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CONTENTS Welcome to the first issue of Ekphrasis India’s online Magazine, EI

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Abanindranath Tagore His Story Windows to the past: Paintings by Tagore The Spell of Time: A Poem on Tagore’s Timeless Painting

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CONTENTS Reena Prasad Aurulent Tones Rajarajan The Man Behind theVeil Felino A. Soriano Assemblage of approbated rhythms Abhishek Rath A Panegyric on the Painting

Featured Artist 33-40 Om Swami His Story Vibrant Moods

Featured Poets 41-79 Abhishek,‘Sahir’ Us Sham Hua Yuun Mehfil Mein… Annie Besant The House that Love Built Arvind Kumar Sharma Raga of Life

Featured Artists Abanindranath Tagore Om Swami

Sunil Tambe Ajay De

Jiaur Rahman Anjolie Ela Menon Ranabir Saha Pawan Sharma Gouri Vemula Satish Multhalli


Featured Poets Abhishek Rath Abhishek, Sahir Annie Besant Arvind Kumar Sharma Cijo Abraham Mani Dr. A.V. Koshy Felino A. Soriano Gopakumar. R Jaya Swarup Madhumita Ghosh Nishi Jain Pooja Sharma Rao Rajarajan Reena Prasad Rukhaya MK Suraj Samtani Susma Sharma Gurumayum Zeenath Ibrahim

Cijo Abraham Mani The durbar of Music Dr. A.V. Koshy Tansen Gopakumar. R I sing for you Jaya Swarup Have nots Madhumita Ghosh Play on… Nishi Jain The Evening Song Pooja Sharma Rao Patriarchy Suraj Samtani Inspired to perform Susma Sharma Gurumayum The Gathering (Haiku Chain) Zeenath Ibrahim Absences

The Painted World 80-140 Sunil Tambe His Artwork Eye-imprints – MihirVatsa

CONTENTS Ajay De His Artwork Through your Eyes – Samik Bhattacharya Jiaur Rahman His Artwork Crimson Blood – Anukriti Sharma Anjolie Ela Menon Her Artwork The Silence of His Life – Rahul Sharma Ranabir Saha His Artwork Gautam Buddha Road – MihirVatsa Pawan Sharma His Artwork Scars – Samik Bhattacharya GouriVemula Her Artwork Ev-e-il – Anukriti Sharma Satish Multhalli His Artwork Re-death – Rahul Sharma

Montage 141-150 Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai

Poetry by Ekphrasis India: The Spell of Time Eye–Imprints Through your Eyes Crimson Blood The Silence of his Life Gautam Buddha Road

Scars Ev-e-il



India has a culturally rich heritage where art has flourished since time immemorial. Be it the rock paintings of Bhimbteka or the carved pillars of Ajanta, millions of creative geniuses have painted India’s canvas in a mosaic of colours. But, when we talk about art, what comes to our mind? How many of us really know about Indian craftsmanship? Leonardo daVinci, Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo and many other painters are known by almost everyone; but do we really know our country’s artists? We at Ekphrasis India aim to develop awareness among the youth about Indian art and native art forms. It is a platform to explore the acumen in each one of us… to understand and appreciate the beauty of art.Through poetry we aim to communicate with our readers.To explore famous as well as less known artists in India, is what we aspire to do.We hope to paint art in the colours of poetic expression and give voice to the work of Indian talent. Art is not just an expression, it is a legacy.

‘EI’ is Ekphrasis India’s first step towards preserving this legacy.We aim to create a sanctuary of poetry and art for the generations to come. Join us to experience the oeuvre of India, dipped in the shades of poetic expression. 1


THE DREAMER: ANUKRITI SHARMA Anukriti Sharma is a Mumbai based writer. She is the Founder and Owner of Ekphrasis India. She completed her post-graduation in English Literature from Miranda House, Delhi University. A completely visual person who loves to dream; her passions include blogging, reading, music, social service and painting. She is the Founder and Administrator of "My Memoirs of Mesmerizing Memories"; an award winning blog which has won many accolades including recognition and prizes from Yahoo! India, Dove, HP, Surf Excel, HUL, Indiblogger, BlogAdda, BlogJunta and Blogger's Symposium. Eminent personalities like Javed Akhtar, Ayaz Memon and Ashok Chakradhar have acknowledged her with the best blog award for her poem on Mumbai Terror Attack. Her work has also been published in various college journals and online magazines like The NRI,Youth Ki Awaaz, and Impulse.


THE ARTIST: SAMIK BHATTACHARYA Samik Bhattacharya is an Engineering student from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Designer of Ekphrasis India.This multi-talented twenty year old is a storywriter, poet, photographer, painter, guitarist and vocalist. His band Backyard Bandits is creating waves in Indian music industry. He is the lead guitarist and vocalist of his band. A blogger who worships music and loves expressing himself through his artwork; he is also our In-House Artist. His paintings are meaningful and permeated with the essence of life. Reality and dreams form the theme of his works and he aims towards attaining a balance between the various binaries that surround us. Profoundly inspired by motivational writers, his work is exceptionally unique and creative abilities complement his inner personality. He writes his dreams through his personal blog, "Dreams on Paper Leaves" At present, he lives in Kolkata.


THE POET: MIHIR VATSA Mihir Vatsa grew up in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, and currently lives in New Delhi where he is pursuing his graduation in English Literature from Delhi University. He is the Co-Founder and Administrator of Ekphrasis India. A self proclaimed Tourism Activist in the Hazaribagh region, he is the Founder and Administrator of 'Tales of Hazaribagh'- an online web portal which works for a healthy tourism in Hazaribagh. Mihir's poems and writings have been published in various magazines and journals including Muse India,The Enchanting Verses Literary Review,Youth ki Awaaz and The River Journal. He is also the Associate Editor of Vayavya, an online magazine.


THE PHILOSOPHER: RAHUL SHARMA Rahul Sharma is the Co-Founder and the Tech Guru of Ekphrasis India. He is currently a student of English Literature at Delhi University and describes himself in the words - Philosopher, lover, physicist, dreamer, anarchist, stranger, loner, dead. He is the Founder and CEO of Impulse Magazine - A leading Online Literary Magazine of India. Impulse is the popular "general interest" magazine which aims at developing healthy reading taste as well as writing skill among the masses. Impulse started as an ambitious endeavor in October 2010 and has now spread its branches across the Web World. It runs various contests like IWBP and IWBSSW, which encourage writers to express themselves.




