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Introduction Welcome to the Vitus Growth Export Program. The Vitus Growth Export Program is initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; more specifically the Trade Council. As part of The Trade Council’s official strategy for 2010-2015, it was decided to develop a new export program targeted at a number of selected small to medium-sized Danish companies with a particularly high and global growth potential. In December 2009, the board of the Trade Council approved the original Vitus program and in late 2010, an agreement about an expansion of the program was reached. The first group of companies participating in the original Vitus program was selected in the spring of 2010. The original program is projected to expire in late 2012. The first group of Vitus Growth participants were selected in October 2011. The projected final round of this program will be commenced in late 2013. The objective of the original Vitus program was to kick-start each of the participating companies’ export to a new market within only nine months. More export is beneficial to both the company itself and to the growth and employment rate of Denmark. Later it was decided to expand and divide the Vitus program into two separate tracks. The original Vitus program would proceed as a nine months program; however this program would now only target export markets inside the EU, EFTA, North America and Oceania. The new track is the Vitus Growth program. This program is a 15 months program that exclusively focuses on export markets outside of the EU, EFTA, North America and Oceania. The companies that are selected for the Vitus Growth program are expected to allocate sufficient time and resources towards their participation. The Vitus Growth program is a relatively brief and intensive program aiming at developing a Go-To-Market plan and gaining an export order fast. The export advisers are selected carefully based on their thorough knowledge of both the company’s line of business as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the local market conditions. The criterion for success is 80 per cent of the participating companies having initiated export in their target market within 15 months after the official commencement of their program participation. One of the sub-criterions is that the participating companies form a Go-To-Market plan for the targeted market. Another sub-criterion is that the companies are satisfied with the program. Upon completion of the program, the companies will therefore be asked to complete the Trade Council’s standard questionnaire, which measures satisfaction and perceived value. The criterion for success is that at least 90 per cent of the participants are either satisfied or very satisfied with their participation in the program, and that at least 60 per cent of the participants perceive the program to be of either major or decisive value for their business.

Vitus Growth team 2 april 2012 intro