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March 2012

1st Lady Sandi Hutson, Imperial Sir Michael Severe, Imperial 1st Lady Patty Severe & Illustrious Sir Honorable J. Hut Hutson

The Official Publication of the El Zaribah Shriners Phoenix, Arizona

2012 Champagne Easter Brunch

April 8th

11:00 - 2:00 9th Annual FREE Easter Egg Hunt About Noon See Page 16 For Details

El Zaribah Shrine Spring Ceremonial Saturday, April 28th El Zaribah Shrine Center, 552 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85008

10:00 am – 1st Section for Candidates and Ladies 11:00 am – Lunch Noon – Arch Degree 1:00 – Fezzing Ceremony 1:20 – Parade of Units & Clubs (North Parking Lot) 2:30 – No Host Social in Red Fez Room

Thursday, April 26th Candidate’s Indoctrination Schedule 6:00 pm Greeters meet Candidates – South Entrance Complimentary Hot Dogs & Hamburgers for Candidates & Ladies in Red Fez/Fiesta Rooms – $6 per person for all other Candidates sized for Fez by Art Nehill & 1 helper – all others please stay out Candidate’s Ladies escorted to Conference Room for brief Orientation by Divan Ladies Hospital Chairman to present short video Unit & Club Presentation Each Club & Unit has 2 minutes to present their information

Comments by Potentate

Lunch Reservations a MUST Please call the El Zaribah Office


2 Arabian Tales / March 2012

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From The Potentate...


obles and Ladies, wasn’t the Pote’s Ball fantastic? Lady Sandi and I don’t remember ever seeing that many people on the dance floor at once in some time! Add in the wonderful, tasty Bash Before the Ball event, Imperial Sir’s motorcycle ride, terrific Doo-Wop music favorites and it added up to one incredible time. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Units and Clubs for providing such a great variety of tasty food for the Bash Before the Ball. The table decorations were something else entirely. The Yuma Silver Spur weekend was amazing as well. The members of the Yuma Foothills and Yuma Shrine Clubs do so much for our Temple. They are terrific hosts whenever we get the chance to visit them. They always make us feel right at home, fitting us with aprons and putting us right to work! The Divan started meeting twice a month at 5:30 in the Pote’s Office. This began in February to better serve the Nobility and our Temple. March brings a variety of Parades and events.

Rededication of the old Shrine Temple

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We start with the March 3rd Chandler Parade and Buckeye Parade on the 17th. The Motorcycles are having a CookOff March 11th, the Patrol is once again having their St. Patrick’s Day Party in the Red Fez & Fiesta Rooms on Friday the 16th, Samsar Awards Dinner is March 21st and the Bowling Palooza will be March 28th. On March 24th, our Ritualistic Team will be doing a First Degree at 10 am, so please come down. In fact, with something for just about everyone, please attend as many of these events as possible to let them know what a great job they’re doing. The Mystery Handshake winner for February’s Stated Meeting was Mike Richards. The two Mystery Items listed in the Tales were membership numbers or member’s names. If you find yours, please let me know as soon as possible! There’s a nice treat in store for finding your name or number, so please check each issue of the Tales – you could be the next big winner! The second in the series of Comments in this issue is Upsets. This Shrine year has started with a bang – let’s keep the momentum going! Yours in the Faith, /h

The Rededication of the old Shrine Temple

March 2012 / Arabian Tales 3

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shall ah Temple f El Zarib o nth, s o n m io ss ch se day of ea es n The stated ed W ugust. n the 2nd July and A be held o uary, June, n TREE Ja N t E p F ce O ex CHOICE ’S O D G 7pm N N FERNA D MEETI pm STATE 30 Street * 5: th R E 40 DINN 2 North 55 : m u Fez ri o dit 8733 Red At our Au r (602) 231o 00 03 1te tenta (602) 23 utson, Po J. “Hut” H order ec R P, P , tt Jack Garre BE HELD L IL ETING W E M D E T STA RCH 14 & DAy, MA WEDNES IL 11, 2012 DAy, APR WEDNES SON PER PER TO $10 REASED C IN E IC R FISH FRy P

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...Bash Before the Ball Pictures...

March 2012 / Arabian Tales 5

Recorder’s Message... Nobles and Ladies, for the past few months our Temple has been visited by thieves. They’ve taken the copper out of our light poles, steel covers from our Deep BBQ Pits, towed the portable BBQ grill off the property, broken into our trailers in the back parking lot and a few weeks ago, they removed the stainless steel pipes above two of the urinals during the day. The replacement costs for the listed thefts is having an impact on our budget. For example, the cost to replace the steel pipes in the men’s bathroom was $400. Noble Jerry Niziolek has started a fund-raiser to have a camera installed above each door to record anyone coming into the Temple. This way, the uninvited intruders will know they’re being moni-

tored and recorded via the cameras. If you’d like to assist in securing our Temple, please make a donation to the El Zaribah Shrine indicating it’s for the security cameras. Our electric bill is $5,500 per month. In order to minimize electric costs, please turn off the lights in the meeting rooms as you’re leaving the room. Your assistance with this will be appreciated. Every time I visit the two Shrine Clubs in Yuma, I’m amazed at the amount of money they raise year after year. This takes a lot of teamwork. El Zaribah sincerely appreciates the many hours you give to make your fund-raisers successful. To the Nobles and Ladies… you’re one of the best! Yours in the Faith, Jack Garrett, PP, Recorder

From the Recorder’s Office...

All Units and Clubs MUST fill out and file an Activity Request with start & stop times for each event – fraternal or fund-raiser. If you have questions or need Activity Request forms, please contact your Recorder. Jack Garrett, PP, Recorder

Security Alert

Nobles Valley Protective Services will be at the Temple from midnight until 5 am every evening. Any Noble stopping by for any reason between those hours, please go straight to security and show him your Shrine Membership Card. Please don’t wait for him come to come to you. Thank you in advance. Jack M. Garrett, PP, Recorder


MONTHLy STATED MEETING Wednesday, March 14, 2012


7:00 pm – El Zaribah Shrine Center For the Purpose of Old and New Business Your Attendance is Urgently Requested Attest: Jack Garrett, PP, Recorder Yours in the Faith, Hut Hutson, Potentate



6 Arabian Tales / March 2012


Monthly Membership Report... CREATED AFFILIATED Luis C Castillo

Passed Through The unseen Portals Thomas C Harmon Edward E Hunt Johnnie Meyers

Robert E Lehl

ASSOCIATED David R Guevara James C Schelin Elwin O Studebaker, PP ASSOCIATE MEMBER DROPPED Luis C Castillo

MeMbeRshiP NuMbeRs...


