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Special ceramics for increased safety.

Innovative concepts from Agrob Buchtal: orientation aids for the blind in stations (at the top) and barrier-free shower tub systems (at the bottom) in non-slip design ensure maximum safety in everyday life.


The trouble-free utilization of latest medical technique is guaranteed by KerAion special glazes for operating theatres (at the top). In canteen kitchens (at the bottom), slip-resistant floor tiles protect against accidents at work.

Innovative ceramics for increased safety at work.

As market leader for special ceramics which offers additional safety, Agrob Buchtal disposes of unique know-how and the experience acquired over several generations. Since the considerable reduction of the number of accidents in dairies thanks to the first “studded“ tiles in the middle of the 1930s, the range of innovative safety solutions has been systematically enlarged. Today, tiles combining functionality and aesthetics prevent accidents in swimming pools. They make the working world in workshops, canteen kitchens and in the food industry safer, show blind persons their way and indicate the escape

Tiles from Agrob Buchtal are controlled according to severe criteria. This is the only way to ensure an excellent quality in the long term.

route towards the exit even in the case of extreme smoke development. They prevent sparking in munitions dumps and disturbing laser reflections in operating theatres. And all that together with the well-known advantages of high-quality ceramics such as durability and easy cleaning.

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Slip resistance


Photoluminescent indicators


Orientation aids for the blind


Safety borders


Static electricity conducting floor coverings


KerAion OP special glazes


Ceramics with Hydrotect coating and Protecta upgrading


Slip resistance

Effective protection against accidents in demanding design. Slipping is the primary cause of accidents. That is why the trade associations require floors to be smooth, slip-resistant and easy to clean. Our range of tiles covers all slip-resistance valuation groups and thus offers maximum safety in the most diverse industrial and commercial areas of application. In addition, aesthetically demanding tile series with graded slip resistance are available for the construction of swimming pools, which permit a uniform design from the entrance through to the wet barefoot areas. In canteen kitchens and workshops where fatty waste and lubricants cause an extreme accident risk, special tiles have proved themselves, which permit low-noise and vibration-free vehicle traffic in spite of their slip-resistant profile.

Safe and aesthetic: modern swimming pool design (photo at the top) in the System Chroma. Standardized test: after the test on the inclined plane, the tiles are assigned to a certain slip-resistance valuation group.

Tiles from Agrob Buchtal offer an excellent quality and satisfy all standards applicable to the respective utilization. This is confirmed by the seals of independent testing institutes in Germany and abroad.

Test on “inclined plane“

Barefoot area

Valuation groups

Angle of inclination


> – 12°


> – 18°


> – 24°

Tiles for the barefoot areas in swimming pools must be more or less slip-resistant, depending on the degree to which they are exposed to wetness. After extensive tests, they are classified in three valuation groups.


Test on “inclined plane“

In canteen kitchens, ceramic floor coverings offer decisive advantages: they are practically indestructible, protect against accidents and are particularly easy to keep clean.

Industrial and commercial areas

Valuation groups

Angle of inclination


> 6° - 10° low static friction

R 10

> 10° - 19° normal static friction

R 11

> 19° - 27° increased static friction

Displacement space Walked-on surface Displacement space

R 12

R 13

> 27° - 35° high static friction > 35° very high static friction

Floor coverings for commercially used rooms such as canteen kitchens, butcher’s shops or workshops must satisfy particularly severe requirements at the slip-resistance test on the inclined plane.

Drainage level Tile Displacement space/Minimum volume:


4 cm3/dm2




Displacement space/Minimum volume:


6 cm3/dm2

V 10

10 cm3/dm2

Profiled floor tiles have displacement spaces in which waste can deposit, which otherwise would cause a risk of slipping. A person walking on these tiles only touches the elevated zones.


Photoluminescent indicators

Luminance (mcd/m2)

Photoluminescent indicators from Agrob Buchtal emit the daylight or artificial light absorbed in advance. The test diagram shows the development of the luminance over a longer period.

Time in minutes


Luminous signs for escaping from danger.

After a power failure or in the case of extreme smoke development, photoluminescent indicators from Agrob Buchtal show the way towards the safe exit. They are charged by daylight or artificial light, require no electric supply and are permanently operational. As the smoke rises, the photoluminescent indicators near to ground are perceptible even at a time when the other safety systems installed at eye level are no longer visible. Thanks to their high luminance, measured according to DIN 6751 Part 1, they are still perfectly visible after 30 minutes. For the use in hospitals and old people’s homes, airports, underground stations or hotels, for example, the utilization of photoluminescent indicators is demanded according to the directive BGR 216. For these areas of application, Agrob Buchtal offers the luminous indicators as stair tiles, guide strips or skirtings.



2 min

1.029 mcd/m2

10 min

236 mcd/m2

30 min

58 mcd/m2

Measurements under standardized conditions prove that the luminance is still sufficient even 30 minutes after a power failure for detecting the escape route marking at the floor.


Orientation aids for the blind

More safety and quality of life for the blind.

For blind and partially sighted persons the participation in the social life guaranteed by law becomes possible without restriction only if they can move independently. In this connection, our grooved orientation aid for the blind according to DIN 32984 (Ground surface indicators in public traffic areas) ensures decisive progress: thanks to the combination with smooth adjoining strips, the tactile, acoustic and visual perception is increased. Thus, blind and partially sighted persons can make out ways, obstacles, stairs and danger spots such as for example platform edges and find the way to their destination without help from anyone else. These advantages have also convinced Deutsche Bahn which obligatorily prescribes such “ground surface indicators“ for the barrier-free design of accesses to platforms in new and renovation projects.

