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EL CAMINO Wellness Center


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C o m p l i m e n t a ry To A l l O f Our Patients


s e c i v r e istic S


Monday Accupressure Treatment of symptoms by applying pressure with the fingers to specific points on the body



Massage Therapy


Come sit down for a free massage!

Wednesday Patient Services

A COM MU NI T Y OF C O M PA S SIO N t the El Camino Wellness Center, our medicine is held to the highest standard of quality. Every batch of medicine, even from our regular growers, is sent to a laboratory for comprehensive testing.


We test for THC, CBD, and CBN levels which allows us to offer a wide variety of Cannabis, edibles and more which meet the strictest safety and potency guidelines. Healing is about more than medicine. Our members have found great comfort in the support of an active patient community. Cooking classes, music and Ayurvedic therapies, and even peer counseling are all hosted

weekly onsite. We don’t keep it all to o u r s e l v e s , h o we v e r. E l Ca m i n o Wellness Center is a proud supporter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Americans for Safe Access. In many ways our community of patients is as important as the medicine itself. We’re proud to be Sacramento’s most trusted wellness center, but we’re only as strong as our patients. So come help make us stronger, because getting well feels better when we all grow stronger together.

Tons of help in so many ways! From free Drivers License to discounts on things you would never think!

Thursday ASA Peer Counseling A member from Americans for Safe Access is here once a week to answer your questions

Friday Growing Class This covers all the fundamentals of cultivation. Vegetative to flowering to harvesting. Q&A session as well.



fghani Ku s h is distributed from World of Seeds, seed bank. It is a ver y stable strain that originates from the Hindu Kush valleys in northern Afghanistan near the Armu Darya River, close to the borders with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It is referred to as land race Afghani Kush. It has been crossed with many strains creating some very potent hybrids. It has a very stony effect, when ideally grown it has very high CBD levels. A f g h a n i Ku s h h a s g r e a t medicinal qualities. It helps with anxiety, relaxation and insomnia; however it may various affects with different people. It is a pure Indica. The aroma is very sweet like with hints of mango and mild citrus. The strain does well when grown outside and thrives in environments closely

pictures provided by All pictures are of actual product from ecwc

related to its native land. The t a s te i s v e r y s we e t w i t h a remnant of a skunky flavor.

ensures that the plant ha s reached its maximum trichome production and yield.

The flower time is approximately 45-55 days. This interval of time

THC Gold Presents 25 mg Gold Caps Gold THC is the purest form of medical cannabis available, containing no solvents that could carry toxins. It has 98% total cannabinoids and 75-88% THC. It can be used like any other cannabis product- smoke it, cook with it, or apply it topically. Only a minute amount need be used. One drop is about ten hits, and one gram contains about 30 drops. The THC Gold is now available in a variety of pharmaceutically pressed gelatin pills. They range from 10mg doses to 25mg doses. This product was created to compete against the Marinol, which is a synthetic form of THC created to help patients alleviate symptoms caused by chemotherapy. THC gold is much more effective and is derived from natural methods of THC extraction. It helps with pain, nausea, vomiting, and appetite. It is a remarkable product that will help revolutionize the industry.

Elca m in ow el l n e s s c e n t e r . co m M e nu


Shiva Crystals Shiva Crystals are purified and concentrated trichomes, isolated with a 100% natural water purification process. This is an extremely clean tasting and potent concentrate.

Trichome Lozenge Available in grape or raspberry flavors, these trichome lozenges can be sucked on or dissolved in a drink. If dissolved in liquid, the lozenge will take about an hour to break down into the liquid, but will be more fast-acting and effective. This is a sativa-dominant hybrid lozenge that will produce a stimulating, racy body high.

“ In a City like Sacramento with so many dispensaries this one stands out for more than one reason. I don't like to drag on, but it comes down to quick service, knowledgeable staff, compassion, and of course the best medicine in town day after day! ” Rich Patient of the Month

Seeds & Clones

This month El Camino Wellness Center is highlighting seeds from Subcool TGA.

Joint 3-Pack A 3-pack of joints, each weighing over a gram of cannabis, and wrapped in raw paper.

Doc Green Healing Cream Available in Vanilla or Lavender, this healing creme provides deep penetrating pain relief, soothes sore muscles and joints, and reduces inflammation, all medicinal properties of cannabis, without producing its characteristic high!

