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s the publisher of Ekocity Magazine, I am afforded the opportunity to tour and feature some of the area’s most interesting to us. It’s one of the best parts of my job – to take a peek inside someone’s political and business career is truly an honor. When choosing a political ICON to feature, I don’t only look at the personality and relationship that exists between us, but the leadership story behind leader from their followers. Do they have an interesting story? What’s their style? Why did they choose Politics as a career? Many factors go into selecting a content for the magazine. For this issue, I think we hit the jackpot! When looking for an ICON for our May -June edition, I reached out to a friend who found Mr. Tayo Ayinde the new chief of staff to Lagos State Government worthy to grace the front page of this edition and out of curiosity we went further to know who Mr. Tayo Ayinde is. In this edition you will also find story about Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila the Speaker of the Federal House of Representative who has really done well for the people of his Surulere constituency having served for more than 4 terms. In the entertainment angle we featured small doctor, the rising star in the music scene, who took us through his journey and his path way to stardom. All this can be found in this edition including other stories Health, Technology and Business. Also in this edition is the inauguration ceremony of Babajide Sanwolu & Hamzat, Tayo Ayinde Dinner Party and Award organized by Achievers Movement in conjunction with Ekocity Media and lastly the Dwindling Nigeria Economy. I thoroughly enjoyed getting feedback from our loyal readers. I left feeling confident to make bolder choices in people’s selection for feature in our magazine. I hope this edition gives you some inspiration as well!

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Although, he goes by the stage name “Small Doctor”, there was nothing small about the street hip hop artiste. He walked into the hotel with a certain level of confidence; it was like he owned the place and he seemed ready for whatever was to be thrown at him; which was a good thing because I wanted to have a chat with Temitopeoluwa Adekunle instead of what the artiste showed to the world. Adekunle is a private person and shows the world someone else from what I perceived and he intends to keep that way. However, from the little he let out, Temitope is the only son of his parents, both of whom have professional backgrounds-his father, an engineer and his mother, a teacher (now a proprietress). This may come as a shock to some Nigerians since there’s a certain perception around street artistes. He sees himself as an easy-going person who just wants to make ends meet and bells ring wherever he went. I wanted to know more than he was letting the world see. I knew there was more because he was careful — too careful. He played with every

question and word said to him, analysed them in his head before he replied to each one. I thought more would be discovered if we ventured into his childhood. Although he never disclosed the true reasons, he left home at the age of fourteen to ‘hustle’. The funny part was he never abandoned school; at 8 am every day, he was already in school and by 2:30 pm he was on the streets working as a bus conductor; and as for where he laid his head, the streets of Mushin, wooden planks serving as beds. I took it that if he had ever regretted his decision to leave home to live the way he did, it would be because of his mother. He never hid the fact that she was his jewel. He couldn’t even try. Temitope aka Small Doctor had never planned on being a musical artiste until he found himself in a studio in 2001. All he had done before then was singing while in the bathroom and doing house chores, and these songs were mostly within the gospel genre. He quickly made it clear that he was never a member of the choir and he grew up listening to the likes of King Sunny Ade, Lucky Dube, Beautiful Nubia, Ebenezer Obe and some others. His father was particularly fond of the EKOCITYMAGAZINE.COM.NG | 9

COVER music legend, Fela who was also a friend. Small Doctor still can’t explain how he turned out doing his style of music; he only believed that what will be, will be and that change was constant. The last part made me wonder if he ever planned on switching his genre. He claims he is close to both of his parents and loves them equally. He, however, had an album inspired by and dedicated to his mother, titled “OMO IYA TEACHER”. He opened up on how she went out of her way to keep up with him and his wellbeing after he had left home. He knew it wasn’t easy for her to see her only son leave home to live on the streets and she never failed to offer guidance and words of wisdom. Her actions increased his love and respect for the woman who birthed him. “Aiyin” was something he did after every four bars in all his songs and realizing that the people loved it, he adopted it as his signature. Inquiring, if that signature would ever disappear, he stated that he does not intend to change anything about Small Doctor; he only plans on evolving with the world. He believes in a Yoruba adage which translates to “When the world turns, you should definitely turn in that way as well”. He added that one shouldn’t be afraid of anyone leaving them and one should never leave themselves. He admitted that the sense of style might change, the mode of speaking might change; however, there will be no “Old Small Doctor” or “New Small Doctor”. Small Doctor will always be the same. He terms his style of music “Akerele Pop” because he sounds like no one else and owns his sound. He never writes any of his songs. He simply goes into a studio and works with whatever beat he is given. He is more of a freestyler and only makes corrections after. Growing up around areas that forced him to utilize whatever he saw around him to survive, he channelled this attitude into his music, using the oddest things as sources of inspiration for his music. As far as collaborations go, he hasn’t worked with a lot of artistes in while; unlike in the past when he had worked with the likes of Olamide, Mr Eazi, Patoranking EKOCITYMAGAZINE.COM.NG | 10

and s o m e others. For every collaboration he has ever done, he watches himself more than he does the other artiste(s) because Temitope (as he always views himself) wants to see how he could improve Small Doctor. Consequently, he can’t tell which artiste was the most memorable to have worked with - “all were amazing in their own ways”. I noticed while we chatted that he was a man who had little patience for unpreparedness and clumsiness; he got uncomfortable after a camera light tripped off… twice! He came off to me as someone who plans several


He sees himself as an easygoing person who just wants to make ends meet and bells ring wherever he went.

steps ahead before he embarks on any journey or project. In reply to my curiosity about his journey so far, he laughed and said, “If I tell you say the journey smooth, na set up oo”. Without revealing some of his biggest challenges, he used adages and parables to explain that his life journey, in general, had not been an easy one, still isn’t but he intends to keep pushing. Feeling blue, thanks to his mild epiphany, I was dead curious once again as to who Temitopeoluwa was and what he was all about; I wanted to know more; I needed to know more, call me amebo if you want. But then, I knew I shouldn’t push my luck. The man before me was one who did not joke with his private life and I had to respect that. The son of a teacher does not appreciate the term “up and coming artiste”. He believes that everyone is a star and it only takes a matter of seconds for a “big star” to fall. Hence, he refers to those new in the industry as “up and coming stars” and implores them to be themselves always and not compare their time process to another’s. The one artiste Small Doctor has been known to associate with on a consistent level is the Fuji legend, Pasuma Wonder. He explains that their relationship could be likened to that of a father and a son. He chimed, “Anything you think your father can do to you or for you is definitely what Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma can do to or for me. He scolds me; he makes me feel like his son; he is just generous”. He added that the nickname “Akweje Oganla” which means “young boy that walks with the youth” was given to him by his father-figure and mentor. The two had done songs together, one of which brought Small Doctor into the spotlight. Proud to be associated with the streets and equally endorsed by members of the street, he titled his first album “Street Ambassador”; in an effort to express the extreme sense of gratitude and love he has for his mother, he titled his second album “Omo Iya Teacher”; this could mean that the artiste is amongst the few who use their albums to tell their life stories, not necessarily giving us the full details, only hints. Just for records sakes, he admitted that “Iya Teacher”, off his second album, is and will most likely continue to be his favourite song compared to everything he has ever done. With his people giving us hints that their man got to go, he quickly advised that people should keep their heads up while working hard and remember that their lives are theirs to live. EC





ot everyone is cut out for the entrepreneurial life. I can’t blame those who would rather seek out the balance and safety net a 9-5 offers, than the sleepless nights and financial uncertainties that is associated with entrepreneurship. This, however, does not mean that getting the right job, or getting a job at all, is easy. There are considerations to make, all of which depends on the individual in need of said job. Some of these considerations include job title and responsibilities, the salary package, work and office location, amongst other things. Again, all of these dependon the individual.


