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Distinguished Business People of 2017 It is another end of year and your favorite medium, Ekocity magazine is bringing to you a robust end of year edition. In our usual tradition, we are focusing on distinguished business people that have made their mark in different fields of human endeavour including fashion, arts, entertainment and entrepreneurship. This edition is rich in content as we present to you captivating interviews from great entrepreneurs and business men and women who have distinguished themselves in their chosen profession.

EKOCITY MAGAZINE PUBLISHER Abiodun Fawumi MANAGING EDITOR Nnamdi Nwokolo BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Muyiwa Faronbi GLOBAL EDITOR Olorunfemi Bababtunde HEAD GRAPHICS / LAYOUT DESIGNER OlaWale Hammed ON-LINE EDITOR Citizen Odunayo EDITORIAL ADVISER Rotimi Akinbobola, Demola Davies, Idris Alabidun EDITORIAL BOARD Olaleye Olusegun, Alaba Foluso, Ike Okonkwo, Ojo Olorunjunwon CORRESPONDENT Agada Mercy (Lagos), Ademola Aderonke (Ikorodu), Chinwe John (UK) LEGAL ADVISER Phylex Associates COLUMNIST Taiwo Joseph, Dr. Paul Jesuyajolu, Akin Abimbola, Engr. Fakiyesi Oladapo, Prof. Hubert Ramphasaad, Bukola Idowu, Adeyinka Oloyede DISTRIBUTOR Tolbim Marketing Agency Company PHOTOGRAPHER Adegboyega Moses & Tiza Joseph

As you have always known, Ekocity Magazine is a 100% Lagos focused portal with combined daily reach of 3,000,000 on our online and digital platforms. This edition of Ekocity Magazine has been packaged as an end of year memoir for budding entrepreneurs that might want to learn one or two things from this established business people. The most popular segment, “EtiOsa Journal” is repackaged for your reading delight in this edition. This segment was created to report events and activities in and around Eti-Osa Local government areas. Included are the interviews with the Head of Administration of Eti-Osa Local Government Area and the Leader of Eti-Osa Legislative Council.

With the Yuletide just around the corner, we want to use this medium to appreciate everyone that has contributed in one way or the other towards the success of Ekocity Magazine in the year 2017 and we say a big thank you to all. We strongly hope that you will enjoy this edition which has been carefully packaged and feel free to ask for copies from your vendor and as always, we will like to get feedback from you to help us serve you better. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2018. Cheers, Abiodun Fawunmi

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LAGOS ICON: Adebola Williams

Adebola Williams (born 1986), popularly known as Debola Williams, is a Nigerian media entrepreneur, journalist, political activist and motivational speaker. Alongside Chude Jideonwo, he is a co-founder of Red Africa (home of The Future Awards Africa, YNaija, and StateCraft Inc). He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Statecraft Inc Described as "the man with the golden touch" by Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo, Debola has helped 3 African Presidents get elected. An alumnus of the London School of Journalism, London School of Marketing and the Pan African University, Debola is a member of the African Leadership Network, a British Council Global Changemaker and Founder of the Lagos Business Braintrust He sits on the boards of Slum to School Africa, was the former chairman of Enough is Enough and Chairs the advisory board for the Young Entrepreneurs Network. Dec., - January 2018

Early life In his early teen years, Debola wanted to become an actor and was paid only 50 cents for his first acting role. He performed in the plays The gods are not to blame, Wedlock of the gods and Oke Langbodo, which was his last major production at the Nigerian National Arts Theatre. Following the increasing dearth of local stage productions, Debola took a break from acting and subsequently, at the age of 17, began co-presenting Youth Talk on NTA Network. It was around this time that Debola met Chude Jideonwo. On the set of Inside Out with Agatha Amata, they were seated side-by-side in the audience and struck up a conversation. Realising they shared similar worldviews, Debola and Chude kept in touch, and when - by chance - they ended up working together to organize Funmi Iyanda's 33rd birthday, they realized they could also work well together; they started The Future Awards Africa and subsequently went on to cofound Red Media Africa.

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Local Manufacturing, Key to Nigeria’s Economic Recovery, Says Umeofia Erisco Foods Limited, a wholly indigenous food products manufacturer has consistently provided good quality products in the country despite the challenges posed by importers of the same product. Chief Eric Umeofia, the President/Chief Executive Officer of the organization is a quintessential industrialist of global repute. He has over the years contributed his quota positively to the development of this country and made a positive statement as the King of tomato. The restless entrepreneur who has been a senior advocate of Made in Nigeria goods spoke on sundry issues affecting manufacturing in this interview. You’ve been at forefront of the campaign for made in Nigeria products, what has the response been with Nigerians? The campaign to make Nigerians patronise Made in Nigeria products is a campaign for todayand the future. I thank God for the response since we started, as many people felt that the nation will continue to act foolishly. The dwindling oil revenue has restructured our brain to think made in Nigeria which is a good development. The arrival of the present administration also changed the paradigm as President Muhammadu Buhari kept emphasizing that “we should produce what we need and eat what we have” with a view to maximizing what God has deposited in this country. Thank God that today, many people have realized the significance of what we were talking a long time ago as what we are doing is for the overall interest of the nation. Though, some people are practically working against the interest and progress of the nation for their own personal benefit, but with the collective effort of all Nigerians, we can break their wings to move this nation forward. The beauty of patronizing made in Nigeria products are that the local currency will be strengthened and Nigerians will be empowered; a clear case of eating your cake and having it. Patronizing made in Nigeria will strengthen the economy and provide jobs for our youths. What has been the involvement of government in this whole scenario? Interestingly, government at the center is firing from all barrels but the system is using every available means to stop the efforts of government to industrialise the nation. I’m telling you from experience and experience includes the mistakes and the losses you’ve made in the past. The challenge is that some of our policy makers are more theoretical than practical, so they lack the requisite ex-

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ought to use the funds to support indigenous manufacturers because the stability of the real sector will translate to the stability of the local currency.

perience to understand how to make things happen. They’ll claim to be the drivers of the economy, yet they know less than nothing on how to revive the economy through manufacturing. The challenge lies in not synergizing our experiences to be able to make things work. With better coordination and synergy, the country will be better off. I make bold to say that the real sector is the key to Nigeria’s economic recovery. What’s your take on the CBN’s intervention to stem the FOREX …… Cuts in.. I stand to be corrected, we have said it in several platforms that most developed countries got to where they are by supporting local manufacturing as it is the only means to stabilize the local currency and grow the economy. The current trend of injecting foreign exchange into the market by the CBN is rather a temporary and short term solution to the stability of the Naira whereas the long term and sustainable solution to the myriad of challenges facing the Naira is to fully support local manufacturing especially in areas we have comparative advantage. It is quite disheartening that the CBN is supporting importation to flourish at the detriment of local manufacturing. I challenge the CBN that their policies are directly killing local manufacturers. Instead of injecting dollar into the market, the CBN

What’s your take on the recent ban of imported tomato paste into the country? Well, it is a step in the right direction and we thank God that the federal government of Nigeria led by President MuhammaduBuhari has listened to our call for the total ban of imported tomato paste into the country. The ban is a welcome development if it is implemented to the latter because so many developmental policies have been inaugurated and yet truncated at the implementation stage. I want to use this medium to thank Mr. President for his good intentions to industrialise the nation but I also want to advise him to keep a tab on the implementation process so that unscrupulous people will not circumvent his good intentions. I believe this new policy direction is aimed at encouraging indigenous manufacturers? Like I said earlier, the ban is a welcome development and it has made Erisco Foods Limited to stop its planned relocation to China. The question to ask is ifNigerians are ready to reject foreign products and patronise made in Nigeria products. Most of Nigerian manufacturers have been starved of FOREX over the years that a lot have been forced to close their operation. In our own case, we have finished goods that are produced at a high cost because we source our FOREX from the parallel market, how then can we compete with importers of the same goods from China? If our country will ever be great, they need to institute an intervention fund to help local manufacturers to capitalize as that is the only sustainable way Dec., - January 2018

INTERVIEW to economic recovery. We must take charge of our economy by protecting manufacturers and not the other way round as the CBN is doing.Unfortunately, all the intervention the CBN has given is directed to foreigners and I stand to be corrected.Our economy is simple to amend but people don’t listen to us because we don’t possess Harvard certificates forgetting that I possess practical certificate in manufacturing. The major challenge we are facing as a country is that most government agencies are frustrating the genuine efforts of Mr. President to put Nigeria in the world map of industrialization. I call on the President to urgently look into the books of some of the agencies and he will marvel at the discovery. In view of the ban on importation of tomato paste, what’s the plan of Erisco foods limited to meet the tomato needs of the country?I keep telling people that from day one when we started operations that my interest in going into tomato production is to stop wastages of tomato in the Northern states. Unfortunately, since we started we have not operated beyond 20% of our installed capacity as we have not gotten support anywhere, both locally and globally. I thank the President and his Vice for this bold and courageous decision to ban the importation of tomato paste into the country. I call on government to block all the loopholes in our borders to stop completely the importation of the products into the country. If it’s properly done, in 18 months Nigeria will save up to $1B in tomato alone and in three years, we will be exporting the product globally. We have invested heavily to make sure that we meet the tomato needs of the country.Our capacity is more than 450,000 metric tons per annum and with our expansion in Katsina, Amichi and Jigawa, we will be hitting over one million metric tons in the coming year.Back to your question, we have the capacity to produce enough for the country and even for export. What drives you? The driving force is to contribute my quota to national development. I have thriving businesses globally and the profits are ploughed back to subsidise the operations of Erisco Foods Limited in Nigeria. This is because of my commitment to make Nigeria a better place for all. I keep wondering how Dubai makes so much money without tax, yet we are subjected to all forms of taxation in this country with little or nothing to show for it. Why I’m on this war path with importers is that apart from the low quality and the health implications of their products as well as the flooding of the market with cheap and deadly alternatives, they stifle indigenous manufacturers thereby forcing them to stop production. The attendant implication is that thousands of Nigerians are thrown into unemployment. Our target is to meet the tomato needs of the country and produce for export also. How do you relax? To be sincere with you, there is no relaxation for me until all the importers of fake and substandard tomato products are chased out of the country. Unfortunately, Nigerians don’t understand that importers of substandard tomato products, or any other product for that matter, don’t mean well for the country. We should realize that if we start patronisingErisco brands and Made in Nigeria products, it will lead to production capacity expansion and creating multiple jobs for the youths. Dec., - January 2018

Passion drives excellence - Felix Evbota E-600 International Foods is a catering outfit that specializes in the provision of an assortment of finger foods ("small chops") and cocktail food drinks. The organization started less than ten years ago with two staff and the number has swiftly grown in numerical strength over the years. The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the organization, Mr. Felix Evbota is a perfect example of a passionate young man who has done well for himself. Starting from the scratch, he has through hard work and perseverance built e6oo international foods into the big brand it is today. The alumnus of University of Lagos barred his minds on the prospects of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. How did it all start? I started from a humble beginning and it was out of determination and passion to succeed that led me into establishing this firm. I had my early education in Lagos before proceeding to the University of Lagos to pursue a degree in Business Administration. Upon graduation, I had a brief stint at the Local government before venturing into phone repairs. The passion to go into catering kept pushing me until I went for training in catering, basically in finger foods. The inspiration has always been there but the drawback was the funding to start. In 2006, I started this business with two staff and every client we worked for, will introduce us to the next person and it went on like that. Despite the challenges, we’ve grown from strength to strength that all the banks, Telcos and the Presidency have become our clients. What has been the biggest challenge in running your business? After passing through the training, the fund to set up was a big challenge. What I did was to write down twenty names of friends and family members that can afford to give me five thousand Naira. Unfortunately, it was only my elder brother and my wife, then my fiancée who were able to raise some money for me. Despite the meager amount I had at the time, I was convinced that I have to start. Most of my friends who had the means never believed in me but I strongly believed in myself. The first job I got was for fourteen thousand naira but my major break came some months later. We were able to get referrals from people and we‘ve grown to an extent that we work for almost all the banks in the country, all the Telcos in the country, all the oil companies in Nigeria, as well as the British, American, Canadian embassies and the Presidency. Did you entertain any phobia when you started? The fear of failure is always real when you start as an entrepreneur. It’s important to state that courage and determination is needed by entrepreneurs. I was determined to succeed and that made the fears to pale into insignificance. The principles of passion, perseverance, faith and a strong 7 belief in God really helped us to overcome that fear. www.ekocitymagazine.com | 5


