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EKTA, a Ukrainian technology company, is one of the leaders in the European market in design, developing, manufacturing and rental services of LED visualiza on products and solu ons for a variety of professional markets: show business and television, sports and entertainment, adver sing, corporate and finance sectors, development and architecture, traďŹƒc and transporta on, exhibi on and automo ve industries.



ahead of the future

EKTA is headquartered in Ukraine and has its representa ve oďŹƒces with own facili es for Sales, Marke ng and Customer Support in Germany, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. EKTA R&D and Manufacturing facili es are located in Ukraine. For 19 years of business ac vity EKTA has accomplished hundreds of integrated LED display installa on projects and thousands of LED equipment rental projects in 20 countries worldwide.



ahead of the future

Big ceremonies on the big screens from EKTA give a real “wow” effect for the show. Our screens are the best for any art, crea ve and architecture idea. The quality of EKTA’s screens gives the best possibility to show the real emo ons.



ahead of the future

DisƟncƟve advantages of EKTA’s products: • • • • • • • • •

Excep onal brightness Enhanced image quality Low power consump on Excep onal func onality Lightweight&compact module Wide viewing angle Powerful processing and control system Full protec on from water and dust Mobility, reliability and long life me 8


ahead of the future

The least possible Total Cost Of Ownership and the Highest ROI Long life me and utmost reliability, low cost maintenance and low energy consump on, eďŹƒcient a er sales service and the absence of addi onal or hidden expenditures on unforeseen repairs resul ng in an uninterrupted professional reputa on all contribute to the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership of EKTA video screen equipment. Along with compe ve retail prices, EKTA ensures possibly the industry’s highest ROI and the shortest possible payback period for investment projects. 10


ahead of the future

Large LED screens, video cubes, digital boards and perimeter video banners make sports events more spectacular, offer unique visualiza on possibili es and effec vely a ract audience a en on. The high effec veness of such displays significantly increases the return for adver sers on a sponsored event. High quality and reliability, extended lifespan, and advantageous total cost of ownership (TCO) together make full-color EKTA video screens an op mal solu on for up-to-date premium sports arenas.



ahead of the future

Just few figures and facts about EKTA • • • • • • • • • •

19 years of market experience in LED produc on industry More than 30 years of R&D One of the top five European manufacturers Member of InfoComm Interna onal Successful projects in 20 countries throughout Europe and Asia Quality management system cer fied to ISO 9001:2008 LEDs from the world leader – NICHIA Corpora on More than 300 employees State-of-the-art high-tech produc on facili es located in Ukraine The largest video screen rental stock in Eastern Europe 14


EKTA Company  
EKTA Company