TGA is a very reputable seed producer and distributor. They have a variety of hybrids that have proved success for the company time and time again. They have created strains such as Agent Orange, Jack’s Cleaner, Querkle, Space Jill, Vortex and many other varieties. Their genetics have been featured in High Times Top 10 in 2006 and in 2007. They have also appeared in the “Big Book of Buds 3”.

Chernobyl Genetics TGA Subcool Seeds Chernobyl is a hybrid of: Train Wreck X Trinity X Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen. It is a Sativa Dominant hybrid. Best way to grow is topped early and trained to stay as low as possible. Chernobyl can get a bit out of hand when grown outdoors, the plant grows very large. Flowering time for the strain can range from eight to nine weeks

Characteristics Taste The aroma is very citrusy, with a sweet fragrance. The taste is very lemony, it has almost a “limeade” type of flavor. The strain has resulted in high levels of THC when tested. The effects are very physiological without a paranoiainduced high. Chernobyl is extremely good for pain, tremors and spasms.


n No vember, Sacramento passed Measure C, a new citywide ordinance which requires the 39 existing medical marijuana businesses within city limits to pay up to 4% of their gross receipts, rather than the 04% assigned to most Sacramento businesses. The City Council approved the measure's placement on the ballot in July 6-0 (council members Ray Thretheway, Bonnie Pannel and Mayor Kevin Johnson were absent), urging voters to vote yes as they said the new revenue was sorely needed for maintaining the services Sacramentans depend upon. The money that will be collected from medicinal marijuana dispensaries will be pooled in the city's general fund, which is allocated among services like the fire, police, and parks and recreation departments. The measure also would have imposed a 10% tax on recreational marijuana businesses, had Prop 19 passed.


The council also voted to impose a one-time fee of $40,000 that each dispensary must pay to keep its doors open, along with an annual licensing fee of $12,600. While an obvious boon to the city economy, many local dispensaries are bracing themselves for what seem like insurmountable costs in

order to stay in business providing medical cannabis to patients in need within the not-for-profit business model.

The upside, beyond the funding this measure generates for city services, is that no cap will be imposed on the number of medical marijuana dispensing collectives within Sacramento; prior to the passage of this measure, the City Council had tossed around notions of capping the total number of dispensaries in the area to a dozen, ordering the closure of additional storefronts. Under this measure, no caps will be put into place, although both city officials and patients assume many dispensaries will close under the weight of the new fee schedule anyway. Additionally, new zoning laws were created under Measure C: dispensaries must be located 1,000 feet from each other, 600 feet from parks, schools, and drug treatment facilities, and 300 feet from residential neighborhoods. Many of the existing dispensaries will have to apply for a special permit to stay where they are, or move, considering that their current locations wil l not meet these ne w zoning restrictions. Then, there are also new

regulations regarding maximum business hours, minors or felons being permitted to work in dispensaries, onsite consumption, and required signage for medical marijuana dispensaries. In response to the passage of Measure C, El Camino Wellness Center's executive director, Sonny Kumar, told the Sacramento Bee that the new city ordinance “is not quite perfect, but neither was Proposition 215.” Councilwoman Sandy Sheedy said Me a s u r e C “ p r o v i d e s a s o u n d framework to guide us through new territories,” and that the City Council would re-examine the ordinance and its repercussions in one year's time.   Sacramento dispensaries are brainstorming how they will handle the new taxes and fees, and proposed solutions differ. Lanette Davies, codirector of Canna Care, intends to add the additional cost to the amount Canna Care is currently charging patients, while El Camino Wellness Center's Sonny Kumar explained to the Bee, “Hopefully, we will not have to adjust our prices too much. I think our patient farmers will have to understand that when they come to Sacramento, they're going to have to l o we r t h e i r p r i ce s a n d b e m o r e compassionate.”  

ECWC ONLINE Specials • We o ff e r d i ff e re n t specials on different days. On Mondays we offer 10% off medicine in the g r e e n t i e r. On Wednesday, we offer 10% off all grams of concentrates. Our menu changes daily and specials rotate depending

on our stock levels. Make you visits frequent to make sure you don’t miss our amazing specials.

New Patients We love new patients! So much in fact that we will have a gift for the new

Rewards Card

patient and the patient who

• $15 = 1 Stamp • 1 Card = $20 value • Combine 3 cards for a Top Shelf 1/8th

referred them w/purchase. Just make sure you come together.

