makes time in her busy schedule to relax with a book, and finds that reading is a great outlet for de-compressing after a long week.

Scholarship Winner Elaine Jordan has been the recipient of the Engineering Opportunities Scholarship from the University of Iowa, due to her academic achievement. For Elaine Jordan, the scholarship was well deserved as she has consistently worked hard throughout her college career. Elaine Jordan has also been a peer-nominated Health Ninja at the University of Iowa, where she is pursuing a degree in Environmental Biosciences and Geology.

Art Lover Elaine Jordan says she loves art in all of its many forms. She says that the arts have a positive effect on her mental health. Elaine Jordan enjoys literature, music, sculptures, dance, and classic forms of art. Elaine Jordan is particularly fond of surrealist art, and enjoys the work of many surrealist painters, such as Salvador DalĂ­. Elaine Jordan is a successful student at the University of Iowa, where she majors in Environmental Biosciences and Geology.

Elaine Jordan - An Accomplished Student