With this agenda in mind and to make job hunting easier, here is a compilation of reputable websites and platform to help with the job search mission. It should be noted that as far job hunting is concerned, everyone should careful not to fall prey of scammers and should carry out necessary research before sharing their personal information. 1. LinkedIn This is the most popular social media network for professional. LinkedIn connects individuals and companies by letting people create their own profile and search for jobs while giving companies the opportunity to choose from a wide range of

candidates and recruit on site. Link - 2. Google for Jobs With Google for Jobs, users can type their desired position or field, and the search engine gives them a curated list of jobs that have been recently indexed. This job feature was added in 2017 by Google in a bid to enable job seekers search for positions straight through Google. Link - 3. Facebook Job Search Just in case you missed it, Facebook is on a quest to be the go-to platform for everything and they added job search feature to their platform. Employers use this feature to get recruits. It

gives everyone the advantage of learning about potential employers and employees by looking up their Facebook profiles. Link - 4. SimplyHired This is an online recruitment platform with a comprehensive search engine, locationbased job posting, and a salary estimator tool. There are mobile apps available for both Android and iOS, letting you hire or job-seek anywhere you go. Link- 5. Jobberman Tailored specifically for Nigerians job seekers, Jobberman is the most popular job sites in the country. It only requires you to sign up and then carefully peruse through over a thousand job listing. Every vacancy listed on the site comes with a short description of the job and an application procedure or contacts. Link- 6. Ng Careers This portal provides a user-friendly platform for job-seekers to connect with employers while exchanging views on different topics as well as services. Ng Careers also has regular updates of new job opportunities. Link - 7. Hot Nigerian Jobs This site is known by most Nigerian graduates. It not only contains regular job listing but also includes many government jobs listing as well as adverts from private investors. Link - 8. Joblist Nigeria This is arguably one of the most reputable job websites in Nigeria. New job opportunities are posted on this site daily and it also has a Facebook page which clearly goes to show how vast and thorough the platform is for an online job hunt. Link-






he Political genius and serial lawmaker, Hon. Olufemi Hakeem Gbajabiamila who is currently the Speaker of the Nigeria’s 9th Federal House of Representatives under the platform of the ruling party — All Progressive Congress (APC). The five-time lawmaker and legal luminary Femi Gbajabiamila is an internationally recognized and respected lawyer whose contributions to the National Assembly in both policy formulations and protection of our nascent democracy can’t be overstretched. This was especially evident during the “third term debate” when he was chairman of the 2007 movement in the House, a group largely credited for ending the “third term agenda” and machinations of the then President Obasanjo to perpetuate his stay in office. Olufemi Hakeem Gbajabiamila was born on the 25th of June 1962 into the family of Lateef and Olufunke Gbajabiamila.


By Joseph Obumneme Education: Most of Femi Gbajabiamila’s education were all In Lagos State. Gbajabiamila started his elementary education in Lagos at the Mainland Preparatory School at the age of four and proceeded to Igbobi College, Yaba, Lagos in 1973 for his secondary education and graduated around 1978. After completion of his secondary education in Nigeria, he enrolled at the King Williams College, Isle of Man, United Kingdom for his ‘A Levels’ where he graduated at the top of his class around 1980. Upon his return to Nigeria, the young Olufemi was accepted into the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria for a three-year LLB (Bachelor of Law) degree programme. He graduated with honors in 1983 and proceeded to the Nigerian Law school and was called to the Nigerian bar in 1984. To further his education, Gbajabiamila decided to go back to school, this time in the United States. He attended John Marshall Law School in Atlanta Georgia where he graduated top of his

class bagging a Juris Doctorate. Legal Career: As a vibrant young lawyer, Femi Gbajabiamila started his career with the prestigious law firm of Bentley, Edu and Co, a Lagos based law firm where he distinguished himself as a brilliant legal practitioner. As intellectually adventurous as ever, Femi stepped out on his own and established his own law firm, Femi Gbaja and Co. on Broad Street, Lagos where he was principal partner. However, after passing his Georgia bar exams in 2001 he set up a law firm in Atlanta Georgia where he practiced law until his return to Nigeria though with issue of being banned from Practice in same Georgia. Political Career: You can’t stop the sun from shining neither can you stop the rain from dropping. Gbajabiamila’s political exploits and success thus far best describes the aged trite. Gbajabiamila had always been actively involved in politics, even



in the United States where he actively participated in the election of Bill Campbell who later went on to become Mayor of the city of Atlanta. It was therefore not surprising that on his return to Nigeria Gbajabiamila situated himself in the political affairs of his constituents and recognized that they would be better served if he had a chance to represent them at the House of Representatives. This informed his decision to delve into partisan politics and offer himself up for service on the platform of the then Alliance for Democracy (AD). After a rigorous and highly competitive campaign, Gbajabiamila succeeded in ousting the incumbent member of the House of Representatives from Surulere constituency 1, and clinched his party's nomination for the seat. His party leaders recognized his true commitment to party ideals and worked with him to emerge victorious at the general elections. His first term in the House demonstrated his true passion for issues concerning his constituents and Nigeria as a whole, he worked passionately to address matters of great concern to him and quickly earned a reputation as a true and brilliant legislator. A true believer in qualitative representation, he took an active part in debates on the floor of the House and was fast recognized as one of the brilliant minds in the National Assembly. His exceptional record saw him overwhelmingly re-elected in 2007 and elected as Action Congress leader and Minority Whip of the House. By the end of his second tenure, Gbajabiamila had sponsored the highest number of Bills in the National Assembly amongst all the legislators. His exceptional records can be seen amongst his Bills and Motions in the House. Hon. Gbajabiamila has been very passionate about the Employee Rights Bill, Local content in Construction Industry Bill, Vocational Schools Bill, The Economic Stimulus Bill, Interest-Free Students Loan and Establishment of Nigeria Education Bank Bill etc. Gbajabiamila fought tirelessly on the floor of the House through motions to compel the National Assembly to recognize the newly created local governments in Lagos State. He has also successfully sponsored several far-reaching amendments to the Nigerian Constitution. In 2011, Gbajabiamila for the third term contested on the platform of his party, ACN and won. He was once again re-elected ACN leader and leader of the opposition in the House of Representatives. In the short time he has held this position, Femi Gbajabiamila revived the role of the opposition in the House and continued to maintain a tough stance against the ruling party, PDP. EKOCITYMAGAZINE.COM.NG | 16