HIS STORY Abanindranath Tagore was the principal artist and creator of Indian Society of Oriental Art and the first major exponent of swadeshi values in Indian art. He was also a noted writer, particularly for children. Popularly known as 'Aban Thakur', his books Rajkahini, Budo Angla, Nalak, and Ksheerer Putul are landmarks in Bangla children's literature. Tagore sought to modernize Moghul and Rajput styles in order to counter the influence of Western models of art, as taught in Art Schools under the British Raj. Such was the success of Tagore's work that it was eventually accepted and promoted as a national Indian style within British art institutions under the epithet of Indian Society of Oriental Art. Some of the paintings by Abanindranath Tagore are: Avisarika (1892) Banished Yaksha (1904) Buddha and Sujata (1901) Chaitanya with his followers on the sea beach of Puri (1915) Illustrations of Omar Khayyam (1909) Kacha and Devajani (1908) Moonrise at Mussouri Hills (1916) Passing of Shah Jahan (1900) Pushpa-Radha (1912) Radhika gazing at the portrait of Sri Krishna (1913) Shah Jahan Dreaming of Taj (1909) Summer, from Ritu Sanghar of Kalidasa (1905) Tales of Arabian Nights (1928) The Last Journey (1914) Veena Player (1911)

Source - Wikipedia













THE SPELL OF TIME: A POEM ON TAGORE’s TIMELESS PAINTING Days pass as swiftly As the nights I know I sit right here for a million years… I wonder where time has taken you Along the valleys of surprises. I wonder if a little spark Of memory still ignites. Time keeps slowing down, As I try to fight myself No letter from you arrives No wind carries your smile.

I still sit here with loneliness as my company… Eager to hear a distant voice of someone carrying your news for me. I let the birds fly… When they come to me to play I let the blue flower cry… In case you come and I am delayed. But a million years have passed And a million more are going by I have sat here for a million years Waiting for you to teach me to fly... ©Samik Bhattacharya 2012



©Samik Bhattacharya









Reena Prasad Sharjah, UAE "Aurulent Tones" Rajarajan Trichy,Tamil Nadu, India "The Man Behind theVeil"

Felino A. Soriano California, USA "Assemblage of approbated rhythms"

Abhishek Rath Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India "A Panegyric on the Painting" 22



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3 Poetry to be published in online magazine VA Y AV Y A


Poetry to be published in online magazine IMPULSE





Reena Prasad is an Indian settled in Sharjah, UAE. She has a poetry blog 'Butterflies of Time" and writes under the same pen name. She loves reading, writing, listening to music and photography. She has several poems published in anthology collections. Her poems have also been included in online journals and publications like Carty’s Poetry journal , Indian Ruminations - Journal of Indian English Writers. Her work has also been published in online magazines like Youth Ki Awaaz. Date of Birth – August 14 Website/Blog –



Composed notes of rigorous skills met the vibrant dholak beats Night Ganga lushly flowed amidst the exotic Oudh smoke saturated with musk dispersed with soft swishes of fanning silk. Pausing, listening, flowing with benevolent grace, Night turned into a languid panicle of wine and song. He sang on but silence reigned within alone with his resplendent throes A vagabond soul drenched in an extravaganza of musical mayhem. Moist eyes transmuted tears into seven, divine string throbs Dholak beats echoing the reverberant overtones of an inner Sarod. A vibrant Jugalbandi of trembling tones inside a resonant soul.

ŠReena Prasad 2012 25




Rajarajan is a blogger and critic from Trichy,Tamil Nadu, India. His blog, “Alchemy” is an attempt to make a person more socio-constructive and open minded.The feel of a heart, the truth behind, the need for a change, the fact behind, the true love and just everything your hearts desire are spoken in his blog. Name – Rajarajan (Rajthecritic) Website/Blog –


THE MAN BEHIND THE VEIL The sycophant played an occasion, in his flattery tunes. And Obtruded by his tunes, The king lay there in obsession. Like the mysterious leviathan, ‘The king’ was a hero too with miracles. Illustrious - illusions were made a representation. And it did miracles for the oracles. Blend in tunes were they; In trance were their souls. Opaque were his play Opaque to truth and souls. Those were the king and his men All willing to say a ‘Wah’, when the king said one. And none Bothered or worried but never failed ‘Wah’. Legacy is not always legible; But still we accept and pray. For life is better than a funeral; graceful Weren’t the days but we shall still live and not be a prey. 27

“‘Kharahapriya’ – it took me to heaven” The king said. “’Harikhamboji ‘– it is my lord of heaven” His sycophant said. Incorrect was the king and his flatterer; He shifted to ‘khamboji’ long before. Incorrect was the king and his flatterer. And neither did they worry about the truth so condor. Who shall hear a peasant’s say? Be it truth or fact, Who shall hear an untouchable’s say? For all they care is to protract. Kingdoms may come and kings may come; But we shall only stand behind the veil. And behind that veil for ages to come. With time left to heal and pale. ©Rajarajan 2012





Felino A. Soriano is a case manager and advocate for adults with developmental and physical disabilities. Recent poetry collections include Intentions of Aligned Demarcations (Desperanto, 2011), Pathos etched, recalled: (white sky books, 2011), and Divaricated, Spatial Aggregates (limit cycle press, 2011). He edits and publishes the online journal, Counterexample Poetics. For information regarding his published works, editorships, and interviews, do visit his website. Website/Blog –


ASSEMBLAGE OF APPROBATED RHYTHMS Of the crowd condensed controlled (chaotic disposition of time the latent mobility escapes, enthralled) who envisions crown atop angled vision, the musical wholeness of silent space, spatial momentum of song and critical thought encapsulating moments? Of the singing who smiles against similes of this decorative articulation? Outside, wind disbands as ribbons embellish sky’s indifferent mathematics— alive or relegated outcast? Of the listeners engaging radial styles which of the italicized emotions become facilitating method of interpreting rhythm’s elongated functions? . ©Felino A. Soriano 2012





Abhishek Rath is a young poet from Orissa. His poetry centres around highly thought-provoking themes, packed with symbolic meanings, written in lucid English language. One of his poems “At the dead man’s obsequies” has been published in the I English International journal. Another poem “A serenade tune for my beloved”, has been published in Melonade 2012. “The final minute of my survival” has been published in Puppets on a string. Also "The poet inside me" has been selected for the anthology "Indus valley“. He has written over 200 poems till date. Date of Birth – June 01 Website/Blog –


A PANEGYRIC ON THE PAINTING The hypnotic harmonium tune, Played on by the sanctified fingers, Of the majestic hand of the minstrel, Soothed the opulent man’s vexed soul.

