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El Sol, la Luna y el Agua

El Sol, la Luna y el Agua UN CUENTO AFRICANO Versión de Laura Herrera Ilustraciones de Ángeles Vargas Ediciones Ekaré Sur

Long, long ago, when animals used to talk, the Sun and the Moon lived on earth. Their best friend was Water and they used to play together in her house everyday. But Water never went to the Sun and the Moon’s house. Until one day she came to visit… A well-known Nigerian folktale in a version which includes short verses that can be sung. Ángeles Vargas vivid illustrations give life to these strong and compelling characters.

ages 3 and up Laura Herrera Ángeles Vargas 19,5 x 22 cm · 32 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-956-8868-15-4 Laura Herrera Laura Herrera was born in Temuco, Chile. A wonderful storyteller, some of her versions of traditional folktales have been published by Ediciones Ekaré: Duerme, niño, duerme and La tortilla corredora. Ángeles Vargas Was born in Chile. Illustrator and graphic designer. For her work, she obtained the Amster Coré 2013 Design and Illustration Award from the Chilean Council of Culture, a BIB 2013 Honorary Mention and 2012 Edition Prize from the Chilean Publishers Organization. She has illustrated several books for children and works for various Chilean publishers and magazines.

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Escarabajo en compañía Beetle and his friends are having a great time: they push a gigantic ball up to the mountain, they look for centipede’s shoe and they prepare a very special party. Sometimes they get bored (like any other bug), but they soon discover that even getting bored is fun. Pep Bruno’s tribute to Arnold Lobel. ages 3 and up Pep Bruno · Rocío Martínez 16,5 x 21,5 cm · 80 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-941716-9-7 List of Best First Readers Books by Babelia, El País, 2014 Pep Bruno Was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain. He studied Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He’s a storyteller, editor, writer and critic who has published many children’s books.

“Pep Bruno used the friendly, easy, fun and enjoyable words of someone who knows how to find delight in the smallest things (...) The format of the book is so kind you can handle it easily. It’s already a friendly object even before opening it. Rocío Martinez uses a joyful-colored palette very tastefully, giving balance to these bug environments”. Ana Nebreda. Biblioabrazo. “The tone used in these stories reminds us of a familiar Arnold Lobel: they all speak gracefully of the kindness found in friendship, friends willing to help, sharing food or throwing a party”. Bienvenidos a la fiesta.

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Rocío Martínez Was born in 1966 in Madrid, Spain. She studied Bellas Artes at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Her work was selected for the Bologna’s Illustrators Exhibition. She has written and illustrated more than twenty books for publishers in different countries.

Hamamelis, Miosotis y el señor Sorpresa Hamamelis and Miosotis are very good friends. They visit each other and always have hot cocoa or milk with sugar. But this time, they both are a little sad: Miosotis’ slippers are so old they have holes, and the handle fell from Hamamelis’ cup. Luckily, it is that time of the year where Mr. Surprise will come and give them presents. So, each one writes a secret letter with their desired gift... A lovely story about true friendship. Ages 3 and up Ivar Da Coll 23,5 x 19 cm · 28 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-942081-0-2 Ivar Da Coll Was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1962. He started as a puppeteer for a theater company and later developed a prolific career as an illustrator and author of children’s books. In 1985 he started the famous series of Chigüiro and became renowned internationally. In 1999 he was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award. He’s also been selected for the IBBY Honour List and his work has been the subject of several solo exhibitions. Nowadays, he lives in Bogotá. In 2014 Ivar Da Coll was granted the 10th SM Iberoamerican Award for Children’s and Young Adults Literature for his lifetime achievements.


Estaba la rana

Ages 3 and up Ramón París 21,5 x 15 cm · 94 pages Paperback

There’s a long line standing outside the Jazz Club and the show is about to start. The first performer is a trumpet-player Frog, but his performance is interrupted by a mischievous clarinetist Fly… And then a drummer Spider chips in… until a sax player Mouse interrupts him as well. One after another, this sequential song shows a hilarious battle to the rhythm of jazz.

Ramón París Born in Venezuela, he studied Journalism but is devotedly dedicated to illustration and also to animation. His style –more graphic than narrative– offers wonderful eye-catching results with great humor and inventiveness. Currently he lives in Barcelona.