Membership February 9, 2012 Regular Members Associate Members

1,706 1,527 179

Brent A Kittel Jeffrey A Schiller

Steven J Sampson John M Schwarz

2012 Phoenix Outreach Clinic Dates Both the Intermountain (Salt Lake City) and Los Angeles Shrine Clinic location in Phoenix is held at Maricopa Medical Center, 2525 E. Roosevelt St., 3rd Floor. Outreach Clinic Dates: Mar 2 SLC May 11 SLC July 6 SLC Aug 3 LA Sept 14 SLC Nov 2 SLC

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March 2012 / Arabian Tales 7


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8 Arabian Tales / March 2012

7:00 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 5:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:00 pm 8:00 pm 6:30 pm 11:30 am 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 6:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm

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April 1st Is Your Due Date for the May Issue of the Arabian Tales editor’s Corner... If you haven’t been able to attend events at El Zaribah lately, you’re really missing out on some new and exciting programs! Our Divan, led by Illustrious Sir Hut Hutson, is doing a real bang-up job of working while having fun and keeping the Nobility informed about what’s happening now and in the future. Many Nobles and their Ladies were unable to attend the breakfast and after-glow put on almost single-handedly by Andrew Warianka. Try to make it next time. What a wonderful venue for everyone to get together after the Laveen Parade to relax, have great food and enjoy each other’s company. A sincere Thank You, Andrew. While I’m on the subject of good food, do you have a favorite Vidalia Onion recipe? If so, send me an email containing the recipe & we’ll print them in the Tales! Thanks to Trudy Mullins for this spectacular idea! Yours in the Faith, Fred Wulff, Editor

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...uniformed units... making people laugh and kids smile, then we’d LOVE to talk to you about becoming a Clown. All who wish to join us at our meetings are welcome to show up the 1st Monday of every month at 6:00 for social hour and We’re off to a good start for 2012. Chris Hagenian, High Priest and 7:00 pm for the meeting. Please come down and say “Hey.” We’d love to Prophet, is our Den Mother. We’re delighted he’s already visited us. He see you there. Bump noses, A very happy bubbly Clown came into the Band Room twice on Jan. 5th to witness one of the most difficult Rehearsals the EZ-POPS group has had. This Culinary... year’s Divan is making a real effort to continue to connect with the Units. Greetings from your friendly servers behind the chow line. Lead trumpeter Emerson Best responded DINNER WITH THE CULINARY! How would you and your Significant to the need of the Temple Flag Retirement Other like to spend a delightful evening with Ceremony by the playing Taps for the event. The Band Unit’s always there a group of people you know, enjoying a four to provide musical entertainment for Masonic, and sometimes, non-Macourse special dinner with wine for a reasonsonic efforts. able price? The Culinary Unit’s sponsoring The Band Unit and the EZ-POPS sub-Unit are both happy to supjust such an event bi-monthly, and we’ve alport the Arabian Tales “Friends of the Arabian Tales” fund-raising effort by ready had two sellouts at the Scottsdale Culieach making two-year donations. nary Institute, which were enjoyed by all. The Our Rehearsals are now open to all those interested in band music. venue will vary and tickets will sell for $60 - $70 a couple. The affair is limRehearsals are held in the Band room (NW corner of the Temple) and are ited to 30 couples, and the attendees will be rotated so everyone can have regularly scheduled for the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Thursday nights of the month, a chance to take advantage of this special opportunity. Contact Hal 7-9:00 pm. You’re welcome to come join us (no cost) regardless of age, Resnikoff or Bob Walsmann for more information. male or female, Masonic or non-Masonic affiliation, or your musical proThe Culinary Unit meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month, and fund-raisficiency. Get the horn out of the closet and come join us for a good night ing will be an important topic for discussion. Parade participation will be of making music. on the agenda and we’ll have other items of great importance to consider, In addition to the Concert Band, we have an 8 - 12 member EZ – POPS so please try to be there if you can. We’re always looking for new memsub-Unit that performs lively up-tempo music specializing in Ethnic and bers, and we can use your help. Oktoberfest celebrations. A complete repertoire is available for Polka, DixWe’ve decided to dispose of our Parade vehicles, so we have two litieland, Patriotic, Christmas, Party, Swing dancing and listening pleasure. tle Model T cars, a trailer and a towed rig with four bicycle seats availThis well-rehearsed sub-Unit has been in existence since 1987 and is able. Anyone interested should contact Hal Resnikoff. FREE OF CHARGE to Masonic affiliates; donations to the El Zaribah Happy Birthday to George Wright this month. Beware the Ides of March Shrine Band are appreciated. and try to find some green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. We’ll see you soon. John Locher (480-926-2583) is our Band Unit President. Please let him Ralph Jones, Sec. know in advance so we can prepare a folder for you. MEL


Clowns... March is a busy month for the Clowns. We’ll enjoy participating at the March 3rd Chandler and March 17th Buckeye Parades, not to mention the showing at Salt Lake City Outreach Clinic on the 2nd, or the many other events we’ll show up at with or without grease, like the Stated Meeting March 14th and the Unit Head meeting on the 6th. As Clowns you know we enjoy the smiles and laughter of the children in the crowd while they see our props in Parades. Remember there are still more Parades coming up - WSA Parade in Reno and Prescott Valley in June, so this is the perfect time for some of the more seasoned Clowns to get out their props and grease to show the newer Clowns how it’s done. We’d love to see you at the Parades or any of the Shrine functions, because the newer Clowns need your mentorship and help. ZKlown’s offered to give make-up, props, skits, and other Clown training on Tuesdays. If you’d like to meet up with him, please email or call ahead and arrange for a meeting. To all prospective Clowns, if you haven’t found a Unit and you enjoy

Director’s staff... The Director’s Staff invites all to our OLD TIME STEAK FRY. It will be held March 10th in the Fiesta Room and starts at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $15. Please contact our Vice President Aaron Harris at Pres. Chuck Krebs invites the Director’s Staff and Special Guests for the OV Dinner on April 25th. The dinner will start at 6:00 pm in the Fiesta Room. Our select Chef will be preparing dinner fit for a Potentate. Also, libations will be available in the Red Fez. We look forward to seeing you dine with the Divan. The cost of the ticket is only $15 per person. Suit and tie with Fez is preferred. Please RSVP only to our VP Aaron Harris at Best regards, David “Aaron” Harris

leinaD nhoJ

March 2012 / Arabian Tales 9

...uniformed units... el Dulabs...

Legion of honor...

Our little Unit’s once again having some great turnouts at events and Parades. We’re also looking forward to several new members joining us with their cars and trucks and hope they’ll also be active. Any Noble is welcome to come and have fun with us, regardless if you have something to drive in a Parade. The proud tradition of assisting with the Potentate’s transportation needs in Parades and such look good for the future. Fraternally, Rick Fasano, Sec/Treas.

Things are moving ahead for the Shrine and Legion of Honor (LOH) into this year’s activities. The Bash before the Potentate’s Ball was a great Social Affair - so much food and attendance. The LOH Table alone had loads of food including boiled shrimp, cream puffs, little sausages, meatballs and other snacks. The Pote’s Ball was a festive affair with a number of LOH members attending. Laveen Parade participants were Wax, Rickard, Trundy, & Johnston carrying the flags and LeClair, Scrimager and Hudson manning the Trailer Vehicle. The follow-up luncheon at Andy’s was fun and much appreciated. The February Stated Meeting Color Guard consisted of Trundy, Obara, McCullough, & Johnston. Rickard, Hudson, Tutell, Scrimager, Hagenian, & Wax were also present and doing their particular “things.” A dedicated Shriner, Frank Tutell was honored by receiving a 50-year award. It’s understood he’ll receive his 60-year award as a Master Mason next month at Sun City Lodge #72. The “Shriner of the Month” award was received by Virgil Johnston, a nice start for the season for the LOH.

