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Harmony The Journal of Brook Farm Veterinary Center

Welcome to the second edition of Brook Farm's Quarterly Journal: Seeking Harmony. In this installment, we discuss our popular Summer Camp, our recycling program, and the importance of "Fear Free" Veterinary Care. We also share seasonal advice, pet travel safety tips, and much more! As always, thank you for continuing to be a part of our family and allowing us to be a part of yours. Enjoy!

Dr. Kanouse's Service Dog, Nettles, at the Pawling LibraryÂ

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We envision a world in which all living creatures exist in harmony with


each other and with the earth. In this community, harmony acts as the


creative energy through which we heal, communicate, and build peace.


Brook Farm Veterinary Center

"Great people and great service in a caring, loving environment. I am so glad I found them. Dr. Clark always does a great job as a diagnostician and excellent veterinarian. The staff is always cheerful and accommodating. I always feel that I am getting the very best care for my cat." JEAN FREEMAN | FARMER SINCE 2016

"I have been taking my pets to Brook Farm since 1984. I think that says it all. I wouldn't consider going any where else for my best friends' care. The staff and vets are friendly, caring, and compassionate." MARY MCGOVERN | FARMER SINCE 1984

"I love bringing my animals to Brook Farm! Everyone is kind, caring, professional and they really listen to my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality care for their pet!" MARY HARRIS | FARMER SINCE 2013

"You guys were great and very caring

"[A] pleasant experience. My cat was

The staff was very friendly and made

for Fatrick but as well as his Mama and

examined in good care. The doctor was

me feel comfortable. They treated my

Papa! I think it is wonderful of you to

informative and her team worked well

pup as if she knew them already,

let us visit during his stay as well.

with my cat. She followed up with me

allowing kisses and jumping. They

Thank you from the bottom of our

the next day and discussed treatment

explained everything about the

hearts for nursing our Fatrick back to

thoroughly. I am satisfied. Thank

procedure and kept me updated on her

excellent health! All of the staff at

you. ❤"

status. They even sent a pic of my baby

Brook Farm are amazing and showed

- Dina Campbell

as soon as she came out of surgery.

so much compassion towards Fatrick

When we went to pick her up she didn’t

and his family! Because of you we will

want to leave one of the vet techs; she

be switching to Brook Farm for our

tried to drag me after her when she said

general veterinary care!!"

goodbye and walked away. I would

- Rebecca Duffield

say.... if my pup was happy and comfortable, then so am I!!!""

- Jennifer Hernandez

Brook Farm Veterinary Center


Summer Camp Measuring at about four feet tall with ages between seven and eleven years old, their “junior veterinarians” are the newest addition to our dedicated team. These kids are involved in the practice’s fourth year of teaching community children about animal health and wellness and encourage careers in veterinary medicine at an early age. Brook Farm’s Summer Day Camp, which is being held in several sessions this summer, brings interested youth behind the scenes at a fully equipped animal hospital to learn about pet care and safety. To earn their degree, students will be taught how to understand different pets’ personalities and learn how to identify signs of sickness, aggression and fear. They will also complete daily rounds with the practice’s doctors and explore the latest in veterinary technology in a supervised and hands-on environment. “We’re thrilled to be able to open our doors to the community once again this summer and offer these bright children the opportunity to learn something new,” said Dr. Evan Kanouse.

Brook Farm Veterinary Center


Puppy Training Tips Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time for every family. But whether you are an experienced dog owner or a brand new puppy parent, there are challenges ahead. We have listed our top 3 tips for successfully training your new pup! 1) Be patient! Puppies, much like children, take time to learn new things. We are so eager to see our new furry friends that we can become impatient at crucial times in their development, which can result in long term, negative behaviors. If you become stressed, your new puppy will sense this and become unsure of themselves. Give yourself and your pup ample breaks to enjoy each other. When you are feeling overwhelmed, it is best to leave the situation and try again when everyone is calmer. Take your time and remember that each small step in the right direction should be seen as a big success for both you and your puppy. 2) Socialize. Once your puppy is fully vaccinated you can begin socilazing. Socialization should encompass a wide range of experiences that promote healthy reactions from

3) Positive reinforcement. Our dogs love us; they

your dog. It is best to introduce your pet to people and

aim to please us. When we connect a behavior

animals on a regular basis and in many different

with positive interactions, we create a pattern in

environments. Take them to busy places out of “their

our dog's brain. “When I do this, this will happen.”

space” and visit quiet places where they can enjoy and

Do not focus on unwanted behaviors. When your

navigate new sensory experiences.

puppy does something that you want, this is the time for focus, attention, treats, and affection. Over time, your puppy will notice and eagerly comply. If you notice any worrisome behaviors in your puppy, seek professional training.