A popular cliché amongst members of the House and particularly the ruling party was that “the fear of Gbajabiamila is the beginning of wisdom". Such a pronouncement was borne not out of fear of Gbajabiamila but out of the profound respect his colleagues accorded him. Femi Gbajabiamila is the initiator of Lagos Job Fair, the first of its kind in SouthWest Nigeria, the job fair brought employers of labor drawn from public/private sectors and job seekers under one roof. Instant employments were given to meritorious candidates who are currently excelling in NAFDAC, SMEDAN, MIKANO, Lagos Inland Revenue Service and many others. After this remarkable success some states including Oyo adopted the Gbajabiamila model. Femi Gbajabiamila was the first and only legislator to bring a motion on the floor of the House for the invocation of the doctrine of necessity, during the illness and absence of President Umar Musa Yar'adua, which led to the swearing-in of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as Acting President. Standing before us is an action prone individual who championed the call for fiscal federalism and accountability in public spending. He filed several lawsuits against the then federal government who he accused of operating an illegal excess crude oil account and spending tax payers’ money without appropriation. Gbajabiamila's struggle did not go in vain as the present administration has adopted a Treasury Single Account policy which has returned a semblance of accountability to government spending. In 2011, Gbajabiamila was nominated for a high-ranking National Award, Officer of the Federal Republic, (OFR). He surprised many Nigerians and received several acclaims when he turned down the award on the grounds that he did not deserve it and that the awards system in Nigeria was no longer achieving its original intent, to this end, Gbajabiamila put up an amendment to the National Honors Act of 1964 to make stringent guidelines for

selection of National Award nominees. Gbajabiamila thus became the third and youngest Nigerian to reject National Honours after Late Chinua Achebe and Prof. Grace Alele-Williams. In 2014, Femi Gbajabiamila as the Leader of Opposition in the House of Representatives led his colleagues into the merger that gave birth to the All Progressives Congress (APC). Under Femi's leadership of the APC caucus in the House, the party increased its numbers, earning them the majority. Upon his re-election into the House of Representatives in 2015, Gbajabiamila presented himself to his colleagues as an aspirant for the Speakership seat in the House. He narrowly lost the election to the present Speaker Yakubu Dogara in an election which Femi Gbajabiamila himself described as an act of God. Due to his wide acceptance within the party and his members, he was overwhelmingly elected Leader of the 8th House of Representatives on July 28, 2015. Femi Gbajabiamila has greatly improved on his innate leadership skills by attending various leadership courses at Stanford University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, and the world respected Said Business School. Femi's life has always been about public service and over the years he has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to this cause. His illustrious political career has provided him a platform with which he has advocated numerous causes close to his heart that he strongly believes will uplift Nigerians and the country. He has shown himself a loyal party member dedicated to party ideals that will improve the life of the average Nigerian and has reiterated over the years that this is what true leadership is about. In his acceptance speech, after being elected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, he promised that it would not be business as usual for the House as they intend to shake tables just a little. He also added that they would be introducing various reforms that would reposition the institution, while assuring that it would all be for the greater good. EC



10 SONGS THAT GETS YOU MOTIVATED FOR WORK There is an undeniable power in music, especially songs with the right kind of lyrics. Music helps with the way we view the world and the right music can make all the difference if you are trying to be productive. Here is a list of songs that can serve as perfect pick me up to get you motivated for work and accomplish your goals:



Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) — Kelly Clarkson This song helps you focus and re-evaluate your life when something(s) are not going as planned. It advises you pick yourself up, learn from the situation and come back fighting, better and stronger. “What doesn’t kill makes you makes you stronger, stand a little taller…”


Eye of the Tiger - Survivor No pump-up playlist is ever complete without this classic staple from Rocky III. This song propels you to want to do more and be more. “…went the distance, now I’m not gonna stop; just a man and his will to survive…”






Wetin We Gain — Victor AD This song motivates you to speak your dreams into reality. It is serves as a form of prayer point. “Oluwa magbegbe mi, I want all this money; I no wan take the same step wey I take last year wey no work for me”.


Survivor -Destiny’s Child This Grammy awardwinning song “writes you out of all that negativity” and pushes you to believe in yourself and your dreams. “I’m a survivor(what), I’m not gon’ give up(what); I’m not gon’ stop (what), I’m gon’ work harder(what)…”


Pump It -The Black Eyed Peas Try listening to this jam with headphones on when you are feeling down and not in the mood to do what needs to be done. It is literally one of the go-to songs for your out-ofsorts days. “…I know why they hatin’ on us (why); ‘cause that’s so fabulous (what); I’m a be real on us (c’mon); Nobody got nuttin’ on us (no)…”

Beautiful- Christina Aguilera Your focus should be on how good and beautiful you are; it shouldn’t be about what people say about you. Always remember that there is something beautiful in everyone. “I am beautiful no matter what they say, words can’t bring me down; I am beautiful in every single way; yes, words can’t bring me down…”

All I Do is Win -DJ Khaled This jam is a worldwide anthem and is still DJ Khaled’s defining statement. The song is filled with major levels of positivism. “All I do is win winwin, no matter what; got money on my mind, I can never get enough…”


Not Afraid Eminem This song encourages team work and standing for what you believe in. This single was and is still a jam. “…come take my hand come (come take my hand); we’ll walk this road together, through the storm…”

Encore — JayZ If listening to the rap god and astute businessman tick off his achievements while still giving hints on how he is going to rule the world doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what to do with you. “…back to take over the globe, now break bread; I’m in, Boeing jets, Global Express out the country but the blueberry still connect…”


Dangote - Burna Boy Why quit now when those are the top are not even close to quitting? “…who I be? Wey make I no go find money o; I no send anybody o, me I dey hustle gangan” EKOCITYMAGAZINE.COM.NG | 19




he biggest misconception entrepreneurs and start-ups have in Nigeria is thinking that a lawyer is only useful when their businessesare in trouble. It is imperative that every business, big or small, start out with a lawyer’s guidance. There are few legal structures and forms which are available to businesses; a few examples are company, sole proprietorship and partnership. Any of the forms can be applied to a business depending on how such persons intend to run such their business. If a startup wants to incorporate their business into a company, the type of company suitable for them is the private company limited by shares and it requires a minimum of two persons and a maximum of fifty persons and it also requires an authorized minimum share capital of N10,000 as seen in Section 27(2) (a) of CAMA which is an acronym for the Company and Allied