Greeters... Once again our Greeter brothers and their Ladies managed to fill their fair share of tables at the Pote’s Ball. Even our most recent Past Pres. Bob Richmond and Lady Dodie, both of whom probably should have remained home to attend to their physical well being, bit the bullet, put a smile on their faces and joined the rest of us for what turned out to be a very nice evening honoring our most recently elected Potentate Hut Hutson. The Bash that preceded the Pote’s Ball was very well attended. Special thanks to Chuck & Pauline Richards, Ron & Kebba Button and Larry & Vicki Howard for their efforts in making the Greeter’s table one of the nicest at that event. Included in our table decorations was a 60”x 20” colored Parade photograph of several Greeters in the Greeter Mobile. Thanks, Mike Jones, for the original picture. I’m sure we’ll be using that at future events. The Laveen Parade, although not what one might consider to be an event of super-large proportions, certainly didn’t lack for crowd enthusiasm, which means a great deal to all the Parade participants who bravely endure the cold morning air in their efforts to present the crowd of onlookers with a fun event. A special thanks goes to Greeters Pres. Chuck Richards, Ron Button, Darren Reale and Al Shattuck for bravely facing those cold 37-degree temps while riding in our Caddie convertible at that Parade. The Apache Junction Parade was, as usual, full of participants and overflowing with onlookers who seem to travel great distances to watch this special event. Naturally all who rode in our Greeter Mobile were pleased with all the positive remarks they heard about our entry. The University Club of Phoenix once again was the site of our Greeters Sweetheart Party, formerly the Valentines Party. And once again Pres. Chuck Richards made sure that all in attendance, and there were many, had a wonderful time. Just a side note from your Scribe - during the past several months and up to and including our most recent activities such as Parades, special events, meetings and parties, it really is nice to see the attendance beginning to climb to much larger numbers. Hopefully the interest in our Greeters happenings will continue to grow. Till next time.

Motorcycles... We’ve been busy in the Motorcycle Unit. The Drill Team practiced almost every Saturday at the Temple parking lot. Our Drill Captain’s been running us through some tricky maneuvers, which I suspect will be “crowd pleasers.” Imperial Potentate Michael Severe came for a ride. Our President loaned out his Ulta and rode his secondary, which promptly crapped out. We and fellow Shriners on “rice burners” went to Greasewood Flats, a beer and hamburger joint in north Scottsdale. 22-ounce bottled beer makes me feel small. Parade Season’s upon us. The Parade season kicked off with the Laveen Parade. The best part of the day was breakfast and lunch. You just had to be there, as were about 50 or 60 Nobles and Ladies. We’re packing up and going south for the Yuma Parade as this is written. It will be solid activity for about two months or so. The fellowship is outstanding. We have two fund-raisers coming up: The Bowling Palooza and the Motorcycle Swap Meet. We encourage any others of our Shrine family to come and join us. Not only do we make money for the kids but we have a good time doing it. Our Unit meetings are the 2nd Thursday starting promptly at 7 pm or 1900 hrs for you white sidewall types. Little Jim, Drill Team Member

Monday, April 30th - 7:00 pm Grand Lodge 2012 Legislation and Budget Review At El Zaribah Shrine 5:30 pm - Dinner from the Red Fez Room Menu RSVP to WB Ken Lyberg at Presented by El Zaribah’s Past Masters Shrine Club 10 Arabian Tales / March 2012

...uniformed units... Mounted Patrol...


Last month, two new members were added to the Patrol roster: Joe Howdy Noble Partners! Hope y’all are having a great winter here in Arizona. The Mounted Patrol keeps working toward all of our events and Couey and his Lady Patricia, and Gale Totten and his Lady Nancy. A special thanks to Joe, who at his first Parades. meeting accepted a battlefield comWe had a great time participating in the Bash mission as 2nd Lt. Let’s keep these Before the Pote’s Ball Party. We were all in our Panew members coming! rade uniforms, spurs and all! We tied for 1st Place The Patrol would like all Nobles to in food and presentation (not sure if it was the cowmark their calendars for March 16th. boy beans, cowboy grub, the horse, or just our boyThe Patrol will be sponsoring our annual St. Pat’s Party in the Red Fez ish cowboy looks…but we had a lot of fun). We’ll Room. There will be plenty of Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potatoes, as have some new surprises next year! well as a great time. Lou Ann and her staff stand ready to sell you the We had a great Parade in Wickenburg in February for the Gold Rush Days Rodeo. Had a good turn out from our Unit, finest of the nectars of the Gods. All this is yours for the measly low price of $15 per adult and $7 per child. See You There! Father Floyd and a great day for a Parade. We continue gearing up for our Spring Cattle Round Up at the EZ Ranch. This spring it will be April 19th-22nd. You can get information and an application for the Round Up on the Mounted Patrol website which is Temple Guard... at, then click on Units and Clubs and click Mounted The year started off with a “Bang” for the El Zaribah Temple Guard. Patrol. Or you can do it the old fashioned way and call one of our 2012 Offi- We had the honor of hosting the first OV with Illustrious Sir Honorable Hut Hutson and First Lady Sandi, and then got busy cers: Captain Paul Sauerbrey (928-853-0831) email:; preparing a table for the Bash Before the Ball. We 1st Officer Dave Smith (623-523-2916) email:; hope everyone liked the cakes and pies our Temple 2nd Officer Doug Kurbat, PP (602-918-7077) email: Guard Ladies Elaine and Kay prepared for you - I; Sec/Treas. Randy Peters (480-759-0195) email: know I sure did and look forward to the next time they decide to bake for our benefit. You’ll be hearing more about the Spring Round Up in the next issue We have our Annual Temple Guard Picnic comof the Tales, but get your applications in as soon as you can, you don’t ing up Sunday, April 22nd and we always have a want to miss out on the great time that’s had by all at the Round Ups! good time at that event; please mark your calendars For your calendar, Fall Round Up October 4th-7th. That’ll do it for us for now. If we don’t see ya in the pasture, we’ll see and we’ll do our best to not disappoint. We also have a number of Hospital Outreach Clinics scheduled this ya in the future! Vaya Con Dios year and I’m proud to say they’ll be staffed by the usual trusty Temple Guardsmen (and Ladies!). It’s always a pleasure to see Guardsmen at those Clinics and even more so when busy Nobles from other Units and Oriental band... Clubs stop by and help. Nobles one and all are welcome and encourThe Oriental Band’s off to a good start this year with plans to attend aged to participate, and if you don’t know what to do, just watch Erv, Walt, as many local Parades with the float as possible. Art, or Tom like I did - they provide a good example of what being a When circumstances don’t allow us to have the Shriner is all about at those Clinics. Jusqu’à la prochaine fois, le voyage en toute sécurité. float, we’re usually there walking the Parade route. Noble Michael L. Richards, Captain of the Guard In recent Parades, other Nobles have joined us on the float to play percussion instruments and it’s made a world of difference. We thank them so much for what they add. Anyone else who’d like to join us in a Parade, come on out – we have extra drums, cymbals, gongs and triangles! SC

At the Rededication of the old Shrine Temple

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JC Reece with friends at the Bash Before the Ball