The sycophants influenced by his wealth, Continued to praise him incessantly, Comparing him with the magnificent tune, That came from the harmonium and the lute. The guards and the servants, Were lost in the vibes of music, The sangria was no more effective, And the complete room resembled a vaudeville,

But the poor scraggy servant, Holding the wine container and the carafe, Was captivated by the bond of slavery, Even the seraphic music could not make him smile . Esoteric ink in the form of an eulogy, Vividly epitomizes on this etiolate paper, The sprouting paint from the painter’s brush, That has painted such an exquisite picture….

©Abhishek Rath 2012 32




Om Swami(b. 1974) is a self-taught neo-classical artist who has created a niche for himself in this highly competitive Indian Art World. His paintings present rich imagery, well conceived themes and diligently executed vibrant colours. Figurative, yet contemporary; sensitive yet classical, Swami has cultivated a style of his own using minimal details and richness of colours. Many of his works centre around the theme of “Love”. Cupid’s arrow, butterflies, birds, flowers and fishes adorn the togetherness of the men and women depicted in his paintings. He says,“A man and a woman are incomplete in themselves.They are the fragments of a single whole and they become close and healthy only in close togetherness – in union with each other.The two are complete only when this union happens unconditionally. This union may be earthy, physical or spiritual.” Having unique warmth bereft of any superfluous details, the stylized figures have a story of their own, transporting the viewer into an exotic world of passion and beauty. Om Swami has a number of successful exhibitions to his credit – in India and abroad. ‘Moods’ represents the moments of bliss, a state of inner consciousness.The protagonists are celestial yet earthy, with passion and love overflowing through the musical flute that binds them. Flute is the traditional symbol of eternal love and Swami uses this symbol very artfully in his paintings. At present, he lives and works in Mumbai. Source – Om Swami (Edited by Anukriti Sharma) 34










ABHISHEK, ‘SAHIR’ An engineer by training, a civil servant by duty; a dreamer by habit and a recluse and a scribbler of thoughts by choice. Shaped mostly in Lucknow and Delhi, Abhishek’s introduction to Urdu poetry happened quite early in his life. Ever since then, he never got over it- as it sure became a love affair, in this generation of flings and ‘relationships’. Also, after having listened to and read the masters of yore, he says that he cannot have the temerity of calling himself a poet of any worth.What he writes is an effort to allow his soul to breathe and speak in the only way it can-through poetry. But what he does promise his readers is an honest reflection of churnings that stirs his spirit and in turn echoes in his verses. Name - ‘Sahir’, Abhishek Date of Birth - August 11 Location - Lucknow/New Delhi/ Mussoorie


US SHAM HUA YUUN MEHFIL MEIN‌ [IT SO HAPPENED THAT EVENING] [1] Us shaam jo mahfil aan saji gori tere chaubaron mein Vo soz-e-nihaan le aa baithe karne izhaar ishaaron mein Vo jogi, bhes badal lete kuch geet manohar kah lete Tujh par ik na aanch aati, aur Vo roop ki bhiksha le lete .

Us Shaam=that evening, Mahfil=soiree, aan saji= got organised, gori-fair damsel,tere-yours, tere chaubare mein- in the inner courtyard of your house, soz-enihaan= the unseen pain/heat, izhaar- express ishaaron mein- in hidden signs, Vo=those Jogi-mendicants, bhes badal lete-change their looks , geet= a form of poetry set to tune and generally sung, manohar-charming , aanch na aati- no blemishes cast, aur-and, roop= beauty, bhiksha= alms [this is a culturally layered meaning which refers to an admirer asking for alms by being allowed to steal a glance of the beloved] [2] Par tum naa aayeen mehfil mein Haan..mayuus hue the deewane ! Par shikwa unka taur nahin Ab dil mein kya tha, kya jane ? [Tum- you, naa ayeen- did not come, mehfil mein- to the soiree, Haan-Indeed, yes; Mayuus-disappointed, deewane= mad lovers, Par= But, shikwa= complaint, unka taur nahin= is not their way] 43

[3] Haan ! Kuch sher kahe unne the vahan Sun lo to kaleja thaam hi lo !! Saari mehfil ranjoor hui... Tum jiska-jiska naam bhi lo Saqi rahe phirte jaam liye Par kaun piye tab pyalon se Jab aag jigar ki bhadki ho Saz-o-soz ke naalon se ! [ Haan= Oh, yes !, Kuch – A few,Sher- poetic couplets, Kahe- recited, Unne= they Sun lo= Were to listen Kalega= Literally means liver, often associated with passion in urdu poetry, thaam- hold tight; Ranjoor- Sad, Jiska= whomsoever, Saqi- Wine servers, jaam= glasses of wine, bhadki ho= aflame, soz=flame/pain, saaz= music instruments, naalon= sad songs/wails ] [4] Jo poocha naam pata unka Vo muska ke sab taal gaye Bole-"hum to banjare hain Aaye aur maal utar gaye ! Kehna usse jo aayi nahinJeevan hai zara, aur maal bahut le-de sauda nipta dalo Bachte hain nahin ab saal bahut !

[ Muska ke= with a smile, Bole= They said, Banjare= Gypsies, Maal= goods/wealth/weight a person carries on our heart/all we had; Kahna use- Pass the meassage to her, Jeevan- Life, zara- short, bahut- al ot; le-de= give and take,suada= transaction, nipta dalo= finish off;saal-years; bahut= many] 44

[5] Akhir ab tum bhi pachtayee Kis kaam ka aisa pachtana ! Deewane sadiyon door gaye Mushkil hai unka phir aana ! [ Aakhir- Now finally, tum bhi – you too, pachtayee- repenting, kis kaam ka = of what use, Mushkil- difficult , phir aana- come back ] Us shaam hua yuun mahfil mein...

©’Sahir’, Abhishek Srivasta 2012



Annie is a writer based in Chennai,. She is also an aspiring poetess whose pen leaks with the words of her imaginary world. Name - Annie Besant Location - Chennai Date of Birth - November 20


THE HOUSE THAT LOVE BUILT Tell us, O Master, of the house that Love built murmured the people. A sigh went up from the Master’s heart. His fingers moved over the keys, an intimate caress of secret parts. The house that Love built was a thing of beauty at first. He built it out of the first dew of youth. He sketched it out of the first blush of morning’s dreams. He scooped the laughter that bubbled in the cauldron of his heart and poured it into the foundation. He carved from the dreams of his future bright crystalline bricks, and polished them till they reflected the myriad colours of his desire. He scraped the glimmer from his eyes and tenderly, carefully, rubbed them into the floors. Love went to the market and bought ruby red hope, and joy the colour of golden apples, to set the walls awash The house that Love built was a thing of beauty at first.


