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Written by E Kaufman

BLACK SCREEN CREDITS ROLL OVER RICKY (V.O.) You guys... You know what this shit means Sean. Eh? You know, this is worth, like, easy 5 bucks. And... these guys been known to fuck around. Get the 5 mil from their, come back get our share, easy as that. SYD (V.O.) Whadya’ mean they’ve been known to fuck around. RICKY You know the Bull Dog? SYD Big black guy? RICKY (beat) No. You know him he’s that Spanish guy. SYD Spanish guy... Oh that one, yeah. RICKY Apparently, the guy were getting money from did some property deal or some shit, with the Bull Dog and Bull Dog and his little puppies ended up with a bunch of .303’s in their face. 2 little puppies killed, Bull Dog was put in a wheelchair. SYD (laughing) Big Bullets for a big dog, eh? FADE IN. We see four men: SYD, RICKY, MIKE AND DUSTIN crowding around in the parking lot of some convenience store. They all are wearing thick suits, and all have .44 Magnums caressed between their pants, and their suit jacket. The only thing surrounding them is a black Ford Taurus. Other than that, it’s just a bunch of trees getting hit by the blazing Nevada sun.

2. Who are these four guys? Brothers? They are four hitmen working for SEAN J, a well-known gangster living in Los Angeles. So do the brothers. They all originate from sunny Southern California. -- Mike is a tall, skinny 36-year-old. He’s a white guy, and has a short curly head of hair. Like all of the other men, he wears a thick suit. He’s a positive guy, like one from San Francisco. He’d smile if you told him the world was ending. Then, their’s Syd, a lovable, comedic black fellow. He is some much needed comic relief, but is serious at some times. Ricky is different. He has been different ever since his wife died from a surprise heart attack two years ago. He was fun. Now he’s all work. That said, he can have a good time, but he doesn’t want to. He cares about his kid a lot, and has OCD. He never leaves a mess. Ricky has a gambling problem, which is increasingly affecting him. Then, there is Dustin. Dustin is the oldest of the guys, but is the most professional. He knows how to work just a bout every single gun manufactured and can put up a good fight. Dustin’s a cocaine addict, and it’s really messing with him. Then, Dustin pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He pops one out, reaches into his pocket and grabs a lighter. He puts the cigarette into his mouth, covers his mouth with two hands, and when the hands go down, the cigarette is light. He shuts the top and is about to put the pack back in his pocket when-SYD (CONT’D) Dustin, pass me one. Me too.


DUSTIN Idiots... (reaches) here you go... (beat) Hey, Ricky, i’m guessing you want one? No thanks.


DUSTIN The fuck’s matter with you? You-youyou’ve been staring at the horizon this entire conversation... RICKY I’m just wondering... SYD What are you wondering, buddy?

3. RICKY Why did Sean ask four of us to go? DUSTIN To be honest I was wondering the same thing... RICKY No, I mean is he sending us to our own deaths or what? MIKE It’ll be fine, brother. RICKY How do you know? Get me lottery numbers for next week while you’re at it. Jesus...


RICKY You know how I said that some of the Bull Dog’s guys were killed... Yeah.


RICKY I heard that from Sean ... Sean! DUSTIN Wait, you’re implying that Sean is sending us to get killed? RICKY I’m making an assumption. DUSTIN If he’s that draconian then why not do it himself? Why would he kill his top guys, huh? RICKY People do some fucked up shit. Dustin whips the cigarette out of his mouth. DUSTIN Yeah, crazy people do some fucked up shit! Is Sean crazy? That what you’re saying?