March 2012 / Arabian Tales 11

...Shrine Clubs... Apache Wells... On March 3rd from 8 am - noon, the annual Apache Wells Flea Market will be held in the Apache Wells Country Club Parking Lot. The Shrine Club will have a stall and donations of salable goods are certainly welcome and needed. Give up your tired, unwanted, but sellable, items around the house and then come on down and buy all the good stuff you can’t live without. For pickup of sellable items you wish to donate, call Harry Lipert (480-807-1195) or Jerry Dunn (480-361-5784). Flea Market funds support the operation of the mini cars used by the Club in Parades. Also from 7 – 9 am coffee, donuts and brats will be on sale in the Pima Room. From 9 am – 1 pm burgers will be on sale in the Gazebo. On March 8th, the business meeting and luncheon will be held in Apache Wells Country Club Hall. Social starts at 12:30 and business meeting and lunch at 1 pm. March 22nd we’ll hold the 5th Annual Pitchfork Fondue at the Apache Wells Gazebo Room from 4 until 7 pm. It’s open to the public and is intended as a moneymaker to support the Shrine Children’s Hospitals Transportation Fund. As a heads up, in April the business meeting and luncheon will be held at Apache Wells Country club Hall on the 12th. A Steak Fry will be held in the Gazebo on the 19th starting at 5 pm. Jack Roberts, Club Scribe


ing computers for our GURUS to evaluate and or work on. Experience the camaraderie of others interested in computers. We have several “Lab” computers you can practice on. A lot of good information is presented at each of our meetings. Don’t be shy about bringing your problems for us to work on. There are no dumb questions, as the answer to what might you might think dumb is what several members wanted to ask but were shy or perhaps had a problem expressing. Sometimes the answers bring questions in related areas from other members. We spend little time with administrative action and most talking or working with computers. If you have a computer problem that requires bringing in your computer, don’t hesitate to do that. The Club meets the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 pm except June, July, and August and when there’s a conflict with Christmas. The Red Fez Room is where many of us meet for dinner prior to the meeting. Virgil Johnston, Club Sec.

Drum & bugle Corps... The Drum & Bugle Corps performed in Yuma on Feb. 10th for the OV on the Marine Base Friday night. There were several conflicts with other activities the same weekend, but we were able to have enough members present to make for a great performance. The Drum & Bugle Corps will be very active during the first half of 2012. Who knows where or when we might show up just to liven things up. Sometimes the most talked about performances are the impromptu ones. We continue our weekly practice sessions every Tuesday evening at 5:30 pm in the Band Room. Feel free to drop by and look us over any time you can. Q: How are bugle players like pirates? A: They’re both murder on the high C’s. A young child says to his mother, “Mom, when I grow up I’d like to be a musician.” She replies, “Well honey, you know you can’t do both.” Alto Bugle

The Computer Club hosted a LAN Party last year with great financial results. This was donated to the El Zaribah General and Hospital Funds this year in about equally divided amounts. This is a great endeavor by our Club members and supporters. We have a tentative plan for another one this summer. The Officers and Members of the Club invite all members of El Zaribah and their Ladies interested in computing to attend our Past Masters... Club meetings. Ladies as well as their Noble attend and participate. The Past Masters Club is active and back in the Plan to attend one of our meetings and bring software or hardware Tales this month. In case you didn’t know, the Club problems, or your expertise, which is always welcomed. Bring misbehav- exists to promote a strong bond between the Blue Lodge and the Shrine. To build on that, last November we embarked on a campaign to increase our membership by sending a personal invitation letter to every recent Past Master in our State to join us! There was a good response with some new members and we invite any and all Past Masters of any jurisdiction to contact our Club Sec. Ken Lyberg at or (602-418-3937) to obtain information. Currently, preparations are being made to sponsor the 2012 Grand Lodge Legislation and Budget review at 7 pm on Monday, April 30th at the Shrine. We’re also pleased to be supporting the Helping Hands effort in the Shrine by presenting a check to the Potentate to keep that Fund solid and help assist those in need. Look for more information in the coming months on what else we’ve got going. WB Scott Thomas The Band played at the February Stated Meeting

12 Arabian Tales / March 2012

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...Shrine Clubs... sun Lakes...

West Valley...

Red was the color of choice at the Annual Sun Lakes Shrine Club Valentine’s Dinner & Dance, which was held Feb. 13th. The Dinner Dance was a huge success with many of the Nobles and their Ladies in attendance. The Cactus Corner served a delicious Valentine dinner. As usual everything was great and abundant, thanks to the professional restaurant staff. The Club’s Meeting, Entertainment and Dance music provided for a fine evening in which to celebrate Valentine’s. It’s that time of year again where we Shriners get back into the fun of selling those sweet Vidalia onions. Did you know one year, one of our members sold 400 bags? And he had a lot of fun doing it! Offering delicious Vidalia Onions to your relatives, friends and others is fun. They have great taste, people look forward to buying them year after year and the proceeds assist in supporting our Club in its various endeavors. Members, please do your part by contacting a friend or business acquaintance and take at least one bag for yourself and another to sell or give away. They’re only $10 per 10 lb. bag. Call VP Noble Jack Pate (480-883-7958) right away because before you know it, it will be too late. Shriners and their Ladies working with other Shriners and their Ladies are what keeps our Club and its philanthropy going. March 12th we’ll have our St. Paddy’s Day Dinner along with a stated meeting to discuss this year’s calendar of upcoming events. As a special attraction, we’ll be having entertainment provided by the renowned Bing Crosby impersonator Bob Pasch. The Sun Lakes Shrine Club meets the 2nd Monday of the month at 4:30 for social time and 5:00 for our stated meeting - both in the AZ Room in the Sun Lakes Country Club. Dinner’s served after in the AZ Room at 6:00 pm. Membership and your support of this Club provides a great opportunity to help the children in one of the 22 Shriners Hospitals that have orthopaedic, spinal cord, cleft lip and palate, or severe burn issues. Contact Noble Dick Snider (480-895-6019) for more information.

The West Valley Shrine Club is now operating with a new slate of Officers including: President Keith Smith, 1st VP Art Millspaw, 2nd VP Kelly Dhainin, Sec. Hal Nolde and Treas. Bob Bennett. John Liberty joined the Board and Past Pres. Paul Meierhenry now fills that position on the Board. The Club celebrated Valentine’s Day by giving chocolates to the Ladies at their monthly meeting. In March we meet on Wednesday the 21st at Brierwood Country Club with Ladies. Call Ken Mitchell (623-974-2404) for reservations.