Love then sat at the threshold calling to his beloved; offering this home that was the purest part of him. The people let out their breaths; a susurration like the wind blowing on thorns. The Master took pity on them. Unfinished poetry tastes like the dregs of cheap wine, he knew. Grief was glorious in her form. Her hair was the colour of dark desperate nights. Her eyes were fathomless pools of despair. Her body was the perfect shape of stunted desire. Grief heard him calling and turned her cruel eyes to him. Love was a thing of beauty. She seduced him with promises she had stolen from other lovers. And kisses that made him forget. She teased and taunted him with the rage that sprung from her womb, rage at his unsullied brightness. Love drank her in like sweet opium.


Love floundered in her darkness like a drowning star. The house that Love built was a thing of desolation. He cracked open the crystalline bricks letting them breathe Grief’s scent; letting them flicker and die. He spread the soot of her lies over the floors so he could escape their blind radiance. He darkened his walls with Grief’s blood that ran like rivers of slime. The house that Love built was a thing of desolation. You can hear Love as he calls from the threshold, shivering in his loneliness, blind and naked in his grief. Love is now a thing of hate. The rich red walls seemed dull to the people. The gentle swish of the feathered fans the empty sighs of Love. As the hookah smoke curled in harsh spirals, the Master thought of Grief, whom he had once loved. ©Annie Besant 2012


ARVIND KUMAR SHARMA Arvind is a resident of Himachal Pradesh, pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. He loves to write Hindi poems. His other interests include music, photography, doodling and tattooing. Name - Arvind Kumar Sharma location - Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh Date of birth - May 24 Educational/professional background - 3 year diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Govt. Polytechnic, Sundernagar (H.P.). Currently appearing for bachelor's degree in the same field under the affiliation of Kurukshtera university.


RAGA OF LIFE The songs of your joy born out from my cries you smile and praise. But there has always been a pain inside this "Raga of Life".

These rhythms of rejoice nothing but some unsaid words its become my fate never been my choice there are some broken promises inside this "Raga of Life". The songs of love music, sounds of cheer glasses of wine splashing souls towards the heaven. But there has always been a silence inside this "Raga of Life". A small world of yours full of colours aroma of burning candles and my voice.. healing your sorrows, but there has always been a tale of broken dreams inside this "Raga of Life". Oh! This "Raga of Life". ŠArvind Kumar Sharma 2012


CIJO ABRAHAM MANI Cijo Abraham Mani is a web portal manager interested in poetry and literature. He is an emerging social media evangelist and PPC consultant influenced by the online marketing industry. Named in India's top influential people online in 2011 http://influence.webitexpo. com/list.htm/113/in Has been the co-organizer of Cochin Twestival Local 2011 and raised INR 1,71,755 through Twitter blogentry/1774/what-the- cities-raised-in-2011 Name - Cijo Abraham Mani Location - Cochin, India Date of Birth - May 20 Educational/Professional Background - B.E (ECE) Website/Blog -


THE DURBAR OF MUSIC Soothing music flows like a wave The durbar is full of audience The waiters serve red wine Men drink and smokes hookah. The durbar is full of music The Harmonium player sings Men listen to the beautiful song The song soothes the senses. The music continues till late night The durbar is full of drunken men The darkness takes over the music The music finally fades and men leave.

ŠCijo Abraham Mani 2012


DR. A.V. KOSHY He is an academician, poet and artist. Name - A.V. Koshy Location - settled in Bangalore, India but presently working in Saudia Arabia, Jazan University. Date of Birth - November 23 Educational/Professional Background - Assistant Professor in English Language and Literature with Ph.D. in the same and various other degrees. Website/Blog - (author page on Facebook)


TANSEN My mother told me when Tansen sang fire was lit; water was doused.

A painting always contains gaps that speak to me of the subaltern. I like the yellow. Fire is bright. I like the monocle. Reminds me of Psmith.

The man behind the curtain peeks The punkah bearers....make wind? The hookah reminds me India will always a mosaic be. The colours of the skin are different

The accordion and the veena Someone is bringing tea A sage sits and feels free


While people mill around That must be a fine shayiri In the centre sits a vessel Underneath burns a multiColoured flame In a vessel un-made of gold?! The curtains, the walls the swinging chandelier the carpet, the dresses , the faces the decorations above the doors the basket of flowers in the foreground the pillows, the colours' variegated spree... I see that to really see one must know one's history The painting has no lovers or sexy women. This pains me intensely! An ode therefore this cannot be like to the one on the Grecian urn; the best I've ever read of ekphrastic poetry!

ŠDr. A.V. Koshy 2012 56

GOPAKUMAR. R Gopakumar. R has a passion for English poetry and loves to write for different causes so that his floating ideas may influence the readers to visualize and work for a better world around. He started writing English poetry in 2006, when he finally realized that this is what he really loved to do. Passionate about photography, Graphic Designing, publishing and spirituality, he also loves reading reviews and criticism. Name - Gopakumar. R Location - Palakkad, Kerala Date of Birth- November 28 Educational/Professional Background – Database Administrator Website/Blog - Managing Editor of and


I SING FOR YOU Listening is an art Involves your heart and head A call, to your senses and totality It makes you fall in love With the vibe that is passing Before your sensitivity From your listening arise, The meanings and answers And the wisdom who you are It let you share those eternal glimpses all around We call it, the birth of an Art. Lord!You lifted me as a seeker Your lovely seeker, an artist Please be merciful, my lord What I am trying to sing Is your song so divine? And I feel there should not be any flaw Ah! This new found song I love to share With my hands, voice and totality Please listen, All that I can try for you Is to make you identify those


Music streaming from my Lord So, I am in your huts and palaces As your beloved singer When I play my instrument, I tune myself With those ever existing melodies around I bring in all those songs alive again, That you may let pass every moment in the rush The whisper of wind, Chime of streams, chirping of birds The soothing songs of life, its values and virtues The silence of big rocks and the sounds of space All that is forgotten... For this garment Oh Lord! In gratitude, I sing a song for you And I truly wish your song resonate from many hearts. ŠGopakumar. R 2012


