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Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the playit-Safer, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary. -Cecil Beaton

The aim of my brand is to be genuine and honest. -Eric Jose’ Scott



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Consumer Trends

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AMSTERDAM-According to uDubstsep. com , Dubstep is one of the fastest growing types of music in the world, it is a new form of electronic music that combines heavy bass with samples, synthesizer, keyboard, turntables and hard-hitting drum tracks. Dubstep originated in South London, but has quickly spread to other areas of Western Europe and North America after initially getting some publicity on BBC Radio, and is fastbecoming a mainstream form of dance music around the world. More accurately, dubstep is simply dub music set to a two-step beat. The usage of samples laid over low-frequency (and typically oscillating) bass lines is really what defines this type of music. While historically, dubstep has been described as dark & deep.


There are now many forms of dubstep that have elements of trance music, electronica, hip-hop and even pop. Pretty much every track on the Billboard 100 has been remixed by independent artists as “dubstep.� This is pretty easy to imagine when you consider that dubstep is sample-driven music, typically ripped apart and mixed with copious amounts of bass that is sure to blow out your speakers. With popular artist in America sampling dubstep beats it is quickly turning mainstream. This trend is very appealing to the younger generation because it is something new and fresh. It also has a sense of hipster and exclusiveness. What triggers me to this type of music is the energy the sound carries. It sounds like a fusion of left over beats in a good way.


Social Trends INSTAGRAM AMSTERDAM-Instagram is a free photo sharing program launched in October 2010 that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it on a variety of social networking services, including Instagram’s own. A distinctive feature confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images, in contrast to the 4:3 aspect ratio typically used by mobile device cameras. Instagram was initially supported on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; in April 2012, the company added support for Android camera phones. It is distributed via the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

In its largest acquisition deal up to date, Facebook acquired Instagram (with its 13 employees) for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock in April 2012, with plans to keep it independently managed. It is an appealing trend because the filter types are a click away. Photos look much more interesting with the filters. Even better, everyone gets to share their images in most social websites such as; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr to name a few. I already have an account in instagram. I personally did it because I really enjoy photography and the filters offered in the app was something I used to do with Photoshop. However, it is easier to share and follow other users.

6 6

Trans Media Story This summer (2012) for my 22nd birthday I will be getting a tattoo. After the lecture on trans media I decided to share my idea with my followers and friends. My plan is to draw the tattoo myself. I will draw the tattoo into three parts. Each part will stand on its own and each part will have a story which explains the origin of the tattoo. I will place three images, on Facebook, Tumblr (personal blog) and Twitter. They way Jay-Z (one of my favorite artists) promoted his book Decoded inspired my trans media story.


personal blog


I believe this will engage my audience and give them an insight into who I am. When the tattoo is done then I will reveal it on all three channels. Trans media to me means being innovative in the way you communicate and carry out ideas. My personal brand is about being genuine and honest in whatever I do and the tattoo will reflect that and the people I’m sharing it with.


WOMM - Guerilla marketing

Amsterdam Light Festival Since it will take place at the Dam square or the Museum square appears in and / or make use of unexpected places it has the potential to create buzz. It will be communicated by the audience who will be likely amused and will tell Amsterdam-In order to create buzz for the their friends. The press can also get inAmsterdam Light Festival the plan will volved in the event. be to have a flash mob at night. The participants will have a costume made out of lights. The flash mob will take place a week before the festival commences. Participants will get together and learn the choreography together at least three weeks in advance. The event will be at the Dam square or the museum square. This activity will be interesting because it will be at night and the costumes will be unconventional. No big budget or at least a very efficient use of budget will be used for this event. It will be unexpected and surprising to the audience 13

Social Media Usage

Blogs Brands Doing it right!

Doing it right!

The cool hunter is a blog that reports the coolest trends. They differ from music, fashion, architecture and travel.

A brand the uses social media the right way in my opinion is H&M. I believe it works for them because they are able to interact with their customers and receive feedback adequately. They announce their store openings on their walls letting their followers know.

They engage with their audience (through Facebook) and interact with topic concerning the most interesting trends around. Doing it wrong!

Doing it wrong! Brands that use social media the wrong way would have to be some public figures. For example Chris Brown. He used twitter so vent his frustrations to rumors. He instead should focus on his music and important events that his fan are interested in.

What I’ve learnt is to have a main objective when using social media and filter/ don’t pay attention to irrelevant things that go against your brand’s mission.

14 is a blog that runs on made up rumors on celebrities, politician and public figures. 95% of their content is always wrong and the always seem to convince their readers that they are accurate. Despite many attempts to shut the blog down it still running and is very popular within the urban community. I learnt from the Cool Hunter is to be innovative in your posts and try to be different from the common posts on the Facebook news feed. Also by keeping your posts more simple, they are more memorable. 15


Girl-Talk documentary GRETCHEN

AMSTERDAM-The project of this period consisted of visualizing the kind or audience we were targeting. One of the assignment was to come up with a persona that described an aspect of our target group. My group came up with four personas, Gretchen being one of them. Name: Gretchen Age: 64 Nationality: German/Dutch Marital Status: Married Work: Worked for the American Book Center for 10 years. She started working there when she was 37 years old. Hobbies: Making wooden sculptures, reading Gay Rights book. Characters: (doesn’t take life too serious)


Gretchen is a 64 years old lady who lives life not too serious. She tries to live in the moment and doesn’t care what people think of her. She started working with the ABC when it was three years old (37 years ago). She worked and lived in Amsterdam during that period. After becoming frustrated with the environment in Amsterdam she decided to move to berlin with her wife of five years, because Berlin has become a European capital for the LGBTQ community. Gretchen is not a fashionista, she wears what she likes, and she drinks beer and is a smoker. She dislikes people who think being Gay/ Lesbian is wrong. She doesn’t appreciate people who are too serious and are narrow

AMSTERDAM-RIP A Remix Manifesto is a documentary that focuses on the laws of copyright infringement and related topics. The Documentary is touches base on how culture builds upon culture and hardly anything is original anymore. Web activist Brett Gaylor and musician Greg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk base their mash-ups on past hits. This however, is a big problem according to the copyright infringement The documentary takes us from the laws. beginning of a certain hit that has been made over and over again by popular bands and yet copyright infringement does not apply to them. The fact that all these laws exist in order to “protect” the artists’ art limits the creativity of certain Rating: individuals.



Creative Industry 3.4 B.O.K  
Creative Industry 3.4 B.O.K  

Body of Knowledge 3.4 for the minor Creative Industry 3.4. Student: Eric Scott Student Number: 481509