White Mountain... The White Mountain Shrine Club congratulates George (ZKlown) Mather on his election to Oriental Guide for 2012, and look forward to working with him this year as our “Den Chief.” George isn’t new to our Club, as he’s been up here in the Pinetop and Show Low Parades several times, and we looked forward to his “official visit” at our February meeting. Our President Emeritus Max Long has donated his 19?? Go-Kart for the Club’s 2012 fund-raiser. Raffle tickets are now being sold in the White Mountains and by some of our “flat-lander” members in Phoenix & Tucson. It’s a sleek little Kart and even has a recorder and speakers to play tunes while in a Parade. It certainly would be a great unit for all those Parades that El Zaribah Units and Clubs participate in! And it doesn’t even need any work or repair! Units & Clubs, give some thought to joining us for the 4th of July Parade in Show Low. We know it’s not an official Parade, but sure would be great to get out of the desert heat.... Fraternally, Dick Doane, Prez. again

Winslow... The Winslow Shrine Club held its first meeting of the year on Feb. 10th and March 9th will be the next meeting. Happy hour is at 4:00 in our Clubhouse. If you’re in the area we’d be glad to have you stop by. We had a Gulbransen upright piano donated to our Club’s Cloth-A-Child project and we’d like to sell it, if anyone knows of someone in need of a piano. Contact our Club President at - if you’re interested, we can talk price. We made it to the Fiesta Bowl Parade with our train and thought it was a success. We hope to make it to some more Parades this year. Everyone have a great year. Sun Lakes Shrine Club Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance

March 2012 / Arabian Tales 13

...Shrine Clubs... Yavapai County...

to and from the event. Noble Sam Hearing stated, “It would be my pleasure to pay for our Shrine Widows dinners.” Thank you, Noble Sam! President Curtis proved himself very capable when he honored me with the responsibility of leading the way to the banquet food tables. The many cheers from those present still ring in my ears. Most of our winter visiting Nobles have arrived in Yuma. They’ve busied themselves in our Colts Parade Unit under the direction of Jack Anderson, plus our Shriner Diner Unit under Lanny Kee, Past Club Pres. Our members, many from Northern States and Canada, have dedicated themselves to promote our Shrine Hospitals! I bet ya the February OV to welcome Illustrious Potentate Hut Hutson and his cohorts was enjoyable! I bet ya that Illustrious Sir Hut was pleased with our donations. I bet ya that our Colts Parade Unit followed by the Shriner Diner motor home looked great in the Silver Spur Parade. IT’S GRAND TO BE A SHRINER! Joe Elleard, News writer

It’s been just a little over a year since the Yavapai Shrine Club and the Bradshaw Shrine Club combined Members and efforts to serve the quad-city area. Change is always difficult, but the efforts of many good people are coming together and we’re running smoothly. Our Misfits car club is small but making as many Parades as possible. The Parade in Prescott Valley this year is June 16th and YCSC is inviting everyone who participates for a get-together and good eats after the Parade. A flyer will be sent prior to the Parade. Our Golf Club fund-raiser will be May 5th. Entry deadline to get into the big game is April 30th. Get your group together and call Golf Chairman Fred Boehm (928-772-1951) or Jim Moore (928-759-3404) for a registration form and additional information. Yuma... The Shrine Club up North is alive and well and welcome all to visit any Hello, Nobles. Well, it was a busy month with the Wellton Parade, of our meetings the 2nd Thursday of each month. Some are luncheon then our OV, so thanks to all who came down and some are evening, so please call to confirm if you plan on attending. for your support. After the Silver Spur, we Hope to see you soon. Richard Guinn, Pres. went over to Apace Junction’s Parade. Hope you all had fun. We also had the Masonic barbecue that a lot of the Nobles helped with. Yuma Foothills... Next we’ll start gearing up for the Fair. This For information, please contact Club Pres. Curtis Clark (916-548-2529). will be at the end of March and the1st week At our Jan. Social, Jr. Past Pres. Gary Steeves invited all 2012 Club Of- of April. We can use all the help we can get! This is ‘hell week’ for most ficers with their Ladies to the front for introductions and photo’s. Our Club’s of us, and then we can get back to having fun. Yours in Faith, Dale been blessed with a fine group of leaders and lovely Ladies. All the Ladies present received a beautiful Zane Grey... corsage hand crafted by Lady Dee Landree Zane Grey Shrine Club started 2012 with good turnouts for our meetand her committee, who also did the table ings. We’re busy planning our Onion Sales in May and then the Golf Tourdecorations. nament and OV on August 17th and 18th. Past Pres. Bill Hoy “HAD A DREAM” and Zane Grey’s next Tuesday planning breakcarried it out. He purchased Poinsettia Bouquets, which were delivered by volunteers to our 12 Shrine Widows living in our area. These special fast will be at 8 am March 13th at Tiny’s Ladies were overwhelmed at being remembered. They were all invited to Restaurant. The next Zane Grey SC meeting our Jan. Social where they were introduced. Volunteer Nobles drove them and dinner will be March 21st. The Zane Grey SC meets the 3rd Wed. at 5:30 pm at Tiny’s Restaurant. All Nobles and their Ladies are invited to join us whenever you’re in the Payson area. Zane Grey SC members’ dues ($10) for 2012 were due Jan. 1st. If you haven’t paid your dues yet, please bring your dues payment to our next meeting or mail it to: Zane Grey SC, P.O. Box 1754, Payson, AZ 85547.

Doug Kurbat, PP and Fred Boehm present flowers to Beverly Mavis of Galpin Ford in recognition of her support and help with our Shrine kids & the yavapai County Shrine Club

14 Arabian Tales / March 2012

Dining with the West Valley Shrine Club

...Comments... • Upsets

I was told many years ago upsets were a part of life. I was told to get over it, cowboy up or something like that. I was also told the world didn’t revolve around me. Imagine my surprise, I’m still in shock! Many more times than I wish to admit, I’ve learned the lesson that contrary to casually dispensed wisdom, upsets do not have to be a part of life! I learned upsets are a choice, like what color tie I won’t wear today. I learned that upsets are a choice we make as a way of dealing with our surroundings. We make constant ‘chains of predictions’ about life - the door to the Shrine will open when I yank on it, the car will start when I turn the key, or the car in front of me will move when the light turns green. We make these predictions so we can plan what we need to do next. It’s all very reasonable. When I pull on the door, I shift my weight to my rear foot, hold the door open, lean forward and walk in; the car starts and I’ll make it to my appointment on time; I’ll lightly press the accelerator, moving the car forward to make yet another meeting, possibly a bit late, but always stylish. When what we anticipated doesn’t happen, our plans are frustrated and our ‘chain of predictions’, our momentum of being, is interrupted. We all know how much we like to be interrupted. What we need to do, to reduce upsets in life, is to know the cause of upsets. There are only two root causes of being upset - an unfulfilled expectation or a thwarted intention.

TrAcTor /TrAiler including T rAiler for T rAnSporT cuSTom pAinT Job! Parade ready for someone to enjoy at Shrine Parades Only 1 year old, it needs nothing but a new driver/owner

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That being said, what’s next? The first step for me is to work with my surroundings, back away from my initial reactions of upset and think about WHY I’m upset. I’ll ask myself, “what are my expectations?” Once a quick mental list of my expectations is assembled, I ask how real are they and what have I done or not done to bring about the upset. This sounds nice and simple, but I’ll tell you I needed to write this down a few times and practice the process, and still do. The second step is when working with people and asking myself, “why am I upset?” Did I clearly communicate to them my expectations? Did I communicate the importance of an issue, specifically the importance of the issue to me? These steps take a conscious effort. Apparently, sometimes it’s still difficult for me to express how important what others see as a seemingly small thing, is important to me. So when I feel the upset coming, I take stock of the communications of my expectations and intentions. You might see me taking stock of this when I wander about talking to myself. Some upsets have an origin in the illusion of control. The illusion of control is always a good path to an unfulfilled expectation or a thwarted intention. For example, you expect a sunny day for the next Parade, but it may rain or hail. This is an act of God. When you go to a bank to get a $100 bill to give as a gift and the teller wants you to fill out an antimoney laundering form, this is an act of cretins. These are events of nature and man over which you have utterly, absolutely no control. Wisdom comes in knowing the difference between what you can and can’t control. Like you, the world doesn’t revolve around me, but my expectations and intentions do. Being aware of my expectations and intentions and how their gravity pulls me in different directions has been a real help in dealing with upsets. Please also understand, if you’re in front of me at a red light, you only have about 2 seconds from when the light turns green until I hit the giddy-up horn in my truck to get you moving. Arrange your expectations and intentions accordingly.