MONTHLY DONATIONS Growing stronger, together

or the month of December, El Camino Wellness Center's hosted a raffle whose funds were allocated to the Sacramento Children's Home. Nearly a s old a s Sacramento itself, the Sacramento Children's Home was founded in 1867, and this facilitative refuge offers 24 hour community and educational programs that assist 1,800 families annuall y in the Greater Sacramento area. The programs play to parents' and children's needs from the prenatal stages to young adulthood, and aim to prevent child abuse and neglect while empowering kids and their families, utilizing long-term solutions. Their mission statement reads, “The S a c r a m e n to C h i l d r e n's Ho m e i s committed to helping build strong families; to opening doors to the future; to maximizing potential; and ending the cycle of child abuse. El Camino Wellness Center would like to thank our members for their patronage, which not only keeps our doors open, but has a profound effect on the community. Please visit their


I N S TRU CT I ON S 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F, then line the muffin pan with cupcake liners. 2. In a large bowl sift together the flour, cocoa powder and salt. 3. Beat the cannabutter and sugar until fluffy. Add the eggs, 1 at a time, and mix in. Add vanilla extract and food coloring (to desired color). 4. Now add the flour mixture and sour cream a bit at a time, keep blending. 5. In another bowl, combine vinegar and soda, after fizzing stops, add to the batter and mix in. 6. Divide the batter by filling each liner about 3/4 of the ways full. 7. Bake 20 to 25 minutes. Allow to cool.

website for more information : As you entered our facility in the month of December, you may have noticed a large donation bin outside our front door or in the lobby. We hosted a Spirit of Giving food drive which was picked up at the month's end by Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, and its contents were be distributed to families in need throughout the Greater Sacramento area. El Camino Wellness Center thanks those who contributed. For more information about Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, please visit http:// www.s)

For the month of January, the profits of El Camino Wellness Center will be redistributed to Lend a Heart, Inc. This incredible program seeks to improve human physical rehabilitation, depression, isolation, and trust through interactions with dogs and handlers. Lend A Heart relies on

volunteers and their pets, and dispatches team members to resident care facilities, shelters, schools, libraries, hospitals, and residences to promote wellness in the community. Tossing a ball, petting or brushing a dog are all ways to encourage patients to enjoy their physical therapy, while activities like encouraging abused and neglected children to read to and play with a dog can help them build appropriate behaviors and respect for other living things. At a nursing home, a dog and its handler can help reawaken an elderly person's emotional wellbeing.

R ec i pe : Re d Ve l ve t C up c ak e s

I n g r e d ie n t s • 1/4 cups flour • 3 tablespoons cocoa powder (unsweetened) • 1/4 teaspoon salt • 1/2 cup (1 stick) cann abutter • 1 cup sugar • 2 large eggs • 2 teaspoons red food coloring • 1 teaspoon vanilla ex tract • 1/2 cup sour cream • 1 teaspoon vinegar (wh ite) • 1 teaspoon baking so da • Red and Pink Frosting and sprinkles for decorat ing

BUSHY OLD GROWERS Presents: BOG’s Growing Tips


ssuming you have quality seeds from a reputable source, the next step is germinating them. Keep seeds refrigerated until you want to use them and don’t freeze them when storing. Seeds are highly shippable and storable unlike clones and seed plants have more plant growth hormone so they grow faster.  Outdoor growers often prefer plants grown from seed each year. Often local growers are inexperienced with growing from seed due to the availability Come check out BOG seeds. With every BOG seed purchase you receive a FREE of quality clones grown locally.  BOG grow book! Selecting clones requires seeds to start with and I recommend overheat seeds (80 – 90 degrees h o l e t h a t I m a ke w i t h a g r o w i n g f r o m s e e d s a n d is ok) and in 2 – 4 days seeds toothpick, don’t touch the root should sprout. and plant them shallowly.  The selecting your own clones. seed hull can be right at the surface with its root When sprouted with ½” – 1” underground.  Just plain water tails plant in small containers (18 and keeping temperatures 80 – 24 oz.) and in your regular degrees with adequate lighting can produce healthy seedlings in 1 week.  Identification of males and females is done later, but expect a 50% mix.  To start seeds obtain a small covered bowl or a baggie will suffice.  Place seeds in a very wet tissue or paper towel and ke e p t h e m s l i g h t l y w a r m .  After 24 hours, drain off the potting soil with no added excess water, but the tissue fertilizers.  I carefully plant should remain moist.  Don’t seedling with the tail down in a

January 2011 Newsletter  

January 2011 Newsletter