JAYA SWARUP There is a lot that Jaya is yet to discover about herself. But, as far as the journey has been until now, she loves writing. Words keep fascinating her, pushing her to make life’s journey as picturesque as it can be. She believes in Karma and hard work. Born and brought up in Lucknow, she completed a greater part of her schooling from La Martiniere Girls College. Blessed with a wonderful family that gives her the space to grow and discover herself, she pursues her passions and goals with zest. Name - Jaya Swarup Location - Mumbai Date of Birth- February 12 Educational/Professional Background –B.Tech in Biotechnology from Amity University. Presently working in Accenture, Mumbai. Website/Blog -


HAVE-NOTS "I stood there, far across in the corner of the room, the golden tray shaking in my quiet hands. My lost eyes were drawn to the veins visibly stretched across my arms. When the strain of music reached my ears, as Gustav thumped on the Tabla. And with covert looks I beheld my lord, the master seemingly lost in the melodious hums. From the rich green velvet to the glittering diamonds‌ Everything around me spelled grandeur, as I contrasted it with the poverty in my life. Across my eyes flashed the dirt in which my children played, their small wants pinching my skin, the broken roof of my house loudly contrasted with the silken surroundings of where I now stood. All I could do was quietly sigh!

Hear the easy banter of the courtiers, they took so much for granted you see, The spilled wine, the hookah, and what nots! What if, for once they hand to stand for hours in a corner, waiting for orders?? What if they had to live a life so full of inadequacies and wants?


I was a free man by birth, but now I am a slave trapped for eternity in servitude, Now I am the flash of conscience which is not needed to be heeded to? With all the inner turmoil I stand here in the corner, holding my jug of wine waiting at their inconsiderate beck and call. I stand here again as I have forever stood. And I know that all these are just wishes, ramblings of a poor man A man who cannot afford peace for himself. I can just see and want and sigh. The mis-used wealth, the wastes of the rich Only if destiny had played in my favour!“

ŠJaya Swarup 2012


MADHUMITA GHOSH Dr. Madhumita Ghosh, is an Associate Professor in English, and teaches in Muralidhar Girls’ College, Kolkata,West Bengal. She has been teaching undergraduate students since 1986. She is also attached to Indira Gandhi National Open University, where she teaches post-graduate students. She has completed a post-doctoral Research Project on a comparative study of William Blake and Rabindranath Tagore in 2002. She has published critical studies as papers in several reputed National and International journals and magazines. She is editor of “Insignia”, a journal on English Literature, published by the Department of English, Muralidhar Girls’ College. Many of her poems have been published - seven by Barry Mowles. Six more are to be published soon by Brian Wrixon. She has also edited an anthology of poems, published from Allahabad, India. Name - Madhumita Ghosh Location - Kolkata, India Date of Birth - August 5


PLAY ON‌ If music be the food of love play on... they played on with him and he played with the tune of the elements... flames lit cool showers to douse the rage... He watches from a world of yesterday as flames rage showers of tears inundate budding dreams music lies maimed on barren cacophony... We wait for God to rise and a magic for seven notes to sing a rhapsody again. ŠMadhumita Ghosh 2012


NISHI JAIN Currently working with a leading publishing house in the capacity of a copy editor, Nishi has also free-lanced and got published with reputed newspapers like HT Edge. She began writing early in life and went on to acquire a bachelors' degree in English Literature. Displaying her flair for the subject, she not just topped in college but also became student editor of the college magazine.While pursuing a Master's degree in English from Hindu College, Delhi University, she was actively engaged in various creative endeavourslike writing for newspapers and magazines. Out of all the forms of creative literature, she loves writing poetry the most, as she feels that it bestows immediate and heightened pleasure due to its crisp and pregnant form. Name - Nishi Jain Location - New Delhi Date of Birth - January 18 Educational/Professional Background - B.A., M.A. in English, Copy Editor with Rupa Publications


THE EVENING SONG Wines flow, Hookahs set, Careful! The incense is lit, As evening falls at the rajah’s court, The amber glow burns away. The munshi, the minister, the pundit They all sit Heady with gaiety Jealous at his honeyed voice. Wah! Wah! They shout catching the rajah’s gaze. Temperatures soar, Smokes bellow, Raga Bhairavi is done, The rajah wants more. A beat again, A light ablaze, The glass overflows, As he clears his throat, ‘Wah!’ the minister again goes.

The golden lamp, Dances on his cheek, He wipes the sweat away.


‘O beloved, does my voice tremble your heart? I curse this fate that has kept us apart.’ He croons, His legs numb, As their eyes grow moist, And the room a blur. ‘Ah!’ the pundit moans an invisible lover The rajah sinks into the silk cushion, The empty cups lie still, The curtains ruffle no more.

Nimbly the singer rises, His fingers still sore, ‘You are late!’ the queen says with a trembling heart, He holds her silky waist, ‘Dear Queen, tis’ thy husband who keeps us apart.’ ©Nishi Jain 2012


POOJA SHARMA RAO Pooja is a freelance writer and blogger. She believes that she is primarily a mother who often loves to dig her mental teeth into something substantial. She has worked as a lecturer, language trainer and editor but can be best described as a student of ‘Life’. Her love for books translates into who she is. Ever since I started writing her blog some three years ago, she seemed to have found her niche. Her fine art is an expression of feelings ,life and everything in between. Name - Pooja Sharma Rao Location - Panchkula, Haryana, India Date of Birth – March 5 Educational/Professional Background - M.Phil. in English from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Website/Blog -


PATRIARCHY Across ages and classes masters, rulers friends and slaves relishing some tangible pleasures, good wine, smoke and music

The ladies royal and common the marginals in margins behind the walls looking from the outside in and the inside out never brought here other than for the forbidden pleasures holding the invisible facade of tradition men celebrate patriarchy !