Matters Act. When an individual wants to start up a business on his/her own, he/she can adopt the sole proprietorship; if there are two or more persons involved, they can set up a partnership. Though it must be stated that, unlike in companies and sole proprietorship, partnership lacks legal capacity and partners are personally liable for the debts and liabilities of the partnership except it is a limited partnership. It is essentialthat registration or incorporation of the entity is completed within the time frame. When a company is to be incorporated, the incorporation should be completed before starting up the business. In other words, when there are more than 20 members of a partnership or association, which makes them eligible for incorporation, they must be registered within 14 days of doing business or be fined. With business names, there are situations under which a business name should be registered and

those can be found in the Company and Allied Matters Act ( C A M A ) ; h o w e v e r, when the business name needs to be registered, it must be done within 28 days of commencement of business. Proper legal advice should be sought when looking for appropriate legal structure for your startup. Another area of importance which most businesses take for granted is the payment of taxes. It is important that start-ups pay their taxes from the very beginning of the business and establish a policy of transparency and accountability. Most Nigerians like evading taxes because they see the tax money as a small amount that should be reinvested into the business for profit; evasion, however, has great legal consequences. One of the major disadvantages of evading tax payment (as at when due) is, without a stellar tax profile, it is nearly impossible to attract outside investors and even engage in businesses with certain multinational companies. Therefore, tax payment is a legal obligation and its evasion is a criminal offence. Lastly, it is important for start-ups to carry out relevant searches at the Trademarks, Patent and Design Registries, as well as search for any possible copyright infringements before starting a line of business. Start-ups should endeavour to register their own intellectual property from the beginning, in order to secure the start-up brand and ideas. It is imperative for every start-up. EC




ate Middleton once said, “We have seen that two heads are better than one when dealing with a mental health problem”. Two things to note as we illustrate the importance of support systems in maintaining a healthy mental state daily; we must recognize that our mental health is a day-to-day exercise in consistency and we can only achieve this consistency if we have a proper support system we can rely on. In most cultures it is believed that two heads are better than one, not just because there are more numbers but because there are more ideas and thus a variety of solutions. Support systems are basically the individuals closest to us, our personal network or inner circle; these include family, friends, colleagues, religious leaders or mentors. What makes this group standout isn’t just the fact that they are close to us but we also spend a chunk of our day in their company and share our victories or fears with them. In other words, this group of individuals knows and understands us better than anyone else and this makes them the first port of call when we are in tight spots. So the question then is; who’s got your back? The difference between healing from a mental health issue

and falling into a chronic state isn’t just our personal resilience but rather the support we receive in these moments. So let’s create a more vivid picture; WHO in 2017 reported that 1 in 4 individuals will go through a mental health issue during their lifetime, that leaves three individuals who could be friends or family. Now imagine those three individuals aren’t supportive and continually blame such a person for being weak as a reason for having a mental health issue; such an individual would surely fall into chronic state. On the flip side, the three individuals being knowledgeable on mental health and also the importance of adequate for the individual going through such issues would be a big boost to the recovery process as they would create a positive atmosphere with the tone of “we are with you through it all and you can beat this” giving life to the recovery. Three things define a proper support system; a listening ear, non-judgmental heart/mindset and help-seeking behaviour. A proper support system isn’t just family or friends but people who trust you enough to listen to all you have to say, about what you are going through and not judge you by jumping into conclusions of you being too weak, lazy or spoilt. A ready to listen and non-judgmental

support system is central to our maintaining a healthy mental state as we know in every situation we have individuals who have got our back in all situations and always ready to carry the burden with us rather than add to it. Finally, a support system is passionate on help-seeking behaviour; a proper support system is always seeking an improvement in the mental state of those around them. It should be noted that this isn’t done through blackmail or force but in a loving manner (if it’s a properly functioning support system there would be no need to force the person to seek help). Therefore, the onus is on the members of the support system to stay knowledgeable as they provide mental health first aid services; who would you want if you were drowning, a group of people showing concern but none can swim or a group were they all can swim and are genuinely concerned. In conclusion, the difference in your rebounding mentally from a setback is the presence of a positive and effective support system. So again I ask on the darkest of days, who has got your back? People who want the best for you or those who heap the blame on you for every issue you go through. Also remember you are someone’s support system and thus should make a deliberate effort to be a positive and effective one. EC



EMPOWERNMENT THROUGH NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS - L.E.A.R.N By Mary Igwe In the spirit of start-ups and empowerment, we decided to feature a non-profit organisation with mission to empower people in the community. The organisation, in this case, is one which have been in existence for over a decade now and was founded by Dame Emmanuella Abimbola Fashola, wife to a former governor of Lagos state. I had a chat with the Chief Operating Officer, Mrs. Ronke Oguntoyinbo. What is LEARN about? What does it stand for? LEARN means Lagos and Empowerment and Resource Network. At LEARN, what we do is basically empowerment — that is, we give scholarships to indigene students, we empower women and the youths. We also promote education; we give people an option to formal education because what we see now in Nigeria is everyone being certificate-crazy; everybody wants to get a B.Sc. an M.Sc. and, in the end, the youths are still crying, “There are no jobs”. Therefore, at LEARN, we focus on giving you an alternative, should in case you don’t get that certificate-required job. We are big on skills acquisition. We work with the question: “Do you have a skill that could sustain you EKOCITYMAGAZINE.COM.NG | 22

in this economy and beyond?” What kind of skills are taught at LEARN? In the past, we have taught phone repairs, we have taught bead making, makeup and gele; we have carried out a project called ‘Train the Trainer’ — we had taught teachers from different zones in Lagos state; we had trained them to be at par with what is international standard right now as far education is concerned. We have taught shoe making. The list goes on. We have taught so many things that can be done with your hands. With this project ‘Train the Trainer’, did these teachers come to you personally or did the body go out to source for them?Plus,

after these trainings, what happens to them? In past, we went through the Ministry of Education; they would give us teachers and we would train them. We had taught them how to use the computer, especially for teaching; we taught them upto-date skills for teaching the millennial children and not the 70’s methods they were used to. The ones we taught in Lagos state, they back into the government system to continue teaching. How did the youths you help empower get to know about LEARN? We already have a pool of children. We had started with a children’s program called ‘Easter Connect’. Easter Connect is focused on

EMPOWERNMENT children in junior schools and happens during their Easter breaks; we engage the children in educational and non-educational activities. The idea was to give them options of acquiring skills instead of staying home and just playing. Apart from learning little skills, we engage them in other activities such as going to the movies (like in 2018). Last year, we taught photography; we let them go into the neighbourhood to take pictures. Most of these kids have other siblings and friends and they tell them all about LEARN. During the summer, we see senior schoolers and school leavers who are interested (thanks to the kids from Easter Connect) and we enrol them too. We don’t just do indigene schools alone; we take on those from private schools too. Aside from ‘Easter Connect’, we put out flyers online and offline. The good thing now is, LEARN has been in existence since 2007; we are going to our 12th year now, so people have known about us for a while now. Does LEARN cater to university students too? What we have are children (students) who started with us from Primary and secondary schools; and some of these kids are in universities now — we have one in Unilag and some in UniBen. We offered scholarships to some of these children too; if they are maintaining good grades. Speaking of scholarships, we (LEARN) in partnership with some schools to help some of these children; schools like City of Knowledge School in Ijebu, Day Waterman in Abeokuta and Holy Child. We set exams for these children and once they pass that and that of the prospective school, we partner with the school — for some, LEARN pays the full school fees; some, we partner with the schools and get discounts; and for some others, the schools give full scholarships. Asides children and youths, do you also cater extensively to other people? Yes, we cater to women too. We

just finished a program “Increasing Wealth and Wellbeing for Women” commemorating International Women’s Day. What we did was to bring women who are in business together with people in the finance industry like banks and those in the health industry, in this case, a cancer awareness initiative. We had women from all walks of life who owned businesses that are not more than five years because we feel five years is the time frame for a business to either make it or break it. We had representatives from banks educate them on how to obtain loans, how they can properly manage their businesses, how they can register their businesses and obtain CAC, amongst other things. Then we had the Cancer Awareness Foundation called “CANCER AWARE” that came in to speak to them on body care — what to eat, how to take care of one’s body properly, how to check one’s body properly for early signs

are weak and where you think you need help; and then we follow up on these things. We are very big on the success of people that come to us, hence the feedback. We make sure all of it is not for naught.

of cancer, and how to make sure one is cancer free. There were some others who came in to speak with these women. We also provided follow-up avenues to enable the participants connect with the organisations and speakers.

grace, after the Easter Connect, we would be inculcating the phone repair program into whatever program we have.

