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hello people, after loads of requests, pleadings and threats, I have finally gotten around to taking some pictures. for those still wondering what the @#*$ i’m talking about, a little intro....

WonkyWorks is basically this place ummm thing umm, which is basically about creativity. creating it, transforming it, showing it off, anything really. In their own words: “We love the glitchy, the skewed, the fuddled, the precarious. In the age of factory-manufactured perfectness, we celebrate the odd fish; the curious and funny, the peculiar and queer. Our war against the mundane and routine has led us to form WonkyWorks, created to fight organised sameness.�

the start to the whole thing is with the place I work and the attached glass studio (which is being showcased this month).

ya ya. I know you know where vadodara is. but I thought if it was on a small map, you would think its close enough ;) (any smaller and google didn’t show vadodara at all!)


not what you think. just EMPTY bottles waiting for the kiln.

the most important piece of equipment. ever.

the glass-stand

the hand-engraving setup

I’m obsessing about the rulers methinks

any bets on how long everything stays organised?

I love my new vacuum cleaner. it loyally follows me around and make me smile while I have to clean :)

a-ha! the kiln.

and the inside of the kiln

stuff that came out of the kiln

all set for the firing

through the peep-hole at 830째C



studio glass