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Veo veo Illustrations by Socorro Salinas 9.8” x 6.3” 52 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-980-257-357-8 Ages 6 and up Find the characters, small stories and objects hidden inside the paintings of late Venezuelan folk artist Socorro Salinas. Every painting is filled with details, humor and everyday life references that will delight the curious readers. It includes rhymed clues and endless possibilities to find and retell the pictures’ stories. This book reminds that art is a game and an encounter, through a pictoric journey that depicts Venezuela’s traditions and forms of living.

Socorro Salinas Was born in Caracas in 1933. She didn’t have a formal education as an artist but became one of the most relevant voices in naïf art in Venezuela. Her paintings follow rules of her own, with an intimate yet comprehensive approach to the people’s daily life, public spaces and traditions. Socorro Salinas paintings, full of details, show the beauty of Latin American traditional lifestyles. She participated in many individual and collective exhibitions and won several awards before passing away in 2009.

Concierto para escalera y orquesta Antonio Orlando Rodríguez / Carole Hénaff 3.9’’ x 11’’ · 28 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-941247-3-0 Ages 3 and up Best Books of 2013 for First Readers by El País A couple wants to attend a concert of the Symphonic Orchestra, but there’s just one problem: the building’s stairs have left the building! While they manage to find a solution, the concert goes on. Antonio Orlando Rodríguez presents a compelling story filled with absurd and humor. Carol Hénaff’s imaginative illustrations complement the original format of the book, very long and narrow, just like a stair.

Antonio Orlando Rodríguez Antonio Orlando Rodríguez was born in Cuba. He’s a writer, journalist, screenwriter, critic and playwright. He has received many awards for his stories, such as the prestigious Alfaguara Prize and the Children’s Literature National Award in Cuba. Nowadays he lives and works in the United States.

Carole Hénaff Carole Hénaff was born in Orange, France, but grew in Paris. She studied Graphic Arts in Barcelona, where she lives now. She’s a designer and illustrator for children’s books, journals and magazines. She loves travelling and making sketchbooks of the places she visits.

Excerpt: [...] But when we tried to walk down we found that the staircase of the building was gone. Our shoes were left pointing at a deep and gloomy void. ‘Where could it be?’ We asked each other in dismay, and we immediately came up with a thousand different answers: it was at the hairdresser’s, or watching a football match, or at the beach basking in the sun in a bikini… Then the tortoise-clip hurried to solve the mystery: that same afternoon the staircase had gone to the hospital to visit a cousin of hers who had injured her banister. ‘Good grief!’ I sighed annoyed as I sat on the floor. ‘There goes our concert!’ [...]

Cuentos del bosque Leticia Ruifernández 6.3’’ x 9’’ · 120 pages · Hardcover ISBN 978-84-941247-2-3 Rights sold to Korean Finalist in Cuatrogatos 20 Best Books for Young People Award, 2014 Kiriko Club Christmas Selection, 2013 When Emilio hears from his mother that spring has arrived, he wonders: where should he find the spring? Along with his younger sister, he’ll discover the spring isn’t very far from his house. It’s in the forest, a magical place filled with all kinds of adventures. A poetic tale about seasons, written and illustrated by Leticia Ruifernández, who is herself an expert on the secrets of the woods.

Leticia Ruifernández Was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1976. She studied Architecture because of her passion for art and drawing. However, she is completely devoted to illustration. Nowadays she lives in a small village in the mountains called Gredos along with her children.

Another book by the same illustrator




"Picuyo might be an allegory of the delicate balance between nature and mankind. The great mixture of text and illustrations allows very powerful images that keep the readers turning pages. Can you imagine a dry sea which you can walk through for miles and miles? Or a sun so pale that almost seems like the moon? Or a bird that resembles fire?". Picuyo. El Economista.



"In skillful prose, the characters use the traditional catchy slang of the fishermen, the passioned voice of a 10-year old and the wisdom of an indulging grandma who secretly roots for her grandson braveness. The watercolors picture this dynamic and warm story with landscapes filled with emotion and subtlety. A book that will definitely arise questions and emotional encounters for the readers". Picuyo. Qué Leer.

2012 Picuyo

Kurusa / Leticia Ruifernández 9.05” x 8.07” · 48 pages · Hardcover ISBN 978-84-937212-5-1 · Ages 9 and up

Duerme niño, duerme Laura Herrera / July Macuada

A child is awake in the dark night. The wind blows in a cloudy sky. They offer him music and songs, warm blankets and sweet milk, but there is only one thing that will gently take him to the land of dreams. The author loosely based her story in the lullaby Hush, baby, hush, but placed it in southern Chile. The illustrator travelled to this part of the country and her pictures show the beauty of woods, fiords and lakes. A story to give peace to a child uneasy with the fall of night.