How does LEARN follow up on the success stories of those it has being able to empower? For any of the program we run at LEARN, we do feedback. In this feedback, you tell us what you have gained, where you think you

Could a random person who must have heard of LEARN, walk in with the intention of joining in and learning? If yes, how do they go through this process? Yes, anyone can. Once they come into LEARN, they tell us their area of interest and get registered. I would give you an example. After we did our first phone repair program, we realized that there was a big market for it that people were not even thinking about — most are thinking about white collar jobs. People who heard about it came in December and unfortunately, we had different program running at the time. What we did was to get their phone numbers. By God’s

How long does each of these programs last? It depends. If it is a workshop, it’s usually for a day or two; if it is our summer program, it is for a month; Easter Connect is for five days. Have LEARN partnered with international bodies? So far, since my joining LEARN, we EKOCITYMAGAZINE.COM.NG | 23

have been partnering with indigene companies such as Etisalat and Indomie — they are amongst our major supporters and partners, especially with our summer programs. We also have individuals who come in to teach like makeup artists and so on. Here’s the funny thing – these individuals that come in to teach get empowered also. As they come in here to teach these people, they are brought to the limelight. At LEARN, you never know who you run into. I have had someone say to me, “Oh I came to LEARN to teach and got clients from teaching”. Somany have attested to coming into LEARN to teach and got clients from us; that way, we are empowering the students and the teachers as well. It is a win-win situation for everyone. How has working with LEARN helped you? It’s beautiful for me and quite easy because I have a nursing background which involves nurturing and teaching and, hospitality. I have met so many students here and so many women too and I have come across those that were in need and I have been able to help them. LEARN have helped increase my sense of empathy and really see what people are going through and increase my need to help and assist in whatever way I can. Do you have figures of how many people have been empowered so EKOCITYMAGAZINE.COM.NG | 24

far? Oh, my goodness! *smiling with pride* So far, we have empowered 2000 students and as for the women, I can’t give you a figure now. How do these women come into LEARN? Do they walk in here or do you go out to look for widows…? No, no. We don’t do widows. We do youths and women. What kind of women? We do women that are working; we work with women that are looking for jobs. When we are doing promotions for our upcoming programs, we go to churches, we go to mosques. Taking the last program, we did, we advertised at churches and mosques and we were able to get people from there. And then, we throw it out into the community too. How does LEARN follow up on these women they have trained? Do they start their businesses after?

We normally encourage people to go and start their own businesses. I would give you an example: Samuel. Mr. Samuel comes here during the summer to teach the children arts and crafts. He started from here. When we had our last program for women “Increasing Wealth and Wellbeing for Women”, we had two people that came in to volunteer and assist with the registration and whatever else we needed help with. They are students that are going to school through LEARN. These are people who started with us and are giving back. There are volunteers presenting helping us put together about 5000 questions we need for a program on Children day. So, I think they coming to give back shows a lot of success on their end. And that what humanity and hospitality should be about; it is not just about getting help. Once you get help and you can stand on your feet, we encourage you to keep it forward; to spread it and help others coming in. EC



The Untold Story of

Mr.Tayo Ayinde The New Chief of Staff of Lagos

Mr. Tayo Akinmade Ayinde a seasoned accountant and a security expert, who’s currently the Chief of Staff to Governor Babajide Olsusola Sanwo-Olu was born on the 24th of August, 1964 at Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos to the Akinmade Ayinde’s family , He is a Christian by religion. EKOCITYMAGAZINE.COM.NG | 26


Education: Mr. Ayinde attended St Peters’ Anglican Primary School, Alausa, Ikeja where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate and his West African School Certificate from Ogudu Grammar School, Ojota, Lagos. He was admitted into the then Anambra State Polytechnic but now Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State where he bagged Ordinary National Diploma

(OND) in Banking and Finance and Higher National Diploma (HND) in Accountancy and immediately after his HND, he did his MBA in Lagos State University, LASU. Ayinde as a lover of knowledge furthered his education at the University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management to do a short course in Strategic Thinking Approach. After he was awarded certificate in Strategic Thinking Approach , he proceeded to University of Cambridge, Judge Business School to do a short course in Business Model Innovation. Tayo Ayinde also studied Strategic Financial Analysis for Business Evaluation from Harvard Business School, Boston, USA.

Campaign Group (ICG) to lead the campaign train of Babajide Sanwo-Olu after Sanwo-Olu emerged as the flag-bearer of the Lagos State All Progressive Congress gubernatorial candidate. In his bid to ensure he delivered Gov. Sanwo-Olu in the 2019 Lagos State gubernatorial election, Mr. Tayo Ayinde visited the United Kingdom to ensure a lasting peace between the UK ICG and the Lagos APC to ensure a smooth running of the campaign in the UK. Ayinde, a prolific politician and astute campaign organiser vowed to lead the governorship campaign of Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu in Lagos to successful end and this promise he fulfilled.

CAREERS: Mr. Ayinde after his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), worked briefly with TELL Magazine as Accounting Officer in 1993 and same year, he got enrolled into State Security Services (SSS) where he worked in the accounting department of the agency. His astute performances birthed his deployment as the Chief Security Officer to the former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Tinubu from 1999 to 2007 on detailed security. However, after a stellar performance under Tinubu, he returned to service and retired in 2009 and continued with his personal development and dedicated greater part to impacting and making difference in the life’s of people around him. He was appointed as the Director General of Independent

He was appointed as the chairman of Governor SanwoOlu’s inauguration committee and having proofed worthy of been saddled with state responsibilities, was appointed as Chief of Staff by the 16h governor of the state, Gov. Sanwo-Olu on May 31, 2019. Mr. Ayinde has strong passion for security development and believes in empowerment and in the opportunity of prosperity for all. He is involved in many charities and initiatives to help the poor and the sick. He is also dedicated to helping young people for whom he strives to be a model. His main aim in life can be summarised as working hard to be considered by others as a life giving and a God sent to many, especially the less privileged. EC


Photos of the COS Swearing

Photos of the COS Swearing


Photos of the COS Swearing


Photos of the COS Swearing



The State of the Nigerian Economy: The Poverty Of the world.


nother election cycle has come and gone; this also means another economic cycle is here and it will span for four years. Whether it will be favorable or unfavorable to Nigerians and foreign investors alike, we do not know. All we can do right now is predict, forecast, converse and argue about what might be. Considering this, we have decided to take a critical look at the state of the Nigerian economy and proffer solutions. How is a land with so many resources ranked as the poverty capital of world? Nigeria is blessed with 84 million hectares of Arable land, 34 solid minerals and also has


By Kashiraahdemi Maigadi the 9th largest gas reserve. Nigeria is estimated to have a population of about 180 million people. Even with these natural blessings, one cannot seem to comprehend how we have fallen short of the success ladder as a nation. Nigeria, our great nation is yet to tap into its full potential and capacity. We have settled for mediocre means of maximizing wealth, ranging from cyber-crimes (Yahoo yahoo), spiritism (money ritual) and fraudulent activities. The reason for these setbacks isn’tfarfetched and corruption seems to be our theme song and national anthem. O great Nigeria! When are we going to realize how close we are to experiencing a great depression? A new report by The World Poverty

Clock shows Nigeria has overtaken India as the country with the most extreme poor people in the world. India has a population seven times larger than Nigeria’s. The struggle to lift more citizens out of extreme poverty is an indictment on successive Nigerian governments which have mismanaged the country’s vast oil riches through incompetence and corruption. The 86.9 million Nigerians now living in extreme poverty represents nearly 50% of its estimated 180 million population. As Nigeria faces a major population boom, it will become the world’s third largest country by 2050—it’s a problem will likely worsen. But having large swathes of people still living in


extreme poverty is an Africa-wide problem.