ŠPooja Sharma Rao 2012 69

RUKHAYA MK Rukhaya MK is a Freelance Media Professional, and an award-winning writer. As an established literary critic, she has published her works in journals and anthologies. She also writes for BrightHub where she has been recognized with an Expert badge. Rukhaya was a four-starred writer on before they blocked access to international writers. She holds a M.Phil. in English Language and Literature, and was a rank-holder for her post–graduation. She is currently pursuing an MBA. She has won prizes in several writing competitions that include ones at the university level, state level and national level. Name – Rukhaya MK Date of Birth - May 28 Location – Kerala, India Educational/Professional Background - M.A., M.Phil. Website/Blog –



Hitherto at strife they remained divided on the frivolities of life. The wizardry of the songster like magnets to a spring wound holding the gallery spellbound. Notes danced hand-inhand in abandoned glee. Did notes have wings like doves? Was Hatred the other side of the same coin-Love? The Emperor cried: �Encore! Encore! Sans rain, petrichor!� The melody was one to relish. The moment was won to cherish. As one note fastened to the other in song , 71

The courtyard lay unified relegating all wrong. Harmony side-stepped noise, echoes tuned to a voice. Nothing could beat the power of art, as music turned into the rhythms of their hearts. Akin to a Name uncalled for a tag, Saffron, white, green merged into a flag. ŠRukhaya MK 2012


SURAJ SAMTANI Name - Suraj Samtani (Bunty) Location of Residence - Hong Kong Date of Birth - November 15 Website/Blog - Facebook Page: Poetry Website (complete poetry collection): Official Website (includes other published articles):


INSPIRED TO PERFORM Wow. What an attendance I've got. Bow, In admiration of this lot.

I'm really thankful, for this attendance. I'm really grateful, for your presence. I know not now what to sing, I'm too blinded by blankness. I knew not now how to sing, I just rest on your harness. You are the inspiration of my art. I channel you in my service. I work for you with utmost heart. & Alas, I am no longer nervous.

I can just never forget this, When I felt most connected, I will always cherish your bliss. Wherein I felt most nested. ŠSuraj Samtani 2012


SUSMA SHARMA GURUMAYUM Reading and writing are Susma’s favourite hobbies. Her reading list includes everything written under the sun. She loves Historical Fiction and poems. Historical Fiction, she believes, are a medium of letting people know what actually happened in the past through an interesting medium as a novel. As far as her writing is concerned, she’s more into fiction including short stories, and poems. She sometimes write and composes music. Her guitar is one of her prized possessions. Name - Susma Sharma Gurumayum Location - Imphal, Manipur, India Date of birth – December 18 Educational/Professional Background - B.A. (Hons.) History from Delhi University. Presently, in the last semester of M.A. in History with a Specialization in Medieval Indian History, from Manipur University. Blog -



Room full of people, He sings with his harmonium. Listeners mesmerized. On the eighteen strings, The 'sitarist' producing Sympathetic sounds. The 'sarangi' blades Giving birth to lovely tunes… It harmonizes. The 'tabla' player, Creating beats with his palms. Makes the song complete… Musicians busy. In the luxurious day out, The rich enjoying… Carrying drinks, drugs, The poor, a part of this scene, Some creating air… The flavoured hookahs, Glorifying even more, The musical feast… 76

A gesturing man Is invisible to them, The fair man in blue… The colours, the lights… The decorations, curtains, Oh! They do not see. Lost in the music Pleasantly breathing in, smoke Moment’s happiness... Resting on pillows, Tapping along the rhythm, Lost in their dreamland… Forgetting their pain Not remembering troubles, Music gives them peace. No women in sight. Beings only from Mars are seen, In the gathering… ©Susma Sharma Gurumayum 2012


ZEENATH IBRAHIM Zeenath Ibrahim is currently working as theVice Principal of Dayapuram Arts and Science College in Calicut, Kerala, India. She is also a Ph.D. research scholar at SASTRA University, Tamil Nadu and has a couple of scholarly papers published in journals and anthologies under the name Zeenath Mohamed Kunhi. She loves to paint pictures using words as well as colours and also reading good books. All these passions have taken a back-seat because of her multiple roles as a teacher, student, wife, mother of three boys, daughter-in-law and daughter.Thanks to her “friends from internet”, her love for creative writing has found new wings in the form of poems. A peace-loving person, she believes that true peace exists only where there is sacrifice and always loves to look at the positive side of life. Name - Zeenath Ibrahim Location - Calicut, Kerala, India Date of Birth – April 26 Educational- M.A., M.Phil. in English Literature, currently pursuing Ph.D.


ABSENCES Picture picture on the wall What's that you want to tell us all? Is it some tale of kingly wars? Merry music or courtly bars?

More conspicuous are those absences Than those princely presences, Cryptic curtains and charter'd rugs Speak louder than those hookah lugs, No dainty damsel walk the scene All pushed off to wash, cook and clean? Penury is just a distant dream Locked smugly out of the palace seams. Brickly red paint the exteriors Bloody red guard the interiors. Stately laughs echo the dome Tender smiles lay stifled in tombs.

Picture picture on the wall Is it pain and neglect that you recall? Or just a tale of power and pomp Told with ease and moony romp? ŠZeenath Ibrahim 2012





SUNIL TAMBE Born in 1975, Sunil Tambe completed an Art Teachers Diploma from Pragat Kala Mahavidyalaya, Ahmednagar, in 1994. Moving to Pune after that, he received a Government Diploma in Fine Art with a specialization in painting form the Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya there in 1997. In addition, he also completed a Diploma in Art Education from the Sir J J. School of Art, Mumbai, in 1998, and briefly served as a lecturer at the SSVPS School of Art, Dhule. Tambe’s figurative work is sensuous, with graceful female silhouettes populating his canvases.Working with black figures on vividly coloured grounds,Tambe creates striking contrasts on his surfaces.The artist also successfully represents the exceptional bond between mother and child in some of his works. Tambe has had several solo exhibitions at galleries including the Oberoi Art Walk Gallery and Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai, both in 2008; Gallery-G, Bangalore, in 2005; K.K. Moos Prathishthan Chalisgaon, also in 2005; and Shyam Ahuja, Pune, in 2001. His work has also been featured as part of several group shows.

In 1997, the artist was awarded the Kalashri Art and Craft College Prize, Sangamner; the Babhulgaon State Award, Latur; and the Kala Charya Puram Prize, Pune. Source – 81








Azure shivers the nascent fence holding back there were scars her touch shrinks as wavy blades crawl to blind those eye-imprints stamped across a bed sheet starched recollection. Š Mihir Vatsa 2011


