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Wednesday, May 8, 2019


48 Hours in LA On a Budget There are options to suit every income and style

By Eisho Shiroma Staff Writer Are any of your friends planning a trip to Los Angeles? L.A. is huge and is renowned as a city of entertainment, food, culture, and more. It may seem expensive to explore the city, but you don’t have to break the bank. There are so many free museums, no-cost to low-cost activities and beautiful beaches to explore in the city. These options guide every traveler how to spend 48 hours in L.A. on a budget, which includes where to go and what to eat. Day 1 OUE Skyspace LA: Skyspace has California’s tallest observation deck, people can see a great 360-degree view of Los Angeles City. It is located about 1,000 feet above the city at the top of the U.S. bank tower in Downtown LA. If it is a first time trip to LA, this is a good option to explore and gaze at the city. General admission to OUE Skyspace LA is $25 per person,

and group admission is also available. This place is perfect for all ages. Grand Central Market: This is the best place to find a unique lunch in Downtown, Grand Central Market has nearly 37 vendors. “Eggslut” is one of the most popular shops, serving delicious egg sandwiches and other dishes. Recently, Grand Central Market added a new restaurant, “Knead & Co.,” which serves handmade pasta. Prices depend on how hungry you are. It can be pretty affordable if you are on a budget. The Broad: The broad is a contemporary art museum that has over 2,000 works of art in DTLA. Currently, they have exhibitions including Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrored Room,” a mirror-lined installment that houses a sparkling and endless LED light display. General admission is free. Online reservations are highly encouraged to avoid wait times during busy periods. Spitz: In Little Tokyo, stop by Spitz for the best sangria and

happy-hour in DTLA. They serve eclectic street food, such as kebabs, fries and craft beer. A recommendation is a “Street Cart Doner Wrap” with the combo. It comes with a small serving of fries and any drink. The price range is $15 to $25. BADMAASH: If you are in the mood for something else, across the street from LAPD headquarters in DTLA, there is the smell of Indian curry drifting in the air. BADMAASH serves Indian traditional dishes, such as dried curry, lamb burgers, chicken samosas, and Chicken Tikka Poutine. There are many options on the menu, but if you want to try standard Indian food, perhaps enjoy “Butter Chicken Curry with Naan” for under $15. A reservation is recommended to avoid long waits. Day 2 The Butcher’s Daughter: Daytime is beautiful in Venice. The Butcher’s Daughter is a good place to have lunch for anyone looking to soak up some sun along with some delicious food.

This trendy vegetarian brunch spot is known for their juices and egg-based dishes. Everyone can appreciate the veggie-friendly menu, which includes standbys like avocado toast and breakfast burritos. There is an indoor-outdoor terrace, and plants are lined up for a table in the beautifully turned-out dining room. Santa Monica Pier: After a late lunch in Venice, you can take an electric scooter or bike, available through the phone apps, and head for Santa Monica Pier. Exploring the pier as you walk along the beach is a lovely experience. There is Pacific Park, which is known as a family friendly place to come and play. It is the West Coast’s only amusement park located on a pier, and each year millions of visitors enjoy rides, games and occasional free concerts. Griffith Observatory: A beautiful view of Los Angeles is on every tourist’s wish list. The Griffith Observatory is a popular spot, especially at night. The Griffith Observatory has fascinating exhibitions and features a planetarium. Admission is free

and the Observatory is open from noon to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, with extended hours on weekends. WOOD: As you drive to the Observatory, you may want to stop for dinner. Take your out-of-town guests to WOOD. This restaurant is located on the corner of Sunset and Silver Lake Boulevard in Silver Lake. If you are a fan of Italian food, this restaurant is a must. From pizza, pasta, to salad bowls and grilled steaks, there are a variety of Italian traditional foods on the menu. Pizzas are divided into “Pizza Rosse” and “Pizza Bianche” (with or without red sauce) and cost $12 to $16 for a smallish pie. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but it spreads out some sights (and places to eat) quite nicely, over two days. Next time your out-of-town guests come by for the weekend, don’t feel like you have to drive too far to impress them.

Eisho Shiroma can be reached at eshirom011@student.glendale.edu.