Brook Farm Veterinary Center


Recycling Makes A Difference A recycling program like no other! The Brook Farmers believe that environmental conservation is essential to every living creature. Our recycling program encourages both staff and members of the community to “donate� their empty cans and bottles to us. These items are recycled and the deposits are donated to the Veterinary Care Foundation to support the pets of local families who are experiencing financial hardship. In 2017, donations from our recycling program exceeded $1,310. That's 26,275 bottles and cans, and dozens of companion animals assisted during their time of need. This year we have already recycled 6,598 bottles and cans. What may seem like a small action makes a huge difference to local pets, families, and the planet, too. Help us reach our 2018 target of 30,000 bottles and cans! Please bring your recyclable bottles and cans any time during office hours. Thank you!

Brook Farm Veterinary Center


The Lodge At Brook Farm Your summer vacations have never been easier! Our spacious accommodations and our loving and knowledgeable staff provide your pet with the ideal retreat and all the comforts of home. Our guests visit our specially-designed play yard multiple times a day for fully supervised games and exercise. This spacious outdoor complex boasts a variety of sensory experiences, providing lodgers with a stimulating adventure and one-on-one attention. Our indoor accommodations are climate controlled with an emphasis on comfort and cleanliness. And at Brook Farm, we celebrate differences! Every detail of your pet's visit is personalized in order to meet their individual needs. Speak to one of our Client Advocates today to schedule a tour and book your pet's summer vacation!

Brook Farm Veterinary Center


Tootsie's First Visit URGENT CARE CLOSE TO HOME Did you know that Brook Farm is the only family-owned


practice in the Hudson Valley with extended hours to

Thursday: 6PM-10PM

accommodate late-night appointments and emergencies? We

Friday: 6PM- 11PM

know that accidents don't always happen within the confines of normal business hours and emergency centers aren't always readily available. In order to help families in need, we are

Saturday: 8AM-11PM Sunday: 9AM- 12PM

proud to offer Urgent Care hours with our amazing Dr. Katie Clark!

TOOTSIE MEETS THE FARMERS Even though wellness visits are an everyday occurrence at Brook Farm, they are always personalized. We take pride in acknowledging that every pet and client is different, enabling us to provide patient-centered care during all of our treatments. One morning, Jennifer Costello came to visit with her tiny new puppy, Tootsie. It is common for new or even experienced pet owners to feel anxious when it comes to pet healthcare. Jennifer was apprehensive about the vaccine schedule generally recommended, as her puppy was very small, weighing in at under 3lbs. Dr. Kanouse and his medical team listened, understood and took into consideration all of Mrs. Costello's concerns. Together with Mrs. Costello, Dr Kanouse was able to recommended a vaccine schedule that would prioritize both Tootsies immunization needs and his overall well-being. The staff informed Mrs Costello of rare vaccines reactions before they departed. Brook Farm care is continuous and engaged. The following morning, a Client Advocate called to check on Tootsie and Mrs. Costello. Tootsie is now up to date with all his recommended vaccinations and is growing up fast!

“This was our first visit to Dr. Kanouse and his lovely staff for our new 2 lb puppy! Warm and friendly office and tech staff, and lots of fun products and toys in the office! As the puppy is so small, I was concerned about overvaccination, but Dr. Kanouse suggested a more holistic approach to the puppy vaccine schedule, which set my mind at ease. The office staff called me first thing this morning to check on the puppy to see if she had any reaction to her shot, and to let me know the result of her stool sample. I really can't even make any suggestions to improve things; everything was beyond my expectations!”-Jennifer Castello

Brook Farm Veterinary Center


Summer Allergies Summer is here, flowers are blooming and trees are budding. For many people and pets this beautiful season can also bring incredible discomfort. Allergies are a common summer time ailment. It is important to protect and treat allergies in your pets the same way you would any other member of your family. Allergies occur when the body’s immune system identifies an agent in the environment as dangerous. Common allergens include tree, grass, and weed pollens, as well as mold, mildew, and dust. Parasites such as fleas can produce a similar reaction, recognizing the symptoms and signs is the first step to a happy summer.

