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Interactive LED floor covering – WOWfloor





WOWfloor ÅÊÒÀ Company, a leading developer and manufacturer of LED video displays and visualization solutions for specialized applications in Eastern Europe, introduces the new series of products in creative WOW-line – WOWfloor. WOWfloor is an interactive LED floor covering (digital floor or video floor) which allows for displaying various visual effects on its video surface depending on the presence and movement of objects on it. WOWfloor is easily assembled from square LED modules measuring 0.78 x 0.78 and weighing from 12 to 32 kg depending on the material used for the protective decorative panels. The client can choose the desired type of covering. The standard protective decorative panel for a video floor module is made of shockproof triplex with a glossy surface. The models available have a physical pixel pitch of 32.5, 39, and 48.75 mm and a respective brightness of 1,000, 700 and 450 NIT. The video floor interactive features are enabled by special lighting detectors combined with active infrared sensors enabling object identification at a specific point on the module surface. This data is transmitted to the control program, and depending on video floor surface settings, the desired video effects are shown. WOWfloor products are protected in compliance with IP65 classification. Fully compatible with EKTA control systems, they allow for an indefinite number of colorful visual effects. APPLICATIONS: • Stage design and video scenery • Night clubs, casinos, bars, and restaurants • TV studios and TV shows • Shops, malls and entertainment centers • Exhibition and presentation stand design • Indoor video design Model

LVF 32 Ñ

Video floor size

0,78x0,78x0,12 m


hoisting jack, stroke 15 mm

Real pixel pitch Object detection pitch Module resolution

32,5 mm

39 mm

48,75 mm



- /200 mm




Pixel LED configuration Module LED density

3 RGB SMD (Nichia) 576

up to 281 billion colors (48 bit)


up to 281 billion colors (48 bit) horizontal vertical

Maximum brightness

1 000 NIT

from -20°Ñ up to +40°Ñ

Power supply

Type of protective panel covering

450 NIT

>100 000 ÷àñîâ (>11,5 ëåò)

Operating temperature

Module weight (triplex/plastic): – LED module weight – protective panel weight

700 NIT from 1 kHz up to 32 kHz


Average power consumption


60 (180)° 60 (180)°

Refresh rate

EKTA 31 Turivska str., office 8 Kyiv 04080, UKRAINE tel.: +38 (044) 428-7315 fax: +38 (044) 428-7319 e-mail:


Color processing

Viewing angle:

LVF 48 Ñ

Video floor size can vary multiple to module dimensions

Module size


LVF 39 Ñ

220 V ±20 %; 50 Hz 175 W

120 W

76 W

32/12 kg 8kg 24 kg (16-mm triplex) / 4 kg (24-mm plastic) Type of covering could be defined by the customer. Standard option is shockproof triplex.

Ekta WOWfloor  
Ekta WOWfloor  

Ekta WOWfloor