AJAY DE "Frankly I did not even know what art was all about.When I was four, I read a poem written by the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. In his poem,Tagore had described three birds fighting on a kitchen terrace. I was moved, and gave vent to my emotions on paper.That was my first painting." Ajay De's paintings continue to be shaped by his childhood memories. As an introvert, he often found himself at a loss for words, until he discovered the joy of putting pencil to paper to draw and express his feelings. His life, and the experiences that shaped it, were a source for inspiration. "All my paintings reflect the complexities and troubles that besiege modern day society.They are not deliberate efforts.They flow from within. I feel that art offers solutions to all problems in life, and my work offers a direction to these solutions," he explains. De began his career rather unconventionally, eschewing colour and working on charcoal to convey his experiences on to canvas. "I channelled my energies into artistic expressions and learnt the right way to stroke the paper with my fingers and thumb, and even my palm, while sketching with a charcoal pencil. I believed there was more truth to black and white and that, colour, although appealing, did not pose a challenge. So black and white tones did not deter me, and I was not afraid to swim against the tide. I honed my skills at art colleges, drawing inspiration from my childhood memories, which had left an indelible mark," says De. On his art, De believes: "Life has left its impressions, and these are portrayed in my drawings. I am still learning and will continue to do so. For this, I am thankful to all those who have helped me, either knowingly or unknowingly, in making me what I am today. My colours emanate from nature.There is a lot one can learn from it. It is sad that, today, man no longer finds time to stand and stare anymore." Source – 88








Why are your eyes shut tight, I know you are not sleeping tonight Wearing your golden tiara Of dreams that are screaming inside. Time flies draining all the lies The leaves of memories fall and fade I just want to lose my way Right into your sweet serenade. I wish I could grow little wings To fly away with your little dreams I would live a million lives If you let me see through your eyes... ŠSamik Bhattacharya 2011


JIAUR RAHMAN Born in 1979, Jiaur Rahman earned his Bachelor’s degree inVisual Arts from the Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, in 2003. Rahman’s watercolours are delightful renderings of nature, with the aim of capturing a single moment for eternity.The artist has a close association with rural Bengal, and desires to immortalize the beauty of its fast changing landscape.

Not one to be bound to the rural surroundings, Rahman has also captured the cityscape in his works, aiming to portray scenes that are characteristic of Kolkata. Rahman’s watercolours are misty, almost rain-washed, and have an endearing quality. He has a unique way of identifying cities with colours; in one of his interviews, Jaipur, he says is pink, Kolkata, gray, and Ahmedabad, yellow. Jiaur Rahman had his first solo exhibition in Ahmedabad in 2001. Since then, he has had seven solo shows, the most recent being at the Indiaart Gallery, Pune, in 2007. His works have been featured in several group shows, including those held at Mystiq Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2008; and at Epicentre, Gurgaon, also in 2008.

Rahman has also participated in a number of shows organized by the Lalit Kala Akademi, the Birla Academy of Arts, the All India Fine Arts and Craft Society (AIFACS) and the West Bengal State Academy. In 2002 he received the Camlin Art Foundation Award, Kolkata, and in 2001, the Nokia Asia Pacific International Arts Award, New Delhi. Source –








CRIMSON BLOOD The one you abhor I call him Lord His crimson blood trickles drop by drop... And it soaks my soul pore by pore in eternal love... I call him Allah I call him Ram His scars embalm my tarnished essence... And the kernel of Karma Sprouts within..

I call him Jesus I call him Buddha You ask me... Who is he that you love? God's shadow Or Incarnation? Reality or Imagination? I say:


He lives in me He lives in you He lives in us Atheist though you are One day You too shall Believe‌ You too shall grieve His death But... His pain is nothing to you... Because YOU yourself Callously Brutally Demonically Murdered him... Slaughtered him Killed him! His love is unending undying unfettered... It remains embossed As my quintessence Š Anukriti Sharma 2011


ANJOLIE ELA MENON Throughout her career as a painter, Anjolie Ela Menon has regularly reenvisioned her role as an artist. Menon's early canvases exhibited the varied influences of van Gogh, the Expressionists, Modigliani, Amrita Sher-Gil, and M. F. Husain. Mainly portraits, these paintings, according to the artist, “were dominated by flat areas of thick bright colour, with sharp outlines that were painted 'with the vigour and brashness of extreme youth'.” Menon admits that her work has undergone tremendous changes with every phase of her life and that as she has grown older, the narcissism of the early years has been transformed into nostalgia for the past. Anjolie Ela Menon was awarded the Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian honours, by the Government of India in 2000. Her most recent shows include ‘Menongitis-Three Generations of Art’ at Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi, in 2008; and ‘Gods and Others’ presented by Apparao Galleries at Admit One Gallery, NewYork, in 2000. In 1998, the Times of India organized a retrospective of her work at the Jehangir Art Gallery, and in 2002, another retrospective exhibition titled ‘Four Decades’ was held in Mumbai and in Bangalore. Anjolie Ela Menon has also been honoured with a six month solo show at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, featuring her large triptych entitled ‘Yatra’ in 2006. Menon’s works have been featured in several group exhibitions, including 'Kalpana: Figurative Art in India', presented by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) at Aicon Gallery, London, in 2009; 'Mapping Memories – 2, Painted Travelogues of Bali and Burma’ at Gallery Threshold, New Delhi, in 2008; and ‘Kitsch Kitsch Hota Hai’ at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, in 2001. Source –









Kafka sits alone pondering... if only he could feel relieved from the world crackling in the backdrop... All serene... yet hooting. Amid the silence of his life... black and white life. Š Rahul Sharma 2011


RANABIR SAHA “With the turn of the twenty first century, we see a radical change in the life style, culture, society, economy, everything. Globalization has come; and we have become the victims of product oriented life styles.The shifting temperament of the people is always part of my observations. I am sure all these factors have an important role in my works. I can not ignore the way contemporary life is going around us, present day politics, vast corruption, because we are fortunately or unfortunately staying within this... “My paintings reflect some of these factors. My focus is on the daily life of the people. I also observe their temperament. As a result, elements like mobile phones, match boxes, shopping bags, plastic chairs, etc. feature in my paintings. I used these objects as metaphor of the people’s temperament. Parallel-ly, they are also depicted as shadow of my own temperament; that is why they are carrying my sentimental involvement.

