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Divorce Procedure in Pakistan Divorce is the separation of a married couple. Male and females can both get divorced from each other in Pakistan. But for the divorced, males and females both need to hire a lawyer to proceed with their divorce process. The divorce procedure in Pakistan is performed in the attribution council and family courts. After the confirmation of divorce from the family court under the new divorce law in Pakistan, a letter is issued to the candidate that is used as proof of divorce. There is no difference in the divorce process, like a divorce after many years or being newly married. The divorce procedure of Pakistan is authentic and valid all over the world. Also, the procedure is the same after the rukhsati or before the rukhsati. If the wife files the divorce case, then notice is sent to the husband by the court. Divorce is also possible by mutual approval. Pakistan follows the divorce procedure according to the rules of Islam. Pregnant women can file a divorce case, but it will proceed after the child's birth. Visit: https://ejustice.pk In Islam, there are different divorce kinds, but there is just one way of divorce according to Pakistani law. After the divorce confirmation, Iddat is compulsory for females in Pakistan.

The procedure of divorce in Pakistan Divorce procedures are different for males and females in Pakistan.

Divorce case filed by the male In the male divorce procedure, males file the case in the attribution court council. 90 days are compulsory to complete the procedure. In this procedure ● ● ● ● ●

First of all, a divorce paper is prepared The original paper is sent to the court A copy of the paper is sent to the wife Then the court call is also important to act to both wife and husband Two members are nominated as arbitrator

Divorce case filed by the female Females can also file divorce cases in family court by the lawyer. But she can get the divorce if her lawyers prove and win the case. If the case is proved, the court will issue a confirmation letter. A female should always hire an experienced lawyer to prove her case successfully. Otherwise, all efforts will be useless. A woman can get a divorce if she has strong evidence.

But in Pakistan, a man does not need any substantial evidence or reasons to divorce his wife. After the divorce confirmation, females should collect their divorce certificate from the court and save them. Ask a Lawyer in Pakistan Visit Now: https://ejustice.pk/ask-a-lawyerin-pakistan/

Divorce by mutual deed There is no need to move towards the family council in a mutual divorce deed. All procedures are done with the agreement of husband and wife. The husband and wife sign the mutual divorced notice paper then send that to family court under section 8. Court will notice the paper and confirm the divorce.

Divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani The divorce procedure is also available for overseas Pakistanis. If anyone wants to divorce, they do not need to travel to Pakistan for all procedures. But overseas Pakistanis need to hire experienced lawyers through the Pakistan embassy. But now, it is easy for people to hire a lawyer online directly who will proceed with their divorce procedure in Pakistan.

Divorce by the female through court (Khula) If a wife has no right to divorce, she can apply for khula. Women file the case under Pakistan family court for the khula procedure. In this case, she realizes that she can not live with her husband. And in the khula file, the wife will return all the Haq Mehar and other gifts she received from the husband, which is called zar-i-khula. If the wife received the gifts from the husband's family, it is not necessary to return them. But the court decides which and how much to be returned.