Facilitating free access to quality surgical care - Dr. Paul Jesuyajolu Graceland Hernia Foundation is the first specialized Hernia foundation in Nigeria. In collaboration with First Graceland Hospitals, the foundation organizes Medical outreach that includes free surgical workshops and seminars especially for the financially challenged, the farmers, local fishermen as well as artisans and petty traders. The Chief Medical Director of First Graceland Hospitals, the precursor of the foundation, Dr. Paul Jesuyajolu is a goal-driven, compassionate and accountable professional with over 28 years of on-hands experience in surgical healthcare. Dr. Paul spoke on the forthcoming silver jubilee of the hospital in this interview with Nnamdi Nwokolo. What informed the setting up of the foundation? In 2010 and in my quest to take the health of the poor a notch higher, I set up Graceland Hernia foundation. Our focus is hernia because it consists of 60% of all health related challenges for the rural poor and urban slum dwellers in Nigeria. It is a disease of the poor and most times, they don’t have the resources to access quality surgical care. The foundation came in handy being the first in Nigeria even though I’ve seen it in some other climes where the inspiration came from. In our first outreach/workshop in 2011, we successfully handled over 25 different cases in our facility at Abijo. The sole aim of Graceland Hernia Foundation is to eradicate hernia among the people and help them get rid of the disease by education, surgeries as well as creating awareness to reduce mortality. What has been the most challenging experience? We did quite a number of workshops but it couldn’t be sustained due to the huge financial implications associated with things of that nature. When we started free surgeries in line with our goal, it was done at no cost to the patient as the whole money comes from my personal funds. The sustainability of the project became stunted because people never responded to our plea for support even though we wrote to so many religious, voluntary, civil society and charity organizations. We decided to change our strategy which is to charge a little percentage of the cost of the surgery on the patient to make them partners. We started with charging ten thousand and the response was much better. Our increase in price is always predicated on the response and feedback we get from the patients. Today we charge Twenty Five thousand Naira for a surgery that ordinarily would have cost Three Hundred Thousand Naira. To a large extent the funds has sustained us but it has not allowed us to do more for people who cannot even afford the little we are charging. We are urging charity organizations to key into this programme to help indigent people access quality surgical care. I thought that being a laudable initiative that corporate organizations and

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governmental institutions ought to have supported it with funds. Unfortunately, we had so many promises but nobody was able to support the idea with funds. Success Story: To the glory of God, in the last seven years we have done over a thousand surgeries and we lost only one case in the early period. We have equally improved in our service delivery over the years in terms of proficiency and percentage of morbidity after surgery. I also took the programme to my home town Ilutitun and we have had three workshops in that modest village and we have been increasing and improving consistently as we go along in terms of participation of patients and doctors. What is the idea behind the surgical mission to Ilutitun? The idea to facilitate this mission to my ancestral home is as a result of my desire to effect a positive change in the lives of my people. To the glory of God, the outreach has remained a watershed in the life and

the history of the people of Osoro land [Ilutitun] in Okitipupa Local Government Area of Ondo state. For example, the maiden edition in 2012, we successfully conducted 47 surgeries absolutely free. 23 medical doctors were in attendance with 31 nurses and Mid-wives as well as technical crew. In the second edition of 2014, a total of 74 surgeries were conducted free and it was very successful as no loss of life was recorded in the programme. We are at the forefront of making surgery affordable, accessible and available to the rural peasants and the urban slum dwellers. Corporate partnership: We have no corporate partnership for now. Although I’ve approached Rockefeller foundation and they were very much impressed but somehow it appears that it wasn’t covered by their policy, so they couldn’t help us. In 2012, someone heard about me and called to see how we can collaborate; I made presentations to him and he promised to support us with huge sums of money. At the end of the day he was able to give us N500, Dec., - January 2018

INTERVIEW How do you consistently stay on top of the competition? 5 Quality control, good customer service, humility, polite and prompt service delivery are some of the principles that really helped us to stay on top of the competition. Above all, integrity is the highest principle that can take an organization to the next level. When you build on your integrity, people will trust you. A lot of small chop businesses have come up, but if it’s not e600, it can’t be e600. It will interest you to know that a lot of companies were there before us, some has been there for twenty five years, twenty years, and fifteen but we are less than 10 years and we are ranked equally or even above some of them.

000.00 which was small but it was a good starting point. A few individuals have also supported us with their widow’s might to which we truly appreciate. How do you feel in view of the forthcoming silver jubilee celebration of the hospital? I feel very much fulfilled looking back to where we are coming from. I confided in someone recently that the celebration of silver jubilee is not the issue at all as my strong point lies in the fact that for the past twenty five years, we have been able to push the boundary of surgical/medical care to a certain pedestal that people will look at you and express their joy on your accomplishments. It is something you can look back and thank God for influencing surgical practice as well as impacting the lives of people positively. Do you desire government collaboration on the project? The surgical expedition to Ilutitun has been a pleasant experience in corporate social responsibility. I would say the Ilutitun outreach is in collaboration with the state government as we use public health institution for the programme and the Sole Administrator of Okitipupa Local government at the time supported us in the last edition. The nurses we use are also on the payroll of the government. The Catholic Church in the town is also in collaboration with us as they provide the food for the team throughout the duration of the programme. Our objective is to develop better coordination, collaboration, joint participation and understanding amongst various stakeholders thus enhancing and promoting the welfare of the rural populace, eradicating hernia and other surgical diseases at affordable rate. In five years: What I would’ve loved to do is to cover as many indigent people all over the federation as possible. We have established our name and reputation all over the country but my joy will be to extend this programme all over the nation with support from everybody. In today’s economy with fewer able to afford the cost of operation, we offer the most affordable treatment for all hernia related issues and we have contributed to the reduction in the mortality associated with its complications. In the next five years, we hope to extend our services to reach as many people as possible nationwide. What drives you? The medical outreach is a personal fulfillment of a dream conceived several years ago. Although the beginning has been very tough, the success so far recorded has been a self motivating factor. What with the smiles we brought to the faces of many especially those who would never have had access to quality surgical care. I feel personally blessed to be a useful tool in the hands of God to bring about a positive change in the lives of fellow human beings.

Dec., - January 2018

What are the secrets of your success? E600 foods International thrives on the principles of honesty and integrity in doing business. We have emerged very reliable among our contemporaries in the emerging market as our impact is being felt everywhere. The fundamental basis and foundation of our operations are based on God and good principles. It is also imperative to mention that no meaningful success can be achieved without God. For us, whatever success we’ve achieved can be attributed to the Grace of God. What are your focus/projections for the organization? We play a leading role in the industry and we intend to sustain the tempo through the provision of innovative, high quality, and affordable products in our industry. My focus is to build a world class organization that can compete with the likes of KFC and McDonalds. In the next five years, we should be able to move into our plaza as the plan is ongoing. We intend to open more offices in major cities of the country and in the next couple of years; we’ll make e600 a household name globally. From your experience, what are the critical factors for business success in Nigeria? The factor that militates against business success especially in Nigeria is basically the lack of infrastructures. The industry is a sub sector of the economy, so whatever challenges the economy experiences will definitely affect the industry. Always, there’s need for continuous improvement for you to succeed. One step at a time, with good concept and idea, people will invest in you. God blesses every little beginning. As an individual, you need to have a persevering spirit to succeed in the Nigerian business environment. You also need to be courageous because, challenges will definitely come. You also need to stay around people that motivate you. We appreciate everyone that has stood by us all these years. We are very grateful. Advice to young entrepreneurs: Nigeria is truly abundantly and richly blessed. You have to be proactive and whatever you do, do it well, because you don’t know who is watching you. Success should be seen as a continuous process, and not a destination. Remove emotions, continually innovate and plan ahead in your business. Remember; don’t try to cheat because what goes around comes around. You should be contented with where you are and your achievements. Read books, attend seminars and build relationship because success is a collection of relationships. The person you meet might be the person that’ll propel you to the top. What drives you? To be very honest with you, my inspiration is divine. The ideas we are getting is from God. What we are doing here can comfortably compete with what is obtainable abroad. The drive is equally borne out of a passion for self reliance. I have a wonderful and capable wife. My time at home is qualitative because in whatever I do, I put my family first. I try to find a balance between family and work. I make everywhere very comfortable, from my office to my home etc. www.ekocitymagazine.com | 7

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Dec., - January 2018


Dec., - January 2018

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Dec., - January 2018

Dec., - January 2018

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Providing Off-Grid Solar Solutions (Renewable Energy) -Busayo Jegede Busayo Jegede, a graduate of Computer Science from the Federal University of Technology Akure is the Managing Director of Almond Technologies Limited, an Information and Communications Technology Company, established in 2001 to provide proficient solutions that add value to the operations of private and public enterprises, using highly skilled and motivated workforce, working with the best-in-class technologies. In this interview, Mr. Jegede bared his mind on the journey so far. What informed your choice of business? My passion to provide solutions in the ICT and Renewable energy field. Business Challenges: The basic challenge an average business man will encounter is acceptability in the market place. This challenge is based on the fact that people naturally love to patronize organizations that they have a fair knowledge about, so a budding entrepreneur must go the extra mile to prove that he can deliver on his offerings before he can get patronage and this can take a long time to come by. Funding is a generic challenge budding entrepreneurs also encounter in Nigeria, unfortunately. These are the two basic challenges a budding entrepreneur has to contend with to achieve success. In our own case we were able to surmount the challenge of acceptability by exceeding our customers’ expectation in terms quality service delivery and meeting up timelines. There is a fund set aside by government for solar energy entrepreneurs, have you been able to access the fund? We have been told of renewable energy fund through the CBN, but unfortunately, we haven’t come across anybody that has accessed that fund. How acceptable is the solar energy solutions in Nigeria? Solar energy has long been accepted by majority of people in Nigeria but the challenge is the pricing of the products. The cost of these renewable energy solutions is not easy to come by and that is why the industry and patronage is very slow. At ALMOND Technologies Limited, we provide the needed expertise for implementation, support and training thereby ensuring that customers achieve the best ROI. This enables us to avail our clients’ quality service delivery, on time delivery, highly competitive cost, and state-of-the-art technology solutions. What is your Unique Selling Point? Over the years, our professionalism and mode of operation has enabled us standout, remain topmost and develop unparalleled competencies in our arrears of operation. Today, a vast number of high profile organizations across various sectors of the

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Nigeria is said to control 40% of real estate business in Africa. How have you been able to convince developers to use this new improved power solution? The major challenge to most house owners is the cost of generating their own power. What I intend to do is to sensitize and partner with major developers on the need to use the new hybrid power solutions to save a lot of cost. This will help them save up to 50% of the cost of running generators. In designing some of these solutions, do you entertain any phobia at all? The watchword is caution not phobia. I enjoy what I’m doing and equally passionate about it, so phobia is miles away from my operations. But, as humans, we apply caution in the cause of our operations and a meticulous culture has been entrenched in our everyday operations.

economy in Nigeria have entrusted their Renewable energy Solution requirements to us. The number is fast growing with strong interest from organizations in other African countries. Our latest technology is called hybrid solution and they are different from the conventional inverters., If there is power outage in your environment, the hybrid solution enables power to be supplied directly from the sunlight into the building and at the same time charges the battery, once the battery is fully charged and the sun is down, power would be supplied to the building through the battery. . This is the new technology we recent deployed at the new Blenco shopping mall in Sangotedo. Is solar power a viable investment option? It’s very viable as the national grid has failed us, so everybody is looking up to off-grid solutions to Nigeria’s power challenge. We all know how much the government has invested in the then NEPA and the now PHCN, yet no solution. It’s becoming the major source of power for the discerning in the country.

Contributions to the industry: There is Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria with the aim to bring people together to enhance the deliverables of renewable energy. We equally intend to ensure as well as effectively check the activities of quacks in the industry. Beyond that, we have partnership with some banks to provide facilities with our customers that can be paid back on two or three installments. Critical success factors: The most important and critical factor for business success is integrity. Following closely to integrity is knowledge and resourcefulness. Why are people not patronizing solar in view of its huge cost benefits? The initial cost of procuring solar panels is on the high side and this is caused mainly by the import dependent nature of the panels. I believe that if government invests heavily on infrastructure, the panels can be produced in the country as we have what it takes to that in terms of human and natural resources. The other reason why people are skeptical about solar is the security of the solar panels. But, I think the government is doing well in that regard. Dec., - January 2018


What can government do differently to help the industry? The federal government has introduced import waiver on the solar panels and it will go a long way in helping to reduce the cost of the products. It is a welcome development and we urge other tiers of government to emulate the efforts of the federal government by giving tax holidays to solar panel importers. How effective is the solar panels? The effectiveness and efficiency of the solar power solutions cannot be overemphasized. For example, Germany has an expansive solar farm and the output cannot be fully utilized, so they offer incentives for people to use solar. The same thing can be replicated in Nigeria if we have a serious government. We have the energy, resources and expertise to put solar power solutions everywhere in the country but what is lacking is the political will to implement that. 5 years: In the next five years, we hope to see Almond Technologies Limited being listed as one of the top 100 companies in Nigeria. It is going to be a mean feat but with dedication, knowledge and resourcefulness, we hope to achieve that by the Grace of God. Professionally managed and always at the cutting edge of technology, we have the best team and retain the best body of experienced, exposed, skilled and pleasant professionals who delight in meeting even your most demanding expectations. Repositioning Almond: Interestingly, Almond Technologies has been at the forefront of providing ingenious and quality power solutions in the country. For example, Almond is the very first company in Nigeria to deploy an ICT centre at the Lagos State University over a decade ago. We have also deployed a 100kva hybrid system with 24,000watts of off-gride solar. It is not common and we will continue to improve on efforts to make sure that customers get value for their money. What drives you? Passion has been the driving force, but above all, the awesomeness of God has been the biggest driving force. The solutions we provide are to suit each client’s best suitable and specific requirements. Our management expertise in dealing with the corporate arena and our technical reputation is the cornerstone of our success.

