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About AGOGS: • has produced e-bikes since 2007. • keeps specialized Showroom of ebikes in Prague. The development stays in touch with customers due to this showroom. • AGOGS electric bikes brand was introduced in 2010. Currently it is the most considerable brand of ebikes in Czech Republic and Slovakia. •Precise system of service and sale skills for business partners, emphasis on durability, mobility and a customers‘ satisfaction.


DRIVE SYSTEM Right brake lever Control display

Battery PAS sensor

Motor drive unit


Left brake lever Motor connector



DRIVE SYSTEM Human machine interface HMI

• • • • • • • • •

Current speed 6 + 1 levels of assistance 5 levels of illumination + lights control Manual assistance mode controlled by accelerator lever Battery charge indicator Current assist level indicator Odometer, tripmeter with reset Clock, trip time System errors display


• • • •

Brushless controller by DAPU Low power consumption, consumption under waiting state <0,5mA Connectors for quick repairs Diagnostic mode provides error codes shown on display, e.g. » » » »

Code 02 – Overvoltage Code 05 – Brake sensor error Code 06 – Torque sensor error Code 07 – Accelerator error

DRIVE SYSTEM Presetting of controller

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Possibility of adjusting controller by MiniCube interface It is possible to adjust speed limiter, power of assistance by specific circumstances, HMI functions (lights controlling, system turning on/off, functions of cyclocomputer, etc.).


• • • • •

Use standard B.B. Shell installation Dual sensor providing cadence signal and torque signal Good synchronism, accurate outputted signal of torque sensor Frequent start has no negative influence to motor and battery Produced by DAPU - Japan


• • • • • •

BLDC Motor by 8FUN Rated power 250W, maximal power 400W Rated efficiency 80% Integrate speed sensor Max. diameter 138mm Weight 3kg


• • • • • • • • •

Lithium-Polymer prismatic cells by Advanced Energy Taiwan UN-T certificated Nominal capacity: 10 000 mAh Nominal voltage: 37V Normal charging time: 5h Dimensions: L 420mm, W 77mm, H 85mm Weight: 2,95 Kg Power lock and frame lock with foldable key 5V output for USB connector on handlebar

• •

Service time up to 70% of capacity – c. 23.000 Km Battery renewal (cells swop - 25% cost safe)

DRIVE SYSTEM BATTERY DIAGNOSIS AND SERVICE • Accurate analysis of battery state is necessary for its service • offers 24 months guarantee for battery pack and 6 months for chemical cells • It is possible to stabilize and restore battery by special HW


Agogs bikes are designed as service friendly bikes.

All you need to repair any Agogs bike is electric scheme, digital multimeter and screwdriver.

Demounting components is very easy thanks to new cable guide and its unique tool.

Agogs Uphill bike: - range 40 km in mountains and 70 km in common roads (tested by ExtraEnergy 2011) - perfect for bike rentals and high performance request- load up to 120 kg AGOGS offers the complete range of ebikes:

AGOGS electric bicycle - Techfile  

Basic info on the AGOGS /Bafang drivetrain

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