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Portable Amplifier Portable Wireless Amplifier MB-6020

Features All in one compact & small size design for easy caring and portable use Unidirectional La Valier microphone with high sensitivity for clearly voice transmission and receiving (headset microphone included) ★ Quartz stabilizer for carrier frequency transmission to avoid interference ★ The system work with AC and DC, You can also use the build-in rechargeable battery or with car cigarette lighter power for 12VDC (the power cord for car is not included, call us for optional purchase) ★ Amplifier working in VHF band and there are 10 different possible channels ready for max a group of 10 amplifiers working at the same place and same time. The carrier frequency start from 230 MHz to 260 MHz ★ Low power consumption for long time operation with integrated circuitry ★ SMT technology is use in building this amplifier, so the quality is very stable an last long ★ The amplifier is also a 9V rechargeable battery charger ★ ★

Application This is unique designed amplifier speaker system with microphone is perfect for the following applications ★ Use as lecturing amplifier indoor or outdoor(especially for the dancing and gym teachers) ★ A perfect address delivery system for indoor and outdoor meeting,touring, churches ★ It is a good amplifier for interpretation, class teaching an commercial vendor demonstrations ★



Power Supply

AC: 115V/230V (optional) DC 9V/12V/1.2AH (including rechargeable battery) 45W 4Ω, 6.5'' VHF 180-260MHz 10dB/µV (S/N more than 60db) Quartz shake lock +/- 0.005% 35mW Size 180 ×110 ×300mm (W x D x H)

Power Output Speaker Freq. range Sensitivity Shake Method Transmitter Power Dimensions

Portable Wireless Amplifier MB-6020B (with USB Port)

Features Frequency: 200-270MHz, power frequency, more than 100 kinds frequencies points, with temperature compensation shock lock. Noise Cancellation: with multiple silent installations to avoid signal interference and noise. Voltage: DC9V Host System: Frequency response: 100Hz-16KHz Input Signal: Cable C x 1 Wireless MIC x 1AUX x 1 Power Supply: AC115V/230V (optional) DC9C/DC12V, 1.2Ah using sealed lead-acid maintenance-free batteries. Effective use of period: radius than 50m, if no shelter up to 100m.

Applications: Teaching, military training, guides, product promotion, auction, meetings, speeches and so on.



Applications: max a group of 10 amplifiers working at the same place and same time. The carrier fre- quency start from 230 MHz to 260 MHz Lo...