How did we get here as a Nation?

This isn’t far fetched from the fact that Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. According to a report in 2015, for every 1 naira of government expenditure 60 kobo is lost to corruption. The term “Corruption” is now a life style embraced by private citizens and government workers. Leaders now see political offices as a mean of wealth enrichment, rather than serving the people that placed them in public trust. “There is nothing wrong with the African mind, but there is definitely something wrong with the African mind set” A major setback is our overdependence on the oil sector. Nigeria far back to the 1970s, had its major revenue from Agriculture which gave life to the economy as whole. The discovery of oil led to its neglect. The fallen prices in the oil market has added to crippling the economy, having a reaping effect on its populace. Economic Overview According to the Nigerian Bureau of statistics, In the first and second quarters of 2018, real GDP grew by 2.04% and 1.46% respectively, building on the growth recorded in 2017 which stood at 0.81%. When compared with the corresponding quarters of 2017, real GDP growth rate increased by 3.09% points and 0.68% points in Q1 and Q2 2018 respectively. - Real Household Consumption Expenditure in the first quarter of 2018, declined by 0.25% but grew 0.78% year on year in Q2 2018. Government Consumption Expenditures which had generally recorded negative year on year

growth rates in 2017, grew by 13.83% in the first quarter, and 33.71% in second quarter of 2018. Still on these recorded growths, its impact on the Nigerian people hasn’t been felt as poverty index and crime rate are ever increasing. - Similarly, Net Exports grew in real terms in the first quarter of 2018 at 7.23% but declined 8.30% in Q2 2018 year on year. The growth recorded in the first quarter of 2018 was an improvement when compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous year (9.46%). However, the reverse was the case in Q2, as the growth rate in the second quarter of 2018 slowed by 8.30% compared to Q2 2017 (18.26%). Furthermore, Nigeria is not identified as amongst the fastest growing economy in subSahara Africa.

Our Debt Profile.

The Debt Management Office (DMO) had pegged Nigeria’s total debt at N22.43 trillion as at September 2018, an increase of 85.06 per cent when compared to its standing in June 2015. Similarly, the Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association, NECA, expressed fears over Nigeria’s mounting debt burden following the release of third quarter report of Debt Management Office, DMO, and 2019 budget assumptions. NECA said that figures released by DMO showed that the federal government’s domestic debt profile rose to N15.814 trillion in September 2018 from N15.629 trillion in June 2018 (1.19% increase). The association expressed fears that the figure is becoming more worrisome considering the total public debt stock, comprising external and domestic debts of the federal government, the 36 states

and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) which hit US$73.208 billion (N22.38 trillion) by June 2018. Mathematically, from what we have as our total debts every Nigerian owes #124,611 per individual (N22.43 trillion/180million people). Debt in itself isn’t a bad thing, but what the funds are used for becomes of major concern to the populace and most of the funds are mismanaged by the government. Unemployment Rate “As of Q3 2018, the calculated unemployment rate was 23.1 percent, the underemployment rate was 20.1 percent, and the combined unemployment and underemployment rate was 43.3 percent,” the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said in its report. The way forward.  Tackle issue of corruption.  Proper utilization of funds borrowed for investments.  Electing responsive and responsible leaders  Entrepreneurial programs and funding should be encouraged.  Educational system should be well improved.  Good and responsive governmental policies. Conclusion It is important as a nation we face our demons, and find permanent ways to aid an improved standard of living within the country.These facts cannot be over looked as they help aid an informed decision to its citizens. We can now assess our failures as nation and make amends where necessary. As young entrepreneurs in the nation, they must seek to make investment in sectors that need critical attention; service sector, Agricultural sector, power sector, Educational Sector and the manufacturing sector. EC



Top For5 Gadgets Any Entrepreneur By Mary Igwe


eing an entrepreneur can very daunting especially in a competitive environment such as Nigeria. One must be up on their game in creating new ideas, solving problems and keeping up with the latest trends. Afterall, that is what entrepreneurship is basically about. However, for these to work out for an entrepreneur, he or she must simplify their time and workspace for better productivity and effectiveness. Technology has taken over almost every industry, and entrepreneurs always find a need for tech irrespective of the ideas they churn or their individual industries. The basic idea behind gadgets that are been invented is to make life easier and productive for their users. Everyentrepreneur needs certain gadgets to help simplify their lives, boost creativity as well as productivity and effectiveness. With these in mind, let’s look at 5 gadgets that every entrepreneur should have:


SMART PHONE Although they can be very distracting, many smart phones are necessary for work. It helps the you stay connected to your clients and, thanks to the recent surge of phones that have functions that a laptop offers, one can now work on their phones remotely and get the same results a laptop (and a camera) would offer.


POWER BANK As an entrepreneur, you are always on your phone or tablet making things happen and interacting with your clients and community. The one thing you don’t want is running out of battery charge. Worst case scenario: imagine having an unsaved work you probably gave your all to. Now, no one likes that.

WIRELESS INTERNET DEVICE In order to connect with your community and clients, keep in touch with the latest trends in your industry and learn new skills, you need internet. Most cellular internet providers can be disappointing, hence, the need a portable wireless internet device such as a MIFI.

SMART WATCH Most people think smart watches are a waste of money. I can’t blame them. I used to think so too. These watches do more than just tell the time. That beautiful device on your wrist can help you take phone calls, keep track of your notes and reminders, set alarms and, most importantly, keep track of your heart rate and fitness. An extra advantage is the fact that it adds class to your outfit. SCANNER/PRINTER Unless you are ‘Wantpreneur’, you most likely would have important documents for banks, clients and investors that would need to be printed out or scanned. Worst case scenario: You need to printout documents for a meeting that’s in 30 minutes and you cannot find any print shop around. Owning your own printer/scanner saves you loads of hassle and you can print or scan at any time of the day or night. Here’s an extra good news: mobile printers and scanners that fit in your large handbags/man bags are now in existence. EKOCITYMAGAZINE.COM.NG | 37