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La gran canoa A long time ago, Kaputano, dweller of the heavens, warned that a great rain was coming. He urged the Kariñas to help him build a canoe and gather seeds and animals, but only four couples agreed to help, as the rest didn’t listen to him. Soon, the rains covered even the tallest trees. This is a traditional story by the indigenous Kariña people in Venezuela, illustrated by Gloria Calderón who masterfully depicts their landscapes, animals and ways of living. ages 3 and up María Elena Maggi Gloria Calderón 20,5 x 20,5 cm · 36 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-980-257-363-9 Los Mejores del Banco del Libro Award, 1999 Fundalibro’s Best Children Book Illustration of the Year, 1999 IBBY Honour List, 2000 Bulletin Blue Ribbon Winner, 2001

“Calderón’s gently tinted woodcuts, layered with a multitude of delicately etched lines depicting raging waves, sheets of rain and rays of sun, anchor the scenes firmly in the dramatic landscape (...) First-time author Maggi provides a respectful retelling, and Calderon’s work makes an exotic world seem close enough to touch”. Publishers Weekly “Calderón’s striking illustrations are worth considering on their own merits. The majestic opening panorama sets the story in a mythical time. The impending storm and powerful waves capture the intensity of the destruction while the verdant landscapes display the abundance of post-deluge life. A stunning example of a familiar story in an unfamiliar setting”. School Library Journal “Children will enjoy comparing this simple, well-told story with the more familiar tale, and they’ll pore over the rich cultural details in the scratchboard-style illustrations, whose muted colors and small scale lend themselves best to lap sharing”. Booklist

María Elena Maggi Is a children’s literature specialist and researcher. She studied Literature at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and has worked for many years as an editor of children’s books, with a special interest in compiling indigenous and folk tales, traditional poetry and songs. Gloria Calderón Was born in Palmira, Colombia. She’s an accomplished artist and has shown her work internationally. For her children’s books she was awarded the NOMA’s Contest Prize and has been included in the White Ravens List, IBBY Honour List and Bologna’s Illustrators Exhibition. Nowadays she lives in U.S.A.


Filemón y Baucis

ages 6 and up Lemniscates 14 x 18 cm · 28 pages Hardcover Lemniscates Lemniscates is a professional illustration/authors studio, born in 2010 in Barcelona and devoted to creating contents for children’s books and storybook apps, with the aim to stimulate children’s talents. Lemniscates creates stories with tenderness and imagination, and at the same time meaningful stories that deal with real life issues that are of concern to children: partnership, self-acceptance, adoption, love, hospitality and many others. Seven titles have already been published, in Spain, the United States and soon in Brazil.

An odd-looking traveler arrives into town searching for shelter, but no one welcomes him. Exhausted, he notices a small house between two mountains. When he arrives, a couple called Filemón and Baucis are happy to have him at their home and make sure he is comfortable. A beautiful adaptation from Ovid’s story about hospitality, love and transformation.

Trees have their heads up the sky and their feet down on the ground. Trees communicate with their roots and help each other. Trees cannot run away from an ugly place, so they are patient and learn to grow anywhere. This love-letter for trees brings awareness about the beauty of nature and connection.

Ediciones Ekaré


Los Árboles

ages 6 and up Lemniscates 22 x 22 cm · 32 pages Hardcover Lemniscates Lemniscates is a professional illustration/authors studio, born in 2010 in Barcelona and devoted to creating contents for children’s books and storybook apps, with the aim to stimulate children’s talents. Lemniscates creates stories with tenderness and imagination, and at the same time meaningful stories that deal with real life issues that are of concern to children: partnership, self-acceptance, adoption, love, hospitality and many others. Seven titles have already been published, in Spain, the United States and soon in Brazil.

Lo que cuentan las estatuas del mundo The sphinx at Giza, Athens’ Caryatids, a dragon in Beijing’s Forbidden City or the statue of Liberty are monuments that have quietly witnessed the course of events throughout history. But, what would happen if these timeless witnesses could speak? What would they tell us? In these appealing tales the statues have a say. Ages 12 and up Montse Ganges Imapla 18,5 x 24 cm · 94 pages Paperback ISBN 978-84-943038-0-7 Montse Ganges Is a writer born in Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona, in 1964. She has published books for children of all ages, and is a screenwriter and readers’ learning specialist. Imapla Was born in Barcelona in 1964. She’s an illustrator and designer. Her work has been awarded the 28th Children’s Illustrated Book Prize by the Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes de México in 2013.

