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...Shrine Clubs & Comments... Yuma... Well, the year’s coming to an end. We’d like to thank our outgoing Pres. for his hard work. Also thanks to our Nobles from the Foothills Club. It’s nice to have two Clubs in the same city; we can all work together and help the KIDS. We did the Veterans Day and Light Parades, now we can get ready to kick off the New Year and get thinking about the OV and the Rodeo Parade. Next month I’ll give you the names of are new Club Officers. We’re a very small Club and have to do some recycling, so we need all members to help out when they can. This time of year we have a lot of Nobles from up north who help us and we thank them for their support. We’re the nighttime Club - that is, our meetings are held in the evenings, so any of the Foothills guys are welcome to join us. We try and keep it short and to the point. Once again, thanks for everyone’s help. Let’s make this next year just as good. Yours In Faith, Dale

Zane Grey... At the Zane Grey Shrine Club’s Oct. 17th meeting, we had 31 Nobles, Ladies and guests at the meeting. Our Nov. 21st meeting date was changed to Nov. 28th to provide a date that more members could attend to participate in the Election of Officers for 2013. Some of future events to remember: Dec 8th - Sy Harrison Lodge’s Clothe-A-Child at 7:30 am. Dec 8th - ZGSC Christmas Party at the Star Valley Lamplighter RV Community Room at 5 pm. Dec 12th - Divan Election at El Zaribah’s December Stated Meeting (12/12/12). Dec 29th - Fiesta Bowl Parade. Jan 2nd - El Zaribah’s first Stated Meeting of the New Year and Divan Installation. Jan 5th - Unit/Club Officers Orientation, Training, Dinner & Installation 1 pm to 8 pm. Greeter for the Christmas Party on Dec 8th - Steve Cantrill. Greeter for the Jan. 16th meeting - Spencer Roth. The Zane Grey Shrine Club wishes everyone Holiday Days filled with Joy and Blessings!!

Comments... The Door Wherein I Went I woke with the Sun on January one. A heavy glass was raised, a toast was made and I passed through a door, a door through which I had passed through many times before, now it was my door. Support Our Advertisers

My time behind the door was going to be like no time before. Effort and toil expected, but not the heart rendering matters that must be met, assessed, choices made and actions taken - lest they still be matters today, worse for inaction. I climbed in and out of so many different car doors I can tell car makes by the sound of the their doors opening and closing, and each click/cha-chunk became a note in the meter on the roads traveled. I walked though the creaking doors of Clinics to see assessments being made and the heart rendering matters that must be met, assessed, choices made and actions taken - at a graver level than I faced, lest they still be matters today, worse for inaction. I crossed the threshold of many aircraft and flew more in the past year than in the prior ten. I remember each and every bang cla-chunk of the cabin door closing as we built bridges to new communities and secured the legacy of bridges built. I’ve seen our children’s journeys, as they walk, limp or are wheeled through the wide electronic doors of our hospitals. Within, they’re whisked through countless doors - met, assessed, choices made and actions taken - lest they still be matters today, worse for inaction. I walked through the wide electronic doors of our hospitals, more than I would have ever had the chance, no the privilege, to experience the great good that the order has done and continues to do - without wavering, without complaint, without excuse. I walked through the historic doors of our Masonic Lodges and was refreshed again and again at the root strength and authenticity possessed by our men. The unique ideal that slave or sultan, president or plumber, all meet on the level is still not only unique but is an ideal to be illuminated such that this ideal burns ever brighter. I hope that my time on this side of the door has revived old innate desires of our brothers to do more and to loosen the silken tassels on the purse of time, talent and treasury. I call upon you to hold open the doors through which the light of others shall pass. I, at this late date and hour, raise a heavy glass and proffer a toast. I fill the cup with the drink that clears the past of regrets and the future of fears. May we live to drink deeply the drink that helps others, as it is nourishment for the roads traveled and thresholds crossed. I will shortly walk out of my door, and it will be my door no longer. How blest is the time I have spent on this side of the door. Once you have departed, you return no more - it never was my door. /h December 2012 / Arabian Tales 15

December 2012  

El Zaribah Shrine - monthly Magazine

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