Researches and surveys carried out on the last words of those who are terminally ill have shown these folks regretting one thing: Being too afraid to live and wishing they were bold enough to have lived now they are almost dead. “Being an adult is a scam”, is what a lot of young adults say now and the upcoming ones are sure to say. Adulthood is that time in your life where you get to make decisions, wrong or right, and live with them without blaming anyone else for their outcomes. Honestly, it is a heart-wrenching time of one’s life. You get new responsibilities and pressing needs and burdens which were not there before. You get disillusioned from all your dreams and passions as a carefree teenager/ child. You become a miser and understand the statements your parents made to you as a child about being economical. Being a young adult in our part of the world, most especially, is tough. The baton of meeting everyone’s needs gets handed to you and you must prove yourself worthy to both the old, young and sometimes, your


By Onyinye Ezeude mates. Meanwhile, as a teenager, you dreamt of being a pop star, a footballer, an artist (don’t let your parents hear you say this), an activist and a world-changer. The only snag is that instead of changing the world like you dreamed, the world is changing you (your priorities, habits, friends, social life). The rising cases of depression and suicide in young adults proves one thing: Most have abandoned their dreams and passions, and had let the society/realitydictate the goings of their once straight-forward life. Pursuing one’s dreams is not easy; it takes grit, sweat, tears and sometimes, blood to hit that major mark. Your dreams are your purpose-the reason you get up in the morning, the height you know you must achieve, that forceful push inside you that no one else can understand. The message is not to abandon one’s responsibilities, but to be willing to pay the price to get to the top.To make your dreams a reality requires you being crazy enough to think you can; that is the only ‘capital’ to start the business of pursuing one’s dreams. Due to the

recent globalization of the world, the internet has made things a whole lot easier for everyone. The fact that you leave for work early in the morning and come back late in the night does not make you more responsible than your friend/ neighbour who stays home all day while making the world wide web his market hub. A wise man/woman has more than one source of income; that is a must if you have a passion you are pursuing or a target you must meet before you die. Don’t always wait to start things big; the only place where things are started at the top is the cemetery. It is only a grave you dig from the surface. You need sources of income, as one who is pursuing a dream. It is the little things you do that give birth to greater things. There are three things needed to pursue one’s dreams and record success: -Connections/People/ Good Networking - Focus -The habit of never backing down There is a surge in the hermit-like existence; especially in the lives

of those who are genius and artsy (which isn’t new). It is good to not be everything; moderation is key in everything you do. You can make the best pieces available to man, but without people and/or connections to the right people, you will always be just that → an unseen and unappreciated genius. The corporate world understands the importance of networking because they have seen it yield amazing results for them and all others who bother to engage in it. Business etiquette is a major weapon they wield as companies and individuals. As one who is pursuing a dream, you need to build extroversion as a habit. You need to leave the four walls of your house and relate to people. Join social clubs, gate-crash ceremonies (don’t be a nuisance), keep your ears on the ground for the latest events in your community which those who can give your dream a boost will surely be attending. Be alert to what is going on in your community, state, and the world (you never know who you may meet-politics is a conversation-starter). Another thing you need to do is to be a master at what you do; improve on yourself daily. There are self-development books to invest in that can help you impress the right people with your actions. Research extensively on your craft and apply these researches daily. One amazing thing about life is that if you live in a hole and are the best at what you do, people will come knocking at your door nevertheless. It depends on how you want to be perceived by others, but by all means go out of your way to be a quality and not a quantity person. Doing this connects you to those who can afford what you are selling and will pay heftily for it. A rich man who likes your product and buys it, equals ten other rich men who will buy such product or service from you and so on. Let this be a change you need to make in your mindset

so you can be inducted into the club of the movers and shakers of the society. Spare no expense; do not be a miser when it comes to polishing your craft. One quality product/ service is much more valuable than a thousand valueless products. A worthwhile advice to give to anyone pursuing their dreams is not to settle for less. Mediocrity should never be seen as an option. The best and only the best is acceptable, so you need to strive for it. It requires a lot of work but it pays off for years down the line. Have a focus and stick to it. This is majorly applicable to those who are funding their dreams with their day jobs. You must meet those family responsibilities but know that living a fulfilled life involves you doing what you love. It will not be easy to have a job and pursue your dreams at the same time but there is a way when there is a will. Learn to prioritize your affairs, conserve your strength and only do gainful things that will profit your life. Never lose focus of where you are going. If your job does not give you time, have a timeframe of how long you will be at the job at which time you will save up some funds to start chasing your dreams. Rome was not built in a day. There will be discouraging events in the process of wanting to get to the top, but react to it immediately, learn from your mistakes and apply those corrections to your future trials. Your mental health is key on this journey. It is sad to see a nouveau riche in his thirties committing suicide because depression may have set in during his struggling days and he didn’t deal with it. Be open about your pains; your fears and anxieties are valid. Talk to people who care about you. One caring person by your side is more than enough. Learn to also give out love to others. Don’t abandon the ones who care about you on your way to the top. You will look for them and not see them when

you get there. I repeat, your mental health is very important. Before you get on this tasking but rewarding journey of realizing your dreams, settle it in your heart that there is no option outside of your dream; nothing else but that. I encourage you to make a habit out of reading the stories of the billionaires and business magnates of today. If they had given up, no one would know and celebrate them now. Read their stories because you want to be like them in the future. They applied principles that worked for them and can also work for you. To be like someone, you need to know what that person knows and grow beyond that person’s knowledge. One more important thing to note: you need to be social mediasavvy. Not everyone who is on social media is there to burn time. Advertising what you do on the internet gives you a wider coverage than you could ever achieve on your own. Learn to make the internet your advertising agency, market and networking contact. Remember, - Networking is key - Have a single-minded focus - Never back down - Small things birth big things - Mistakes are not full-stops, but commas There is no bulldozer more powerful than a determined soul. There is only one way to live a fulfilled life; and that is to have a dream, pursue that dream and realize that dream. You can still change the world. You are not late. You are not a failure. Everything may be working against you, but by all means put a genuine smile on your face and keep moving. Live and don’t exist. Don’t be a spectator; participate in your own life. A life well-lived is a life without regrets; make something out of your life. See you at the top!



Victory Dinner Party & Award for


Mr Tayo Ayinde

oday 8th of June 2019 mark another milestone in the life of Mr Tayo Ayinde as friends, Famiky and Well wisher gathered to celebrate with him at the victory dinner party organized by achievers movement in conjuction Ekocity Media . All attendee arrived at the Raddison Hotel Isaac John Street,Ikeja GRA to felicitate with celebrant who was recently


appointed as the chief of staff of Lagos State. Many friends and colleagues in the Political Space talk about Mr.Tayo Ayinde who they said his a man of the people ,selfless leader with an unquestionable character. The award is tagged in recognition of exemplary leadership and commitment towards Lagos state 2019 Governorship Election presented to him by Mr Abiodun Fawumi in collaboration with. Achievers

movement .Mr Tayo Ayinde gave his speech and thank everyone that was present and assure them that he will do his best to saddle the Affairs of Lagos with his Boss his Excellency Mr Babajide Sanwoolu and His Deputy Dr Obafemi Hamzat. He is full of joy as he appreciates the organizers and everyone that has contributed one way or another to his life and career most especially Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his wife. EC




Awakening a greater Lagos -Babajide Sanwoolu

very four years, Nigeria experiences a new era of governance which takes effect on the 29th of May. Although the country sworn in His Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari for a second term, the Centre of Excellence, Lagos state brought in a new captain.