18 5


18 5

29 7

10 5

Our guide tiles have surface grooves which have been optimized for being felt by means of the cane. Striking visual contrasts facilitate the orientation in addition. The luminance contrast between the colours 103 chalk and 106 graphite is 0.7 and thus clearly surpasses the requirements.



18 5

Modern guide systems make sure that blind and partially sighted persons can also recognize obstacles in the street, in stations or airports and move independently.


Safety borders

Safety borders in garages serve as visual guide and ensure increased attention. In this way, the customers and employees are protected against falling into the inspection pit.


Ceramic warning strips for lasting protection against accidents. Black-and-yellow safety borders warning of danger spots such as for example motor vehicle inspection pits have already prevented quite a few serious falls. In this field, the superiority of ceramic solutions compared to adhesive films, paintings and other less-than-ideal solutions turns out particularly clearly: tiles are resistant to high mechanical loads caused by heavy vehicles and durably retain their striking signal colours. The soilings inevitable in garages are also no problem thanks to our Protecta upgrading, which makes cleaning particularly easy. Legal security is also guaranteed: correctly laid, the markings meet the requirements of the German workshop rules, of the standard DIN 4844-1 and of the EEC directive 92/58 valid Europe-wide.

Ceramic warning markings from Agrob Buchtal satisfy all the relevant regulations concerning accident prevention. They are particularly robust and easy to clean.


Static electricity conducting floor coverings

Effective recipes against static electricity.

Electrostatic charges often have very unfavourable effects. They can, for example, falsify the measured values in physical laboratories and cause, by sparking, devastating explosions in chemical production plants or munitions dumps. Our ceramic special floor coverings provide a safe protection thanks to their high electrostatic conductivity. The unglazed series Eladuct has proved itself in areas exposed to strong mechanical-chemical stress – such as for example in the printing industry or the lacquer production. The series KerAion ELA 10.6 is recommended for offices, production rooms of electronic equipment, physical laboratories, computer shops and many other areas with a representative character. Thanks to its glazed surface, it is particularly easy to clean.

KerAion ELA 10.6

Copper strips for connecting to earth

Conductive joint

In areas where the advantages of a glazed surface are demanded in addition to the electrostatic conductivity, KerAion ELA 10.6 is first choice. This product is convincing by its representative look and easy cleaning.

Conductive special glaze KerAion panel

Conductive adhesive mortar


In the case of KerAion ELA 10.6, static electricity is discharged via a conductive special glaze on the panel edges and the conductive joint. A copper strip ensures the connection to earth.



Copper strips for connecting to earth


Eladuct tile

In industrial enterprises, the floor is exposed to extreme mechanical and chemical stress. Eladuct masters these requirements without any problems and at the same time prevents electrostatic charging.

Conductive adhesive mortar


The unglazed split tile Eladuct discharges static electricity directly through the tile body. The connection of the two systems is carried out by an electrical specialist.


KerAion OP special glazes

Safety plus hygiene thanks to OP special glazes.

Medical lasers are of central importance in modern surgery and are indispensable for many operations. However, the walls of the operating theatre must be designed in such a way that disturbing reflections of the highly concentrated beams are avoided. This task is fulfilled by our KerAion OP special glazes: their diffusely reflecting surface “splits up“ incident laser beams and in this way prevents dangerous reflections. At the same time, the rectified tiles meet all the requirements for perfect hygiene: the laying with narrow joints and the patented Hydrotect surface coating facilitate cleaning considerably. Hydrotect offers additional security thanks to its antibacterial effect.

With their diffusely reflecting surfaces, KerAion special glazes support the utilization of medical lasers in operating theatres. Cheerful colours create an agreeable atmosphere.


sy ea

to cl ea

Hydrotect · Protecta


with lon t g-

er m

guar a ntee

Hydrotect coating.

Hydrotect proves its worth in all areas where

No chance for dirt and oil:

perfect hygiene is required. The surface coating for wall and floor tiles offers three important advantages: • it has an antibacterial effect* • it is extremely easy to clean • it eliminates disagreeable odours The effects are based on the principle of the photocatalysis: The catalyst titanium dioxide baked onto the glaze effects a reaction between light, oxygen and air humidity. In this process, activated oxygen forms, which decomposes bacteria, fungi, algae and moss.

With Hydrotect, dirt is washed down by the water and can then be easily wiped off.

Hydrotect-coated tile surfaces are hydrophilic: instead of being repelled, the water spreads to form a thin film. In this way, dirt is washed down

No chance for bacteria, moss and odours:

by the water and can be easily removed. The unique Hydrotect coating is practically indestructible. The photocatalytic effect already activated by normal indoor lighting or natural light is permanently conserved.

Under the effect of light, oxygen is activated which decomposes bacteria, germs, algae, moss and odours.

Protecta surface upgrading

Protecta surface upgrading.

Unglazed floor tiles are hard-wearing and resis-

impurities already in-plant. During the firing

tant by nature. But in the course of time, dust

process, the proven Protecta surface upgrading is

and dirt can deposit in the fine “micropores“,

ceramically bonded to the tile body and closes all

and substances forming stains can penetrate.

the pores on the tile surface. Result: neither oils

That is why the unglazed porcelain stoneware

nor fats can leave any traces on tiles with Protecta

tiles with Protecta upgrading are provided with a

upgrading. And a subsequent impregnation after

permanent special protection against stains and

laying is no longer required.

* Documentation and approval regarding the antibacterial characteristics of Hydrotect are pending in the USA 15 01/2007

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Special ceramics for increased safety. The trouble-free utilization of latest medical technique is guaranteed by KerAion special glazes for...


Special ceramics for increased safety. The trouble-free utilization of latest medical technique is guaranteed by KerAion special glazes for...