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S K YR I M 2011 - 2012

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Skyrim is a vast region

set in the northern part of old Tamriel. It is the home of the Nords, large and hardy men and women who have a strong resistance to frost, both natural and magical. It is bordered by Morrowind to the east, Cyrodiil to the south, Hammerfell to the southwest, and High Rock to the west; the island of Solstheim lies to the northeast of kyrim.


Dragon Born D

ovahkiin in the Dragon language) is a rare individual who has been born with the blood and soul of a Dragon, but the body of a mortal, and can natu rally learn and speak their ancient and powerful tongue.

Dragonborn scarcely

exist, and it is rare for more than one to appear within an era. They can belong to any race or gender, since the Dragon blood (transliterated from D.svgO.svgV.svgAh.svgS. svgO.svgS.svg to Dovah Sos) is a “gift” bestowed to certain mortals favored by the gods. Able to use “Dragon Shouts” Nextpage >>

, the Dragonborn can consume a slain Dragon's soul and absorb its knowledge, allowing them to learn words of power quickly and making them more effective in battle against Dov than other men. It is said that the Blades have always guided and served the Dragonborn, whom they consider "The ultimate Dragon slayer". The "Prophecy of the Dragonborn", generally attributed to the Elder Scrolls (and some times to the ancient Akaviri) tells that, at the end of time, in the wake of the World-Eater, the wheel will turn upon the "Last Dragonborn".

History S

kyrim, also known as the Old Kingdom or the Fatherland, is the home of the Nords and the setting for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It was the first region of Tamriel to be settled by humans, who migrated there from the land of Atmora in the far north, across the Sea of Ghosts. The date of this migration is unknown, although it was before the full flourishing of Elvish civilization. According to legend, Ysgramor landed first at Hsaarik Head, at the extreme northern tip of Skyrim's Broken Cape. It is said that he and his companions were fleeing the civil war in Atmora, which at that time had a sizable population. They named the land Mereth, after the many elves that roamed the virgin forests of Tamriel.

Geography Skyrim features many different terrain

types, including tundra plains, forests, highlands and mountainous regions. It is the most rugged region in the continent; not only containing five of the highest peaks in Tamriel, Skyrim is also very snowy and cold. Only in the western reaches are there some measure of flat land, where most of the population resides. The rest of Skyrim is vertical; mountains, cliffs, and deep valleys. A variety of crops are raised in Skyrim, from wheat to the hardy snowberry. Of note is that the particular climate of Skyrim makes it the only region in Tamriel, outside of the most northern reaches of High Rock and Morrowind, suitable for the brewing of the infamous alcoholic beverage Nordic Mead, also known simply as "Rotgut". This is because that, in addition to the local availability of certain ingredients, several times during the distillation process, the substance must be subjected to extreme cold temperatures, so that it may freeze and refreeze.


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