At about 11am, Babajide Olushola Sanwa-Olu was sworn in as the 15th governor of Lagos state alongside his deputy, Dr. Kadiri Obafemi Hamzat by the Chief Judge of Lagos, Justice OpeyemiOke. In his inaugural speech tagged “Awakening a Greater Lagos”, Sanwa-Olu urged Lagosians to not just dream of a bigger and

better Lagos but to collectively come together to build a Lagos of everyone’s dreams. The inauguration was witnessed by top dignitaries. Amongst them were Sen. Oluremi Tinubu, Sen. GbengaAshafa, Oba of Lagos, HRH RilwanAkiolu, Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Mr. Mudashiru Obasa and some others.






Best of Morocco Discover the intoxicating fusion of cultures!

Morocco is becoming the ‘Tooth Fairy’ of destination travellers seeing for its mythical, colorful, and amazing blend of cultures. It boasts of open-air spice markets, ecstatic music festivals, amazing food, a bustling souks and towering minarets, all of which function harmoniously within the same glorious province. So how do you enjoy this amazing country to the fulles?. Here is a guide to how to explore Morrocco and all it has to offer. MAKE MOROCCO A WEEK VISIT You’ll need at least a week to explore Morocco to enjoy you stay, you need to get a travel guide company to help you plan your trips around the country. MARRAKECH YOUR FIRST STOP Marrakech boasts of Snake charmers, fortune tellers, and merchants manning stalls packed with straw bags and cloth pants. They crowd the main plaza by day, and get a transformation at night, with smoky, tantalizing food prepared by chefs, who will beckon you towards their stand, where goat head meat is being prepred and which you should graciously accept, along with bags of dried peaches and heaving plates of hot, sticky couscous. Marrakech is a tourist-haven, but EKOCITYMAGAZINE.COM.NG | 68

you can treat the city like your Moroccan training wheels: It’s your gateway to the rest of the country. The place is largely safe and welcoming. You can find comfortable accommodations in a riad, a traditional guest house and there will surely be staff nearby to help you navigate the city once you’re settled. And when you’re ready to explore further, the Coast, Desert, and mountains lie just beyond Marrakech’s borders. Plus, the city is your best bet for flights, so make it your first stop. THE RICK’S IN CASABLANCA It’s not worth basing your entire trip around. Stay a night, but not more, and see the Hassan II Mosque; it’s the only one non-Muslims can access in Morocco. Go for a drink at Rick’s, but there’s not much to do aside from that.

THE FEZ If you are passionate about history, then Fez is where you get the history of Morocco. And the food in Fez is the best you’ll get in the country.” You may lose your way easily here because of its narrow streets that wind into one another, forming an impossible maze. But however disorienting, they’re stunning and the deeper you lose yourself in their entanglement, the more fully you’ll immerse yourself in the culture. It’s worth spending at least two to three days here to allow for plenty of walking-around. Fez is made up of quaint homes in a marvelous variety of colors, offset by lines of clean laundry, hanging out to dry. You’ll visit 11th-century leather tanneries, where half-dressed men spend their days dying hides in the hot sun. And once you’ve sweated out just about all the toxins in your

body, take a day trip to the Roman ruins and take a bath in Volubiles. THE BLUE CITY Chefchaouen is referred to as the Blue City. This small town of blue-washed buildings, punctuated by throngs of colorful flora and fauna looks readymade as pictures for Instagram. But it is now a major tourist stop, famous for amazing pictures features. Chefchaouen is relatively tucked away, surrounded by the Rif Mountains, making it a major attraction for Tourists.

THE AKSHOUR’S WATERFALLS The crystal clear lakes and waterfalls, located South of the valley of Akshour can easily be reached on a short hike. It’s the perfect place to relax and cool off after a long trek through the mountains and it is populated by a few locals.

the most photographed spots in the country, and it’s not hard to see why. A visit to the towering structure is worth the trip alone. Further up the coast is the small town of Imsouane: “The sea there is beautiful, and the only people you’ll find there are backpackers.

THE MOROCCAN COAST The surf town of Taghazout is certainly equally is a tourist. Once a fishing town undergoing some changing infrastructure, the place is still beautiful to visit. Morocco also boast of smaller beach towns like the red arch on Legzira Beach in Little Sidi Ifni. It is one of

TASTE ESSAOUIRA’S SEAFOOD This small coastal town in Morocco can best be described as a bohemian city known for its art community and its fresh fish. It hosts the annual Gnaoua Festival, one of the largest world-music festivals on the planet and it hold after Ramadan. EC



Let’s go India



By Oluwatoni Amos

Classic Fried Chicken Lover’s get-togethers call for entertaining nourishments and quirky cocktails. Whether you are playing host or being the guest, you'll definitely be popular with your friends if you turn up with these fantastic treats. It's no news that Indians love spicy food. In fact, eating spicy food regularly may reduce your risk of death from cancer, heart diseases and diabetes, a new study of over 485,000 people in China claims.

For a taste of the South, try this simple yet classic fried chicken recipe. The dry rub is simple; you only need flour, black pepper, salt, and cayenne pepper for a complex and delicious taste. This recipe’s secret weapon is using buttermilk to dip the chicken in between tossing in the dry ingredients. Classic fried chicken is a perfect recipe for warm spring days, backyard barbecues, or a fun sit-down dinner with family and friends.

Ingredients 1 chicken, cut into 8 pieces 1 1/2 cups flour 1 t. ground black pepper 1 1/2 t. salt 1/2 t. cayenne pepper 1 c. buttermilk oil for frying 1. Pat the chicken dry. In a large plastic food-safe bag, combine all dry ingredients. Dredge chicken pieces two at a time inside the bag, shaking off any excess. 2. Pour buttermilk in a shallow bowl and dip the coated chicken in the buttermilk. EKOCITYMAGAZINE.COM.NG | 72

Place the chicken back in the flour mixture one more time to coat. 3. Heat oil to 350 degrees. Fry until golden brown. To test for done-ness, pierce chicken. When juices run clear, it’s ready. 4. Drain on a wire rack for 3 minutes.


FOOD FACTOR salt, pepper and thyme to make marinade. 2. Place chicken breasts in a [9x13 baking dish], then pour marinade over chicken and refrigerate for 6 hours to overnight. 3. Heat grill and cook chicken breasts for 10 minutes on each side until cooked through. 4. Cool chicken and cut diagonally into ½ inch thick slices. Ingredients • ⅓ cup lemon juice, fresh squeezed • ⅓ cup olive oil • 1 teaspoon celtic sea salt • ½ teaspoon ground black pepper • 1 ½ teaspoons fresh thyme leaves, minced • 1 pound boneless chicken breasts, halved (not butterflied)

and skins removed • 1 head Romaine lettuce, remove bottom and chiffonade leaves • 2 large carrots, grated or julienned • "Peanut" Sauce Instructions 1. In a medium bowl, whisk together lemon juice, olive oil,

Grilled Lemon Chicken

5. Place chiffonaded Romaine on a serving platter, then top with julienned carrots. 6. Place chicken over vegetables and serve with "Peanut" Sauce. Note: To make this dish candida friendly serve without "Peanut" Sauce.