Meet Tina, Your Local Dance Filmmaker Glendale Community College student talks about her dreams and ambitions

Along with other GCC film students, Sinlapasai recently got the opportunity to attend Sundance Film Festival, the largest Tina “Soal” Sinlapasai, 34, has independent film festival in the been at GCC for three years, with United States. Thanks to a grant big goals for her future, as she Dr. Peter Green, Chair of the Vicompletes her Associate degrees sual & Performing Arts Division, in Dance Teaching, Choreograph- and Geri Ulrey, Chair of Media ic Studies, Video-editing and Cin- Arts Department received, the students were able to take part in. ematography. Finding confidence while enOne of Sinlapasai’s career goals is to start a non-profit pro- tering a new freelance career can be tough, but gram, “We Free through the supMe,” which will help people re“I’ve experienced port of her inVictor habilitate from a lot in life and I’ve structors Robles and Deb abuse and trauma Sinlapathrough art and seen the most reward Diehl, sai said she was education. in the greatest risks able to develop She’s currentquickly from her ly learning about I’ve taken.” insecurities to find everything she’ll her own personal need in order to understand and help people of all style as a dance filmmaker. They ages and backgrounds as a visual encouraged her to give her ideas arts teacher. “I plan to make more a shot, and the biggest lesson dance films and continue my vid- she learned was to always take a eography and editing career while chance. “I’ve experienced a lot in building the non-profit,” she said. life and I’ve seen the most reward Sinlapasai found her passion in the greatest risks I’ve taken,” for filmmaking in the process of she emphasized. Although Sinlapasai loves taking her creative ideas and putting them into the works. The teaching dance and has a lot of problem-solving needed to ac- patience, she explains that her complish her ideas is one of the work can be both a blessing and a curse. “Sometimes I get people parts she enjoys most. Being able to combine the two who are very hard to teach. They things she loves; dance and film only want the answers, and don’t has sparked a fire in this dancer want to learn the answers,” she and filmmaker. To display dance said. That doesn’t stop her from in new unique ways that can’t be continuing to help people grow seen on stage is something that’s and become better versions of themselves. important to her. By James Ojano-Simonsson Production Manager

Apart from being a full-time student, she is also a supplemental instructor in four other classes: Ballet 110 (beginning ballet class), Dance 150 (special needs dance class), Media 103 (intro to motion picture production), and Media 112 (motion picture editing). “Working with Tina as an SI has been great. She’s already a good filmmaker, and she uses her knowledge and experience to make sure that students are learning the skills they need to continue ahead in the department and the field,” media arts instructor Chris Borey said. Sinlapasai fell in love with visual arts when Ulrey asked her to assist with two media arts classes. “Being an SI has really tested my patience and understanding of others, especially at GCC with such an extreme range of student types,” she said. “But the end result of a student growing to their potential and helping the instructors is the best reward for being a supplement instructor.” “As a student, Tina has proven herself to be focused and inspired. She challenged herself in every aspect of her studies, which resulted in both personal and educational growth. As an SI, I could not ask for a better assistant,” said dance instructor Robles. “Tina demonstrates great compassion, patience, and understanding when working with these students.” Although dancing and filmmaking is a big part of Sinlapasai’s life, friends and family are

Tina Sinlapasai Courtesy Photo

GCC AT SUNDANCE: (Left to right) Michelle Castillo, Cathy Veliz, Deb Diehl, Geri Ulrey, Paule Bernadel and Tina Sinlapasai. (Bottom) Malcolm Jones and Ryan Bounophasaysol.

the most important to her. She’s ing dance, and cooking, Sinlaparecently become enthralled sai has one final statement to with cooking, and especially if make. “It’s okay to be silly and it means she gets to serve those not perfect,” she said. “Accepwho are closest to her. “I am satis- tance of yourself, flaws and all, fied when I see people being nur- can make you more comfortable tured with my food and hospital- and confident in all aspects of ity, and it’s my life.” way of sharing Through love and giving all her en“Acceptance of yourthem value,” counters, good self, flaws and all, can or bad, the she said. Cooking for make you more comfart- young dance her cast and filmmaker crew during able, and confident in all never fails to film shoots is express the aspects of life.” something she human charalso enjoys, and acteristics of explains it’s the love and releast she can do for them while spect. “A small act of kindness helping her with her projects. It can go a long way, and that goes may not come as a surprise that for everyone, and everything,” culinary arts would be part of her she smiled. non-profit arts program for rehabilitation. James Ojana-Simonsson can be reached at jojanos818@student.glendale.edu. Aside from filmmaking, teach-

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