Laura Herrera Laura Herrera was born in Temuco, Chile. A wonderful storyteller, she used to entertain her many nephews with her own versions of many traditional tales. Some of these versions were written down in a small notebook which was recovered by one of her nieces.

July Macuada July Macuada is a Chilean illustrator and designer who has worked in newspapers and magazines. This is her first picturebook.

Another book by the same author “The results, written with simple and direct verses, are entertaining and easy to read. The illustrations have some life of their own apart from the text and allow multiple and rich readings of the book”. Canal Lector.

La tortilla corredora

Laura Herrera / Scarlet Narciso 9.05” x 8.07” · 36 pages · Hardcover ISBN 978-84-937212-1-3 · Ages 3 and up

Un perro en casa Daniel Nesquens / Ramón París 9.8” x 6.3” 32 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-939912-2-7 Ages 6 and up Dad finds a bedraggled dog on the streets and brings him home. The dog is cold, hungry and filthy. The first thing he needs is a bath: the water starts running and the boy starts scrubbing. A hilarious homage to nonsense, showing that you can take a dog out of the streets but you can’t take the streets out of a dog.

Daniel Nesquens Was born in Zaragoza in 1967. He’s a prolific author specialized in children’s literature. His stories are often inclined to a nonsense humor. They usually depict ordinary situations that turn into fantastic tales. He’s been awarded for his work in Spain.

Ramón París Born in Venezuela, he studied Journalism but is devotedly dedicated to illustration and animation as well. His style offers wonderful eye-catching results with great humor and inventiveness. He always haves new ideas! At present he lives in Barcelona.

Another book by the same illustrator The interesting thing about this book is –besides the originality of the story- the sensation by the end of it; because once you’ve read it, you cannot stop asking yourself questions. Cuentoalavista.

Los Mejores del Banco del Libro, 2012 Le immagini della Fantasia selection, 2010

The adoption of a very surprising stray dog told through a solid interweaving of text and images; the anecdote, short and provocative, grows with the lines and the narrative use of colors. Cuatrogatos. A daring and extremely interesting book. It won’t leave you without an opinion!. Running for a dream.

Un abuelo, sí

Nelson Ramos Castro / Ramón París 9.3” x 7.6” · 24 pages · Hardcover ISBN 978-84-937212-6-8 · Ages 3 and up · Rights sold to Portuguese

Hamamelis y el secreto Ivar Da Coll 9.3” x 7.6” 28 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-941716-6-6 Ages 3 and up Miosotis gives Hamamelis a secret and orders him to keep it carefully, so Hamamelis hides it inside his toy box. Very soon, the secret starts making noises and all of Hamamelis friends try to bribe him to know the secret. However, he won’t hear about it: a secret is a secret. A hillarious story that will echo in its readers for a lifetime along with Ivar da Coll’s oustanding illustrations.

Ivar Da Coll Was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1962. He started as a puppeteer for a theater company and later developed a prolific career as an illustrator and author of children’s books. In 1985 he started the famous series of Chigüiro and became renown internationally. In 1999 he was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award. He’s also been selected for the IBBY Honour List. His books have been published in many countries and his work has been subject of individual exhibitions. Nowadays, he lives and works in Bogotá.

Another book by the same illustrator

Verónica Uribe

Ilustraciones Ivar Da Coll 16 x 21 cm · 100 pages · Hardcover ISBN 978-84-940256-6-2 · Ages 3 and up

Taquititán de poemas Anthology / Ana Palmero Cáceres 7.8” x 7.8” 36 pages Hardcover Ages 3 and up Cuatrogatos Award, 2014 Poetry for children has always been a delicate subject in literature but, in this beautiful anthology, all readers will succumb to it. Endearing, colorful illustrations for small children mix up with carefully selected poems about animals, sea, lunch time and other subjects. The result is a sensitive, smart and appealing approach to poetry by the hand of Latin America’s poets.

Ana Palmero Cáceres Is a Venezuelan designer and illustrator born in 1966. She was Art Director of Ekaré for many years. She also worked in the Publishing Direction of the Bellas Artes Museum. At present she lives in Canary Islands but travels constantly to Venezuela to work in editorial and art projects.

Other books by the same illustrator

El elefante del circo Ana Palmero Cáceres 5.5” x 5.5” · 14 pages · Boardbook ISBN 978-84-938429-3-2 · Books for babies

Retablillo de Navidad Aquiles Nazoa / Ana Palmero Cáceres 6.1” x 6.1” · 36 pages · Hardcover ISBN 978-980-257-332-5 · Age 6 and up · Rights sold to French and English Los Mejores del Banco del Libro, 2008

El Pequeño Rey, maestro repostero Javier Sáez Castán 7.9” x 7.9” 24 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-939138-7-8 Ages 3 and up The Little King is tired of having applesauce everyday. He doesn’t despair and gets himself a team of snails, crabs and worms as kitchen boys. Together they discover by the shed some ingredients and work on creating a new recipe: Mojiganga a la Petit Roi. This third story by renown author Javier Sáez Castán tells an adventurous incursion into the mastering of cooking using odd methods.

