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hank you for voting for ECWC # 1 for the best of SNR. So much happens for us in September. The best of SNR is announced the 22nd of this month, lots of patients are getting ready for their harvest next month, and we celebrate our 3rd year of consistently offering patients in the great City of Sacramento quality medicine coupled with excellent customer service. Later on this month we will be celebrating our anniversary, stay tuned for details on the new ECWC website. The new website features our monthly calendar, our daily facebook posts, as well as up to the minute Menus. One of the most informative features is the new Patient Resource page which has a plethora of knowledge ranging from the basics of

types of medication to methods of consumption. In this release of our newsletter we cover a brilliant new method of consumption, Pure Analytics breaks down what happens when we ingest THC, & BOG shows us how to tend to our outdoor garden. Be on the look out a meet-n-greet next month from a famous geneticist in the Cannabis industry.

Calling all connoisseurs of chronic, we are pleased to announce the expansion of our growing classes with the introduction of our Advanced Cannabis Cultivation seminar. This presentation will promote the professional practices of master growers, providing hands-on training and access to hundreds of expert techniques. This class will also serve as a weekday growing class for those patients and growers who are unable to make the weekend classes. Advanced Cannabis Cultivation will be held every Thursday from 4-6pm and will be taught by Erik, our very own chronnoisseur. With the growth and development of our new class, we are also happy to report the return of Professor Pot and his tried and true Growing 101 class held every Saturday from 1-3 p.m. Both classes will feature a wide range of different topics, and each class will be different every time. These growing classes are a great way to talk with other growers and acquire more knowledge of the art of growing ganja. So come check out our new Advanced Cannabis Cultivation class, and learn some new master skills. We will show you how to create your own aeroponic cloning chamber for less than $20. We will demonstrate the effects of topping plants, FIM techniques, and cleaning up the inner bud sites of the plant. There will be presentations of proper transplanting procedures along with the correct use of mycorrhiza. We will show the pros and cons of methods such as; super cropping, trellising, 24 hours of darkness before flower, 36 hours of darkness before harvest, varied light cycles, and more. If you have questions about crazy growing procedures, this is the place to ask them.


ver y unique flavor combination is created when the grape musky dank of Purple Kush merges with the sweet diesel skunk of OG Kush. Fresh berries strike the palate with a lingering tang and an ea sy, mellow and stoney high ensures a pleasant time for the smoker. This collaboration of purple OG goodness is available in many different varieties, but the bestknown genotype goes by the call sign ‘Godfather’. The Godfather O G i s a c r o s s o f Ke n’s Grandaddy Purple and Raskal’s Fire OG. The combination of OG Kush and GDP is amazing in any form. One of the most popular varieties is known as God’s Gift. This is crossed with the original forms of GDP and OG, and this flavor of bud has become an alltime favorite for smokers around the globe. Smokers hailing from the Emerald Triangle may have heard of a strain called Gangsta Purps, which is a cross of OG Kush and Mendo Purps. This is yet another great variety of this incredible cross. Even the world-renowned BC God Bud is a similar incorporation of a kushy purple sativa consisting of Hawaiian Purple Skunk and old Afghani genetics. However, out of all the different styles of this ty pe of strain, the specific phenotype to look out for is definitely the Godfather OG. In order to understand the significance of Godfather OG, it is important to examine her pedigree. The particular elite strains that contributed to Godfather’s genetics had been isolated in small circles known to


only the most underground breeders. Raskal’s OG is a particular phenoty pe of OG Ku s h originating in San Fernando Va l l e y, and possessed by one called OGraskal. Rumors circling this extremely potent variety o f O G Ku s h suggest that a cut of this plant was bought for s e v e r a l t h o u s a n d dollars, and is now known as Fire OG. The Grandaddy Purple that was used for Godfather is the tastiest and most potent GPD available. Ke n’s G D P, sometimes called OG Grandaddy, is actually a carefully recreated version of the classic Grandaddy Purple. This version was developed using seed stocks from Amsterdam, both Lavender #1 and Original Big Bud. After meticulous selection, the newly developed GDP had the strong berry flavor and total knockout effect of the old-school original, except just a little better. It is the melding of these spectacular strains, Ken’s and Raskal’s, that creates a sweet berry zing that calms the body and elevates the mind in a smooth and cool fashion. In any form available, the cross of OG Kush and Grandaddy Purple creates an exceptional

All pictures are of actual product from ECWCC.