Dec., - January 2018

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Ambode promises to create more mediation centres at International Day of Peace celebration


agos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has acknowledged the role of citizens’ mediation in promoting peaceful coexistence in the State, assuring that his administration would establish more centres for citizens’ mediation in all the nooks and crannies of the State. The Governor said that the Citizens’ Mediation Centre (CMC) has over the years recorded successes in conflict resolution on issues that could have degenerated into chaos and unpleasant situations. Governor Ambode, who was represented by the Solicitor-General and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Mrs. Funlola Odunlami, stated this at a programme organised by the Centre to celebrate the Year 2017 United Nations International Day of Peace at Alausa, Ikeja. In his words, “I wish to commend the Citizens Mediation Centre, CMC, for the successes recorded so far and also charge them to keep up the good work. As the centre marks its 18th Anniversary, it is my desire to see that by your 20th Anniversary, the centre will have offices nearly everywhere in the State”. He averred that CMC had demonstrated professionalism in its entirety through its amicable way of conflict resolution, noting that matters that could cause disaffection and enemity among residents are being resolved within a minimal time frame, with

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I WISH TO COMMEND THE CITIZENS MEDIATION CENTRE, CMC, FOR THE SUCCESSES RECORDED SO FAR AND ALSO CHARGE THEM TO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. AS THE CENTRE MARKS ITS 18TH ANNIVERSARY, IT IS MY DESIRE TO SEE THAT BY YOUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY, THE CENTRE WILL HAVE OFFICES NEARLY EVERYWHERE IN THE STATE all disputing parties returning home happy and satisfied. The Director, Administration and General Trustee, Mrs. Olaniyi Mariam, speaking during the welcome address on behalf of the Solicitor-General/Permanent Secretary, said that the celebration in Lagos State was in recognition of the fact that mediation has

become globally accepted and conforms to the constitutional responsibility of government to promote peace within the State. She informed that the Centre has been collaborating with the United Nations Office to mark the International Day of Peace since 2015 to propagate the ethos of peaceful coexistence among residents of the State. The former Chief Judge of Lagos State and Chairman of Lagos Independent Electoral Commission, LASIEC, Mrs. Ayotunde Phillips who was the Chairperson at the event said that CMC stands a better chance of guaranteeing peace than seeking redress in court. Phillips asserted that apart from aiding prison decongestion, the establishment of the centre shows the State government’s commitment to the promotion of peace adding that the cosmopolitan nature of Lagos made it imperative to adopt amicable dispute resolution methods. She, therefore, urged other states in the country to embrace the initiative similar to the CMC in order to ensure that the culture of peaceful co-existence is firmly entrenched in their respective States. The highpoint of the event was the conferment of an award of Ambassador of Peace on the First Lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode for her role in peace promotion.

Dec., - January 2018


Ebeano Supermarket donates Ultra-Modern Mother and Child General Hospital, Ibeju-Lekki

Lagos State Commissioner for Health Dr. Jide Idris cutting the tape to commission the Mother & Child Care Unit donated by Prince Ebeano Supermarket to Lagos Hospital.


20 bed Ultra-Modern Mother and Child Unit has been donated to the General Hospital, Ibeju-Lekki by owners of Ebeano Supermarket, Messrs Sunday Egede and David Ojei, as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Speaking at the formal opening of the facility, the Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, who formally commissioned the ultra-modern Mother and Child Unit, enjoined the staff and management of General Hospital, Ibeju-Lekki to put the facility to good and effective use. Idris described the Ebeano Mother and Child Unit as modern and the equipment of international standard, adding that it aligned with modern day design for a healthcare facility, which the Lagos State Government had also adopted. “Before today, I had earlier visited the facility to see for myself what it looks like, what I saw then and what I have seen today is very commendable. The edifice is simple but very functional; it is in line with modern design for healthcare facility”, Idris stated. While thanking the donors, Messrs Sunday Egede and Mr. David Ojei for their noble gesture, the Commissioner noted that the facility will help to address inequality in healthcare ser-

Dec., - January 2018


vice delivery in Lagos. Earlier in a keynote address read by Mr. Chidi Koosi, on behalf of the donors, the duo explained that the gesture was a demonstration of their efforts to give back to the society, urging well-meaning Nigerians to adopt the same policy to improve healthcare in the country and stop capital flight through medical tourism. “What we are commissioning today is the result of our modest effort to give back to the society. In building this hospital project, we had international standards in mind. The facilities are the same with what you can find in advanced countries of the world. In doing this, we are making a statement that those whom God has graciously placed at the upper rungs of the economic ladder should have the empathy to invest their resources to cater for the less privileged”, he said. The facility which has two maternity wards ensuite, an operating theatre, two consulting rooms and 135kva Cummins generator is also equipped with electrosurgical, suction and ultrasound scan equipment amongst other modern technology machines.

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Dec., - January 2018


Lagos to establish Commercial Courthouse to speed up dispute resolution


agos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode recently unveiled plans by the State Government to establish a designated Commercial Courthouse with the overall objective of ensuring speedy resolution of disputes as well as drive commerce and enhance the ease of doing business in the State. Speaking at the State Executive Chambers in Alausa while swearing-in Justice Opeyemi Oke as the 16th substantive Chief Judge of the State, Governor Ambode also called for more reforms aimed at fast-tracking justice delivery without necessarily compromising the fundamental principle of fair hearing and the rule of law. He said: “There is no gainsaying that Lagos is the commercial nerve centre of the country and it deserves a modern state-ofthe-art first class Commercial Courthouse to speedily address commercial disputes in the State. “We plan to establish a designated Commercial Courthouse with the objective of ensuring speedy consideration of commercial matters. It is hoped that this courthouse will accommodate all commercial related organs of the judiciary in order to drive commerce and improve the ease of doing business.” The Governor, who described the swearing-in ceremony as an affirmation of the belief of the present administration in the rule of law and the importance of the judiDec., - January 2018

ciary to the democratic system, said it was gratifying that the State judiciary, since the emergence of Justice Idowu Conrad-Taylor as the first Chief Judge of the State in 1967, had been the only democratic arm of government that had experienced a seamless transition in its leadership. He said the 50 years of seamless transition aptly qualified the judiciary as one of the most resilient institutions in the State, and congratulated judiciary workers and all the past and present Chief Judges of the State for maintaining the integrity of the institution. While congratulating Justice Oke, Governor Ambode said the development was a confirmation of her competence, experience and character to preside over the sacred temple of justice, just as he expressed absolute confidence in her intellectual capacity to steer the ship of the State Judiciary on a smooth sail. The Governor who is a Fellow of the Fulbright Scholarship of the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship from the United States of America as well as the Chief Judge, said it was important for Justice Oke to see her appointment as a platform to sustain and improve on the enviable reputation which the State Judiciary had built for itself over the years. Speaking on areas requiring improvement, Governor Ambode said: “One area of our Judicial System which I consider as work in progress is the speed of justice delivery

in the State. We have made significant progress in this regard with the various reforms that have been initiated and implemented. “However, I believe strongly that we can do more by stepping up our efforts so that the wheel of justice can roll faster without necessarily compromising the fundamental principle of fair hearing and the rule of law.” In her vote of assurance, Justice Oke thanked Governor Ambode and other stakeholders for the confidence reposed in her, saying that she would key into the vision of the Governor who she described as a performer and a big dreamer, to transform the State Judiciary. The CJ vowed that the Lagos judiciary, under her, would uphold rule of law in interpreting laws, stamp out all forms of official corruption and ensure speedy dispensation of justice, as well as improve public access, transparency and accountability to boost confidence of the public in the judiciary, among others. Justice Oke was earlier sworn-in as the CJ in acting capacity on September 25, 2017 after the retirement of former Chief Judge, Justice Olufunmilayo Atilade on September 24, 2017. Her swearing-in as the substantive CJ, however, followed the recommendation of the National Judicial Council (NJC) and confirmation by the Lagos State House of Assembly.

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Dec., - January 2018


Publication of Ekocity Media for Eti-Osa Local Government

Lagos Commissioner for L.G on Bi-annual tour to ETI-OSA L.G.A Eti-Osa has the potential of becoming the tourist destination in Africa – Mr. Buhari Kehinde

Eti-Osa Local Government is blessed with astute leadership – Hon. Bolaji

Our focus is to develop an all encompassing Eti-Osa local government - Idowu Badru


Eti-Osa Local Government is blessed with astute leadership – Hon. Bolaji Hon. Muftau Bolaji, the Leader of the Legislative arm of government in Eti-Osa Local Government Area is an accomplished politician and has been an active member of the APC from inception. He elected as the councilor representing ward E in the council and fortunately by the Grace of God, his colleagues found him worthy and elected him as the Leader of the council. In this interview, Hon. Bolaji shared his thoughts on his focus and aspirations in terms of joining hands with his colleagues to work in harmony with the Executive with a view to make the local government a better place for the citizens. visors for the council. There was a little misunderstanding in the list submitted but with maturity; we were able to resolve it amicably for the benefit of our constituents. What has been the impact of local government to the development of Eti-Osa LGA? The government at the state level is doing fantastically well as you can see from the infrastructural development of the area. The local government as the government closest to the people has shown commitment towards the development of the area. For example, staff salaries at the local government is being paid as at when due, and this goes a long way in boosting the morale of the work force. What’s your daily routine like? The legislative arm of the local government sits at least three times in a week and the focus of our sitting is primarily aimed at improving the lots of our people. We basically raise motions that will help in the development of our people because the people are our primary concern. We are passionate about the development of Eti-Osa local government in particular and Lagos state in general. What is the opinion of people about the new government? It is important to state that the local government has exceeded the expectations of the people and the people are in turn happy with the government. The truth of this assertion can only be seen at the overwhelming support the people gave this government at the celebration of 100 days in office. At that occasion, you can feel the excitement of the people in appreciation of the developmental strides at the local government council. The people will continue to pray for the success of this government because they can see and feel the impact of governance in terms of giving them the dividends of democracy. In specific terms, my people love me because they know I’m doing all I could in their best interest and the government is doing well as well. How far has the legislature fared in the discharge of its statutory duties? The legislative arm of government has lived up to its billing as an arm of government. We have passed about three resolutions and have embarked on oversight functions in line with our constitutional duties. We have equally visited several projects embarked by the Executive Chairman Hon. Saheed Bankole. In line with our resolve to work as a team, the collaborative alliance between the Executive and the Legislature can be seen best at the celebration of the 100 days in office by the Executive. What has been the most challenging experience working as the leader of the house? I think the biggest challenge was during the screening of the super-

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What is your take on granting full autonomy to the local government? I believe that local government autonomy if granted will be a step in the right direction because being the government closest to the people, it will make development get to the people faster. Having said that, the way government is run in Lagos state, you will hardly know that full autonomy has not been granted to the local government. This is because the government understands the role of local government and is funding it appropriately. Apart from the allocation that comes to the local government, the government is equally doing all it could to increase the internal generated revenue so as to engender rapid development of Eti-Osa. I also want to use this medium to appreciate all the members of the legislative council and urge them to join hands with me to develop Eti-Osa local government and our people will enjoy the dividend of democracy. Dec., - January 2018


Lagos Commissioner for L.G on Bi-annual tour to ETI-OSA L.G.A


he Hon. Commissioners, Local Government Service Commission and their team who were on Bi Annual tour of all Local Governments in Lagos State visited Eti OSA Local Government today. Mr.Olabode Gabadin (from Epe Division) in his address expressed happiness at the cordial relationship maintained between the Executive, Legislative, Management and the entire workforce. He noted that he was highly overwhelmed and needed no sooth sayer to determine the level of cooperation and unity amongst all, unlike other Local Governments visited. He urged the Chairman to further improve on staff welfare because like Oliver Twist, the staff would keep demanding for one assistance or the other. Mr. Rasheed Giwa from Lagos Division also corroborated his statements giving kudos to Hon Adesegun Bankole, the Executive Chairman and the Head of Administration, Mr. HIK Buhari for achieving the milestone. He reiterated on the following issues, punctuality, Internally Generated Revenue, staff welfare and level of compliance to Procurement guidelines and emphasized that due process must be followed at all times. The Executive Chairman earlier in his remarks commended the efforts of the team, we have no doubt been extending hands of fellowship to the entire staff most especially during festivals, he said. While promising to do all humanly possible to improve on the existing relationship, Hon.Bankole enumerated some of the achievements recorded so far within the short space of time he assumed office, For instance in the area of revenue, he said as at October ending, the LG has reached 160%.

