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Curtains, daylight control products and handtufted carpets and furnishing fabrics in a joint project between Almedahls, Bogesunds V채veri and Viskaform.

Viskaform, Almedahls and Bogesunds Väveri Curtains, daylight control products, handtufted carpets and furnishing fabrics for public spaces Jointly developing new, innovative textiles with designs which make real demands on both the designer and producer is the ultimate proof of professional skill and craftsmanship. Viskaform, Almedahls, Bogesunds Väveri and the designer, Lasse Skarbøvik, have joined forces in a collaboration which strengthens the Swedish textile identity and visualises textile production in Sweden. Viskaform by Ekelund Ekelund, Linneväveriet i Horred AB, is a family company which has been in the textile business since 1692. In 2013, we launched the Viskaform brand. Viskaform is a design company with the ambition to create designs which touch and inspire, drawing from the rich tradition created from the secrets of the Kingdom of Textiles. Viskaform is textile art, with a passionate belief in the strength of the image. Viskaform’s collection has been designed by Lasse Skarbøvik. Viskaform by Almedahls Almedahls was established in 1846. The Scandinavian design tradition is our most important source of inspiration, just as it always has been. At the same time, we focus on creating new designs and finding new materials, without ever losing sight of the need to care for the environment. The Almedahls Group is one of the leading textile producers in Europe. In 2014, the Viskaform by Almedahls collection will include curtains, daylight control products and handtufted carpets. Viskaform by Bogesunds Väveri Bogesunds Väveri was formed in 1934, and, today, all production takes place at our factory in Ulricehamn. Our enthusiasm for designing, producing and supplying textiles of the highest quality has by no means dimmed, and we are one of the leading producers of upholstery fabrics for public spaces. Our fabrics are found in offices, hotels and in the health and care sector, as well as in trains – both underground and overground – buses and aircraft all over the world. Viskaform by Bogesunds Väveri consists of three collections of patterned furnishing fabrics.

Viskaform by Bogesunds Väveri In collaboration with Viskaform, Lasse has developed a totally new design, an idiom which we have jointly translated into furniture fabrics. The idiom is simple and stylised, with large repeats which become stand-alone images. Inspiration is drawn from street art like graffiti – fast, direct and instant. The result is three collections with different patterns, each with its own clear identity and application. Two of the collections are in wool, and the third in washable Trevira CS. The aim is to provide something for every taste and application. Welcome to Viskaform by Bogesunds Väveri

RAIN Picture the track of a water droplet travelling down a rain-streaked summer window, and the pattern it leaves. In Rain, Lasse develops a multi-pattern, which, on closer examination, offers a wide range of exciting graphical forms from ellipses to galaxies of stars. Why not a more modern interpretation, where you see Pac Man rushing through his digital world? The colour palette ranges from strong, retroinspired colours to more gentle and harmonic combinations. In total, there are 12 colour combinations in this wool-based collection. Like Forest, it has been awarded the EU Ecolabel.













TOGETHER As a distant relative of Lasse’s basic figure Me, Together winds its way spontaneously and playfully across the fabric. Together is the perfect fabric for settings where happiness, playfulness and inspiration are the rule, not the exception. The fabric has been created in washable Trevira CS, which strengthens its appeal in areas of high wear. Together comes in nine strong colour palettes, combinations which cast a spell of creative joy and inspiration on everyone around them. As with all our model collections, Together holds the EU Ecolabel.










FOREST Large, clear, sweeping designs which easily follow the drape of the fabric. This is Forest in all its glory. Inspired by the forest, Lasse has created a pattern which reflects branches and trunks striving upwards to the crown. The size and design of the pattern creates a calm image, which is pleasant to contemplate. Forest is produced in the finest worsted, and is available in eight colour combinations. The collection has been awarded the EU Ecolabel.









Together A shape forms the next and something else. A challenge is to work in one color, so picture becomes visually strong.