smoke. But without a doubt, the Godfather OG is never one to overlook. This is a bud to smoke for the pure enjoyment of the strain. Godfather OG is Clean Green Certified and was tested by Pure Analytics, revealing 18.68% THC content. Godfather OG is known to be both a staff favorite as well as many patients’ first pick. In fact the only thing better that comes to mind would be the cross of GDP, OG Kush and Durban Poison, taking that one step further to create Cherry Pie. But comparing side by side with Godfather OG, it would be a photo finish!


is the season for outdoor growing! Monster pot plants are reaching heights of ten to fifteen feet or taller. Sweet and sticky flowers are in full bloom and growers everywhere are getting excited about their buds. During these mid-summer months it seems that people get focused on the outdoor farming, and less attention is paid to the carefully managed indoor gardens. However there is still much demand for cannabis of amazing quality with trichome production and preservation that can only be created in a precision controlled environment. So the demand for incredible genetics must be met as well, and ECWC can fill the order.





librar y


phenomenal strains available both in clone and seed form. Our clone rack is stocked regularly of fresh babies and teens from reliable growers. Many of the strains carried

consistently are cuts of some of the best cannabis in the world. Super Silver Haze, Fire O G, Ke n’s G D P, Romulan and Chem D are just to name a few. And we carry an array of seeds from worldrenowned breeders. We carry incredible strains from seed companies such as; BOG, TGA, DJ Short, and Project CBD associated SoHum Seed Collective. Names to look for are True Blueberry, Apollo 13, Sour Tsunami, and Sour Bubble. This is not to overlook the many astounding strains in between. Now is the time to keep those pristine buds coming through, so stock up on those super dank clones and seeds. Come down and check out our c a t a l o g u e s w i t h co m p l e te details on each individual strain and get specific advice from the a c t u a l g r o we r s . We ke e p information such as desired effects, flower time, and preferred method for each plant. For those who are looking to release new strains next year, now is the time to pop seeds, run test grows, and find the best moms. Pick up a single clone to turn into a mother plant, or just stock up on a full tray of clones. Don’t

forget about our grower ’s dozen special, buy 12 clones get one free. So come check out the huge selection of strains available here at El Camino Wellness Center. These will grow the cannabis buds that will surprise all of your friends and neighbors. These will be the buds you have always dreamed of.

A di f f e r e nt wa y to m ed i ca te :

O mic r o n Va p o r iz e r

Finding a method of medicating that is both clean, potent, satisfying, and portable has proven to be quite a task. With the advent of e-cigarette technology some companies such as Delta 9 Vapes have sought to exploit and apply the e-cig method to medical cannabis oils and tinctures. Their creation was the Omicron vaporizer that uses a patented fillable cartridge that can take up to 1.5g of oil. Currently no other company offers cartridges that can be filled with pure hash oil, ear wax, or any other SCF extract you can find! While the potency and purity of product are supremely important, the Omicrons greatest merit is its ease of operation,

The device consists of only a three parts a battery/pen, cartridge, and sheath. The cartridge screws into the pen, the sheath over the cartridge and on to the pen (this is just here to protect the cartridge from bending rendering it irremovable). The pen is also easily charged, its charger is USB powered and can be plugged into any standard USB port or USB ac adapter (included). Operating the Omicron is quite easy! Once assembled and loaded with a full cartridge hold the button on the pen down for about 4 seconds to prime (it will light up this lets you know that the heating has begun), this ensures that the oil is at a temperature to vaporize. Next, hold the button down and

begin inhale until the light on the Omicron starts to blink, then exhale!

Filling the cartridge isn’t very hard either, passive warming of your desired medication to a liquid consistency allows for an easy refill. Once the oil is warm enough (not to hot or it will smoke) pour it right in to the top of the cartridge careful not to get any in to the small hole in the middle. If you do it’s not a bit deal it’ll just take a bit longer to get started the first time, a paper clip works great to block the oil from getting in. Once the cartridge is full let it sit up right for at least 10 min to make sure all the oil gets to the bottom. You can also use a lighter to lightly heat the sides of the cartridge and coax the oil down. Delta 9 c o m p a n y claims up to 400 hits from every full cartridge. Here at ECWC we carry the 2 Pen starter pack that comes with 5 empty cartridges as well as single and 5 pack cartridges. Come is soon to get yours as these pens are going fast.




Hello Friends  …That time of year is coming and our plants are tall and bushy by now. The plants have shown their sexes and there are things to do to maximize the eventual harvest.