Hon. Comfort Orji celebrates Birthday in style

Dec., - January 2018

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At the 80th Birthday Celebration of ETI-OSA APC Leader Omo’ba Murphy Adeotoro

Hon Adesegun Bankole Sworn in new SLG to ETI-OSA L.G.A Having passed through a thorough screening exercise from the Legislature as stipulated by the Local Government Administrative Guidelines, Hon. Adesegun Bankole yesterday Sworn In the Secretary to the Local Government and the cabinet members of Eti Osa Local Government The Chairman commended the efforts of the State Government in the painstaking selection process and urged the appointees to live up to expectations and dictates of their status by coming up with useful ideas and suggestions capable of moving the Local Government forward.

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Dec., - January 2018


First of its kind in Eti Osa Local Government as the Executive Chairman in a 3 in 1 programme gave out bursary award to 100 indigent students of Eti Osa. It was indeed an awesome occasion as the host of dignitaries, party stalwarts, party members,students and the elderly who were also given the opportunity of undergoing a free hypertension and diabetes screening showered encomiums and prayers on the chairman.

Dec., - January 2018

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ETI-OSA JOURNAL ADDRESS DELIVERED BY THE EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN OF ETI OSA LOCAL GOVERNMENT, HON. SAHEED ADESEGUN BANKOLE AT THE OCCASION OF THE PRESENTATION OF BURSARY AWARD TO INDIGENT STUDENTS , FINANCIAL AID TO THE AGED AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO THE N- POWER AGRO 2017 CANDIDATES HELD ON MONDAY, 13TH NOVEMBER,2017 AT THE COUNCIL SECRETARIAT, IGBO EFON. * THE VICE CHAIRMAN * THE LEADER OF THE HOUSE & OTHER HONOURABLE COUNCILLORS. * THE SECRETARY TO THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND OTHER CABINET MEMBERS. * DISTINGUISHED ROYAL FATHERS HERE PRESENT. * WHITE CAP CHIEFS AND BAALES. * THE HEAD OF ADMINISTRATION * LGA PARTY CHAIRMAN. * OTHER PARTY STALWARTS HERE PRESENT. * COUNCIL KEY FUNCTIONARIES. * COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE & ASSOCIATIONS. * OUR AMIABLE PARTY MEMBERS * OTHER STAKEHOLDERS HERE PRESENT * GENTLEMEN OF THE PRESS. * DISTINGUISHED GUESTS * LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I am full of joy to stand before you all this afternoon on this auspicious occasion of a three in one programme the presentation of Bursary Award to Indigent students of tertiary institutions in Eti Osa Local Government Area not by extension; Financial Aid to the Aged people within our Communities and also Financial Assistance to the N-Power Agro candidates deployed to our area. These presentations are clear manifestation of our love for our people and the desire to stem down poverty in our domain. I would therefore like to start by appreciating all the notable stakeholders here present and indeed all invited guests for taking time off their busy schedules to attend this landmark occasion. Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are all aware that over the years, our people most especially the youths have not received their fair shares in the Socio- economic development. Education, no doubts have suffered neglect as a result of inappropriate budgetary provision and implementation. It is based on this premise that we have decided to muscle up the little resources at our disposal to tackle some of these challenges by taking a concerted and holistic approach to assist our students, youths and the aged, knowing fully well that the Federal Government though best positioned to create enabling environment cannot do all of these alone. It would interest you to know that we are given out twenty thousand naira (20,000) each as Bursary Awards to hundred (100) indigent students of this Local Government who have succeeded in passing through the rigorous screening exercise put up by the bursary award committee inaugurated to oversee the affairs. On this note, I congratulate the students for the hard work they have put into their studies in the past years and making it to the next level of their educational journey. Some of you are at the beginning of the journey while others have come a long way. In a year or two, some will be entering the next phase of life. I therefore appeal to the lucky beneficiaries to judiciously maintain this amount. Ensure that you leave here more resolute than before, that way, you will make yourselves more relevant in the socio-economic development of your communities. Consequently, we are also given out Ten thousand naira each to hundred (100) Aged people in our Local Government area to ameliorate their sufferings and at the same time help in eradicating poverty. It is our belief, that this token coupled with the branded well packaged bags containing some food stuffs to be given out here today will. In a similar vein, a sum of token will be handed over to each of

24 | www.ekocitymagazine.com

the forty (40) N-Power N Agro candidates who were recently deployed to our area by the Federal Government to undergo a 3 month training after which they would graduate. The N- Power Agro was put in place to reduce unemployment rates in the whole of the 36 states of the Federation as they are expected to provide advisory services to the farmers across the country and also disseminate the knowledge that has been aggregated by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. This structured system of approach by the Federal Government in creating employment opportunities is no doubt commendable and we must be seen to be playing a complimentary role hence the need for this gesture. Let me conclude on an optimistic note by imploring you all to lay the ghost of the past to rest, look to a brighter, rewarding future and be open to new ways of tackling challenges. May God bless you all. At this juncture, I wish to record our thanks to all the dignitaries and everyone present here today. May the Almighty Allah bless you all.

Dec., - Janu

uary 2018


The different stages of Drainage Construction work at Olukolu Junction, Igbo Efon in Eti Osa Local Government. Kudos to the Executive Chairman, Hon Adesegun Bankole, the man with the magic wands!!! ITESIWAJU IPINLE EKO ATI IBILE ETI OSA OUN LO JE ALAGA, HON. ADESEGUN BANKOLE LOGUN.

" Creating a better and conducive working environment for the staff is one of the hallmarks of my administration" says Hon. Adesegun Bankole, the Executive Chairman, Eti Osa Local Government, prompting his decision to embark on the renovation of the area offices at ikota,

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Address By His Excellency, The Governor Of Lagos State, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode At The Community Day Ceremony Holding At 57 Centres In Lagos State On December 6, 2017. Protocols It is my pleasure to join millions of our people today as we troop out en-masse to celebrate ourselves. Community day has been set aside to take stock of the journey we have travelled so far in our determination to bring development to our neighbourhoods. While it is easy to look back and thank God for what we have achieved, we know, deep in our hearts, that the struggle for development has not been easy. It is a titanic effort to achieve gigantic dreams; it is becoming conscious of the need to liberate our communities from an oppressive problem keeping us from achieving our well-being. For the people living on the island of Itu-agan, it is discovering that we are losing school children to boat capsizes and taking a decision to put an end to it by building a school on the island for our children. For the people of Lagasa, it is realising that we are losing our pregnant wives on the road because the hospitals are too far and building a health centre to solve the problem. For Afacoda cda, it is realising that lives and properties are no longer safe and building a police post for greater protection. We can go on and on to document how communities in Lagos state are taking control of their lives and shaping a future for themselves and their children. Many of these records are models of gallantry, organisational acumen, communal solidarity, prudence and sacrifice. These are the leadership values we are celebrating today as we salute the leaders in our various communities for rising up to the challenge and making history. These testimonies teach us to learn from the people and emulate their industry.

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If communities without means of coercion can collectively persuade themselves to build roads and police posts; if communities, without firing a shot, are able to resolve to finance the construction of health centres and community centres, they teach us the values of independence and responsibility. Our administration is proud that our decision to revive the communities as a critical stakeholder in governance and the conscious effort to integrate them into government has inspired community leaders and boosted the morale of our people. On this occasion of the 2017 community day, we have further decentralised the event to upscale popular participation and reverse the age-old tradition of seeing power from above. In the best spirit of democracy, the power of the people comes from the base. Let me therefore congratulate traditional rulers, the cda Chairmen, the members of the community development committees and other stakeholders for holding the grassroots firm. The peace and safety that we witness in Lagos today has been the result of your cooperation. We thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, let us celebrate our community day with fanfare and parades. Let us avoid crime, drugs and abuse of substances. Itesiwaju ipinle eko lo je wa logun. MR. AKINWUNMI AMBODE, EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR, LAGOS STATE. Dec., - January 2018


Our focus is to develop an all encompassing Eti-Osa local government - Idowu Badru Idowu Badru, the Secretary of Eti-osa local government area had his early education and post primary education in Lagos and went further to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Lagos state University and a Masters from the University of Ibadan. He spoke on the administration’s plans of making Eti-Osa a better place. How do you feel being appointed as the secretary to the local government? It is a pleasant experience even though I’ve been in the local government service for close to eight years. I was first elected a councilor in 2008 and became the council leader for two terms. I was later appointed as a member of the caretaker committee supervising the department of Agriculture before I was found worthy to be appointed the secretary of the local government area. Could you share your experience as supervisor of Agriculture? The experience is a very pleasant one. The beauty of any endeavour is that ideas make the whole difference. With my background in Economics, we were able to initiate a lot of programmes to uplift the lives of farmers in Eti-Osa local government area. You’ll agree with me that farming and fishing is the major preoccupation of the people of this area. We took cognizance of that and our programmes improved the lot of farmers in the area in terms of empowering them with soft loans as well as provision of farm implements. Part of what we equally did was to empower the youths through sports and agriculture. What is your focus as the secretary to the local government? My focus as the secretary to the local government is to use my knowledge, skills and managerial expertise to help the Executive Chairman to achieve his objectives in the local government. As we speak, we have outlined several programmes and activities to improve the lives of the people of Eti-Osa and my duty is to bring my experience to bear in the execution of these policies and programmes. What are some of these programmes? It will interest you to know that the Executive Chairman, Hon. Bankole is passionate about youth and women development and this administration is poised to execute programmes that will uplift the lot and wellbeing of the youths and women. Beyond that, Education has been identified as critical factor to the development of any area, so the

Dec., - January 2018

administration has initiated programmes that will improve the education sector of the area and has gone the extra mile to provide bursary awards to indigent students in the area. Infrastructural development is equally being vigorously pursued to make life more meaningful to the generality of Eti-Osa people. The administration has spent 100 days in office, what’s your assessment? I was sworn in as the secretary to the local government barely a week to the commencement of activities lined up to celebrate the administration’s 100 days in office, what I basically did was to assist the team in packaging a good programme to basically celebrate the modest achievements in the last 100 days. Eventually we had a great programme but the highlight of the event was the medical outreach for the elderly and the presentation of bursary award to indigent students of Eti-Osa local government area. How do you intend to galvanise the array of corporate organizations in Eti-Osa to make the place better? That is a very good question because we cannot do it alone without the input of

some of the corporate firms operating from the local government. What we have planned to do is to engage corporate organizations in the area quarterly to share ideas on how to make Eti-Osa a better place for all. You’ll agree with me that the resources available to the local council is limited, so our engagement with the private sector is to identify the areas they can help the local government area as part of their corporate social responsibility. What change do you think this administration can make in their tenure? I want to assure the people of Et-Osa that in the next three years a lot of changes would have been recorded in all facets of life. The Executive Chairman has set the ball rolling and we expect that by the Grace of God he will make a great impact in the lives of the people of Eti-Osa local government area. I want to reiterate the assurance that in the couple of years, you are going to see a new Eti-Osa in terms of infrastructural development, social development, improved health care as well as youth and women development. I will admonish the people to be patient and continue to support the administration in their quest to make Eti-Osa better. www.ekocitymagazine.com | 27


