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Bainbridge Island, Washington April 17, 1989

B. Arch June 2012 California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, California

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Miami Beach Hotel CC4 Il Rivellino Milow Harbor Sky High Sketches/Watercolors

[1] Miami Beach Hotel Miami, Florida

Year 3 Fall Quarter Thomas Fowler

Incorporating the use of modular design, the hotel rooms are composed of used shipping containers. By modularizing the room units, focused was placed on the experience of the building skin. This seaside luminaire covered in horizontal louvers glows ferociously on the inside by day and on the outside by night. Walkways suspended from the exterior structure parade guests through the lofty interior with prized glimpses of sun and activity outside the slatted oasis. My first project using & learning a multitude of computer programs.

[2] CC4

Santa Monica, California

Year 3 Spring Quarter Ansgar Killing

Exploring the potential of transformative space by altering the building function through movement. As the sun sets, this music hall transforms into a street side club. Nightlife has begun. People begin to gather and mingle, seats are receding into the walls, ‘wing doors’ opening onto sidewalks, the bartender begins to pour. A building that would usually sit dormant when no show is booked is now transformed into a needed space. Life has come to the lifeless. Through movement and alteration a building can become any actor in the play, shifting its guise, keeping itself relevant in an ever changing environment.


ade Section

Floor Plans 16

Steel Substructure


Steel Truss for Theater Span 3rd Floor


22 Conference Room 21 Office 20 Storage 19 Bathroom 18 VIP Lounge 17 Mens 16 Womens

19 19

Steel Framed Floor Slab

20 21



Fluorescent Tubes 22

Channel Glass Panels


2nd Floor

erforated Metal

Channel Glass

Fluorescent Tubes

15 Outdoor Plazza 14 Ticketing 13 Womens 12 Mens 11 Lobby 10 Theater Access


12 13 14 11

Perforated Metal Rainscreen Perforated Metal Rainscreen



Lounge/Bar Loft Lounge/Bar Loft

ervice Walkway Service Walkway

Entrance Street Entrance

1 1st Floor 9 Womens 8 Mens 7Control Room 6 Storage 5 Club Floor 4 Bar 3 Stage 2 Seating 1 Delivery


Theater Circulation Seating & Seating Theater&Circulation

1 3



5 6

7 8 9

Perforated Metal Rainscreen

Lounge/Bar Loft

Service Walkway

Street Entrance

Theater Circulation & Seating

[3] Il Rivellino Locarno, Switzerland

Year 4 Summer Quarter Abroad - Group Project Tom Di Santo Enrico Como

In Locarno Switzerland sits what is believed to be a bastion designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Our intervention surrounding this historical piece of architecture was to create a crossroads of movement. Some surrounding buildings were demolished, some cut open, and some delicately punctured. With these alterations the Rivellino became a central focus in this artificially created ‘piazza’ that connected the upper and lower areas adjacent to it. Trying to bridge the newly created modern on the interior with the antiquity on the outer was the main challenge for this project. Travels that summer across Europe lead to ideas and explorations into the area of ‘intervention’.

[4] Milow Harbor Milow/Premnitz, Germany

Year 4 Fall Quarter Abroad Dessau Institute of Arch Sam Chermayeff & Johanna Meyer-Grohbrugge

Surrounded by small garden houses in the fields of NE Germany, this unique getaway wraps and snakes around the landscape, bridging both water and land. Hotel rooms float above individual docks, allowing the guests to explore the ample waterways at will. Like the braces of a boat, the structures interlocking rooms attach to rib supports, allowing for growth if necessary. An exploration into simple, expandable, environment oriented design.

[5] Sky High

San Luis Obispo, California

Year 5 Fall Quarter Ansgar Killing

An existing corridor between two science buildings on campus needed a drastic circulation intervention. Vertical access was only supplied on one side of the courtyard that soon became a cramped pedestrian walkway. The solution presented elevates the circulation away from the crossing traffic and moves the lounge area to the roof, a space with spectacular views of the surrounding valley. The atrium shelters the users while allowing the rich california sunlight to still illuminate the rather narrow space between the existing buildings.




3 2

1 Glass Panel Facade


2 Spider Joints 3

Screw Plate

4 Metal Beams 5 Connection Plate 6 Metal Tubing Truss



Spider Joint

Metal Beams

Glass Panels Connection Plate Nail Plate

Metal Truss

[6] Sketches/Watercolors

Portfolio 2013  

Compilation of selected works from school projects