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Wireless MIC UHF Wireless MIC MB-521UD(1) (2 channel receiver + 2 handheld or lavalier MICs

General character Frequency Range Channel Dynamic Range THD Frequency Response S/N Ratio Valid Distance

UHF600~900MHz Channel 99 × 2=198 110dB 0.5% 35Hz~20KHz ± 3dB 90dB 100m

Transmitter Transmitter Oscillation Mode Adjustment Mode Image Controlment Adjust Frequency Deviation Channel Switch Mode Power

Features Capacity of 198 frequency points ★ Max 100 units simultaneously work together without interference ★ Automatic matching the frequency points between the transmitter and receiver ★ Automatic lock the frequency points after matching between the transmitter and receiver ★ Anti-interference technology to prevent the static noise ★ Colorful LCD English display, simultaneously display RF/AF signal amplitude and battery capacity ★

10mW PLL FM 50dB 75KHz Coding switch DC 2.4V~7.2V

General character Sensitivity Oscillation Mode S/N Ratio Distortion Channel Switch Mode Output Voltage Output Power Dimensions

2.0µV PLL 90dB 0.5% Microcomputer controlment button Balanced output x 2, 6.35 mixing output x1 500mV (balanced output), 350mV (mixing output), at 30KHz modulation AC 200~230V, DC 13~18V 420 x 190 x 41mm

VHF Wireless MIC MB-521F (2 channel receiver + 2 handheld or lavalier MICs options) Transmitter (Handheld MIC) Frequency Responce Stability Mode Output Power Supply

210~260MHz ± 0.002% FM <30mA DC 9V

Receiver Frequency Range Stability Sensitivity S/N Audio Responce THD Receive Range Output Impedance Power Supply Dimensions


210~260MHz ± 0.002% -110dBm/µV(S/N: 12dB) >70dB 50Hz~15KHz ± 3dB <1% >80m 600Ω AC220V/50Hz 210 x 136 x 35mm


Transmitter 10mW Oscillation Mode PLL Adjustment Mode FM Image Controlment 50dB Adjust Frequency Deviation 75KHz Channel Switch Mode Coding...

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