FOR SALE - 1977 Myers/Manx Desert Chariot VW For more information call Dean Bulkley (cell) 928-595-0800 Let’s keep this one in the family! March 2012 / Arabian Tales 15

2012 El Zaribah Champagne Easter Brunch Please come join us for our Easter Sunday Event In classic El Zaribah style!

o’s d an Bar n r Fe elet $25 Om

April 8th 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

per person advance purchase by April 2nd $30 per person at the door - Reservations Required Kids 10 yrs and under $9 Kids 5 yrs & under are always free

Op the en to Pu blic

602-231-0300 for reservations Fernando’s Famous Omelet Bar Prime Rib & Ham Carving Stations Scrumptious Entrée Favorites include Chicken, Fish and Salad Bar

Kids Buffet • • • Classic Dessert buffet featuring variety of fresh fruits, cakes, pastries and all the sweets to make your holiday celebration complete, along with a luscious Chocolate Fountain!



Easter Egg Hunt

– General Public Welcome

Membership & New Nobles, proud sponsors of our

9th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Tem ple Se Gua rvin r g d

For all Family, Friends & Guests of El Zaribah Every child gets an Easter Basket and stuffed plush animal, plus searching for eggs filled with special treats!!!

Easter Egg Hunt begins around Noon You won’t want to miss this one! “Come watch the kids hunt for Treasures!”

Proceeds are for the benefit of El Zaribah Shriners. Payments are not deductible as charitable contributions

March 2012 / Arabian Tales 17

...Ladies Organizations, Masonic youth & Military Family Support... Daughters of the Nile...

Masonic Youth...

We’re very proud of our Officers and members for the wonderful showing during our Supreme Visitation. We welcomed seven new members who are now Sea Treasures. We also enjoyed the delightful Unit performances. We invite you all to our Installation of Officers on Sunday, March 18th at 2:00 pm at El Zaribah Shrine Temple. Betty Ann Stockton, Queen

Greetings from the Masonic Youth Groups. On Feb. 11th, the Shrine hosted the Winter Formal Dance for the 3 Masonic Youth Groups, Jobs Daughters, DeMolay and Rainbow Girls. This is the largest event of the year for all 3 groups together, with over 300 in attendance. Our Shrine Chefs prepared the food and volunteers from our Shrine, Masonic Bodies, other groups and individuals worked with the Staff to serve the kids, then 3 hours of dancing! After the event ended at 11 pm, the youth and adults worked together to tear down and clean up. Everyone had a GREAT time. On behalf of our Youth Groups, I’d like to thank the Potentate and Divan for their support of our youth and the use of our Temple, Shirley and her crew who went far above the call of duty to assist the youth groups in preparing the food for the event and arrangements, the Clubs and Units that provided manpower and financial assistance and the many volunteers who served, cleaned up and made it another successful event. The youth look forward to working even more closely with our Temple and Nobles on events during this year. Sincerely, Rick Fasano, Masonic Youth Coordinator

Ladies Oriental shrine... Greetings from Sphinx Court #65, Ladies Oriental Shrine! We’d like to send belated congratulations to our newly Elected Potentate Illustrious Sir Honorable Hut Hutson and his Lady Sandi. We’re sure it’s going to be a wonderful year! Our own Lady Lynn Hatch will be installed as our next High Priestess on Friday, April 13th at 7 pm. We’d like to extend an invitation to each and every one of you to join her on her special night. We send our deepest sympathy and prayers to all who have lost loved ones and wishes for a speedy recovery to those of you and yours who have been ill. In the meantime, stay well, stay safe, stay happy, and keep working for the KIDS. HUGS from Lady Janet Mielke, High Priestess

Job’s Daughters... Salutations from Arizona Job’s Daughters! In February, the Job’s Daughters of AZ attended the Winter Formal, which is a combination dance of the DeMolay, Rainbow, and Job’s Daughters. It was held at the El Zaribah Shrine and served not only as a great social activity, but as a time for each youth group to bond together. In March, the Bethels will participate in the highly anticipated event of Ritual Competition. The Bethels will continue their preparation all in the hopes of increasing their memory work, but also to secure the 1st Place Ritual or Choir Trophy. That First Place trophy signifies the hard work of each Bethel and the competition is always tight, with the winning Bethel only a few percentage points ahead of the second place competitors. For any event, we welcome all visitors and potential members. We take pleasure in sharing our abundant smiles and laughter with everyone. So, if one has a bit of free time, consider sharing it with some cheerful Jobies! Jobie love, Keely Kouts, Miss AZ Job’s Daughter 2011-2012

Dale Kreger

Military Family support... Sun., March 11th Military Family Support Group will again host 23-25 wounded Marines from Balboa Med. Center and Camp Pendleton who’re visiting the Valley for some much-needed R&R. They will return to rehab when they return to San Diego. All these Marine Heroes have been wounded in combat either in Iraq or Afghanistan. Although still recovering from injuries, they’re able to travel and will enjoy a respite from the military med. center environment. They’re being brought here by “Strikeouts for Troops,” a non-profit organization founded by San Francisco Giants Pitcher Barry Zito, whose team trains in Scottsdale. The Marines will be treated to several Spring Training games. MFSG is hosting the dinner at the El Zaribah Shrine Temple. The dinner and program will commence at 6 pm. The dinner and venue is sponsored by El Zaribah Shrine Temple. Many thanks and appreciation to the Shriners for their willingness to sponsor this event and dinner.

Calling All Widows Of Shriners

Are You Interested in Meeting Other Shrine Widows? Are You Interesting in Having a Good Time? Are You Interested in Good Food? Come to the Aramel Widows Lunch

March 21st & April 18th Red Fez Room

For Reservations: Pres. Joy Weaver 480-926-6809 VP Bonnie Kennington 602-995-6809 Treasurer Julia Ayers 623-476-5994

Kaitlyn L., Jr. Miss AZ Job’s Daughters 2011-2012 Keely K., Miss AZ Job’s Daughters 2011-2012

18 Arabian Tales / March 2012

...Clinic News, Parade Schedule & Transportation Donations... Clinic News... Nobles, I’d like to share a letter we recently received in the Hospital Office. “Dear Shriners: My son, Andrew, and I are so very grateful to you for sending us to the Salt Lake City Shriners Hospital for Children. Andrew has battled two forms of cancer by the age of six and is now in need of orthotics on his legs to help him walk. We could not find the care or help we needed anywhere until you allowed us the trip there and to be seen by the best and most helpful doctors we’ve ever known. Without your financial help and willingness to better children’s lives, Andrew would still be struggling to walk. Now he walks steadily with a walker and is safer than he has ever been trying to get around. Thank you all so much for all you do for so many children. And a very special thank you from Andrew and me. Sincerely, Kim” We receive letters like this on occasion and they recharge us in our dedication to our great philanthropy. This was very meaningful to receive and I wanted to share it with all of our Nobility. Jim Miller, PP, Hospital Chairman

Transportation Donations...