Born in 1976 in Nabia,West Begal, Ranabir Saha received his Bachelor’s degree inVisual Arts (graphic design) from the Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata. His solo shows include those held at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, in 2005; and a show sponsored by Kanvas Art Gallery, Kolkata, in 2007. Amongst his group shows are Rajya Charukala Parisad, Kolkata, in 2004, 2003 and 2001; the Annual Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, in 2004 and 2003; and the State Academy Exhibition, Kolkata, in 2002 and 2000. Saha also received the Green Shield Award from the Elizabeth Green Shield foundation in 2002. Source –









In the Delhi winter, a rickshaw rushed beside Her insomniac steps, Stalked by many libidinal eyes. Š Mihir Vatsa 2012


PAWAN SHARMA Date of Birth: 16th January 1979, Bikaner Academics: Six month training in Conservation of Art Objects, from N.R.L.C. Lucknow.2007. M.F.A. Specialization in Painting from Rajasthan, School of Art, Jaipur.2006. B.F.A in Painting from Rajasthan, School of Art, Jaipur.2002. Awards: National Award in 12th All India Art Exhibition by State Lalit Kala Academi,Lucknow, U.P., 2010. Kala Mela Award by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi, Jaipur 2002, 2009. The Best Painting Award at Annual Exhibition by Rajasthan School of Art, Jaipur 2006.The Best Student Award in Painting Department of Rajasthan School of Art, Jaipur, 2002, 2003. Award in Inter CollegeYouth Festival, Rajasthan University, Jaipur, 2002. Award in On the Spot Painting Competition at J.K.K. by Camlin Art Foundation.2001. Workshops: Emerging Artist Painting Camp by Kalaneri Art Gallery, Jaipur Raj. 2011. Young Artist Painting Camp by Rashtriya Lalit Kala Kendra, Lucknow,U.P. 2010. Young Artist Painting Camp by Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, 2009 & 2010. Painting Workshop (Kala Utsav) by Bikaner art studio, at Bikaner, 2006. Drawing & Poster Workshop on "Water Problem" organized by Hadcone 2003. Site Specific Performance with Chintan Upadhyay at Shilpagram, Jawahar Kala Kendra. Print Maker's Camp at J.K.K. organized by All India Fine Arts & Craft Society 2003. Source – 117








Scarred are my faces With a generation of lies Look out of your window And see how the time flies

We have spoken in silence But your ears were all deaf Of the promises you have spoken And the ones you never kept I lift my hands today With a thousand painted faces Colors that disappreared from them But the memory itself never erases.


The voices that you face today Are a thousand thunders of fire Stored from the souls of serene Deprived of desires The strength they have driven From your mockery and satire Now your voice echo hollow Of a mere dejected liar

The light has marched the horizons The dawn is not so far You will have our promised revolution From each of the throbbing scars. ŠSamik Bhattacharya 2012


GOURI VEMULA Date Of Birth: 1972 at Hyderabad Academic Qualification: Post- Graduation in Print Making from S. N. School of Arts, University of Hyderabad. Graduated in Painting from J. N.T. U. Hyderabad Awards: Awarded in All-India Fine Arts Exhibition, Hyderabad Art Society (1996 & 1999) 4th A. P. State Level Art Exhibition (2000) 43rd National Exhibition of Art, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi (2001) 15th All India Art Contest and Exhibition of S. C. C. C., Nagpur (2001) 74th National A. I. F. A. C. S. Award, New Delhi (2002). Solo shows: Minaaz Art Gallery, Hyderabad (2003) Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi (2001) Prior to her tryst with art, Gouri was a national level athlete. Asthma turned her destiny to art, where true to her ilk, Gouri endeavors to excel. Soon after she lost her father apart from the emotional trauma, young Gouri was to shoulder financial burden and had to prove her mettle. Her artistic idiom underwent a radical change. "Her sprinting ability and pace demanded by pressing circumstances, invited allusions to her as one 'running like a horse'. Somewhere within her was born the horse-woman, a pictorial variation to Picasso's 'Minotaur', the long standing sexual symbol of the west.They are visually enriched by her masterly use of the methods of etching and dry point techniques, as well as superb pen and ink drawings." -Aruna Bhowmick. Source –








EV-E-IL Light-bearer Lucifer lurks around the world he darkened… While Eve lives a life of damnation… No longer chaste – never to be hearkened!

Birds of prey prey upon her beauty… And devils of hatred Assemble to do the death duty. Following Satan’s decree she lies fettered within the folds of a tree… And Kinnara


looks at her with horse-eyes of caprice. Lecherous demons Conquer every side… As the waters of doom rape Adam’s bride… Styx, the river is bleeding red Adam is dead Oh! Adam is dead! A boat now lies stagnant on the shore. But, it moves no more, It moves no more. © Anukriti Sharma 2012


SATISH MULTHALLI Date of Birth: May 1, 1980 Educational Qualification: 2003 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), Gulbarga University, Karnataka2001 Diploma in Painting, Ravindra Kala Niketan,Tumkur, Karnataka Exhibitions Selected Group Exhibitions: 2009 Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad 2008 Art Is Zen Gallery and Istana presents World Artists Group Exhibition in Istana, Bangalore 2007 Presented by Kruthi The Art Studio at Chitrakala Parishath .Bangalore 2007 Lalit Kala Academy, (Thingala Chithra), Bangalore 2006 ‘Art Huger’, Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore; Ananya Art Gallery, Pondicherry; Nehru Centre, Mumbai 2004 ‘Art Huger’, Lakshana Art Gallery, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad 2003 ‘Genius’,Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore 2002 ‘Genius’, organized by By K.L.K.Academy, Bangalore at Mangalore 2000 Kalpa Kuncha Art Gallery,Tumkur Honours and Awards: 2003 ‘Kalamahothsava’, Painting Competition, Gulbarga, Karnataka2000 Mysore Dasara.

Source – 133







RE-DEATH I kill my present, looking for a future past -when I was sad, happy tooto meet the ghosts of past -I kill my presentwho scream to me that they helped me once out of the grave they put me intolaughed at me; held my shoulder killed me; gave me a new life when from a happy present I had retreated to them "once upon a time"‌ I kill myself: everyday, every night, to wake up anew with new thoughts but into a past listening to themthe ghosts of pastwhich were too dear to me the ally, and reasons, of my bad past‌


And the cycle continuestaking birth committing suicide every day-being sad in past -questioning the present compromising with pain being contented with those in pain -a patient with a patientnot coming out of of the hospital of past‌

And being surprised when happiness comes -the ray of hopethe quest: for darkness overpowers; and you recede back -once againkilling yourself meeting your friends -the fellow patientssuffering like you not ready to heal but making everyone sick‌ ŠRahul Sharma 2012 140












COLLECTING LOSS Only half her face is shown. The other half covered by a thick veil. Her right eye, the exposed eye, Shaped like a fish… Oh wait a minute! Is that a fish? She seems to be able to see through it. Must be an eye, an eye on rent perhaps… A faded red bindi decorates her forehead. So that’s more than half her face uncovered? Bindis are adorned at the centre of the forehead Only one, the usual norm… The other invisible half must be bindiless, or not. Who follows norms these days? This dusky maiden, In the dense green forest, Is collecting dried fallen leaves, Collecting loss… Susma Sharma Gurumayum

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