4. RICKY No, no, no. MIKE Yeah, you are. SYD Fucking shit’s about to go down. DUSTIN No it isn’t I'm calm. I’m chill. SYD Mike, let’s get some chocolate, they got some good fucking chocolate here. Mike runs to Syd. They walk to the convenience store. SYD (CONT’D) They got some Mars bar, some KitKat... You like Kit-Kat? You like 2 for 1, Mikey-boy? MIKE Yes, I do Syd, stop treating me so euphemistic. SYD I ain’t but these dudes about to blow each other’s fuckin’ heads off! Dustin loves Sean and... Their conversation cuts off. Dustin looks back at Ricky. RICKY Look, I don’t ‘wanna fight with you or nothing, I’m just saying, what if that’s a possibility. DUSTIN It’s not. It’s his cash... RICKY Yeah, but look-DUSTIN Look nothing, if that’s what you think, that’s what you think. RICKY --maybe he told these guys to kill one of us, or two of us who have done Sean wrong.

5. DUSTIN Rick. What’s the time? RICKY (checks watch) Uh... 3:16... DUSTIN Yeah, OK, let’s get out of here. INTERCUT: EXT. LAS VEGAS HIGHWAY - DAY The four boys, Dustin, Ricky, Syd and Mike all sit in the car. OVERHEAD SHOT of Dustin driving, Ricky sitting in the passenger’s seat, Syd sitting on the right and Mike on the left, Mike eating his chocolate bar. Then, the word “FOUR” hits the screen, and then the word “BOYS” hit the screen. The camera stops following the car and the car drives off. LS of car coming closer, and closer to the camera, and then stopping. DUSTIN What’s the time? (beat) 4:04.


DUSTIN 4:04. Let’s go. Everybody gets out of the car. We follow the four men walking side-by-side conversing. DUSTIN (CONT’D) We’re gonna be smooth. We’re gonna be quick. Fast, whatever fucking adjective is to your liking... just be good. They turn the corner. RICKY What time you say, we’ll be outta here? DUSTIN 20 minutes if we do this correctly. If we don’t some of you’ll spend the rest of your life here.

6. SYD The fuck you mean? DUSTIN Die. I mean die. LS of the four walking down the alley. SYD Goddamn, this is where Bull Dog and his guys died, ay? I feel bad, he was always a nice guy. DUSTIN Don’t be so pathos, guy was an asshole. Screwed over the wrong guys. True.


DUSTIN (points) Yellow door, boys. They walk about 2 feet from the Yellow door. But Ricky stops. He snaps-RICKY Wait, wait, wait. Everybody have their shit, their guns, ammo? DUSTIN No, let’s go. RICKY Just, wait. Ricky is very disorientated and from the looks is very nervous. DUSTIN Look, man, I know your nervous, just hang in there, chill. SYD Never thought I’d here you say that. MIKE (laughs) mean either.

7. DUSTIN Shut the fuck up, you two dumbasses. (to Ricky) It’ll be fine. Sean isn’t setting us up. He’s good. We’re good. If anybody does anything stupid we’ll unload onto ‘em, okay? RICKY Oh.. okay. Let’s do this. Dustin, this why you’re our leader, man. I love you Dust’. MIKE Really Ricky? An hour ago you were about to kick his fucking head in.. RICKY (to Mike) Yeah but it’s all clear, and to tell you the truth I was a little paranoid. SYD Let’s stop sucking each others dicks and follow the yellow brick door. Huh... Huh... You like that one Dustin, huh, don’t you? Nigga, I know you do. DUSTIN Syd, shut the fuck up! What time you got? RICKY I got 4:14. DUSTIN Yeah, let’s go. With that, Dustin knocks on the door. 10 seconds later a BLACK MAN opens the door. He is about 6’7” taller than the four guys. He stares at them, scanning their face. He then breaks the silence with-SECURITY You guys working with Sean, right? DUSTIN Yes, we are. SECURITY I love Sean, he’s the fucking greatest! Come right in, MARCUS is waiting for you.