Eti-Osa has the potential of becoming the tourist destination in Africa – Mr. Buhari Kehinde Mr. Habeeb Ishola Kehinde Buhari, the Head of Administration of Eti-Osa Local Government is saddled with the responsibility of general administrative duties as well as coordinating government policies at the local government. His responsibilities also include monitoring and making sure that all departmental activities are implemented in line with the vision of the Chairman of the local government. How long have you been working with Eti-Osa Local government? My journey in Eti-Osa local government started when the headquarters was in Ikoyi in 1996 and by 1999 I was redeployed to Local Government service Commission and from there back to Eti-Osa when the LCDAs were created. In the service, I should have served up to twenty years. The administration of Hon. Bankole just clocked 100 days a few days ago, what impact have they made in the local government? I think at this juncture, we need to be specific and conscious of the fact that the immediate past administration was a sole administrator and they were not allowed to embark on intensive capital projects. When compared to what we have now which is a democratically elected chairman, their impact is unlimited. The chairman, Hon. Bankole is a man I know too well as a man of vision and a dogged fighter. When he got elected, he confided in me that there’s a lot to be done being an indigene of the area and on assumption of office, he prioritized the projects according to their importance and value to the community in terms of infrastructural development and access to health care services. In the last one hundred days, the chairman embarked upon massive rehabilitation of council office at Ilasan to make the environment more condusive for staff and he intends to extend same to Ikota with a view to make the staff more productive. What has been the most challenging experience you’ve had? Every experience has its unique challenges but my training has made me to see challenges as stepping stone to the next level. My upbringing plays a very big role in this regard as my dad exposed us early to life

challenges. In attaining this position, to be sincere with you, I’ve prepared myself right from the onset so; the position doesn’t come with any challenges. The experience in the civil service has been very fulfilling and rewarding for me in terms of the diverse experience garnered over the years. What are the critical factors of building a sustainable local government system? I believe that the critical factor for building a sustainable local government system is funding. You’ll agree with me that the local government is the closest to the people and the impact of whatever they do is immediately felt by the people. For example, when the local governments were receiving their allocation directly from the Federal government, they did excellently well. Those were the era when local governments were procuring tractors, pay loaders and compactors for the benefit of their people. If the local government is adequately funded, their impact will be generally seen. If funding is a big challenge, what is the council doing to increase its IGR? Thank you so much for this question. When we discovered that some of the estate associations collect government revenue

and use it to the whims and caprices, we took it up with them and they had no option than to stop. Ironically, the residents also find it difficult to pay especially the Radio/ Television rate. We embarked on massive sensitization to explain to them the importance of paying their levies and rates as that is part of the money the local government will use in providing infrastructure in their neighborhood. We intend to increase the revenue base of the local government to help us in the diverse infrastructural development we want to embark upon. Do you agree with the assertion that Lagos is a land of opportunities? There is no doubt to the veracity of that assertion as that is the singular reason why every businessman wants to be in Lagos. The reason for this is not farfetched in that the infrastructures that will aid enterprise development are in Lagos. The advantage Lagos has over all the other states is that at the return of civilian rule, Lagos state was blessed with a man of great character who prepared the Lagos slate development master plan which has made it easier for subsequent governments to record success easily. Would you say the full potentials of EtiOsa have been maximized? To be sincere with you, the full potentials of Eti-Osa have not been fully maximized. Having said that, Eti-Osa is not where it ought to be but certainly we are not where we used to be. If you look around Eti-osa you’ll discover that the beaches that dot all around the council area has not been fully developed and when this is done, Eti-Osa has the potential of becoming the tourist destination in Africa. I believe that the current chairman will turn round the fortunes of the local government in his tenure.

ETI-OSA INSIDE JOURNAL is a monthly publication by Ekocity Media Company Ltd for ETI-OSA Local Government Area

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Dec., - January 2018


dent and lifelong trustee of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN), she left an indelible mark, promoting Nigerian culture through fashion and style. In May 1993, Folorunsho applied for the allocation of an oil prospecting license (OPL). The license to explore for oil on a 617,000acre block—now referred to as OPL 216— was granted to Alakija's company, Famfa Limited. The block is located approximately 220 miles south east of Lagos and 70 miles offshore of Nigeria in the Agbami Field of the central Niger Delta. In September 1996, she entered into a joint venture agreement with Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Texaco) and appointed the company as a technical adviser for the exploration of the license, transferring 40 percent of her 100 percent stake to Star Deep. Subsequently, Star Deep sold off 8 percent of its stake in OPL 216 to Petrobras, a Brazilian company.

An Entrepreneurial titan - Chief Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija


olorunso Alakija is a Nigerian businesswoman, one of the richest African women and also one of the richest black women in the world. She is a business tycoon involved in the fashion, oil and printing industries and the group Managing Director of The Rose of Sharon Group which consists of The Rose of Sharon Prints & Promotions Limited and Digital Reality Prints Limited and the Executive Vice Chairman of Famfa Oil Limited. Alakija is ranked by Forbes as the richest woman in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion. As of 2015, she is listed as the second most powerful woman in Africa after Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and the 87th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. Folorunsho was born in 1951 to the family of Chief L. A. Ogbara in Ikorodu, Lagos State. At age seven, she travelled to the United Kingdom to begin a four-year prima-

Dec., - January 2018

ry education at Dinorben School for Girls in Hafodunos Hall in Llangernyw, Wales. After returning to Nigeria, she attended Muslim High School Sagamu Ogun State, Nigeria. Afterwards, she returned abroad for her secretarial studies at Pitman's Central College, London. She also studied fashion design at the American College, London and the Central School of Fashion. Folorunsho started her career in 1974 as an executive secretary at Sijuade Enterprises, Lagos, Nigeria. She moved on to the former First National Bank of Chicago, now FinBank now acquired by FCMB (First City Monument Bank) where she worked for some years before establishing a tailoring company called Supreme Stitches. The company rose to prominence and fame within a few years, Rose of Sharon House of Fashion, became a household name. As national presi-

Philanthropic interests Folorunsho has a foundation called the Rose of Sharon Foundation that helps widows and orphans by empowering them through scholarships and business grants. Her company is also a major sponsor of the Agbami medical and engineering scholarship scheme, one of the most reliable scholarship schemes in Nigeria with over a thousand people yearly as beneficiaries. Mrs. Alakija is a fervent supporter of education in Nigeria; for example in 2014 she donated a substantial amount of money to Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Lapai, Niger State. The money was used to complete the construction of a 350 Seat Lecture Theater, which was named after her. On 1 July 2013, the federal government of Nigeria inaugurated the National Heritage Council and Endowment for the Arts and appointed Alakija as vice-chairman of the body. While inaugurating the council, Nigeria's Minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, Edem Duke, said Nigeria had identified 100 new heritage sites, which "are unique and uncommon assets that we intend to preserve and promote." He charged the council, which is headed by Igho Sanomi, to "ensure the protection and conservation of places and objects of heritage significance and the registration of such places and objects." She serves as the Chief Matron of Africa's Young Entrepreneurs and on 9 March 2016 she became the first female Chancellor of Osun State University in Nigeria. She has 5 Honorary Degree Awards from Universities in Nigeria and the United States of America. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria with Modupe Alakija her beloved husband of almost four decades, their four sons and grandchildren.

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The purpose of entrepreneurship: Why did you become an entrepreneur? By Tito Philips, Jnr. Are you really an entrepreneur; a person who takes risks to create change? Or are you just one of those multitudes who hide under the title of an ‘entrepreneur’ to make ends meet? So much Fuss about Entrepreneurship, Yet so Little Impact! Why? Because many people going about with the title of an entrepreneur are not really in it to create change (significance); they are in it to make a living (survival). And when survival is the FOCUS, then mediocrity becomes the OUTCOME. What we see are a bunch of businesses offering inferior goods and services yet charging exorbitant prices at the very expense of their stakeholders; customers, employees, suppliers and society in general. Their singular focus is on what they will get (profit) rather than on what they will give (value). If you’re in business or your reason for starting a business is to make a living (survive), I suggest you re-evaluate your options and go back to the drawing board again. Going into business simply because you want to make money (profit) is far too much a price to pay as an entrepreneur. I mean isn’t that what employees do; working nine-to-five in order to make ends meet? Why in the world would you choose to become an entrepreneur (be your own BOSS) just because you want to make a living when there is already a far more easy alternative for that –employment. If you are so much in need of money in order to make a living (survive), please go get a job and stop wasting your precious time posing as an entrepreneur! Entrepreneurship is beyond survival Survival (making a living) is not the goal of entrepreneurship but rather significance (making a difference). You would greatly be doing yourself a disservice if you became an entrepreneur simply to make ends meet.

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You are only short-changing yourself on the long run because entrepreneurship demands more work from you than an average nine-to-five job ever would. Entrepreneurship is not the ideal choice for those who simply want to get by in life (survive); entrepreneurship is the ideal choice for those who want to live life according to their own terms and therefore will demand more from life in order to get what they really want (significance). Entrepreneurship is not for those who take what they are given in life and in self pity call it their fate, NO! Entrepreneurship is for those who take what they are given in life and rather than accept it as their fate, go all out using what they have been given to get what they really want. Entrepreneurship is about using your life to do what you really love and truly care about – passion. It’s not about submitting to the status quo (enjoying comfort); it’s about challenging the status quo (creating change). A true entrepreneur at their very core is a renegade; someone who is bent on creating change even though it means going against the norm. Does this sound like you?

following a process (input mentality). The simple truth is; Money is the reward (product) NOT the goal (purpose) of entrepreneurship! Entrepreneurship is much more than making money. It is a calling. And like every other calling, it’s people-centered. It’s never about you, it’s all about others. It’s a calling to serve; it’s not about what you can accumulate (money/profit), it’s about what you can contribute (service/value).

The Purpose of Entrepreneurship - Now I know you will be having a tough time swallowing all these hard stuff and probably wondering what the heck is he talking about? Saying to yourself; “shouldn’t we as entrepreneurs make a living or what?” Or put in another way; “shouldn’t we make money our goal, for crying out loud isn’t that why we are in business?” And here in lies the very reason why most entrepreneurs fail in business. Focusing primarily on the end (output mentality) thinking only about the profit that is to be made forgetting that the end will only come as a result of diligence and commitment in the beginning backed with an unwavering discipline and persistence in

Here’s the deal; in all my humbling experience both as an entrepreneur and a business development consultant, I came to this singular conclusion; that an entrepreneur is simply a problem solver, no more, no less. This definition is owed to the fact that entrepreneurs are nothing if they are not meeting the needs of a particular group of people, known as the customers or target market as the case may be. Without these people, an entrepreneur would never have considered starting a business in the first place.

Why do I say this? A calling is a strong urge to follow a particular career or do a particular type of work. The emphasis here is on the word ‘follow’ and to follow means to come after somebody or something. Meaning; you being an entrepreneur cannot choose yourself. You are chosen. Entrepreneurship is not something you suddenly choose to do or pursue. It is something you are called to do – a pathway you are called to follow. In other words, you are not the ‘doer’; you are only an instrument. It’s not about accumulation; it’s about contribution. I know all these sounds a little strange, so I am going to explain further.


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An Icon in the entertainment industry - DJ Bobbi With over 15 years’ experience churning out excellent services in the entertainment industry; DJ Bobbi has become a house hold name and one of Nigeria’s foremost DJ’s and an icon in the industry. He constantly strives towards ensuring that his last work is better than his previous. In this interview, he spoke on the prospects and challenges of the industry. Excerpts paid employment to concentrate on building my passion. Is there any individual you can link your success to? Don’t be deceived, success actually comes from God. I am an ambassador of His Grace. But beyond that, there are a few individual that really inspired me. The like of DJ Tade, Mixmaster T was an inspiration in the early days. In a war zone, there’s always a captain, DJ Jimmy Jatt is the captain in this industry.

What influenced your choice of career? My name is DJ Bobbi, the party machine, the one and only star boss that can be seen on television and can be heard on radio. I’ve been a DJ for over two decades but professionally, I’ve been around for 15 years. When the interest to become a DJ came, there was no access to internet where you can access materials and contents with which to sharpen our skills to make it better. The truth is that whatever one decides to do, passion is very important to success. It was passion that led me into the industry despite the obvious lapses. I started early to understudy great people that have chosen and succeeded through this career path. That was how I started honing the skills gradually and over time, I developed competence and skills in my chosen profession.

aid of technology.

What has changed from the time you started and now? To be sincere with you, every old school DJ will tell you that it is more technical to handle a turn table unlike now that technology has taken off some technicalities in the conventional way of mixing music. The difference is that the old school DJs are more technical than what is obtainable now as a budding DJ can start performing with the

How true is the assertion that you are the first to start video DJ? I can say without fear of contradiction that I am the first video DJ in Nigeria. I did not invent it but I was lucky enough to be one of the DJs in the whole of Africa to bring it home. I’ve been doing video mixes for like ten years. It wasn’t an easy task but we are good to go. I can comfortably say that my season started like six years ago when I left

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How competitive is the industry? The industry is highly competitive. The truth is that the way you package your business goes a long way to determine how successful you can be. Most of us that started way back will testify to the fact that we didn’t have funds to invest in equipment. What you find these days is that children of the high and mighty have gone into the business and this has really helped the growth and development of the industry. We end up becoming challenged because we have the technical know-how with less capital to purchase equipment. We started getting noticed when our competence was spotted. To be frank with you, the industry is highly competitive.