If you grew all female clones no s e x i n g w i l l b e n e c e s s a r y. Hopefully you have reliable clones and no worries. Those who grew from seed will have larger plants due to the growth hormone found in seed plants. Many outdoor growers know this and that is one reason they grow from seed when growing outdoors.

The second thing you should do is remove all lower fan leaves and lower branches at least one foot up from the ground to create a barrier between the soil and the plants leaves. This will help prevent mold from creeping up from the soil. Keeping your area clear of any old waste from your plants should be thrown away, not left to lay around your plants, this causes mold also.

No t i ce t h a t t h e p l a n t s a r e loosely staked and tied to keep them in place. This may not be necessary depending on the type of plants you have. There are two important things you can do besides feeding your girls at this stage.

BOG Seed Patch

In that first picture of my BOG Seed patch several things are evident. First of all, BOG Seeds grow pretty well outside in California.  Aside from that you may also see that the males are getting closer to pollination. You would want to remove any males before pollination occurs. Tall Male in Center

The first thing is preventative treatment for mold and insects. Spraying every two weeks with a product like Safers Soap or other horticultural oils. Bugs are bad but mold is worse. Outdoor plants are most susceptible in the fall and rain often causes mold. Preventative treatments w i l l minimize losses and covering the plants to protect them f rom rain also helps.

Cleaned Undergrowth

Finally remember to give your love and attention to your plants everyday. Plants need love too.  Love, BOG

AMERICANS FOR SAFE ACCESS Information from the Front

There are two bills on the Governor’s desk that will severely limit safe access to medical cannabis in California. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is calling on supporters to contact Governor Jerry Brown today and ask him to veto SB 847 and AB 1300 to protect local access in our communities. Can you take a few minutes right now to call or email Governor Brown? ASA’s

online action center makes it easy! Senator Lou Correa’s (DSanta Ana) SB 847 requires that medical cannabis cooperatives and collectives be located at least 600 feet from any residential zone or use. This will force patients’ associations to the outskirts of most cities – if they can find a location at all! Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield’s (D-Van Nuys) AB 1300 explicitly authorizes cities and counties to ban cooperatives and collectives. That means access can be eliminated in some communities altogether! That is not what voters intended when they adopted Proposition 215 in 1996, calling on lawmakers “to implement a plan to provide for the safe and affordable distribution of marijuana to all patients in medical need of marijuana.”

These bills passed through the legislature easily. If we do not make a good show of opposition at the Governor’s office, he will sign SB 847 and AB 1300 into law. Research conducted by ASA and years of experience in implementing our state law show that sensible regulations reduce crime and complaints around cooperatives and collectives. Tell Governor Brown we can work with lawmakers to adopt better laws than these. Please act today. The bills could be signed at any minute!

ECWC ONLINE Specials • We o ff e r d i ff e re n t specials on different days. Any time you spend $105 or more get an additional free gift!!! On Wednesday, we offer 10% off all grams of concentrates. Our menu changes daily and specials rotate depending on our stock levels. Make

you visits frequent to make sure you don’t miss our amazing specials.

We love new patients! So much in fact that we will have a gift for the new

Rewards Card

patient and the patient who

• $15 = 1 Stamp • 1 Card = $20 value • Combine 3 cards for a Top Shelf 1/8th

referred them w/purchase.

New Patients

Just make sure you come together.

I n f or m a t i o n f ro m Pur e Anal y t i c s Lab Ingesting cannabis is the preferred method of medicating for many patients. This is for a variety of reasons. Long-lasting effects and a desire to avoid smoking are two of the primary reasons that patients cite for their preference to ingest rather than inhale. In the mid 1800’s cannabis tinctures were popular and in wide use. Ultimately they fell out of use. A contributing factor was the fact that patients had highly variable experiences and dosage was difficult to determine and seemingly erratic. At the time, cannabinoids, the psychoactive and medicinal compounds in cannabis, had not yet been i d e n t i f i e d . Pa t i e n t s e i t h e r experienced u n w a n te d intoxication from too much, or insufficient therapy from too small a dose. With the identification and research on the properties of THC, CBD, CBN and others, we now have a greater understanding of what influences the patient experience with ingestible cannabis. As a result we know how to ensure a more repeatable therapy level. Patients who have tried a range of commercially available ingestible cannabis generally report having experienced ingestibles with no perceivable effect, as well as those