2012 Parade schedule...

Mar 3 Mar 17 June 16 Aug 18 Sept 15 Sept 22 Oct 27 Nov 10 Nov 11 TBD TBD TBD

Chandler Ostrich Days Buckeye Prescott Valley Payson Shrine Circus Pinetop Lake Havasu Anthem VA Parade Tempe VA Parade Gilbert Florence Fiesta Bowl

Parade Step-Off Will Be One Hour Later All Line-Up Times Will Be Confirmed Later Parade Chairman Jasper Nichols H: 480-657-0272 C: 602-348-6036

In Memory Mary Ann Lang Jay Lang Joy Weaver Iris Colbert Sue E Kosan Trust Temple Guard

Mentor Program... Nobles of El Zaribah, the Mentorship Team of the El Zaribah Membership Committee is looking for Nobles to serve as Mentors for Candidates referred to us from the BeAShrinerNow.Com web site. You’ll need to register on Shriners Village as a virtual Mentor. We’re also looking for Nobles around the State, active in their Blue Lodges, to help our Mentorship Team when we have a Candidate interested in a Lodge in their area, to introduce them to the Lodge and be a helping hand to their Mentor. This will be especially useful in outlying areas of the state where we have Candidates. Please contact Noble George Mather (480-254-5328) or email him at if you’re interested in helping in either area. Support Our Advertisers

March 2012 / Arabian Tales 19

...Bash Before the Ball...

CIF BBQ Sunday, April 15th 11:00 am - 3:00 pm Open to the Public

Phone: (623) 572-0931 Fax: (623) 572-4757 visit our website:

Words Unlimited offers Complete Business & Secretarial Services • Brochures • Newsletters • Club Rosters

• Fliers • Mailing Lists • Resumes

• Correspondence • Tape Transcription • Notary Services

El Zaribah Shrine Auditorium 552 N. 40th Street, Phoenix

Deep Pit Bar-B-Que Beef, Beans, Coleslaw, Dinner Roll, Cake, Tea or Coffee

Cheknas Painting Co.

Meal Tickets Available at the Shrine Office 602.231.0300 $9 each or 4 for $34 On or before Friday, April 13th $9 at the door

Interior * Exterior Residential * Commercial Licensed * Bonded * Insured

Proceeds are for the benefit of El Zaribah Shrine Center and are not tax deductible

20 Arabian Tales / March 2012

Complete Painting Service

(602) 971-4823 Cell: (602) 434-8327 Mike Cheknas Support Our Advertisers

Water Damage, Mold, Sewer Backup, Fire Damage, Asbestos, Lead, Broken Pipes, Toilet Overflow, RO Systems, etc...


Contents Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. ROC 249837

Insurance Companies suggest you call their preferred people. These companies have the insurance company’s interest in mind, not yours!

24/7 Emergency Services!

Call On-Site!

(602) 451-8093 “Let us help you work through your loss” Julius “Juice” Horvath, AHERA-F1327, CLR

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Julius “Juice” & Ken Horvath manufacture Restoration Industry equipment (Made in the USA) and teach continual education for CFI-IICRC on Heat Drying & Mold Remediation

LA hospital News... Each year, Shriners Hospitals for Children selects patients to serve as ambassadors for the East-West Shrine Game. This year Alissa Perkins, a patient at the LA hospital, represented the thousands of children the health care system treats every year. As patient ambassador, Alissa attended the official East-West Shrine Game events and took center field for the coin toss. When Alissa was born a little over 2 years ago, doctors diagnosed her with fibular hemimelia and told her parents, Mark & Tara, to come back in a year to figure out what the right approach should be. “I wanted to be proactive and not wait around,” said Tara. “I knew there had to be a better option out there for my daughter.” Alissa and her family live in Las Vegas and heard about a PGA Tour event in their area to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children. At the event, Tara noticed Katie Walker, a former patient with a prosthetic leg. Tara approached her and Katie was more than happy to share her phenomenal experiences there, including the expert care, physical therapy and customized prosthetics provided by the hospital, all of which had a part in allowing her to participate in essentially any

ity she chose, including golf. Katie also had her parents talk with Tara, to further reinforce that Shriners Hospitals for Children was the right place for Alissa. After attending an outreach clinic provided by Shriners Hospitals for Children Los Angeles, Alissa and her parents visited the hospital. Tara was very impressed with the commitment of the staff after meeting with Hugh Watts, M.D., former Chief of Staff and Yoshio Setoguchi, M.D., Medical Director of the hospital’s Child Amputee Prosthetics Project. “Dr. Watts and Dr. Setoguchi wanted to hear what my goals were for Alissa,” said Tara. “It was such a relief to find someone who was not only knowledgeable, but genuinely cared about helping my daughter.” Alissa had her left leg amputated and a follow-up surgery performed in June of 2010. She received her first prosthesis right before her 1st birthday and was walking a month later. Even at a young age, Alissa loves leading an active life. She enjoys chasing her older brother around, singing and dancing. She recently started taking gymnastics and is a natural at jumping on the trampoline and walking on the balance beam. In addition, she recently learned how to ride a tricycle on her own. “Alissa is an extremely determined little girl and her favorite phrase is ‘I can do it myself,’” said Tara. “Every time she accomplishes something new, my heart immediately goes out to the hospital and the staff for pouring their heart and soul into my daughter’s future.” March 2012 / Arabian Tales 21

BuSINESS & PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORy SECuRITy SySTEMS Complete Engineering - Security & Communications TELE-SENTRy SECuRITy SySTEMS James E. Watt 1853 E. Baseline Rd., Tempe, AZ 85283 480-829-1792

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Payson, Pine & Strawberry

22 Arabian Tales / March 2012

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...Pote’s Ball...

Virgil Johnston, 552 North 40th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008

March 2012 / Arabian Tales 23

...Noble of the Month & SLC Hospital News... Noble of the Month...

Notice To scribes...

Virgil Lloyd Johnston Virgil was in 1928 and was married to Laverne Johnston over 53 years. They have two daughters and two grandsons, one on active duty in the Navy. Virgil served in the U.S. Army from 19451947 as a senior NCO, then worked over 30 years on gas pipelines. His last position was as Safety Engineer. He’s a member of Peoria Lodge #31 F&AM and was awarded the 33rd Degree last October by the Scottish Rite. Virgil’s a member of Ararat Shrine in Kansas City, MO and has been an Associate Member of El Zaribah Shrine since 1986, over 25 years. He is or has been Past Commander as well as Sec/Treas. of the Legion of Honor, Sec. of the Computer Club, Sec. of Sojourner’s, Sec. of West Valley Lodge of Perfection, President of the Scottish Rite Club and President of the Sun City Scottish Rite Club. I would add he’s at virtually every Parade and he stores, maintains, and transports the Legion of Honor trailer. He volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul’s soup kitchen and has worked countless hours on many events, fund-raisers, and work parties around the Temple.