How do you maintain a work/life balance? There’s this African saying that the man is the head of the home while the woman is the neck. So without a neck, the head is nothing. My wife has been the one keeping me as she is like a watchdog for me. She equally inspires me by making sure that the light doesn’t go dim. She is my teacher and everything. She is also into entertainment, so she understands what entertainment entails. Is it being heard on radio that makes a successful DJ? The truth is that there’s always this understanding of star power. Success goes beyond being on radio in the entertainment industry, as your attributes will define you as a star. With that come power, huge fan base, endorsements and collaborations. Believe me; I got into radio, not because I’m the best but the effort that has been put in my brand over the years. I have equally been on sound city doing video mix for close to six years. All lovers of music will attest to the level of hard work and effort that has been put into this brand. How acceptable is Parka parka dem? “Parka Parka Dem” is an upbeat club popping, super charged electronic reggae dance hall which super-cedes all anticipation, on this smash hit is Mytee Lyon, an international act under WOW global Productions Glasgow- Scotland. Parka dem is globally acceptable because it has no barrier in terms of language and the rest. Is there any regulatory framework for DJs? I belong to DJ Association of Nigeria. The association is very effective and we are Dec., - January 2018


beginning to gain momentum as we take every activity one at a time. We had an understanding with COSSON very recently for all professional videos and it is very fulfilling. I thank God for the association as it has helped us to streamline our activities. The truth is that it is the DJ’s that makes the hit music, because without the DJ spinning your songs, how will it be heard for God’s sake. The artists owe us a whole lot of loyalty which is part of what COSSON is trying to do for the industry. What drives you? The truth about what I do is that I’m very much fulfilled towing this career path. In terms of driving force, I’m being driven by positive influences including societal, people and good music. How do you relax? I must tell you that I don’t joke with my family especially my children. Even when I have very tight schedule, I know when to retire and make time for my family. Assessment of the entertainment industry: I must confess to you that the entertainment industry in Nigeria is a multi-billion Naira goldmine if properly harnessed. It has grown to the level that we can comfortably compete with the Telecoms and Oil industry in Nigeria. When I hear people complain of recession, the truth is that, ‘money no dey, money no dey, people still dey do party’. I think that the entertainment industry is not affected by the recession as I’ve gone on several tours in this recession.

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Building a globally respected beauty company of African origin -Tara Durotoye


ara Durotoye is a pioneer in the bridal makeup profession in Nigeria and a woman of many firsts, including creating the first bridal directory as well as establishing the first make up school in Nigeria. Today, Tara has over 3,000 reps spread across Nigeria and 14 stores to her name and she is steadfastly dedicated to realising her vision of building a globally respected beauty company of African origin. Tara remains an inspirational role-model and mentor to make-up artists and aspiring beauty business owners across Africa. Tara Fela-Durotoye is the Managing Director and Creative Director of House of Tara International, a Nigerian makeup company. The organisation has grown from a small make-up business started as an undergraduate in the Faculty of Law, Lagos State University in 1998 into a franchise enterprise with three main lines of business: the Make-up Studio, the Makeup School and the Tara product line comprising beauty products and professional make-up kits. In 2000, she facilitated the first-ever series of bridal seminars, drawing for the first time in Nigeria celebrated professionals in the bridal industry to speak to brides and also launched the Tara product line, comprising a range of professional tool kits (such as make-up boxes, brushes and purses) for make-up artists and a wide range of makeup products including eye shadows, eye liner, lip gloss, foundation and powders. House of Tara today has franchises spread across Nigeria (branches in Lagos, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt and Abuja) and with emerging footprints on the West African coast in Benin, Ghana and Senegal. Tara was also the brain behind the 2014 Makeup in Nigeria Conference (MINC), the first ever gathering of makeup professionals in Nigeria. She is a graduate of the prestigious Stanford SEED Transformation Programme and this has aided her work as a mentor for thousands of young women across Africa and a standout entrepreneur. Recognition has not been slow in coming - in 2013, she was listed as one of 20 Young Power Women in Africa by Forbes with the World Economic Forum also naming her as a Young Global Leader. Unsurprisingly, the House of Tara, her flagship business has under her supervision won a kit full of awards including but not limited to the Right Vision Movement Award Creativity & Productivity Makeover Outlet of the year 2006, The Africa SMME Award presented in South Africa, the Entrepreneur of the Year award 2007 and the Creative Business Award of the Year, Success Digest 2008. Her life’s work has been profiled on several international platforms including New York Forum Africa (NYFA), France24, Africa 24 by Reuters, Bloomberg and CNN's African Voices, a weekly show that highlights Africa's most engaging personalities, exploring the lives and passions of people who are shaping change in Africa.

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Foreign Embassies, Consulates & High Commissions in Lagos British Deputy High Commission Lagos 11 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria + 234 (1) 277 0780, + 234 (1) 277 0781, + 234 (1) 277 0782 https://www.gov.uk/government/world/ nigeria Chinese Consulate General in Lagos Plot 161A, Idejo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria. +234 1 2715350, +234 1 2715351, +234 1 2700299 +234 1 2715583 http://lagos.china-consulate.org/ Consulate General of Italy in Lagos 12 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 8188268203 +234 1 4485696 http://www.conslagos.esteri.it/Consolato_Lagos Deputy High Commission of Canada 4 Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 2715650 +234 1 2715651 http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/ nigeria/ France Consulate in Lagos 1 Lady Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Ikoyi, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 4628484, +234 14628470, +234 1 2693427 http://www.ambafrance-ng.org/-EnglishGerman Consulate General 15 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria 00234 1 280 9966, 00234 1 280 9969 http://www.nigeria.diplo.de Greenland Consulate in Lagos 121 Louis Solomon Close, Maersk House, Victoria Island, Lagos State +234-1 262 6430 +234-1 262 6428 https://greenland.visahq.com.ng/embassy/ nigeria/ Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus 2 Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos State Nigeria 234 8128990025, 234 7098213066 http://bit.ly/2cJ2DDD Russian Embassy in Lagos 5, Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria +234-1 2612267, +234-1 2615022, +234-1 2613359 +234-1 4619994

http://bit.ly/2d6e9LQ Singapore Consulate in Lagos 81-A, Younis Bashorun Street, Off Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 8099678888, +234 1 4619088, +234 1 4610818 +234 1 4489333 http://www.mfa.gov.sg/content/mfa/overseasmission/nigeria.html Turkey Embassy in Lagos 3 Okunola Martins Close, Ikoyi, Lagos State 08036488981, 08074949503 +234 1 2693040 http://abuja.emb.mfa.gov.tr/ U.S Consular Section in Lagos 2 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria (234) 01-440-6218, (+234)-1- 460-3600, (+234)-1- 460-3400 (+234)-1-460-3717 http://nigeria.usembassy.gov/ Barbados Consulate in Lagos 38 Warehouse Road, Penthouse, Yinka Folawiyo Plaza, Apapa, Lagos State Nigeria 234 1 4700252, 234 1 5870068 Belgium Honorary Consulate 21 Boyle Street, second floor, Onikan, Lagos State, Nigeria +234 816 805 69 86, +234 903 781 10 59, +234 1 4630897 Chad Embassy in Lagos 2 Goriola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria 234 1 2612590, 234 1 2618314 Denmark Consulate in Lagos 121 Louis Solomon Close, Maersk House, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 2626430, +234 1 2626450, +234 1 2626495 +234 1 2626428 Equatorial Guinea Consulate in Lagos 7 Murtala Muhammed Drive, Ikoyi, Lagos State Nigeria 234 1 26912 11, 234 1 2616062 Gabon Embassy in Lagos 8 Norman William Street, Ikoyi, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 2684566, +234 1 2690692 Malta Consulate in Lagos 108 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria 234-1 4706009, 234-1 8793880, 234-1 4971015, 234-1 4971014 Saudi Arabia Embassy in Lagos

182, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State 234-1 2690306, 234-1 2690358, 234-1 2690101 Senegal Embassy in Lagos 14, Kofo Abayomi Road, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria +234 1 611722 Serbia Embassy in Lagos 7, Maitama Sule Street, S/W Ikoyi, Lagos State Nigeria +234-1 2690912, +234-1 2694202 +234-1 2691889 Spanish Consulate in Lagos 21 Cs Kofo Abayomi Road, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 4617618, +234 1 2805488 +234 1 4617397 Sweden Consulate in Lagos 17, Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 4616000, +234 1 4616020 Syria Embassy in Lagos 25 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 2618963, +234 1 2615680 Tanzania Embassy in Lagos 8 Agoro Odiyan Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 613604, +234 1 610016 Togo Embassy in Lagos Plot 976 Oju Olobun Close, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 2617478, +234 1 2617448, +234 1 2617449 +234 1 2617994 Tunisia Embassy in Nigeria Plot 79, Younis Basorun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 2618150 Uruguay Consulate in Lagos Plot 979, Saka Jojo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 617063, +234 1 614107 +234 1 2619477 Venezuela Consulate in Lagos 35B, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 2611590 +234 1 2617350 Zambia Consulate in Lagos 18 Festival Road, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria +234 1 2690426 +234 1 2690427

Please note that while every effort is made to ensure that the information contained here is correct and up-to-date, it is inevitable that changes could be made by the Foreign Missions as regards their physical address, postal address, phone numbers, email address, website and other information. We strongly advise that you check up these details further before proceeding. Also note that some Foreign Missions may have more than one office across more than one city in the country and others could have an independent partner agency for collection/submission and/or return of applicants’ documents.

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Courage And Determination Are Essential Ingredients For Entrepreneurial Success - Adewale Adeowo With a degree in Business Management from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Mr. Adewale Adeowo, the Chief Executive Officer of Adedaas Group Limited discovered long ago that his passion is in the creative interior design industry. Adedaas Group offers a comprehensive range of services including Furniture Design and Production, Interior Decoration, Paint manufacturing and Finger foods. Mr. Adeowo spoke on the Focus of a CEO in this interview with Nnamdi Nwokolo. What informed your choice of business? My interest in finger foods started while I was helping my mum in her restaurant business back in the days. Upon graduation, I took the necessary training to hone my skills. But shortly after, I got employed as the special event Manager at Coca-cola. While at Coca-cola, I established Adedaas Outdoor Catering Services & Small Chops and left it for my wife to manage. When I left Cocacola, I ventured into Furniture design and production as well as Interior decoration. In the course of running the business, I identified the need to produce quality paints to complement our interior decoration and Meridian Paints came into being. Meridian Paints & Interior is an indigenous paint manufacturing firm that produces a variety of decorative and industrial paints. How do you identify business opportunities and measure their viability? Honestly, I must tell you that all business endeavours are viable but the challenge most people have is that they want instant gratification. In our everyday lives, great opportunities stare us in the face but it takes a resolute and focused person to identify them. Even though catering is largely seen as a vocation for women, I identified the gap in the industry and was determined to bridge the gap despite the postulation. Also, with a furniture background, (as my Dad was into furniture making) when I thought of diversifying my business, Furniture and Interior Decoration came to mind. At a time when we were having issues getting quality paints for our clients, I met someone who has worked with one of the big paint manufacturing companies in Nigeria and we put resources together and here we are. People looking for opportunities should first of all look inwards and identify where their strength lies and act on it.

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How do you consistently stay on top of the competition? Quality control, good customer service, and prompt service delivery are some of the principles that really helped us to stay on top of the competition. Meridian Paints is the first quality acrylic based co-polymer emulsion paint, designed for the decoration of interior and exterior walls and ceilings including bathrooms and kitchen. In Decorative Paints, Meridian Paints & Interior has paints and paint systems for every application. We paint all types of projects and our expert painters are dedicated to providing our clients with prompt, professional and quality work. Our goal at Meridian Paints & Interior is to instill confidence in our ability to meet all your expectations so that you know you are always our number one focus. Meridian paints also has a unique coloured screeding paste that is quite durable than the cement that is conventionally used.

Did you entertain any phobia when you started? As a matter of fact, fear is inevitable when you are starting out as an entrepreneur but courage and determination makes all the difference. We have emerged very reliable among our contemporaries in the emerging market as our impact is being felt everywhere. The fundamental basis and foundation of our operations are based on principles of integrity and good customer service. Our service delivery in terms of events and outdoor catering also stands us out, we have well trained and cultured staff. So, people who want to be identified with professionalism, quality, and unique taste will always come for us.