Viskaform by Almedahls The “feel” is everything. That was true when Almedahls was established in 1846, and it is just as true today. We use all our experience and knowledge in everything we do. We still trust our instincts when we create our textiles. The Scandinavian design tradition is our most important source of inspiration, but, at the same time, our focus is on creating new designs. That is why our new partnership with Viskaform and Lasse Skarbøvik is so exciting. It enables us to offer architects and interior decorators designs on functional fabrics for public spaces, created with light, sound and fire safety in mind. Exceptional design makes all the difference, as Lasse Skarbøvik’s patterns prove so well. Our goal is to offer tasteful and innovative design. We know that the right fabric can transform a room. Follow our product development, and our new range of curtains, daylight control products and handtufted carpets throughout 2014. On the following pages, we present just some of the patterns which will be our inspiration in the creation of the Viskaform by Almedahls collection. Welcome to Viskaform by Almedahls

WAVES GROW Man does not control nature, yet it grows anyway. And, just like great art, it surprises us constantly. Grow is inspired by the unpredictability of nature.

Inspiration from the sea and its calming influence, even though it is always in motion. Created by Lasse Skarbøvik by the sea at Sör-Bokn in the Norwegian archipelago.



Forests offer the most complex and exciting shapes in existence, and all are different. A walk through oak woodland is often much more inspiring than visiting an art exhibition. Forest is Lasse Skarbøvik’s woodland, and a tribute to our beautiful countryside.

Inspired by Norway’s West Coast, where the rain seldom ceases. Rain brings calm and releases so many exciting scents.



Inspired by a photograph from The New Yorker magazine. The photograph accompanied an article on what’s on in New York’s culture scene. A photograph of the city, with buildings, cars, parks and trees, a living, organic cityscape.

A marriage of opposites, a gas mask on a mouse. Named during the pollen season, hence ”Allergy”.



The pattern is a homage to multiculturalism. Inspired by the tragedy on Utöya, a tribute to everyone who suffered there. We need variety in colours and designs just as much as we need variety in people and ideas.

A pattern where the image covers the full width of the fabric. The pattern comes from a large painting done by Lasse Skarbøvik. Inspired by figurative art, but formalised into simple graphical forms.

Viskaform by Ekelund Ekelund, Linneväveriet i Horred AB, is a family company which has been in the textile business since 1692. The textile factory is in the Kingdom of Textiles/Horred, beside the river Viskan, which flows from Borås to the sea at Varberg. Over the years, Ekelund has supplied monarchs, presidents and emperors. The company developed and patented the Rainbow weaving technique, which experts have described as ”the first revolution in the textile art in over 1000 years”. This invention was the winner of the ”ÅRETS TEXTIL”(textile of the year) award by the industry association, Sveriges Textil- & Modeföretag, TEKO, in 2011. Ekelund won the same award for its ”DISKDUKEN” innovation in 2009.

A new chapter... Viskaform brings us new challenges. The ambition behind Viskaform is to create designs which touch and inspire, drawing from the rich tradition created from the secrets of the Kingdom of Textiles, with a passionate belief in the strength of the image. The design reflects an inquisitive creativity which is interpreted in different ways through the eyes of the beholder. Interior design for the home. The collection contains a wide range of products, including fabric by the metre, plaids, cushions, towels and runners in 100% cotton, as well as plastic mats and trays. Welcome to Viskaform by Ekelund

Lasse Skarbøvik Born in Stavanger, Norway, but lives and works in Stockholm. Educated at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. Creates pictures and images for magazines, designs, exhibitions and ornaments. Has won several awards, both nationally (Stora Svenska illustratörpriset) and internationally. Has also received grants from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Svenska konstnärsnämnden. Contributes to American Illustration, 3×3 Annual, Print Magazine, Communication Arts, Title Magazine, Association of Illustrators Annual, Images UK, Applied Arts Illustration show, HOW Magazine, International Design Awards, Folio Award New York, Svenska Kolla and Norska Visuelt. Has held several separate exhibitions in Sweden and abroad, and has also taken part in over 20 joint exhibitions. Has also carried out a number of major commissions for murals in foyers, offices, apartment buildings and cruise ships. In recent years has exhibited in Japan, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden. The collection is based on figures. Simple, stylised figures which transform into and become abstract patterns, or patterns which become figures. Large pattern repeats which speak for themselves, and become stand-alone images. I am inspired by the idioms of street art like graffiti – fast, direct and instant.

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