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Hello! I am Ekin Türkü Onatça. I am a motivated and imaginative designer who believes design can change the world.

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EDUCATION Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture Department of Industrial Design (2015 - Ongoing)

Delft University of Technology

Erasmus Exchange Program (February - July 2019)

Ankara Atatürk Anatolian High School (2011 - 2015)


SKILLS 3D Modelling & Rendering Autodesk Fusion 360 Rhinoceros Unity Game Engine Keyshot Marmoset Toolbag

Visualisation Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Indesign

Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro Camtasia

Summer Practice in a Design Office

MEB Ders Aletleri Yapım Merkezi / 2018 Summer Practice in a Production Establishment

Middle East Technical University / 2017/2018 Elementary Workshop Practice Computer Literacy in Design


WORKSHOP & SEMINARS Design Turkey 2018 Seminars Organic Design Workshop by Design Fiction Works


Turkish - Native English - Advanced



Puppet Blank

Multimedia Projects



Puppet Blank A monthly subscription kit encouraging children from 7 to 9 share experiences through imagination

Team Members Ekin Türkü Onatça Cem Özcan Ezgi Gök Irem Bayram

in collaboration with

User Research User research is made by interviewing kids, their parents and grandparents. The information that is gathered is analyzed with an affinity diagram and important parts are identified

Interviewed with 6 kids 6 parents and 1 grandparent

Kids between 7-9 years old likes to play games they create themselves with imagination. Kids are more open to share their thoughts and experiences with family during games.

Kids tend to want/act what they usually see from their surroundings.

Ideation Mock-ups Different mock-ups for testing with children

User Trials

Two participatory workshops are conducted at Ayse Abla and MeraklÄą Kedi Schools as user test to see the interaction of kids with the product.


Puppet blank is a monthly subscription kit encouraging children to share experiences through imagination. The kit consists of two main elements; The environment board which supports the fiction and the empty puppets with their add-ons changing according to theme of the month. The theme changes each month enabling the kits sustainability. Empty puppets are personalized with add-ons by the player without any restrictions. Then, players create their stories. The kit provides a medium for both children and their parents to share their imagination, dreams and time with story-telling and role playing.

Shelly Portable seating unit and carry case for fishers at Izmir Bay

User Research

Fishers at Izmir Bay Mostly middle aged men Fishing 1-2 times in a week for 5-7 hours especially in summer and fall Generally fish to consume at home Use public transportation for going to Ä°zmir Bay Equipments can changes according to place and fish that is aimed Want their equipments to be durable and long lasting

Ideation Exploration of different form alternatives for seating unit


While carrying, seating unit covers the backpack like a shell this provides safety when using public transportation.

There is a card slot on shoulder strap of backpackfor public transportation cards.

Bag consist of three parts: Main part De-attachable Thermos bag De-attachable waist bag

Thermos bag is attached inside the large section of main bag with velcro and waist bagis attached to main bag with zipper.


Fisherman goes to Izmir Bay with public transportation for fishing.

He seperate the seating unit from the backpack and opens it.

During fishing he keeps the things he need with him inside the de-attachable waist bag. This way he reaches them easily.

When he catches a fish he puts it in thermos bag part of Shelly untill he goes home for keeping it fresh.

Relaxone A convertible comfort zone for adopted stray dogs helping them to drainage overflow of emotions through digging

in collaboration with Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary


Literature Research Dogs need to chew lick dig to drainage the overflow of emotions. In house environment there are products for licking and chewing but not much for digging. Adopted stray dogs experience problems related fear, anxiety and hyper attachment to owners. Finding most attractive dog bed is most difficult step.

User Research Owners prefer long lasting and easily cleanable products. Some owners stop buying some products because their dog didn’t like the one they bought. Every dog is different so owners use different products for each dog if they have more than one. Some dogs use burrowing to overcome anxiety and fear.

Ideation Sketches for form exploration


User Trial Insights Owners believe choosing dog bed as a digging place is logical because they tend to dig and prepare the place they will lay. Dogs prefer to dig flat and smooth surfaces more than fluffy surfaces. Owners think a bed without filling can be good because sometimes dogs take out the filling and it is hazardous for their health. If you try to use digging as a game dogs can get nervous when they could not find the treat and they lose their interest. Bed has to be large size since nearly all stray dogs are big dogs. A bed that dogs can entertain themselves can prevent them from messing home


Brushed cotton Canvas Duck linen fabric

Curved sides enable the cushions to create a gate when folded inside.

Brown shades are chosen for reminding soil to dogs. Fillings is not used at digging space to prevent dogs to take it out while digging. Instead quilting is used to give cushion feeling.


Normal bed option with two cushions at each side for supporting the head of dog when needed.

Dogs can dig the fabric and prepare the bed as they want before they lay down. They can also dig when they need to drainage emotions.

Relaxone also can be converted into a cave bed by folding the cushion to the back. Owners can use this option if their dog likes burrowing.

When the bed gets dirty it can be easily fold and wash at the washing machine.

Multimedia Projects Multimedia projects that are made during ID313-Interactive Multimedia Design I course

Interior Space Composition Color Palette

Horror Hospital Composition Color Palette

SAVE THE ROBOTS! Game Color Palette

Interactive Short Movie - Azra Azrail’e Karsı

Color Palette

Team Members Ekin Türkü Onatça Elifnur Öztürk

İnteraktif Film - Azra Azrail’e Karşı - Başlangıç


Profile for Ekin Türkü Onatça

Ekin Türkü Onatça - Portfolio 2020  

Hello! I am Ekin Türkü Onatça. A motivated and imaginative designer who believes design can change the world. Here you can find a selection...

Ekin Türkü Onatça - Portfolio 2020  

Hello! I am Ekin Türkü Onatça. A motivated and imaginative designer who believes design can change the world. Here you can find a selection...