Al sur de la Alameda A small school is occupied by a group of students and since then everything seems different: the classrooms, the playground and even the same students. Among them is Nicolás –the best goalkeeper of the soccer team– who writes about his experience in his journal. This attractive illustrated novel takes place in the quivering starts of “the penguin revolution”, the Chilean students’ protests. Ages 14 and up Lola Larra Vicente Reinamontes 16 x 23 cm · 288 pages Paperback ISBN 978-84-94281-5-7 Best Juvenile Novel by Babelia, El País, 2014 Publishing Award by the Cámara Chilena del Libro, 2014 Australis Award for Design, 2014 White Ravens List, 2014 Fundación Cuatrogatos Award, 2014

“There aren’t enough books for teenagers that present political compromise as something that can involve them”. Club Kirico “Reinamontes’ illustrations are powerful, have a lot of character, and at the same time they’re young and fresh. They bring a strong visual narrative to the novel in a comic-cinematographic way. It’s definitely a very particular style with a deep effect on the reader”. Ana Nebreda. Biblioabrazo “We can’t help but surrender to this graphic novel that is read from the inside and the outside simultaneously; from the personal perspective of a journal and, at the same time, describing the fear, organization, resistance, cold and hunger, political and ideological debates, and the small triumphs in a students protest. It’s a risky, smart novel”. Fundación La Fuente “The narrative construction is complex and filled with images, digressions and descriptions; the characters have a wide range of visions and behaviors, showing the school as a small social system”. Canal Lector

Lola Larra Half Chilean, half Venezuelan, and a bit of Spanish. She was raised in Caracas and worked as a journalist and editor in Madrid. In 2006 she returned to Santiago de Chile, where she began to write this story in a small notebook during a visit to one of the students’ protests. Vicente Reinamontes Chilean illustrator and designer with a calling for activism, cultural and editorial projects. Just as the main character of this novel, he was part of the students movement when he was only a teenager.

Cuentos a patadas A school soccer championship can resemble a World Cup. You can ask David all about it: he has been selected as the team’s first player. Matches keep getting more and more difficult and David gets to learn, after each game, the great lessons of soccer’s history: Zidane’s headbutt, Balotelli’s life, Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ and more. A book with a lot of kicks for those who enjoy soccer, anecdotes and humor. Ages 9 and up José Urriola · Lucas García 15,5 x 23 cm · 88 pages Paperback ISBN 978-84-943038-3-8 José Urriola Was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He studied Journalism and mastered in Literature and Cinema. He has worked as a producer, screenwriter, director, professor and researcher. Nowadays he lives in Mexico City teaching and writing. He played soccer from an early age but when he grew up it was clear that he wasn’t as good as he thought he was, so he began writing about soccer, as writing it’s just another way to keep playing. Lucas Gracía Was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He graduated as a Designer in Prodiseño Institute. He makes comics, illustrates and teaches drawing, and is also an accomplished writer of short stories and novels. He played in the Argentinian selection of 86’ along with Maradona for about two minutes before waking up to go to school.

La Sayona y otros cuentos de espantos Whether in the Amazonian rain forest, the warm seaside or any grassland plains, Venezuelan folk tradition is filled with spooky tales of ghosts, spirits and monsters. Real stories that have been told from generation to generation, indigenous tales and urban legends form part of this anthology for young people, with carefully crafted illustrations from novel artist Stefano Di Cristofaro using chimó, a derivate from tobacco. At the end there’s a non-fiction section with interesting facts about the tales origins or the objects, traditions and characters found in them. Ages 9 and up Mercedes Franco Stefano Di Cristofaro 14 x 21 cm · 96 pages Paperback ISBN 978-980-257-358-5 Mercedes Franco Was born in Tejero, Venezuela. She studied Literature in the Universidad Central de Venezuela and is devoted to writing novels, chronicles and short stories. She has retold horror tales and legends of the oral tradition. Many of her stories are made up but she assures others are very real. Stefano Di Cristofaro Was born in 1991 in Caracas, Venezuela. He’s a designer and illustrator. His works have been shown in many collective national and international exhibitions. He combines different techniques such as chimó and wiki wiki. His family says that, when little, he only stayed still if he was given a pencil and a paper.

Veo veo Discover who is running late for school in the midst of giant buildings, in the middle of the chaotic city. Look close: why is there so much traffic in the town’s historic center? Which person doesn’t know how to swim at the beach? Through small stories and creative situations the reader can play to find hidden characters and complete their stories, going on and on with the endless detailed original pictures by Venezuelan traditional artist Socorro Salinas. A creative book for all ages to imagine and play. Ages 3 and up Socorro Salinas 23 x 29,5 cm · 52 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-980-257-357-8 Socorro Salinas Was born in Caracas in 1933. She didn’t have a formal education as an artist but became one of the most relevant voices in naïf art in Venezuela. Her paintings follow rules of her own, with an intimate yet comprehensive approach to the people’s daily life, public spaces and traditions. Socorro Salinas paintings, full of details, show the beauty of Latin American traditional lifestyles. She participated in many individual and collective exhibitions and won several awards before passing away in 2009.