This is YOUR magazine. All Units, Shrine Clubs and associated groups are encouraged to have articles in each issue. Here are a few easy guidelines following the KISS principle (Keep It Short, Simple). * Check your facts. Always be positive of your facts. * The deadline is carved in stone. Everything MUST be in our hands no later than the end of the first week of the month prior to publication. NO EXCEPTIONS. * You may hand deliver, mail, fax or e-mail articles and photos to us. * If using e-mail, copy the article directly into the body of the e-mail. Send photos as JPG attachments. If you need help with this, just call - we can walk you through it. * Typed copy is to use caps AND lower case. * Please limit your monthly articles to approximately 250 words. This will ensure all Units and Clubs receive the space they deserve as well as giving our advertisers the space they’ve paid for. * The Editor reserves the right to edit any article for length or content. Personal agendas will not knowingly be printed. * Submissions with dates will be edited for tense. If the event has already occurred, it will be rewritten to indicate past tense. * Minutes of meetings are not considered apropos for this publication. Example: This article contains 228 words.

sLC hospital News... Share Our Story “We’re enclosing a check to be used as you see best. With this donation we especially want to recognize the fantastic care received at Shriners Hospitals for Children Salt Lake from Dr. Kristen Carroll and many others on her orthopaedic team when our son broke his leg last winter. She, and everyone else from anesthesiologists, nurses, xray techs, cast care people and receptionists, were caring, prompt and took great care to explain things so our son wasn’t frightened. I think he was sad when he learned he’d had his last appointment! Many thanks from our family for the great work you do.” Sincerely, Catherine Harris and John Bird Kevin Martin Named New Hospital Administrator After acting as interim administrator at Shriners Hospitals for Children Salt Lake since Aug. 2011, Kevin Martin was officially named Hospital Administrator. Writes Kevin, “First let me express my gratitude to all who’ve extended many kind words of congratulations and encouragement to me as we move into a new year. I’m committed to the success of our facility and continuing the community presence that’s unique to Shriners Hospitals for Children. Our priorities this year center around securing a solid core of orthopaedic staff that will continue to keep this hospital busy, growing a donor development program, working with the corporate strategic taskforce to secure the best operating model for Salt Lake, increasing our efficiency, decreasing our draw on the endowment and becoming more proficient in the utilization of electronic medical records. A new corporate marketing campaign will be rolled out utilizing ideas and techniques we thought only “the other guys” could use. Our community partners are telling us they don’t want to see us lose sight of our mission and will do what they can to help support it. Shriners nationwide are even more determined to take charge of the direction we’re headed as a system and refuse to let us fail. Our staff continues to be committed to the cause despite some unorthodox ways of doing things from time to time as change 24 Arabian Tales / March 2012

is inevitable in healthcare and Shriners Hospitals for Children is not immune to it.” Kevin was born in Wichita, KS but grew up in Utah. He’s been married for 29 years to his wife Robyn and they have 3 children. Kevin’s worked for Shriners Hospitals for Children in Salt Lake as the Director of Patient Care Services/Chief Operating Officer since July of 1998. Kevin received his BS in Nursing from the U of U College of Nursing in 1986 and his Masters in Public Health & Health Services Administration from the U of U College of Medicine in 1992. Kevin’s stayed active in the community by serving as pres. of the U of U College of Nursing Alumni Board, Pres. of the Utah Organization of Nurse Leaders and member of the Utah Hospital Assoc. Workforce Committee. He’s currently serving as a member of the Utah Action Coalition for Health. For rest and relaxation Kevin enjoys playing basketball, mountain biking, road biking, hiking, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Dancers Give Heart Attack Hundreds of dancers, teachers and parents from 3 of Utah’s most prestigious studios decorated the hospital lobby with paper hearts on Feb. 12th as part of the annual Art With Heart fund-raiser. Dancers sell the paper hearts to family, neighbors and friends and combine the money with proceeds from their dance concert performance. The Art With Heart dance concerts have raised more than $263,000 for Shriners Hospitals for Children Salt Lake City.

(L - R) Hospital administrator Kevin Martin, Dance Impressions owner Kandee Allen, The Dance Club owner Sheryl Dowling, The Winner School owner Connie Saccomanno and hospital board member Leon Crockett

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...Pote’s Ball...

March 2012 / Arabian Tales 25

...Pote’s Ball...

26 Arabian Tales / March 2012

...Pote’s Ball...

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March 2012 / Arabian Tales 27

...All Over, Imperial Sir’s Ride & Laveen Parade...


Admiring Chris’s new Shrine Harley

RV made its first 2012 Parade

Imperial Sir Michael Severe & fellow riders

Bubbles & Chick Pea

Soggy’s Kleaning Service

Curly & Past Pote Phil

“I know that came off from here somewhere...”

28 Arabian Tales / March 2012

“What fireplug???”

At Greasewood Flats with the Motorcycles

Almost ready to unload

Almost ready to go

Past Pote’s Jack & Jim

It’s a long walk back to the set-up area

...LOH/Mobile Nobles OV Photos...

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March 2012 / Arabian Tales 29







12 11 am Nile Session/luncheon







6 uNIT HEAD MTG 7:00 pm






14 STATED MTG 7 pm




18 NilE iNStAllAtiON



21 SAMSAR AWARDS DINNER Aramel 11:30 am


26 5:30 lOS Dinner 7:00 pm lOSNA mtg














3 uNIT HEAD MTG 7:00 pm


9 11 am Nile Session/luncheon





23 5:30 lOS Dinner 7:00 pm lOSNA mtg












11 STATED MTG 7 pm


13 lOSNA iNStAllAtiON





Aramel 11:30 am

















1 uNIT HEAD MTG 7:00 pm







14 11 am 15 Nile Session/luncheon


21 5:30 lOS Dinner 7:00 pm lOSNA mtg



30 Arabian Tales / March 2012













STATED MTG 7 pm Aramel 11:30 am

















































30 PRESCOTT RODEO (Mtd Patrol)

...Friends of the Arabian Tales...

In an effort to raise funds and awareness for The Arabian Tales, beginning in the February, 2012 issue, we’d like to list all Friends of the Tales. The Arabian Tales Supporters ——- Thank you! Friends of The Arabian Tales for this month are: J. Hut Hutson 01/14* Gerry Massey 01/14* Fred Wulff 01/13 Erv Whetstone 01/13 David Miller 01/13 Don Hettervik 01/14* Earl Trundy 01/13 Charles Hudson 01/14* Mary Jo Fail 01/13 Richard Bauman 01/14* Trudy Mullins 01/13 William Butler 01/14* Dave Polner, PP 01/13 Gina Baird Polner 01/13 EZ Pops Band 01/14* Band Unit 01/14* Jerry Behrman 02/14* (in memory of Sandy Martin) Donations to this fund will help offset the cost of delivering The Arabian Tales to you and others. A $10 donation to The Arabian Tales publishes your name for one year. Contact or visit the Shrine office for details. *Denotes a two-year donation of $20



When will we see YOUR NAME here?


Thank you for your generosity. If you would like to learn more about making donations to Shrine Charities please contact the El Zaribah Shrine Temple 602-231-0300 or

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March 2012 / Arabian Tales 31

El Zaribah Shrine Auditorium 552 N. 40th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85008



March 2012  

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