with unexpected and excessive intoxication effects. There are two main considerations to ingesting cannabis that both the patient and medicinal baker should be aware of. These are #1, the activation of the cannabinoids present in the ingestible and #2, that the intoxicating effects of THC are magnified 10x when ingested versus inhaled. When THC and CBD are in the plant material, they are in an inactive form, called the “acid form”. These are referred to as THCA and CBDA. They may also have medicinal properties, but are not well understood at this time. THCA is noni n to x i c a t i n g and nonpsychoactive. To “activate” the THC and CBD, cannabis is generally heated. This of course happens as a normal part of the smoking and vaporization process when flame or heat is a p p l i e d to p r e p a r e d p l a n t material. Depending on the type of ingestible that is being prepared different methods of activation can be used. As a general rule of thumb, heating cannabis at 212° F for 90 minutes achieves thorough activation of the THC, converting the THCA to THC and CBDA to CBD.



We are now a drop off point for Pure Analytics Labs!

THC-CBD-CBN Potency Testing ! Know how much active ingredient is in your cannabis. ! Verify the presence and amounts of THC, CBD, and CBN ! Precise, reliable chromatographic analysis ! Only 1 gram sample needed Potency Test Pricing: 1-4 Samples $ 110 5-19 Samples $ 100 20+ Samples $ 85 Mold and Fungus Screening ! Know your medicine is safe and healthy. ! Screen your medicine for mold and fungus through microscopic investigation ! Only 1 gram sample needed Mold & Fungus Pricing: 1-4 Samples $ 20 5-19 Samples $ 19 20+ Samples $ 16 Medibles & Concentrates Dosages ! Customized testing and tools for producing edibles with known dosages ! Training to produce your own accurate dosage labeling



In cases when an ingestible has little to no effect, it may be due to incomplete or zero activation of the THC and CBD. Butter and oil can be analyzed before it is used in a recipe to determine if activation has been achieved. If not, the mixture may be heated at the correct temperature for additional time to improve the activation level. This can also be a reason for batch to batch inconsistency in edibles. One batch may be made with activated butter, while the next batch may have been made with partially a c t i v a te d b u t te r because temperature was not monitored, for example.

o u r b o d i e s . W h e n we i n h a l e combusted or vaporized cannabis d e l t a - 9 -T H C e n te r s our b l o o d s t r e a m , i n te r a c t s w i t h receptors in our brain and eventually is broken down and excreted from our bodies. In the case of ingested THC, as it goes through “first pass metabolism” it is actually converted to a different substance called 11hydroxy-THC. When it is in this form, it is 10x more psychoactive that delta-9-THC you experience with inhaled cannabis. This is one reason why it is so easy for patients to experience unwanted intoxication when using a new product. A little can go a long way.

The second consideration for patients choosing to obtain therapy through cannabis ingestibles is the magnification of the intoxicating effects when THC is metabolized in

It may be helpful to patients who prefer ingestibles to consider their dosage in “smoking equivalents”. For example, if a normal amount of inhaled cannabis for you is 0.5 grams

to achieve your desired therapy level, 0.05 grams or 50 milligrams of ingested plant material of the same p o te n c y m a y h a v e s i m i l a r psychoactive effects. Stomach acids do break down cannabinoids, and this loss may also be a consideration depending on the time the ingestible resides in the stomach before it is absorbed into the body. The total effect from an ingestible experienced by the patient is influenced by a variety of factors, from cannabinoid activation, first pass metabolism to how full their stomach is when the cannabis is ingested. Keeping these factors in mind as you prepare your own ingestibles or select a commercial product can help with success in achieving the desired level of therapy on a repeatable basis without unwanted or excessive intoxication.



This tropical salsa ha s all of the desired flavors while offering a he althy alternative to other Cannabis club offeri ngs. For those with out a need for medical ma rijuana, simply replac e the cannabis honey with regular h o n e y. Suggestion: Pair this recipe with a healthy fish dish or on it's own wi th chips.

Ingredients 1 cup mango, dice

4 fresh red chili pepp ers, seeded and minced Crushed red pepper flakes, to taste 1 tablespoon Medicated Cannabis Honey (per person)


1 cup papaya, dice

d 1 cup pineapple, di ced  1/2 cup red onion, diced  1/2 cup fresh cilan tro

, chopped

1/8 cup cider viega


Directions Combine all in gr ed ie nt s in a large mixing bowl. Le t st an d fo r 20 minutes in the refri gerator before


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September 2011 Newsletter  
September 2011 Newsletter  

September 2011 Newsletter