What are your Focus/Projections for the organization? We intend to be the leading player in the Finger Foods, Furniture/Interior Design and Paint industries through the provision of innovative, high quality, and affordable services in our market niche, with a view to achieving the benchmark for all in Nigeria. My focus is to build a global brand that will stand the test of time. In the next couple of years I see this organization diversifying into other sectors of the Nigerian economy as we are open to partnerships and collaborations. Adedaas Group Limited is a quality-driven company registered in Nigeria to carry out excellent services to clients cutting across several sectors of the economy. The things we do are governed by core values and beliefs, which include integrity and customer satisfaction. The direction we are going, we intend to redefine the service level in the industries we play in, so that customers will have real value for their money. This will go a long way to define who we are and the

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Lagos Begins Advocacy On Emergency Number Usage


agos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) has commenced an advocacy campaign across the three senatorial districts of the State to sensitize residents on the importance of the emergency toll free numbers 112/767, just as the State Government expressed readiness to ensure adequate and timely response to any form of Emergency/Security incidents in any part of the State. The General Manager, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), Mr. Adesina Tiamiyu stated this recently at Alausa, stressing that the advocacy/sensitization programme is to acquaint residents with the services available after an upgrade of equipment at the toll-free emergency facility. He cited the building of the Command and Control Centre for receiving distress calls from Lagosians on Road accidents, Fire outbreaks, Collapsed Buildings, Rape, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence cases, and other forms of civil/criminal incidents to underscore the huge investment. Tiamiyu further stated that officials of the Call Centre have also been given sufficient training and orientation in line with global best practices on how to respond and attend promptly and effectively to all distress calls put kind of organisation we are trying to build. From your experience, what are the critical factors for business success in Nigeria? The factor that militates against business success especially in Nigeria is basically the lack of infrastructures. The industry is a sub sector of the economy, so whatever challenges the economy experiences will definitely affect the industry. Always, there’s need for continuous improvement for you to succeed. One step at a time, with good concept and idea, people will invest in you. God blesses every little beginning. As an individual, you need to have a persevering spirit to succeed in the Nigerian business environment. You also need to be couraDec., - January 2018

across to the Centre. While seeking for cooperation and understanding of Lagosians (especially motorists) during the roadshow, the General Manager said that the campaign will cut across the three senatorial districts with the distribution of souvenirs, handbills and other materials amongst other things. He informed that the campaign train intends to sensitize the entire public on safety and emergency issues, such as the use of the emergency toll-free numbers and necessary steps required to avoid emergencies which often leads to unnecessary loss of valuable lives and property. The General Manager, however, advised people who are in the habit of sending false messages and calls to the Emergency Call Centre or on social media, to desist from such acts to prevent panic and unnecessary tension across the State, adding that disciplinary measures would be taken against senders of such hoax calls and messages. He re-affirmed LASEMA’s readiness and commitment in the management of emergency/disaster in the State through prompt intervention and extension of its tentacles to all the nooks and crannies of the State.

geous because, challenges will definitely come. You also need to stay around people that motivate you. We appreciate everyone that has stood by us all these years. We are very grateful. What can government do differently to help the industry? The high cost of doing business in Nigeria, from generating your own power, water, security and the issue of multiple-taxation is something the government has to look into. I think the government should create an enabling environment for business to thrive, so that people will be encouraged to invest locally. There are different incentives that can be given in terms of tax holiday to

investors. What drives you? I love what I do and I derive pleasure in what I do. I have a phobia for failure. The drive is equally borne out of a passion for self reliance. I derive lot of pleasure in seeing people appreciate what I’ve done and nothing gives me pleasure than when people appreciate our offerings. I try as much as possible to maintain the highest level of quality. It is only with quality materials that you can deliver the best. I seek for the best materials to ensure and maintain a certain level of quality. We thank God for this moment and all through the years as it has not been easy to run a company successfully. www.ekocitymagazine.com | 39


I See Challenges As Opportunities To The Next Level - Femi Ajayi Femi Ajayi, the Chief Technical Director/CEO of Inspire furniture’s Limited is a passion driven professional who shared his experience in business in this interview with Nnamdi Nwokolo. What influenced your choice of business? Upon leaving high school, my elder brother who is into furniture making persuaded me into joining him to learn the trade. Before then, I had secretly admired his creativity in the trade and through that admiration, my interest to learn the trade grew. When the suggestion was made that I join him, it was like a dream come true because, I have privately developed a passion for the trade. I joined him ultimately and learnt the trade for good six years during which I went through diverse trainings that finally equipped me for where we are today. After the apprenticeship period of six years, I had my freedom and set up my own firm and to the glory of God; we are in the seventh year of our operations. What has been the most challenging experience since you started? When I set up my firm, the major challenge that stared me in the face was where to site my workshop. I had to meet omonile’s at the time for land which they promised to give, but the unfortunate scenario was that they will just take the money without allocating any land. This was part of the early challenges we encountered. The issue of startup capital is something that nearly frustrated us out of the business, but passion kept pushing me. My perseverance and the grace of God is what led us to where we are coupled with the fact that I see challenges as opportunities that will take you to the next level. For example, you cannot be promoted to the next class if you don’t pass your exams, the same way you can’t get to the next level if you don’t overcome challenges. What are the unique factors that stand your organization out? One of the factors that stand us out of the competition is a unique blend of quality, competitive pricing and excellent customer service delivery. We go out of our way to research and get the best of materials to produce high quality products at a very competitive price. We fully understand what value and satisfaction means to our customers and we have the required skills in scaling up the value chain for our diverse clientele. Our company is composed of a carefully

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our borders are getting more secured and let me also remind you that those items are contraband. Anyone who prefers importation to local manufacturing will have himself to blame in the long run. The efforts of the present administration have made it near impossible for importers of finished products to thrive and I urge them not to relent until we attain self-sufficiency in furniture production in Nigeria. We foresaw the present situation and we took a conscious effort to invest heavily in local production. It will interest you to know that everything you see in our showroom is manufactured in our factory in Nigeria.

selected blend of highly skilled and semiskilled work force that are determined to ensure effective customer satisfaction, as they are inspired to challenge the status quo, finding ingenious ways to find efficiencies and engage with the world at large. How hard is it to have a company that produces the raw materials in Nigeria? It is not very hard but the challenge is that it is capital intensive to have a company that can produce some of the raw materials locally. Funny enough, all the components needed to make the raw materials available are in abundance in Nigeria like the saw dust and wood etc. It gives me great pain that every day we get rid of thousands of kilos of saw dust that cannot be used. In some other countries, the saw dust would’ve been another source raw material and revenue as well, but they are wasted here. Is that the reason why most people prefer importation rather than local production? There is a tough change going on in Nigeria and in a short period, importers of finished products will be out of the market because

Focus/Projections: Our focus is to build our capacity to be able to export our products beyond the shores of this country after satisfying the local demand. It is going to take us time and huge capital but we are committed to generate foreign exchange by exporting our products. To be honest with you, our focus will be to serve the Nigerian market, then move to neighbouring African countries before taking the global market. Ranging from home, office, school and hotel furniture, Inspire Furnitures has developed a quality assurance policy that guarantees not only quality but durable and pocket friendly products. The uniqueness of the product makes us stand out amongst the committee of furniture makers. From your experience, what are the critical factors for building a sustainable future? The challenge with most entrepreneurs is that they are looking for instant gratification. To build a sustainable business, you must look beyond where you are at the moment and focus on the future, in terms of where you are taking the business to, in line with your vision. It is also important to imbibe the virtues of patience, strategic planning, honesty, integrity and good customer service. With these in place, the percentage of success will be very high. The direction we are going, we intend to redefine quality and the service level in the furniture industry in Nigeria, so that customers will have real value for their money.

Dec., - January 2018


Environmental factors adversely affect Entrepreneurship in Nigeria – Prince Ogunyebi Prince Steve Ogunyebi, the Managing Director of Prince code Nigeria Limited is a passionate professional that strives for perfection. He spoke on the challenges in the construction industry in Nigeria. Did you develop passion in building or was it your area of study? The truth is that I studied at the Obafemi Awolowo University under Environmental Design and Management whereas in some other universities, building is either under technology or Engineering but all these are a matter of nomenclature. The reason is that we study the same core course like the Engineers but my area of focus is on construction. I have passion for construction and that is the major reason why I majored in that area. Upon graduation from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife and completion of the compulsory National Youth Service Corps in Delta State, I was involved in the construction of cell sites for Globacom as a sub-contractor. I worked with many companies before setting up my own and to the Glory of God; we have built our reputation to a position of envy in the industry for the past fifteen years. What has been the biggest challenge of owning a construction firm? In starting up, I make bold to say that I’m one of the luckiest people around in that I basically had no challenge while starting up. The reason is not farfetched because I carefully planned my exit from paid employment. The last company I worked for really encouraged me seriously and determination and perseverance has been my watchword. The beauty of this industry is that your work goes a long way to determine your success. You don’t need to advertise yourself in this industry rather; your work will do the advertisement for you. I always have it at the back of my mind that every work I do will bring in another job. Unfortunately in Nigeria, the environment adversely affects the success of most entrepreneurs in terms of lack of access to capital, multiple taxation, security as well as infrastructures. How do you manage your projects? Project management is critical to the success of every project but the biggest challenge is managing people. I think the reason is because majority of people that work in a building site are uneducated and unskilled and they are very difficult to manage. We are able to overcome some of this chal-

Dec., - January 2018

lenge by constantly engaging the work force to share the vision of the project at hand. When they are conversant with the objectives of the project, it will be a lot easier for them to work harmoniously towards meeting the project’s target. Beyond that, I closely supervise my team diligently so that mistakes don’t occur. How many projects have you done? Princecode Nigeria Limited has done a couple of projects and if I’m to count them in terms of numbers it will be well over twenty projects ranging from residential to commercial constructions. Interestingly, most of the jobs I’ve done were through referrals. Projections for Princecode in the next five years: Princecode Nigeria Limited will definitely grow to become a household name globally by the Grace of God. There is a strategic plan to grow the company to that level and a lot of things are being put in place to propel the company to an enviable position. I believe that with hard work and the Grace of God, we will get there. The beauty of our work force is that we have a wide range of profes-

sionals including Engineers, Architects and Quantity Surveyors in our team. What’s your take on the incessant building collapse in the country? What we do is to convince my clients to follow the laid down procedures in their construction. For example, before the commencement of construction, a soil investigation needs to be done which will advice you on the type of foundation to be done. Lagos state is doing greatly in terms of making sure that building code is strictly adhered to with a view to reduce to the barest minimum the issue of building collapse. A lot of factors can be responsible for building collapse including the use of quacks in construction; non adherence to the mixing ratio as well as the issue of materials is also a key factor. Advice to budding entrepreneurs: The truth about life is that people find it very difficult to leave their comfort zone. But I always advise who cares to listen that if you don‘t dare, you can never succeed. Dedication, integrity and perseverance are the key to entrepreneurial success.

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Inspiring confidence in young people - Dr. Jude Nnanna Dr. Jude Nnanna, the Founder of GLAD Foundation and Managing Director/CEO of Jude Elswitch Limited could be described as an example of resilience, absolute doggedness and patience. Against all odds, he rose from a humble background to the peak of his career with a rare combination of diligence, rugged determination and professional expertise. Dr. Nnanna, as a vibrant and dynamic business leader has contributed immensely to the development of the engineering industry in Nigeria and founded GLAD foundation to inspire and empower young people to be useful members of the society. In this exclusive interview with Nnamdi Nwokolo, he spoke on the motive for setting up the foundation and sundry issues. of people who are better than him on the other side, so he doesn’t want them to suffer the same fate he did. The idea is to make it easier for people that when they pass out of school, they will not have the same ugly experience I had. What I have in mind on my first job experience was to gather as many experiences as possible that will enable me to be on my own and contribute to the society. Eventually, I didn’t work for more than 2 years before I set up Jude Elswitch Limited. What’s GLAD foundation all about? GLAD is an acronym for “Giving Little Assistance Daily”. The idea behind the foundation is to equip young people for the modern day work-place, business opportunities, and sharpen their entrepreneurship skills. It’s been a passion for me that at any given time and opportunity, I use it to lend a hand to somebody especially the youths. Little things we do are very important as they go a long way in inspiring confidence in someone. For example, the feather that the eagle sheds is put on the cap of royalty in some traditions. I believe that when one youth is taken off the street, you’ve succeeded in removing one potential terrorist, armed robber or militant and the bullet could hit anybody. The foundation was officially unveiled on the 26th day of September 2015 and youth empowerment and skill acquisition has been introduced into it. The idea is to share ideas with them to make them become better persons in the society

Background: I was disqualified for lack of job experience at the first job interview I attended. The white man told me they had work to do and their office is not a training school. I replied him that if every organization rejects me for lack of experience, where will I get the experience from. He then gave me the opportunity with a condition that he’ll not pay me

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which I accepted. I used the first six months to gather all the experience I needed. I gathered a lot of practical teaching materials, and then, I read a story of a man that crossed a sea on a rafter and it was so difficult but when he got to the other side; he became successful and started building a bridge across the sea. People were asking why he’s doing that, he responded that there are lots

How do you intend to deal with the challenge of funding? The major challenge is that many people will misconstrue your intentions because there are many fraudsters around. They always think that if they step in and do something, you may take the credit or even use it for your selfish interests. To get funding is equally a challenge, but I know that when people of goodwill see the train moving, they will have no option than to lend a helping hand. We’ll start with the little we can sustain because the best way to begin is to begin. As time goes on, we can reach out to multinationals and government agencies to

Dec., - January 2018

intervene. Previous activities: I saw the opening of Jude Elswitch workshop as an avenue to help students on Industrial Training to have a practical knowledge of what they learnt. The idea is to make it easier for people that when they pass out of school, they will not have the same ugly experience I had. At a point SURE P approached us to absorb many of their trainees, although it was politicized and no money was paid to us, we absorbed them and gave them stipends. The overall initiative is to make sure that when they come out with good heads, they’ll as well turn out into good hands. When I set up, I didn’t do it for profits rather it was meant to inspire young graduates. Most people that pass through this company leave here with greater value. For example, one guy who worked with me but is now with MTN confessed that it was a Belgian man that advised him to go and work for Jude Elswitch Limited. He came, he saw and he didn’t regret it because he’s doing very well. Would you say the unveiling of the foundation has given you fulfillment? I’m not fulfilled at all. The foundation is a way of giving back to the society and the celebration of God’s faithfulness, looking at where I am coming from and where I believe He is taking me to. I’m not fulfilled because I’ve not utilized the various talents that I possess. I still strive for excellence and fulfillment. Success to me is not measured in terms of the wealth you possess, but the impact you made on the life of people. Looking at what people regard as success, they may not know the goals you’ve set for yourself and when you see the goal you set for yourself and you are far from it you will not be feeling as successful as people believe you are. I have a lot to do for myself, the society and for posterity sake. On the unique factors that stand your organisation out: There is a personal thing attached to the brand. The passion to impact on our clients stands us out. We try to develop a relationship with our clients; we have a continuing relationship with them. We make our clients develop trust and have faith in our offering. Jude Elswitch Limited is a quality-driven company registered in Nigeria to carry out excellent services to clients in engineering fields. We have successfully completed and delivered many challenging projects, and thus the skills, competence, experience of management and staff have been recognized and commended by many of our clients. Our management consists of accomplished Mechanical/Electrical engineering professionals and administrators, with direct knowledge of industry, extensive research experience and unique administrative skills.