Javier Sáez Castán Born in Huesca, Spain, in 1964. He has been writing and drawing stories since he was young. He likes to do this so much that he became a full time writer and illustrator. He is the father of three children, he has written more than three books, and he has planted more than three trees.

Other books by the same author “It is no longer possible to talk about picture books without mentioning Javier Sáez Castán.” Tempos Novos. “The binding, made with a fabric spine, imitates an antique book; also the illustration, similar to an engraving, or the details of it, such as the box to carry the insects printed with «BORAX. Insect Powder.»” El Pequeño Rey. Al•lots, El Petit Príncep. “Its vintage illustrations honors classic British references as Randolph Caldecott, John Tenniel and George Cruikshank through its figures, color palette and masterful use of the nib.” El Pequeño Rey. Cuatrogatos. “This character is a big-headed ridiculously-dressed child king, somewhere between the endearing and the grotesque.” El Pequeño Rey. Tempos Novos.

Los tres erizos 9.3” x 7.6” · 32 páginas · Hardcover ISBN 978-84-933060-0-7 Ages 3 and up · Rights sold to traditional Chinese and English White Ravens, 2004

La merienda del señor Verde 8.5” x 12.6” · 36 pages · Hardcover ISBN 978-84-934863-5-8 · Ages 6 and up · Rights sold to Portuguese for Portugal

7.9” x 7.9” · 24 pages Hardcover · Ages 3 and up El Pequeño Rey, general de infantería ISBN 978-84-936504-8-3 White Ravens, 2010 El Pequeño Rey, director de orquesta ISBN 978-84-936504-8-3

En casa de mis abuelos Arianna Squilloni / Alba Marina Rivera 11.2” x 9.6” · 36 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-938429-4-9 Ages 9 and up Rights sold to Korean and Italian When summer comes, the narrator and her cousin visit Grandpas’ house and have fun picking up peaches, painting, chasing after the chickens and climbing up trees, always hand in hand with their grandparent’s inventions. But when autumn arrives and the kids leave, a beautiful mistake will prove that grandsons can also give fun surprises.

Arianna Squilloni Was born in Milan in 1976 and studied Greek and Latin Philology. She is a children’s book editor and writer. She also writes for specialized children’s literature magazines and gives workshops. Nowadays she lives in Mataró, down by the Catalan coast.

Alba Marina Rivera Alba Marina Rivera was born in Russia in 1974 and grew up in Cuba. Later on she moved to Barcelona, Spain and discovered her passion for illustration. She studied on the prestigious Escola Massana with known artists such as Pep Montserrat and Arnal Ballester.

Other books by the same illustrator “Alba Marina Rivera is one of the new promises of children’s literature. Everytime she comes up with a new illustrated book the results are just fascinating and different”. Palabras sin papel. “Instead of talking about how cool grandparents are, this picture book talks about life as it happens, with obstacles but specially with beauty, happiness and the joy of a shared life, and the ways we influence on each other”. En casa de mis abuelos. Revista Babar. “The illustrator shows no inhibitions, uncertainties, doubts or fears in regard to Saki’s text. So it really depicts the subtlety of irony, boredom, disgust, impatience, on which the story lies”. El contador de cuentos. Jury of Bologna Ragazzi Award 2009. “A picture book for bigger kids that establishes a good thematic example of children’s books characteristics in post-industrial societies: the migration phenomenon.” ¡Vamos a ver a papá! Grupo Gretel.

El contador de cuentos

Saki / Alba Marina Rivera 13” x 6.7” · 40 pages · Paperback with sleeve ISBN 978-84-936504-3-8 · Ages 9 and up · Rights sold to Korean and Portuguese for Brazil Available in Catalan Los Mejores del Banco del Libro, 2009 Bologna Ragazzi Award, New Horizons, 2009 Premi Junceda d´I’lustració, 2009

¡Vamos a ver a papá!

Lawrence Schimel / Alba Marina Rivera 9.2” x 8.3” · 40 pages · Hardcover ISBN 978-84-937212-7-5 · Ages 9 and up · Rights sold to English, Portuguese for Brazil and Korean. Available in Catalan

Tú no me vas a creer

Jaime Blume Sánchez / Irene Savino 9.1” x 7.31” 24 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-940256-2-4 Ages 3 and up

Sometimes, specially in the dark of the night, fantasies can assume lives of their own. It usually happens when we are scared of a cruel and wicked character that will come and take us away, and also when we need someone to protect us from that evil person. This poem, with fabulous oneiric illustrations by Irene Savino, gives a very special life to the darkest fears of childhood.