Concierto para escalera y orquesta A couple wants to attend a concert of the Symphonic Orchestra, but there’s just one problem: the building’s stairs have left the building! While they try to find a solution, the concert goes on. Antonio Orlando Rodríguez presents a compelling story filled with absurd humor. Carol Hénaff’s imaginative illustrations complement the original format of the book, very long and narrow, just like a stair. Ages 6 and up Antonio Orlando Rodríguez Carole Hénaff 10,3 x 29 cm · 28 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-941247-3-0 Best Books of 2013 for First Readers by El País Antonio Orlando Rodríguez Was born in Cuba. He’s a writer, journalist, screenwriter, and critic. He has received many awards for his stories, such as the prestigious Alfaguara Prize and the Children’s Literature National Award in Cuba. Nowadays he lives and works in United States. Carole Hénaff Was born in Orange, France, but grew up in Paris. She studied Graphic Arts in Barcelona, where she lives now. She’s a designer and illustrator for children’s books, journals and magazines. She loves making sketchbooks while traveling.


Eros y Psique / Bella y la Bestia Two literature classics that have been told, written, heard and read in many different versions. This edition includes a final text by specialist Betsy Hearne about the intertwining of this and other love tales of universal literature.

Andrew Lang · Lucia Sforza ISBN 978-84-943038-1-4 Andrew Lang Was a Scottish folklorist and writer. He compiled and published stories from the British tradition. Lucia Sforza Is an Italian illustrator. She studied painting in the Accademia di Belle Arti, in Rome.


El diablillo de la botella

Robert Louis Stevenson Giovanna Ranaldi ISBN 978-84-943038-2-1 Robert Louis Stevenson Was a well-known Scottish writer of novels and short stories. He died in 1894. Giovanna Ranaldi Is an Italian illustrator born in Rome in 1960.

Ages 12 and up 12,8 x 17,6 cm · 80 pages Paperback

Keawe buys a mysterious bottle with an imp inside from a wealthy man. Whoever buys this bottle will have everything he could ever dream of: “love, fame, money, a house like this one will be his, with only asking”. But it comes with a price...


Nico y Pato


On a rainy night, someone knocks at the door. Who could it be? Nico answers and finds a Duck. He can keep it, his parents say, as long as he takes care of him. So the Duck and Nico become best friends. However, seasons pass and naturally, there’s only one thing left to do for the Duck… A heartwarming story about friendship and nature. ages 3 and up Bernat Muntés 20 x 20 cm · 28 pages Hardcover

Bernat Muntés Was born in Barcelona in 1980. He studied Illustration in Pau Gargallo school, Art History in the Universidad de Barcelona and a Children’s Illustration degree in Eina.



Domingo en el mercado

Ages 3 and up José Sanabria Celeste Berlier 21 x 29,7 cm · 32 pages Hardcover José Sanabria Was born in Bogotá in 1969. He has published more than 20 books as a writer or illustrator. He has a school where he teaches how to make picture books called Color Café in Buenos Aires. Celeste Berlier Was born in 1987 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Graphic Design until she discovered illustration and learned from José Sanabria’s and Claudia Legnazzi’s workshops. This is her second book.

It’s just like any other Sunday at the farmers’ market in town. Between all the buzz, Toto –a little monkey– starts stealing arepas, eggs and cheese from the stands and makes a complete mess! Everyone is mad at him… but then, another unexpected visitor comes around and turns the market into true chaos.


Guachipira la pequeña come flor

Ages 3 and up Arianna Quintero Stefano Di Cristofaro

Guachipira, the small flower taster, is a hummingbird who lives at a very crowded bird-house with her not-so-normal family. One day, something goes terribly wrong and she must leave the comfort of her home to search for rare flowers hidden in the beach, the desert or even high mountains. This journey shows the readers the secrets of nature through the eyes of a traveler bird.

Voy a jugar When Tatú, the little armadillo, goes out to play he rolls into a sphere, to tease his friends. The hummingbird, the toucan, the tapir and the ocelot wonder what that round thing could be. A ball? A balloon with ears? When Tatú unrolls his friends recognize him and invite him to play with them. This story recreates the peek-a-boo, the game babies enjoy so much.

Ages 0 and up Edurne Lacunza 14 x 14 cm · 14 pages

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