ALLERGY SYMPTOMS Over-grooming Inflamed skin Shedding Itching Biting at the skin Nasal or eye discharge

ALLERGY RELIEF Topical treatments Preventative medications Medicated shampoos Soothing skin wipes Injecatble medications lawn and property maintence If your pet is experiencing the discomfort of allergies this season, call one of our Client Advocates for more information on how Brook Farm can bring the joy back to your pets summer! (845) 878-4833

Brook Farm Veterinary Center


An Experience to Remember

Reducing your pets stress level during their time at Brook Farm has always been a priority. Our staff train continuously to cultivate an enjoyable environment for all living creatures. Recent developments in the field of veterinary cognitive medicine, has introduced new approaches and innovative ideas to lower pet anxiety during visits to veterinary hospitals. The Fear Free pets program launched in April 2016 by veterinarian Marty Becker to help cats and dogs cope better when a visit to the vet clinic is necessary. Brook Farm's Dr. Kanouse is now one of the 8,000 Fear Free certified professionals in the U.S. With continuous training, the Fear Free approach, combined with 35 years of experience, reminds us of our goal of keeping the degree of stress as low as possible, to prevent it from expanding to outright anxiety or fear.

Brook Farm Veterinary Center

"Compassion is an action word with no boundaries"

Brook Farm Veterinary Center

Brook Farm Veterinary Center


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Jennifer joins us as a Licensed Veterinary Technician with over 13 years experience and whole lot of passion! Jennifer has plenty of pets of her own, lives

Fun Facts About Dogs!

locally and enjoys spending her spare time with her

Dogs eyes do not have receptors for the color red.

family, exploring the Hudson Valley.

They see in shades of back & white and also in shades

Jennifer brings more than just her medical skills to Brook Farm; she is outgoing, attentive and brings a smile wherever she goes. We are so thankful that Jennfier joined the Brook Farm Family!

of blue & yellow. "Corgi" is Welsh for "Dwarf Dog." Dogs have more than 12 separate muscles that control the movement of their ears. Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws.


Brook Farm Veterinary Center

The Kanouse Corner Dr. Kanouse


Pat Kanouse


CURRENTLY READING "Geology of the Hudson Valley"

CURRENTLY READING "Into the Raging Sea" by Rachel Slade



Alexi Murdoch

"Meditation Impromptu" by Kevin MacLeod



Napping in a hammock

Listening to the birds



Evan Kanouse


LISTENING TO Rediscovered Adele and Tracy Chapman recently after having not listened to them in a long time. Now they are on repeat!

MY FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX Taking a long hike and spending time in nature


Brook Farm Veterinary Center

Brook Farm Veterinary Center

Brook Farm Veterinary Center

Our Mission Brook Farm Veterinary Center acts in the benefit of all living creatures. We deliver excellence in companion animal medicine by aiming for precision in everything we do. We model an inclusive community of people who care, serve, and learn together. We cultivate relationships of service that honor the human-animal bond and acknowledge our interconnectedness. We create opportunities for people and animals who have been denied them or who are otherwise at-risk.

Our Accreditation


Accreditation by the American Animal Hospital

Environmental conservation is essential to every

Association signifies a commitment to the highest

member of the human community. We limit paper

standards in veterinary care. We choose to be

consumption, choose recycled options when

independently evaluated on over 900 standards of

available, use Energy Star appliances and unplug

excellence that reflect best practices in cleanliness,

devices when not in use, and harvest rainwater

safety, patient care, and professional development.

on-site in order to reduce our consumption of the

Accreditation is an honor that only 12% of the

earth's natural resources. Please enroll in our

nation's practice achieve.

recycling program by donating your empty cans and bottles to the Farm Fund.

Our Commitment to Social Justice

Our Community

We believe that harmony can only be achieved

Everyone benefits from a community that is

through equality and social justice. We regularly

vibrant and diverse. Our Farm Fund routinely

screen our major suppliers to ensure that they

reaches out to low-income families to support

adhere to strict human rights practices. Our

them during times of hardship. Our popular

Responsible Purchasing Policy requires that we

community events are priced according to what

prioritize businesses owned by minority

each family can afford. Our team is proud to

populations and choose to buy local whenever

volunteer their time to local causes like the

possible. We are proud to embrace HR policies that

Pawling Resource Center, Putnam Humane

are inclusive and that honor and respect our

Society, and many local rescue organizations.

diverse workforce.

Brook Farm Veterinary Center

Seeking Harmony: Summer 2018 Newsletter  
Seeking Harmony: Summer 2018 Newsletter