Eugenio Montejo / Gerald Espinoza 12” x 6.7” 24 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-980-257-353-0 Ages 6 and up

In a country where everything is upside down, a boy leaves for a big expedition: the search of a lost beloved one. The hard part will be to not losing himself on the corners of a place where shoes are filled with soup, dogs carry their owners and nobody never dies. An oneiric journey loaded with humor, suspense and perplexity by renown poet Eugenio Montejo.

¿Me ayudas, gatito?

Gisela Messing 7.3” x 10” 24 pages · Hardcover ISBN 978-84-939912-0-3 Age 3 and up

White Cat has six children: Red, Blue, Tiger, Green, Yellow and Black. They’re all good cats, even though sometimes they don’t help their mom as they should. But when little Black helps Mom to make a delicious pie, they all are encouraged to work and enjoy together, as a family.

Un diente se mueve

Daniel Barbot / Rosana Faría 9.3” x 7.6” 24 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-980-257-354-7 Ages 3 and up

So mice spirit away our milk-teeth, do they? And what do they do with them? Clarisse puzzles over these matters when her first tooth loosens. When it falls out, she places it beneath her pillow and that night, has an extraordinary encounter in her dreams. A mouse leads her to the land of mice and there she discovers what they do with children’s milk teeth.

Los sonidos de la noche

Javier Sobrino / Emilio Urberuaga 9.3” x 7.6” · 28 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-939138-8-5 Ages 3 and up Rights sold to Chinese and English

Down on the Rain Jungle there’s just no way to sleep: baby elephant won’t stop crying. “BUUAA! BUUAA! BUUUAAA!”. “Why are you crying, little one?”, one by one the forest’s animals ask, as they try to calm him down. Could he be cold, thirsty or hungry? A simple good-night story by Javier Sobrino, wonderfully illustrated by renowned Emilio Urberuaga, perfect for reading just before bedtime.

Tú y yo

Maggie Maino 7.31” x 7.31” 32 pages · Hardcover ISBN 978-84-940256-7-9 Ages 3 and up

Who is this very old lady who knits on her rocker while her cat plays with the yarn? Is she the same one that is sticking her head, a bit frightened, from behind that red curtain? From then, each picture shows how this woman and her pet change: it’s a spectacle. The first book by Chilean illustrator Maggie Maino.

Escarabajo y compañía

Pep Bruno / Rocío Martínez 16 x 21 cm · 80 pages Hardcover

Beetle and his friends live under the holm oak’s hill. They’re always very busy: pushing the great ball up the hill to the top of the mountain, looking for Centipede’s lost shoe or preparing a big party for Grasshopper… Sometimes they get bored just like any other bug, but in the company of Beetle, Cricket, Three Ants and Centipede, even getting bored is a blast! An endearing chapter book about a group of bugs, their lives and friendship, intended as an homage to Arnold Lobel.

Lo que cuentan las estatuas

Montse Ganges / Imapla 16,5 x 25 cm · 92 pages Hardcover

Coming soon

Coming soon

The Gizeh sphinx, Athens’ Caryatids, a dragon in Beijing’s Forbidden City or the Liberty Statue are icons that tell us the story of great cultures in the five continents. This books mixes non-fiction and fiction through seven stories told by the statues on universal subjects such as love, freedom, fear, fantasy and life. A peek through the history, cultural diversity and art masterfully written and illustrated.

Al sur de la Alameda

Lola Larra / Vicente Reinamontes 16 x 23 cm 路 288 pages Paperback

What happens when 35 students take control of their school? What happens with no grown-ups around, when the daily routine is forgotten and where time seems encapsulated? How do students get organized? How do they relate to each other? How do they change?

La Sayona y otros cuentos de espantos

Mercedes Franco / Stefano Di Cristofaro 14 cm x 21 cm 路 96 pages Paperback Ages 8 and up

Coming soon

Coming soon

Whether in the Amazonian rain forest, the warm seaside or the grassland plains, Venezuelan folk tradition is filled with spooky tales of ghosts, spirits and monsters. Real stories that have been told from generation to generation, indigenous tales and urban legends mix up in this anthology for young people, with terrifying illustrations from new artist Stefano Di Cristofaro.

Rights List Bologna 2014 ·

Ediciones Ekaré publishes books for children and young people. The name ekaré was borrowed from the Pemón language, an ethnic group located in southeastern Venezuela. The word means “news” or “true narration”, and in a broader context, story or legend. Ediciones Ekaré was created in 1978 and its main goal, to publish quality children’s books, is directly related with the experience in public and school libraries of Banco del Libro, an internationally known Venezuelan institution for its reading promotion programs. Today our books reach many countries, but the initial intention remains the same: to offer children and young people quality books about our own culture and that of other parts of the world.



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