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Electric bicycles the reality of e-mobility

Jakub Ditrich

Why Ditrich - Long time electric mobility and clever transport promoter - With ebikes since 2006, year later he open project - 2007: first ebike company fleet for State environmental protection fund - Since 2008 organize number of the TestTrack on ebikes - 2009: helped to Czech Postal Authority with the ebike project - 2010: AGOGS brand is the leading electric bicycle brand in CZ/SK - 2011: open PREkolo the Prague based electric bike rental

Agenda: •

How e-bikes are taking off in Europe and Asia  very very fast

User expectations vs. e-bike performance  unrealistic

EU legislative news  really long process to change rules

All about electric transportation future trends  lets speak about it…

Long history of the electric bicycle :

Patent specification from 1897

First electric series bicycle, EMI-Philips from 1932

NO SUCCESS  Enromous PB battery, unacceptable weight and little range

Source:  ‚ Philips 3

What is and what is not electric bicycle

Pedelec bicycle < 25 km/h

Electric bicycle < 25, 45 km/h

Electic scooter < 45 km/h

Electric Bikes Worldwide Report In the number of elekctric bicycles / scooters is EU invisible

USA SE. Asia Taiwan Europa Japon India China

2008 EBWR (Electric Bikes Worldwide Report)


Ebikes turnover in â&#x201A;Ź In EUR turnover its the second world largest user after China

World USA, 450 Euro SE Asia, 150 Euro Taiwan, 450 Euro Europa, 1300 Euro Japan, 900 Euro India, 150 Euro China, 150 Euro

User expectations Without experience: No need to pedal, scooter like, heavy, „unlimited“ range, retired design and style… With experience: Have to pedal - but no sweat, its still a bike which I can carry, the MTB and folding ebikes are not like „Mama bikes“.

User expectations Battery has no weight , unlimited life-cycle and ∞capacity… Weight matter with ebikes Li batteries are over 4 times lighter than Pb, 2 times than LiFePO4 Battery is at least 1/3 cost of the bike - Battery life cycle is a mystery in e-mobility. So we say its over 25.000 Km.. - Capacity in Wh on the battery shall be true – but any range estimation is a lie.

Current norms for ebikes Beside other legislation (EMC, Machinery, LowVoltage Directive), there is EPACs - Electrical Power Assisted Cycles norm. EPAC standard - 15194:2009/prA1:2010 define the limits, where the type approval of the vehicle is not mandatory. defines mandatory performance data for EPACs: 1) The electric motor assistance must only engage when the cyclist is pedaling forward. As soon as the cyclist stops pedaling, the electric motor assistance has to be interrupted (6 kmph assist button/throttle is acceptable) 2) The nominal rated electric motor output is 250W 3) Power from the electric drive must be reduced with increasing speed and 4be completely disengaged once a speed of 25 kmph has been reached

Proposed EU norms for ebikes • Cancel the motor power limitations  good for over weigth drivers in a terrain • Maximum weight limit up to 25 kg.  get rid of the „heavy beasts“ with old batteries. • 11/2011 agreed by IMCO (Internal Market and Consumer Protection). • Refused by cycling associations like COLIBI, COLIPED a ECF, • Mid 2012 will go for all memberstatede approval. • EU is too slow in decisons and it does not help to the industry 4

Bicycle vs. Car part #1 - parking

Bicycle vs. Car part #2 - speed

Bicycle vs. Car part #3 - emissions • Internal Combustion Engine vehicle 150 g/km • Electric car 125g/km according to the ellectricity sources mix per kWh)

• Cyclists 25g/km • Electric cyclist 12g/km (3 g electricty per energy mix + 9 food)

Phenomena of „Elektronification“ As it has happened to many other products before it will happen to the bicycle as well - the virus of „electronification“ will kill the mechanical bicycle within a few years like it has killed many other mechanical products before.

Market predictions - EU market 2030: 10 million light electric vehicles sold (LEV) - Asian markets „PB to Lithium“  replacement for over 100 million vehicle batteries. - 2050: 250 million LEV´s sold every year on the planet. - Bicycle or similar single track vehicle will become major personal transporter in urban areas.

Pleasure to be with you

Jakub Ditrich //

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles 2012  

Electric bicycles the reality of e-mobility

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