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web doctor In a series of virtual health checks, our Web Doctor monitors the pulse of one company’s online offering. This month, it’s Grohe – so what’s the diagnosis?


ome websites remind me of the packaging you often get when you buy a new pair of scissors. You can see what you need to get the job done, but there is an almost insurmountable barrier in the way. Or perhaps the M25, Britain’s cheapest parking lot. Which explains why this month, two perfectly good sites did themselves no favours by putting too many clicks between the visitor and the product information. The truth is, today’s mobile consumers just don’t have the time to click. Google understands this all too well and has recently admitted that a technology it has used extensively in the past was costing it a whole bunch of potentially lucrative traffic. The culprit was something called an App Download Interstitial. It turns out that users really do not like being told to download the app when they are browsing on their mobiles. In fact, Google’s Astracast Bright jewel colours send the eye straight to the important sections Top marks The eBays and Amazons of this world have taught users how to use extensive filter systems like the one Astracast offers down the lefthand side of its product sections. The price slider is particularly user friendly Works well Click the box labelled ‘Finishes Available’ and you can see what your new tap or sink would look like. Why doesn’t everyone do this? It may be more time consuming during the photography stage, but the effort pays off Could do better I’m sorry, I really am, but it’s the blog – it’s just so hard to imagine the typical audience for it. Many brands suffer from the same dilemma. Busy mums looking for sink-cleaning tips? Trade customers who wouldn’t mind seeing your latest range? The second one is more plausible, but there are better ways to reach people, such as Twitter. Short bursts of info for busy professionals Suggestion box Carry on supporting the trade on Twitter! Attraction factor Despite the blog niggle, it‘s a cracking site HHHH

study found a whopping 69% of visitors abandoned the search engine when offered the ‘choice’ to go to the app prior to loading the screen they actually requested. They even gave up on their search altogether. Learning from its technical fail, Google ditched the app, mobile traffic increased and app installs were barely affected. Don’t put obstacles in people’s way. We don’t like it and we tend to wander off in another direction rather than persist on our intended course. We give up. There’s no giving up on Grohe’s professional and slick site. It just won’t let you. Let me give you an example. Every time you visit a site, make a mental note of the first link you click on and ask yourself: “Why?” The Doc clicked ‘For Your Kitchen’, which sits at the top of the home screen’s real estate, next to ‘For Your Bathroom’ and ‘Our Service’. That defines me as a visitor Triflow Concepts Zip Heaters Carron Phoenix

This site has the unenviable task of balancing products that have serious design credentials with being easy to use Top marks Existing customers will have no trouble finding parts for their purchases in the online shop Works well With its dark background and shining images, Triflow celebrates the products’ good looks Could do better I will never understand home-screen image carousels – those moving slideshows – that don’t link to the product featured. It’s a lost opportunity Suggestion box With contact details and warranty registration available separately in the ‘Support’ section, would a landing screen for all be a huge help for mobile users? Attraction factor The ‘Did You Know?’ ticker tapes are a nice distraction HHH

White and dark grey is punctuated by Zip’s bright red brand colourway for a fresh feeling Top marks Did you know consumers are turning to Twitter and Facebook to raise queries with brands? Zip Heaters do – there are several examples of good, swift advice being communicated in a friendly manner. Well done Zip! Works well The products dropdown menu is a great example of how to team limited text with images that tell the story in seconds Could do better Viewing the site on a mobile is not an edifying experience but the good news is the content should be easy to repurpose Suggestion box How about a big Twitter link on the technical screens? Attraction factor It has a corporate feel, but the social interactions are much more personable HHH

This clean, white-dominated site still manages to convey a sense of luxury and attention to detail Top marks There’s a ‘Find a Retailer’ link on every product screen, as well as a wishlist function. Creating an account to save and send your preferences only requires your name, email address and a password. Any more data would certainly put many mobile users off Works well There are many products within each category, but a panel on the left offers an accessible filter system, with price, style, type, finish and even flow rating Could do better Still a lot of work to do on the social networks, and there’s no link to the Twitter feed Suggestion box Try a pop-up to explain flow rating when you roll your mouse over the product screen Attraction factor Super smart HHH

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No matter how sophisticated the offering, this month’s winners have used common sense to keep visitors browsing for longer

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Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business September 2015  
Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business September 2015