8. INT. MARCUS’S HIDEOUT - AFTERNOON The four men enter the building. It’s dark, but we can make out a few desks, some computers, a telephone, a motivational poster. It’s obvious that the place they are in is an office, or at least was one. Then, MARCUS stands up. He’s tall, black, and like the last guy we saw, intimidating. He extends his arms in the air and yells out-MARCUS Dustin, Ricky, Syd and whatever the fuck ‘yo name is!! Get your ass over here now and give me some! The boys walk over to Marcus, and as the lighting starts to get better, we see an increase in people in the room. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 5 other guys, some white, some black fill the room. They all have their hands to their sides, staring, like it’s uniform. Syd goes up to Marcus, gives him a hug and a pat on the back. Dustin and Ricky do the same, and so does Mike, but Marcus stops in the middle of their greeting. MARCUS (CONT’D) What’s your name, boy? MIKE M-m-m... Mike, or Michael or Mikey, whatever you want. MARCUS Mikey, I like that, Mikey. Marcus lets Mike go. He stands with the three others. MARCUS (CONT’D) Take a seat, take a seat. SYD Feel like I’m getting my taxes done, or some shit. What the hell is this place? MARCUS It was an office but we got it now. SYD You’re like a pirate. MARCUS Good way of putting it. Fellas, fellas, you want a drink, a toke, what?

9. DUSTIN I’m good, so are Ricky, Syd and... Mikey. MARCUS (screams) Mikey! (calming down) God, that’s a classic name. DUSTIN Yeah, now that we got that done, do you have the... MARCUS Money? Yes I do. But let’s just wait a second. Marcus sits down in the chair behind him. MARCUS (CONT’D) Comfy! So how’s your day going boys, how you liking the Strip? DUSTIN It’s good, it’s good, it’s great actually. MARCUS Where you stayin’? DUSTIN The Paddlewheel. MARCUS Classy ass shit, gentleman. You guys know about anything Greek? RICKY Nope, no, how about you? MARCUS Well, actually a lot. ARES GOD of War-MIKE Yes, I knew that. MARCUS --ARES GOD of war. I think of myself quite like him, you know why? Why?


10. MARCUS That was a rhetorical question. Can all y’all shut the fuck up for 5 seconds? I think of myself like him because, well let me tell you this Greek myth. There were these two giants called the ALODAI. They were gonna storm the home of the gods by stacking three greek mountains on top of each other. So, Ares, who I compared myself to, tried to stop them. But he couldn’t. He was imprisoned for a year and a month, 13 months if you niggas can’t count. He was put in a glass jar. Then, Hermes came to Ares and rescued him. I’m Ares. Stuck in a little jar. I think of your boss, Sean like the two giants, who put me here. You put me in this situation, and I can’t get out, nothing I can do. You guys, are like the glass jar. You keep me here, even, if I wanted to get out. Sean, the giants, aren’t always looking at me, keeping me here. You guys are enforcing it. Get the drift? Feel the feel? Talk the talk? OK. Ricky leans toward Dustin, and whispers to him-RICKY 7 guys in total, counting Marcus. He leans out and puts his retina’s back on Marcus. MARCUS Dustin. You come here. Dustin stands up and walks on over to Marcus. MARCUS (CONT’D) You... are known to be a warrior. What do you make of this story? DUSTIN Well, Marcus, to be honest with you I forget the story. MARCUS Jesus! You got dementia or some shit.

11. DUSTIN No, I’m just an old man. MARCUS How old are you Dustin? I am 54.


MARCUS Jesus! Thought you were 35 or something! DUSTIN Oh, well thank you. MARCUS Don’t sweat it, brother. OK.


MARCUS So, Dustin. You’re known as a fighter. I am?