Dec., - January 2018

Advice for young people: Look inwards and start with what you have. Sincerely speaking, as long as you have the eagerness to do something and there’s nothing for you to do, nature will start bringing things you’ll do. For example, one of the youths I mentor will come down early in the morning and wash people’s cars. A bank executive whose car was among the ones he washed was always wondering who must have washed his car. He asked around and nobody was able to tell him who did it, on several occasions, he’ll find his car washed without knowing who is responsible. One day, he came down around 5am and his car has been washed, he looked around and he saw somebody washing another car, he approached him and the guy accepted responsibility. The young guy told the man that it’s been his routine to wake up 3am to study while in school, now that he has left school, he decided to volunteer the time and wash people’s cars. The man was impressed and took him to his boss who gave him auto-

matic employment. When you show willingness to do something, nature will automatically bring something for you to do. What are the critical factors for Business success in Nigeria? Passion is vital to the success of every enterprise. You also need to have an in-depth knowledge of the type of business you want to do. You can equally attend business schools to brush up your knowledge about the global business environment. Critical success factors are both internal and external, because to operate a business you need a lot of perseverance, resilience and determination because of the many high priority issues. Leadership especially, must be focused, visionary and passionate about achieving excellence. The quality of human resource is also a key competitive advantage and for us, we only engage the best people and I’m blessed to be supported by an excellent team.

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Blenco Open New Ultra-Modern Shopping Outlet in Sangotedo, Ajah, Lagos The uniqueness of the mall is the ampu parking space which can take up to 100 vehicles without obstruction on another and apart from shopping experience this mall will also help in reducing employment deficit as many people will be gainfully employ to work with blenco directly or indirectly to support day to day activities of the mall


on. Rauf Olufunmi, Chairman, ETI-OSA EAST LCDA Commissioned the New Blenco Mall, Sangotedo Blenco Super Market, one of the fastest growing shopping mall located across Lagos metropolis, today 14th day of October, 2017 added another milestone as it opens its newly built ultra -modern shopping mall at km 25 Lekki/Epe Express Way, Olokonla Ajah, Lagos. The opening ceremony was well attended by dignitaries including the Executive Chairman of ETI-OSA EAST LCDA , ETI-OSA L.G.A. Hon. Rafiu Olufunmi and Hon. Saheed Bankole respectively as well as the Newly Elected member of Lagos House of Assembly Hon. Noheem; Member representing ETI-OSA in the Federal House of Rep, MD of Kaz Oil and so many others. The mall was officially opened by Hon. Rauf Olufunmi, Chairman of ETI-OSA East accompanied by his counterpart Hon. Saheed Bankole of ETI-OSA L.G.A. The MD of Blenco Mr. Blessing Anthony Agedo took all the dignitaries and attendees round the facility which include the 100 KVA Solar Power plant, the bakery section, the Village Market section and all the other sections within the mall. Mr. Blessing Anthony Agedo during an interview with Ekocity media expressed his happiness and told us how he started the business with just N 80,000 naira in 1999 and what

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God has done in the life of the business till date. Blenco Super market has five outlets in different locations in Lagos, Ikorodu, Akowonjo, Badore, Ajah and now Sangotedo. Hon. Olufunmi and Hon Saheed bankole expressed their gratitude for this gesture from blenco and assured blenco of their full support in terms of providing enabling environment for business growth and security, "as we all know, this mall will help the populace within Olokonla, Sangotedo and Abraham Adesanya to have access to competitive home needs and make their shopping experience less stressful" The uniqueness of the mall is the ample parking space which can take up to 100 vehicles without obstruction and apart from shopping experience this mall will also help in reducing unemployment as many people will be gainfully employed to work with blenco directly or indirectly to support day to day activities of the mall. Finally Ekocity team met with the man behind the construction of the Magnificent Mall, the MD of Prince-code Venture Nig Ltd Engineer Steve Ogunyebi and Mr. Busayo Jegede MD of Almond Technologies who designed and constructed the 100 KVA Solar Power plant to ensure uninterrupted power within the mall.

Dec., - January 2018


as we all know, this mall will help the populace within Olokonla, Sangotedo and Abraham Adesanya to have access to competitive home needs and make their shopping experience less stressful Dec., - January 2018

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Integrity and Excellent Service Delivery Are Critical To Business Success - Blessing Aghedo Young and vibrant Blessing Aghedo, the Managing Director/CEO of Blenco Supermarkets is passionate about contributing his quota to National development and Entrepreneurship in Nigeria. In the last couple of years the serial entrepreneur took the retail marketing industry by storm establishing the Blenco brand of supermarkets all over Lagos. Our editors cornered him at the opening of his new mall at Sangotedo for an interview and here are the excerpts. What informed your choice of business? I was only five years when my dad died and the upbringing of nine children was left in the hands of my mum. From that moment things became very difficult as my mum couldn’t cope with the pressure and she fell sick, the upkeep of the family fell on my young shoulders. I had to drop out of school and I decided to learn a trade to be able to take care of my siblings. I applied as an apprentice bicycle mechanic and later joined a townsman that deals on sales and services of bicycles. At what point did you join the retail marketing business? My cousin later brought me to Lagos where I diligently served Ebeano Supermarket as an apprentice. I learnt the rudiments of this line of business while serving Prince Ebeano till 1998. Prince kept his word. “He opened a branch for me to manage and render accounts. I put in my best and handled it meticulously. But a time came when the records showed loss of account because I was duped and I couldn’t let my master know. He sent me back to the village due to my failure to say what had happened. Life again appeared bleak because of that costly mistake of poor judgment on my side. However, my MD came to see me in the village and said that judging from my good record as a hard working and humble boy before the development; he would give me N80, 000 to start my own business. With that amount, I returned to Lagos the next day and that was how this journey started. How were you able to start and succeed with that meager amount? I found a small shop at No, 1 Ajala Street, Oshodi and after negotiations, we paid N75, 000 being two and half years rent. I was left with only N5, 000 to construct shelves to display goods. One day while I was waiting for a bus at Oshodi, I saw a woman was hawking toothbrush. She sold one toothbrush to somebody for N50. It occurred to me that we used to buy it for N4 or N6 then. I had N1000 on me. So I reasoned that instead of disposing of my shop I would give hawk-

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How many branches of Blenco do you have at the moment? The second branch of Blenco Supermarkets was opened at Ejigbo. Since then, my master has been helpful; when he noticed that I was growing gradually he realized that I didn’t steal his money. He prayed for me and since then he has been giving me advice. Whenever I’m confused with one or two things I just go to his house; he would sit me down and tell me how to solve the business puzzle. To the Glory of God, we have outlets in Oshodi, Akowonjo and Surulere. Today, Blenco Supermarkets have four branches in the Lekki-Ajah corridor alone and we intend to grow this brand all over the country by the Grace of God.

ing toothbrushes a try so that I could even get money to feed myself. I went to Lagos Island, bought toothbrushes and started hawking. “At the end of the first day, I made N3, 000 profits. I was like this will bring more than feeding money. If I saved N2000 every day I would have saved N60, 000 in a month and maybe under six months I’ll be able to open my shop.” After one year, Aghedo was able to save N100, 000 from hawking toothbrushes, and eventually opened the shop. From that humble beginning, I was able to grow my capital organically and here we are today. What would you say has been the secret of your success? There’s no organisation that is perfect but when people know you as a trust worthy person, they’ll go out of their way to patronize you. To build a sustainable business, you have to be patient, focused and innovative. I would say that there are many factors that will combine to guarantee business success including integrity, diligence, focus and perseverance. Integrity and excellent service delivery are critical to business success. Passion is equally critical to building a sustainable business.

What can government do differently to help enterprise development? The government should simply create the enabling environment to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship among the citizenry. The population of the country is increasing every day, so also is the population of unemployed and hungry people. Government should do things that can enhance entrepreneurship. Our school curriculum should be changed to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship among young people as the current structure is not doing any good to the youths in particular and the nation at large. You’ve achieved a lot at a relatively young age, what does success mean to you? The true definition of success isn't perceived as how much money you have in your bank account, but on how many people were you able to influence their lives positively. No one's eulogy will include how many cars they had or how big their homes were. You will be remembered based on your generosity, your kindness, the amount of people you helped in time of need. This is how you want people to remember you and share your life journey as an example to others. Success to me is not having too much money but the fulfillment of one’s purpose on earth. It has nothing to do with neither the wealth you have nor the number of houses you own, but on the number of lives you have touched positively. Dec., - January 2018

Dec., - January 2018

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Intelligence Information Sharing: Benefits of Collaboration among Security Agents in Nigeria Dr. Oyedokun Ayodeji Oyewole


ccording to J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972) a long time director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) “The most effective weapon against crime is cooperation; the efforts of all law enforcement agencies with the support and understanding of the American people.” This quote from J. Edgar Hoover is prominently displayed on a courtyard wall of the FBI Headquarters in Washington DC. The FBI has for many years recognized the value and the necessity of cooperation between law enforcement and the American people, and among the agencies that serve them. The foundation of this cooperation is mutual respect, trust and the sharing of information both within the government, and between the government and its citizens. It is the right of all citizens to be sure that their government is not only providing security to the nation as a whole, but also to each of us individually by guarding our civil rights and civil liberties. The goal of sharing of information is to prevent the activities of those who would do us harm through acts of terrorism or other crimes. Furthermore, the idea that we should have transparency in government underpins the very purpose for information sharing. We absolutely have to be balanced – certain information in our care must be protected to safeguard citizens’ privacy and civil liberties, as well as to shield sources and methods. Investigative agencies must wait until the activities of the persons under investigation reach a level of validity and clarity before the information is shared. With this sense of steadiness in security, there would be transparency of government which would allow citizens to have greater visibil-

ity into the workings of government, reduce crimes and terrorism, and help to produce a greater wealth of knowledge and societal progress. Effective crime/terrorism-related prevention, protection, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts depend on timely, accurate, and actionable information about who the enemies are, where and how they operate, how they are supported, the targets the enemies intend to attack, and the method of attack they intend to use. This information should serve as a guide for efforts to: • Rapidly identify immediate and long-term threats • Identify persons involved in crime/terrorism-related activities • Guide the implementation of information-driven and risk-based prevention, response, and consequence management efforts. Crime/Terrorism-related intelligence is derived by collecting, blending, analyzing,

and evaluating relevant information from a broad array of sources on a continual basis. There is no single source for crime/ terrorism–related information. It can come through the efforts of the intelligence community; Federal, State, tribal, and local law enforcement authorities; and other government agencies. Successful crime/counterterrorism efforts require that Federal, State, local, and private-sector entities have an effective information sharing and collaboration capability to ensure they can seamlessly collect, blend, analyze, disseminate, and use information regarding threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences in support of prevention, response, and consequence management efforts. Trust is the essential glue to make this public-private system work. Trust results when partner capabilities are understood and valued, processes are tailored to leverage these capabilities, and these processes are tested and proven valuable to all partners. TO BE CONCLUDED NEXT WEEK

Dr. Oyedokun Ayodeji Oyewole is the President/Chairman – Governing Council, Institute of Information Management (IIM) - Africa and President - Records and Information Management Awareness Foundation (RIMA Foundation), a Not-for-profit NGO. He can be contacted at: chairman@iim-africa.org

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Dec., - January 2018

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It is another end of year and your favorite medium, Ekocity magazine is bringing to you a robust end of year edition. In our usual tradition...

Ekocity Magazine Distinguished Business People of 2017  

It is another end of year and your favorite medium, Ekocity magazine is bringing to you a robust end of year edition. In our usual tradition...