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Hirosterni Xιροστeρνι

Hirosterni / Xιροστeρνι

Chania / Χανιά

Rethymno / Ρέθυμνο


More info and specifications are available on request.

Place, where Vamos brings Gavalachory to your garden


eaview village Hirosterni is a small private location that situates on a hill of the north coast of the island in east of Vamos. All area have a view to the sea and mountains. The nearest sandy beach locates 10 minute distance in Almyrida village from Hiros­ terni village. Almyrida village is a small pictresque fishing village and small resort,

which is not overcrowded in summer as it is situated in the furthest part of the bay. In addition, there is aswell as in Vamos a traditional tavernas and a shops which are also open in winter. The closest and the second largest city of Crete and the capital of the Chania peripheral unit Chania is a 20-minute and Chania airport is a 30-minute drive from village Hirosterni. The scenic town Rethymno is 35 kilometers away from the the village. The village enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with sunny dry summers and mild rainy winters. During the summer period, clear-sky weather is almost an everyday feature. The atmosphere is always warm. Thanks to the blowing winds from northern directions, as they pleasantly moderate the conditions. Intervals of sunny days are frequent during the windy and

Iraklion / Ηράκλειο

rainy winter as well. The cultural background of peripheral unit Chania is very rich, first of all due the history. Currently, there are several music groups within the district. Water sports are very popular in region and especially in the local Nautical Club of Chania. Beside watersport, there are also “Antisfairisi” club, that is specialized in tennis and table tennis and has also a significant tradition in chess. It also has to be mentioned that there is a very active climbing / mountain walking club (Greek Mountaineering Club of Chania) organi­zing weekly excursions of varying difficulty on the mountains of Crete and several other longer term missions.

More info and specifications are available on request.


The permitted building area has a PLOT: a) 4400 m2 (2 plots) b) 4200 m2 (3 plots) BUILDING PERMIT: a) 150 m2 (+ pool up to 50 m2) b) 200 m2 (+ pool up to 50 m2)

perfect location for interesting architec­ ture, landmark or logistically different zoned buildings that fullfill the aesthet­ ics and functions that may be builded in local traditional or combined with high-tech ways. Its suitable to all pur­ poses. EKE Real can support with local information of diffe­rent local building

ASKING PRICE: 260 000 EUR (+ taxes and expenses)

well preserved local folk architecture. Xerosterni, which is built around the interesting church of Christ and in whose honour a festival takes place every year on the 5th and 6th of August, is the best preserved village of all, maintaining its traditional style with many old houses. The Vamos region has beeen centu­

companies or even internationally. That

ries a important islanders culture herit­

gives a good edge in planning process.

age region and it still is. This old region

The road east of Vamos leads through a group of small villages, sur­


rounded by wonderful scenery and very

has to offer also a modern up to date medical assistance, when needed.

More info and specifications are available on request.

Gavalachori being close to Hirosterni, aswell as the views from all plots to Gavalachori is next important area be­

αύτο− “self, same” -χθων “ earth, soil”) architectural character and the natural


surroundings of the region. This is the

sides Vamos to local culture heritage. Xirosterni, as a typical small beautiful

main reason why to settle here. The big­ Chania airport

35 km

gest part of the steep, rocky coastline

and romantic village that can be found

Souda port

18 km

has preserved its natural mind-boggling

all over in Crete. It has preserved its

Rethymno port

35 km

beauty and is proposed to become a

authentic look because just a couple

Vamos village

1,8 km

protected area under the Natura 2000

of decades ago that area was pestered


24 km

Environmental Management Program.

by lack of water. That resulted in a


31 km

The traditionally preserved commu­

severe drop of population level and

Almiryda beach

6 km

nity has maintained its character more

helped maintain autochthonous (from

Kalives beach

7,8 km

than any other community in the area.

Greek αύτόχθων “indigenous”, from

More info and specifications are available on request.

VIEW: Village – Hirosterni, view on sea and mountains, panorama view on village Gavalochori

The closest beach is only a couple of


Akrotiri / Aκρωτηρίou

LOCATION: Chania / Χανιά Village Hirosterni

Vamos / Вάμος

Georgioupoli / Гεωργιούπολη

8 3

Rethymno / Ρέθυμνο

More info and specifications are available on request. More info and specifications are available on request.

kilometres away from Hirosterni village.

Xerosterni as a close to Hirosterni is

arches and wells, Roman tombs and an

One can reach it from Almyrida whereas

a right place for your home if you like

ancient olive oil factory. Many interest足

Kokkino Horio, Kefalas and Likotinara

a quiet place with history, traditions

ing walks exist around the village.

provide steep access to the beach.

and great surroundings close to town.

Xerosterni is a right place for your

The status of surrounding villages

Along with Gavalohori - old village with

as protected areas, combined with the

home if you like a quiet place with his足

an interesting history explained in the

recent request to class as a traditional

tory, traditions and great surroundings

local Folklore Museum. In overall, there

protected area, are considered to be

close to town, where you can get every足

are 14 Greek Orthodox churches in and

advantages of the region. Come and aim

thing you need.

around the village as well as Venetian

your plans in preserved Cretan village!

More info and specifications are available on request.


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