MARCUS Yes, grandpa, you are. I just wanna..-Marcus pulls out a Desert Eagle. The three others on the couch stand up and pull out their guns. Then, Marcus’s men pull out guns. Some AK-47’s and some Desert Eagles. DUSTIN (screams) Guys chill the fuck out! MARCUS Yes fellas! Relax! I was just tryna see something. Everyone lower your guns, except you, GUS. A guy named GUS keeps his gun raised, while everyone else lowers theirs. MARCUS (CONT’D) (points to the boys) So, that means that you fellows better lower your guns. Except you Ricky. (MORE)

12. MARCUS (CONT’D) I just wanted to see how a fuckin’ ninja would react to one of these big boys. So what would... Wait a second. Why the fuck do you guys have guns! You... god damn it why does this always happen! OK, Gus, Ricky lower your weapons, and you Dustin get back their. Now obviously we got a little problem, we both came to see the other dead. So how are we gonna solve this? Let’s just TALK this out, OK? Sound good? How’s everyone’s day gone so far? Gus you can speak to. Good. Great. Good. Good. Good.


MARCUS What’d you fellas do? DUSTIN We woke up from the hotel, went to some convenience store and talked a bit their, killed a little time. SYD Then, we drove here. MARCUS Cool! Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool cats! RICKY Cool-fuckin’-cats. MARCUS Cool cats... I got up and drove here, with Gus. We’ve been here since... what, 11? What do you say Gus?

13. GUS 11, ‘round there. MARCUS Gus says 11. RICKY We heard... Marcus raises his firearm and shoots the ceiling. The guys all look confused. MIKE Why... why would you do that? MARCUS I’m kind of tired, kind of bored. Little bit bored. That sure woke me up! MIKE You are one weird, weird guy. Yes.


MIKE Either that or you’re coked the fuck out. MARCUS The latter. MIKE Makes sense. MARCUS Yes, Mikey. DUSTIN Can we just get the fucking money!? MARCUS Sure. Gus, go over to the back room, get the case. OK.


MARCUS You’re a great guy Gus, you’re a great guy.

14. GUS Thanks boss. SYD Thank you Dustin. There is an uncomfortable silence for about 15 seconds. Then, Gus returns and hands Marcus the briefcase. Marcus opens it, takes the cash out, counts it and puts it back in. 5 million. Thank you.


MARCUS Come here, all y’all. The four walk up to Marcus and give him hugs. He hands over the briefcase to Dustin and they leave. EXT. ALLEY WAY - DAY Syd, Mike, Dustin and Ricky all walk side by side. The camera follows them as they walk. MIKE Jesus fucking christ that guy is crazy. RICKY 100% lunatic. When he pulled out that gun I thought you were finished. Me too.


SYD Also, fuck Gus. Fuck Gus.


The camera pans around them. We see the door open and THREE MEN hold Uzi’s in their hand. They fire at the four men. The bullets hit Mike first and he drops the ground. Dustin tries to go get him, but a bullet enters his leg. He’s not dead, but he can’t walk straight. Then, Mike is hit again. If he wasn’t dead before he is now. The three others run toward their as fast as they can, Dustin still limping.

15. Syd trips from running too fast but quickly gets up. Ricky walks away untouched. They turn the corner. They’re safe. SYD (screams) JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! DUSTIN (heavy breathing) Been fucking shot! Mike’s dead! RICKY I fucking told you!! Get in the car before they kill us! The three enter the car sitting in the same positions as before. Dustin clutches his leg. They speed off. DUSTIN God fucking damnit! Jesus!!


SYD It wasn’t a set up I’m telling you! RICKY I don’t know but... DUSTIN But what!! Now’s not the time to be fucking thinking of conspiracies. Mikey’s dead. A good, young, kid is dead. He has a fiancee. And (Screams) my fucking ankle! Dustin reaches down. The car wheel slips and the car crashes head on with another car. The boy’s Ford spins out of control and lands on it’s top. It smokes. ALL FUCK!/GOD DAMN IT!/MOTHERFUCKER! The boys crawl out of the car, all unharmed but pretty bruised up. RICKY Can’t even see straight! SYD Hello!? Hello? I can’t hear! From Syd’s deaf perspective we see Dustin signaling for them to come with him. Dustin still has the briefcase in hand.



Four BOYS intro  

Is it anygood?

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